The Unz Review:ㅤWe Shouldn’t Call Them “Woke,” We Should Call Them “Mutants”, by Edward Dutton

Have you ever noticed how physically unattractive Woke people tend to be? Both the males and females are relatively ugly and the males are relatively short and physically weak. Both are clearly high in mental illness. It’s almost like there’s something genetically wrong with them. Well, your eyes don’t deceive you. Some fascinating new evidence has come to light that left wing people are, to it bluntly, more likely to be mutants (something which is

The Unz Review:ㅤWhy Are So Many of Our Elite Sexually Depraved?, by Edward Dutton

There have long been conspiracy theories that the world is ruled by a group of elite pedophiles or at least ephobophiles—those who are attracted to sexually mature but very young girls. Just such a vast, elite pedophile ring — centred around Hilary Clinton — was a key strand in QAnon thinking [ QAnon conspiracists believe in a vast pedophile ring. The truth is sadder, By Moira Donegan, Guardian, September 20, 2020]. In the UK, “Operation