Consortium News:ㅤAS’AD AbuKHALIL: The Revenge to Come

Consortium News:ㅤAS’AD AbuKHALIL: The Revenge to Come

01-04-24 09:52:00,

Thousands of Palestinians — and other Arabs — will be planning violent acts of revenge over Gaza. How far will Arab governments go in shielding U.S. and Israeli interests from their angry populations?

Gazans outside Indonesian Hospital in Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip, on October 9, 2023, following Israeli airstrikes. (Palestinian News & Information Agency. or Wafa, in contract with APAimages, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

By As’ad AbuKhalil
Special to Consortium News 

The scenes of Gaza’s genocide will shape generations to come, and Joe Biden has ensured that current and future generations will blame the U.S. for this war as much as they will blame Israel. The U.S. government openly admits helping the Israeli government in executing its genocidal war.

The U.S. will continue in its unconditional support for Israeli genocide, and the Biden administration has been a full partner while frequently feigning concern for the “humanitarian situation” in Gaza, as if Palestinians are dying from a devastating plague.

Arab political anger is building up, and the scenes of the destruction of Gaza will spawn new militant organizations and political parties. Cries for revenge are heard in all Arab demonstrations, and someone will seize the moment and likely express rage at U.S. interests.

State Department officials are sharing those concerns in internal memos,

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