Governments to Control What You Are Allowed to Buy | Armstrong Economics

27-07-21 09:51:00,

People are unaware that this drive of central banks to replace paper money with cryptocurrency is far more than they will ever comprehend as an end goal. Aside from the fact that governments could then impose a negative interest rate effectively confiscating money from your account in ADDITION to taxation, they are moving to do what many in the religious right see as the prophecy of the anti-Christ where you will not be able to buy or sell without his permission.

Indeed, the government can restrict what you will even be allowed to buy. They will control every aspect of your life beyond what the most demonized vision of the future might hold. These ideas will create resistance which will also be rooted in religion. Will you accept the number of the beast, or resist their commands? This is not something anyone would have dared to think that a representative form of government would have even talked about.

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Australian Prime Minister Says It’s Your Fault If You Took the Vaccine and Died

27-07-21 09:40:00,

This is 9/11-level gaslighting times 1,000, as Globalist poster boy, Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, who has led some of the planet’s most draconian COVID lockdowns, vaccine coercion and violent repression campaigns against his people tries to slime his way out of a reporter’s question about informed consent by proclaiming that the vaccines are “voluntary” in Australia, because, “That’s the sort of country we live in”.

Morrison here embodies the Globalist assault on logic, reason and reality. This is up there with the most disgusting and Satanic things I have ever seen. He gives Dementia Joe and the Cackling Veep a run for their money.

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Graphene Creates Morgellons Fibers via Electrical Charge – Forbidden Knowledge TV

27-07-21 09:35:00,

    This is graphene before an electrical discharge. This is how it works.

    Question: How it will act in a person’s bloodstream? In a person’s heart? In a person’s brain?

    Contributed by Alexandra Bruce


    5G technology chemtrails Genocide graphene oxide morgellons vaxx

    Alexandra Bruce

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    Is the Tide Finally Turning?

    27-07-21 09:09:00,

    Targeting and killing Palestinian children could not accomplish what a decision by an ice cream company has achieved. To be sure, the visual impact of Israel’s recent onslaught on Gaza turned many against that country’s war crimes and its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, but what the Israeli government really has feared most is an economic and cultural boycott such as the one that brought down the apartheid regime in South Africa. That blow came last week when Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, which is sold in the food shops in the illegal-under-international-law Israeli settlements on the West Bank, would no longer market its product in those areas after the current contract with suppliers expires at the end of 2022.

    Social media and mainstream media normally censor any posts or stories that are too critical of the Jewish state, but in this case the decision reverberated throughout the media as ice cream wars are both newsworthy and exceedingly rare. But the dramatic response by both Israeli politicians and their spear carriers in the US Congress indicated just how serious the move, little more than a gesture in practical terms, was considered to be.

    There was also a touch of irony to the tale as Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were and still are both politically liberal Jewish New Yorkers who moved to Vermont to open their business. The fact is that they were not party to the decision as they had sold their company to British food and consumer home products conglomerate Unilever back in 2000, which is precisely the problem for the Israeli government. Even though Ben & Jerry’s has an independent board, its parent company Unilever is a major corporation. The fact that it accepted a decision that it knew would be extremely controversial is significant as there would have to have been a consensus over the issue by the company’s top executives and board as well by major shareholders. There are indeed reports that the independent board of Ben & Jerry’s wanted to boycott all of Israel but was restrained by Unilever management. Either way, for Israel it was perhaps the shape of things to come with other companies possibly following the Ben & Jerry example by limiting their involvement in the country’s economy or pulling out altogether.

    The Unilever decision greatly boosted the morale of the perpetually under siege non-violent Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS),

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