The Unz Review:ㅤImagine No War, by A.J. Smuskiewicz

I remember, from when I was studying biology at the University of Illinois in the early 1980s, a genetics professor talking to our class about Jews and Palestinians. I recall him sharing his view with us that the conflict between these two groups of people—each violently fighting for their perceived religious, cultural, and biological identities—was illogical, because, biologically speaking, they are identical people. This professor was apparently referring specifically to those Jews with a purely

The Unz Review:ㅤWhy I’m Still for Kennedy, by A.J. Smuskiewicz

I wrote an essay for The Unz Review last May about why I supported Robert F. Kennedy Jr for president. I also explained my reasons for backing Kennedy in an interview with Kevin Barrett at the time, and even in a silly song that I wrote. I have prepared this follow-up essay to explain why I still support Kennedy, despite my disappointment with some of his campaign developments. Although I plan to vote for Kennedy