Hero of the Week: April 1, 2024: Marcel de Graaff

Hero of the Week: April 1, 2024: Marcel de Graaff

01-04-24 12:00:00,

“President, all these reports about Ukrainian children being deported to Russia are pure propaganda. Russia has taken in millions of Ukrainian refugees. Including, fortunately, hundreds of thousands of children who were and are being bombed by the Ukrainian army.

The Parliament must speak out about these Ukrainian war crimes. The International Criminal Court should prosecute Zelensky for it.” ~ Marcel de Graaff

Our Hero of the Week is Dutch politician Marcel de Graaff, Member of the European Parliament (MEP), who recently addressed the EU Parliament with a bold and perhaps unexpected series of statements. Visibly shaken, de Graaff spoke—in reference to Ukraine—of the existence of pedophile networks, human trafficking, and organ harvesting.

It is a rare person who is willing to broach such sensitive topics in such a courageous and public manner. While mainstream media remain largely silent on these issues,

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