Violent Extremists Get Called “Moderates” By A Violent Extremist Empire

Violent Extremists Get Called “Moderates” By A Violent Extremist Empire

29-03-24 11:55:00,

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley):

The imperial press have revealingly been using the words “moderate” and “centrist” to eulogize the warmongering former US senator Joe Lieberman, who passed away on Wednesday.

“Centrist former Sen. Joseph Lieberman has died at 82,” reads a headline by NPR. 

“As a moderate Democrat, Mr Lieberman developed a reputation in Washington for crossing party lines — as well as simply crossing members of his own party,” says the BBC.

“Joe Lieberman, a former longtime Connecticut senator and moderate Democrat who became the first Jewish American nominated to a major party’s presidential ticket as Al Gore’s 2000 running mate, died Wednesday at age 82,” writes The Wall Street Journal.

“Joe Lieberman, centrist senator and first Jew on major US presidential ticket, dies at 82,” reads a headline from The Times of Israel.

Joe Lieberman was a fairly unremarkable Washington politician who managed to get famous by becoming a particularly enthusiastic, inveterate warmonger and corporate marionette within the Democratic Party.

— Jacobin (@jacobin) March 28, 2024

In reality, there was never anything moderate about Joe Lieberman. He was a violent extremist, who only looked like he walked a political center line through the lens of a violent extremist empire.

In an article titled “The Extent of Joe Lieberman’s Evildoing Was Truly Remarkable”,

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