The Unz Review:ㅤThird World America: Amtrak Derails Completely, by Andrew Anglin

 BlogviewAndrew Anglin Archive Third World America: Amtrak Derails Completely ◄►Bookmark◄❌►▲ ▼Toggle AllToC▲▼Add to LibraryRemove from Library • BSearch Text Case Sensitive  Exact Words  Include Comments A lot of stupid retards still think America is a first world country because they don’t know any better and they just believe lies they see on TV. I’ve said a million times: you get off the plane in Hong Kong or Shanghai, and you feel like you’ve just landed on a

The Unz Review:ㅤI Believe That She Will Win, I Believe That She Will Win, I Believe That She Will Win, by Andrew Anglin

A few days ago, I started reading the BBC Ukraine live thread. It’s a surreal experience, contrasting it with what is actually happening. Even if you weren’t contrasting it with anything, it would still be surreal, as there are so many different conflicting claims. This is significantly more information than gets published in the New York Times or the Washington Post. Basically, the British people apparently want more information than the Americans are interested in

The Unz Review:ㅤHoes Mad – At Russia! CNN Says Sanctions Failed, Need More Sanctions Anyway, Might Purposefully Collapse Global Economy, by Andrew Anglin

Julia Horowitz Notice: New article style officially in play: “Anglin’s Sloppy Joes – Sloppy Writing for Sloppy Lads.” We will be doing this until I think of something better. Imagine that Jews hate Russia so much that in the middle of the collapse of their satanic child sacrifice swindle, female Jews are still able to whine about Russia. I would have thought that every female Jew would take the week off to go out in

The Unz Review:ㅤThe Slutpocalypse Is Already Happening, by Andrew Anglin

Hoes mad. Hoes mad never changes. The slutpocalypse occurred pretty much as we expected. Too many hoes, not enough hot chips or phone charges to go around. The details are trivial and pointless. The reason, as always, is pure sluttery. Another angle shows a rioter at the #Antifa pro-abortion riot in Los Angeles using a homemade flamethrower to try to burn police. Antifa also throw an explosive mortar firework right at @LAPDHQ officers. A suspect

The Unz Review:ㅤSupreme Court Ends Roe V. Wade! Half the States to Ban Abortion!, by Andrew Anglin

 BlogviewAndrew Anglin Archive Supreme Court Ends Roe V. Wade! Half the States to Ban Abortion! ◄►Bookmark◄❌►▲ ▼Toggle AllToC▲▼Add to LibraryRemove from Library • BSearch Text Case Sensitive  Exact Words  Include Comments It is done. Hoes mad. The maddest ever. AP: The Supreme Court has ended constitutional protections for abortion that had been in place nearly 50 years in a decision by its conservative majority to overturn Roe v. Wade. Friday’s outcome is expected to lead to abortion

The Unz Review:ㅤThe Economy: Eventually, Basically Everyone Is Going to be a Single Issue Voter, by Andrew Anglin

I know I’ve made this point a million times, but there was not actually an obligation to do insane illegal sanctions against Russia for invading the sacred borders of a “country” that was a part of Russia for hundreds of years before 1991. Russia crushed Chechnya in two wars that were actually brutal (as opposed to this Candyland Ukraine thing) in the 1990s-2000s, Russia invaded Georgia and took land in 2008, and Russia took part

The Unz Review:ㅤMr. Bean Speaks Out About Restrictions on Speech, by Andrew Anglin

And now… Mr. Bean. (It’s been a slow news cycle, folks. But just wait. I can make this into something.) Metro: Rowan Atkinson has had his say on cancel culture and the effect it can have on comedy, believing you should be allowed to make jokes about ‘absolutely anything’. Many comedians over recent years have come under fire for their material being too near the knuckle, but Rowan doesn’t believe anything should be off-limits to

The Unz Review:ㅤThe Empire Is Slipping. Get Ready for the Big Win-Win., by Andrew Anglin

The American media is throwing a hissy-fit after two “Americans” (one of them is a Korean for some reason) have been captured while working as mercenaries in the Ukraine. Previously, two British mercenaries were sentenced to death by the Russians, and that will almost certainly happen to the Americans. This is totally in line with international law. Legally, there is no difference between a random American murdering or attempting to murder Russian civilians. NBC News

The Unz Review:ㅤWaPo: Biden Will Accept “A Global Recession and Mounting Hunger” to Stop Russia, by Andrew Anglin

Latest US government add for the Ukraine war. Are you seeing a lot of energy in support of the Ukraine in your personal life at this point? At first, the media just did the whole “bad thing is bad, good ones say bad thing is bad” bit, and people went along with it, saying they support the Ukraine, putting flags in their bios and so on. People are social creatures, and in the age of

The Unz Review:ㅤTrump Warns of World War III, by Andrew Anglin

It’s clear now that Joe Biden is not going to run in 2024. There is pretty much a zero percent chance of that. I mean, it’s technically possible. But it’s probably going to be Gavin Newsom, who is the single charismatic figure left in the party since they threw Nipples Cuomo under the bus for touching some woman’s hair. Conversely, Donald Trump obviously is going to run. I’m not even against that, just so long

The Unz Review:ㅤPutin Gives Historic Speech, Calls Sanctions Stupid, Says Russia a Thousand-Year-Old Empire That Won’t Crack, by Andrew Anglin

Imagine living in a country that had national pride instead of pride in teaching gay anal fisting to preschoolers. New York Post: A combative Russian President Vladimir Putin accused an “arrogant” West of treating other countries like colonies and imposing “stupid” sanctions on his nation as part of what he described Friday as economic “blitzkrieg.” Addressing the 25th annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, a showcase event being held this year with almost no Western

The Unz Review:ㅤThe American Bullshit Industrial Complex Is Failing to Sway the World, by Andrew Anglin

The American establishment believes that everyone on earth is as braindead as fat, vaxed, drug-addled, porn-addicted, negro-worshiping, homosexual Americans. They think they can just keep declaring themselves to be the center of morality in the universe, keep declaring that something is true simply because they said it. Meanwhile, everyone in the world who isn’t a fat slob or a stupid slut is beginning to question these baseless and totally unfounded assertions. RT: Beijing, unlike the

The Unz Review:ㅤPlease Stop Talking About “Democracy”, by Andrew Anglin

“We going to build back so much better, you’re going to get tired of building back better. You’re going to say ‘Mr. Biden, please, we can’t keep building back better,’ and I’m gonna say ‘sorry, we have to keep building back better.’ We gotta do it, folks. Gotta do it.”“Democracy” is a spook. I am philosophically anti-intellectual, but some of these concepts, you really do just need to understand. I am not a post-Hegelian individualist

The Unz Review:ㅤBlack Alpha Male Decapitates 8-Months-Pregnant White Woman, Throws Her in the Dumpster, by Andrew Anglin

The shocking thing about this is that no one could have predicted it. Seriously – how often do you hear of an American-African having the work ethic to fully remove a woman’s head? New York Post: A pregnant Illinois woman was decapitated at her home, where her head was discovered in a dumpster — and her ex-boyfriend has been charged in the brutal murder, authorities said. Deundrea Holloway, 22, was charged with two counts of

The Unz Review:ㅤAppearing in a T-Shirt After a Day Committing Atrocities, Zelensky Announces He’s Taking Back Donbass and Crimea, by Andrew Anglin

I don’t even understand what is going on here. Is he joking? This “war” has been going on for four months, and the Ukraine has done nothing but lose territory, nonstop, the whole time. The head of NATO just called for a surrender. What is Zelensky saying here? How can he take back territory he lost when he had an army now that he doesn’t even have an army? RT: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has

The Unz Review:ㅤShow’s Over, Folk: Jens Stoltenberg Says Ukraine Must Surrender, by Andrew Anglin

People look at me and say “man, it must be great to be Andrew Anglin and be right about everything all the time.” But it is not so. It’s a great burden I carry. The NATO is an organ of the US/ZOG machine. It’s possible that there are still people in the State Department trying to push this thing all the way to the end, but if the head of NATO is saying it’s time…

The Unz Review:ㅤMedia Whining That No One Cares About January 6 Monkey Show, Demand Justice Department Prosecute Trump, by Andrew Anglin

Video Link Previously: Is This January 6 Show Trial Even Real Life? The January 6 show trial was one of the biggest media events in recent memory. On Thursday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson showed a screen with all of the other news channels simply streaming the feed from the bizarre spectacle. There was just one problem: no one cares. So now, the media is demanding that the government criminally prosecute Donald Trump for holding…

The Unz Review:ㅤIs This January 6 Show Trial Even Real Life?, by Andrew Anglin

Video Link Tucker Carlson’s Thursday night show was a special feature on the January 6 war crimes trial I have mostly stopped following the whole January 6 drama. It’s just too much, and I just don’t care. But now they are doing the actual hearings, which appear to be some kind of Nuremberg-style war crimes trial against Americans who protested the 2020 election. If you want to be more politically correct in your analysis, you…

The Unz Review:ㅤBlake Masters on the Root of America’s Gun Violence Problem: “Black People, Frankly”, by Andrew Anglin

Peter Thiel’s losing streak is up. I don’t agree with everything the man endorses, and I don’t think he agrees with everything he endorses, but JD Vance and Blake Masters are going to change the entire game. Masters is better than Vance, frankly. Masters is woke on Uncle Ted, he’s married to a white women with sons despite some possibly questionable mannerisms, and now he’s dropping the red pills we all wanted to hear: the…

The Unz Review:ㅤWaPo Forced to Admit That Taylor Lorenz Engaged in Purposeful Fraud in Anti-Johnny Piece, by Andrew Anglin

Taylor Lorenz has become a meme as a crying liar journalist. She is an embodiment of journalist elitism. But the Washington Post is having a hard time holding this bitch up because she keeps just openly lying and they have to issue long corrections. This isn’t really sustainable. She is lying in a way that can’t be covered up. All of these people are saying “actually, I didn’t say that” and “no, she never contacted…

The Unz Review:ㅤThe Status of the Globalist Agenda Has Been Escalated from “Confused” to “Chaotic”, by Andrew Anglin

Professor Putin has once again put on his tweed jacket to deliver another quick lecture on basic facts to Western morons. RT: Inflation in the US is a consequence of mistakes by American financial authorities, which they admitted to, while in the EU it has more to do with short-sighted energy policies in Brussels, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday. Either way, it has nothing to do with Moscow or its actions in Ukraine,…

The Unz Review:ㅤWhy Is the Biden Administration Splitting with the Media on the Ukraine?, by Andrew Anglin

I recently pointed out some of the instances of the mainstream media calling for a US surrender in the Ukraine, or at least suggesting that a victory is not possible. An op-ed in RT today points out more examples of this. Serbian journalist Nebojsa Malic writes: Even as the collective West continues to insist – against all observable reality – that the conflict in Ukraine is going well for Kiev, major media outlets are becoming…

The Unz Review:ㅤMystery Revealed: Tulsa Shooter Killed Black Affirmative Action Doctor Over Botched Back Surgery!, by Andrew Anglin

See, this is what happens when the government stops prescribing OxyContin – the blacks shoot up the hospital. We now know that those Jews shilling OxyContin were only trying to stop the blacks from shooting up the hospital. It was Tikkun Olam, once again thwarted by the goyim! RT: Michael Louis, the man who allegedly shot up Saint Francis Hospital on Wednesday, deliberately targeted surgeon Preston Phillips, whom he blamed for “ongoing pain” following a…

The Unz Review:ㅤDim-Witted Jew Blinken Says No End in Sight for Ukraine War, Only Option Is Full Russian Surrender, by Andrew Anglin

You know, when I saw the media starting to say that victory in the Ukraine is impossible, with the New York Times Editorial Board coming out and saying it, and then Joe Biden’s initial refusal to send the HIMARS, I thought that we were really going to see a backtrack, where the US admitted the Donbass was lost, but claimed victory because Kiev is still in State Department control. But no. Guess not. RT: Kiev…

The Unz Review:ㅤDoubling Down on Double Anal: Biden Pens NYT Op-Ed Promising MRLS and Eternal Support for Felted Ukraine, by Andrew Anglin

Whites, Christians, heterosexuals – we can kill them all from 50 miles with these babiesYeah I’m sure the Ukraine won’t use these systems to attack Russia, just like they didn’t use those attack helicopters to attack Russia. Let’s just keep this thing going a couple extra weeks… RT: The US will provide Ukraine with “more advanced rocket systems,” President Joe Biden revealed in an article published in the New York Times on Tuesday. Washington agreed…

The Unz Review:ㅤBrandon Says No New Missiles for Completely Felted Ukie Military, by Andrew Anglin

Maybe Joe Brandon is just concerned about being responsible for the Ukraine launching missiles into Russia. But they’ve already been attacking Russia. More likely, in the background, the Ukraine is losing institutional support in the establishment because they’re getting so felted. Like, the war is basically over. What are they going to do with long-range missiles? If they went Samson Option and sent them into Russia, Russia would level Kiev. Frankly, Zelensky is only demanding…

The Unz Review:ㅤRussian Soldier Filmed Saying That the War in the Ukraine Is for the Future of the White Race, by Andrew Anglin

Here's a Russian soldier explaining what they are fighting for: the supremacy of the white race.I've translated the video and added subtitles for anyone curious. Content warning for extremely unambiguous nazism, racism and homophobia — Дрізд на плечі 🇺🇦, че-че-че (@swiftfootedTime) May 22, 2022 Ukrainians have released allegedly damaging video of a Russian soldier claiming that Russians are the last defenders of the white race. With a group of soldiers gathered around a…

The Unz Review:ㅤFederal Agent in Buffalo Shooter’s Discord Chat, Parents Arrested and Tased for Telling Cops to Stop Uvalde Shooter, by Andrew Anglin

Both of the big mass shootings of the last few days are unraveling, exposing a sloppy mess of lies and hoaxes. As I reported earlier this week, in Uvalde, 40 cops were outside of the school for 40 minutes and refused to enter the building while the shooter was killing everyone. They were apparently waiting for the shooter to run out of bullets. The parents were ready to rush in themselves – so the police…

The Unz Review:ㅤNRA Says Gun Ownership Is a Fundamental Human Right, by Andrew Anglin

The NRA was the only thing standing between you and these Jewish gun-grabbers, and the NRA has been totally neutered. People think that guns shoot themselves. A large number of people think this, because the media said it over and over and over again, and a lot of people in this retarded, fake country will believe something if they hear it on the media enough times, regardless of what it is. They’re doing child trannies…

The Unz Review:ㅤWhy Is Klaus Schwab a Comic Book Supervillain?, by Andrew Anglin

You see tweets like this from conservatives: FACT: Klaus Schwab was born in Ravensburg, Germany in 1938. His father was a hardened Nazi party member who served the Third Reich war effort as the director of Escher Wyss AG – an industrial company that manufactured flamethrowers to kill Allied soldiers and burn down villages. — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) May 24, 2022 And you’re just like “oh please no, please… just stop, I’m begging you…”…

The Unz Review:ㅤRussia Says West Has Declared “Total War,” Using Cancel Culture Against Them, by Andrew Anglin

PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST: Did you think the guy in the cloak was looking at the bomb or turning away from it? If you thought he was looking at it, you’re a forward thinker and a go-getter. If you thought he was looking away, you’re a failure and a coward who doesn’t even support a nuclear war.The funny part is that Americans aren’t even aware that their government is at war with Russia. People from the government…