The Unz Review:ㅤThird Worldism, by Eric Striker

The Unz Review:ㅤThird Worldism, by Eric Striker

04-04-24 04:05:00,

As anti-Israel sentiment creeps into mainstream conservative discourse, a number of Jewish authors — some who try to interface with white radicals — have sought to counter this rising tendency with proverbial Pavlovian bell-ringing: opposition to Zionism is the agenda of “brown people,” “the woke left,” “anti-whites,” and “Third Worldism.”

This discourse is intended to reduce a Middle Eastern geopolitical conflict, where Israel enjoys bipartisan unconditional military support from the entire American ruling elite, into a meaningless domestic red team vs blue team culture war issue. To see this in its basest form, observe the New York Post’s coverage of the conflict, which is broadly ignoring all of the real news in the conflict in favor of photos of nefarious looking Arab Muslim protesters and blue haired Marxists holding “Queers For Palestine” signs on college campuses. This is an inversion of Zionist Bill Maher’s type of appeal to the left, which dwells on images of protesters waving Swastikas and frames support for the Palestinian cause as a betrayal of progressivism and minority rights.

The Jewish figures involved in pushing various shades of this narrative include Constantin Alamariu (“Bronze Age Pervert”), Nathan Cofnas, Paul Gottfried, Curtis Yarvin (“Moldbug”), and so on. Most recently, Robert Stark, who claims to be the descendant of a prominent Zionist ideologue, begged the “alt-right” to reject the Palestinians and anti-Zionism on the grounds that taking this position is tantamount to embracing “third worldism.”

The first problem with this intellectual distortion is that their definition of “Third Worldism” is kept vague.

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