‘Politically-funded terrorists’ are fueling riots after George Floyd death – Navy SEAL who shot Bin Laden


30-05-20 06:38:00,

Former Navy SEAL Robert J. O’Neill has called the rioters looting the US’ major cities “politically-funded terrorists,” and called for a harsh military response. O’Neill isn’t the only pundit who sees a dark hand behind the riots.

George Floyd, an unarmed black man, was pinned to the ground and apparently choked to death by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Monday. Since then, riots have consumed the Minnesota city and spread like wildfire throughout the US. According to O’Neill – the Navy SEAL who shot Osama Bin Laden in the famous 2011 raid – the unrest is being orchestrated from behind the scenes.

“I despise racism, I despise police brutality and it kills me that politically-funded terrorists are doing this on the shoulders of both,”  he tweeted on Friday night “These are coordinated attacks, are we going to defend ourselves?”

I despise racism, I despise police brutality and it kills me that politically-funded terrorists are doing this on the shoulders of both.

— Robert J. O’Neill (@mchooyah) May 30, 2020

O’Neill didn’t suggest that the Democrat mayors of these cities are directly funding the destruction of their own hometowns, but hinted at that.

Lots of cities being run by Democrats are being looted. Must be a coincidence.

— Robert J. O’Neill (@mchooyah) May 30, 2020

As O’Neill tweeted, throngs of protesters in Minneapolis defied a National Guard-enforced curfew and embarked on a fourth night of looting and arson. A police station was razed to the ground, and more retail outlets were stripped bare. Similar scenes played out in Detroit, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Portland and a number of other urban areas.

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‘Nothing else we can do to let our voices be heard’: Protesters say violent riots the only way to get George Floyd justice

However, he’s not the only commentator who thinks that someone is egging the rioters on. As the former SEAL ranted on Twitter, the hashtag “#AntifaTerrorists” trended. Unconfirmed reports on social media suggested that rioters were being directed by ‘organizers’, while the predominantly white members of ‘Antifa’ groups were blamed for instigating violence and vandalism.

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Arsonist Burns Down Church for Breaking Lockdown (And Other Weekly News from a World in Collapse) – Activist Post


30-05-20 06:36:00,

By Simon Black, Sovereign Man

Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice.

Church burnt down for ignoring lockdown rules

“Bet you stay home now you hypokrits [sic],” read the misspelled graffiti outside of a burnt down church in Mississippi.

That graffiti, of course, is suspected to have come from the unidentified arsonist. The motive: the church ignored the city’s lockdown rules, and continued holding services.

This same church sued the city of Holly Springs over the lockdowns after being cited for holding mass despite city restrictions on how many people could gather, and non-essential businesses.

The lawsuit cites religious freedom guaranteed under the First Amendment, and claims the congregation only held services inside when weather prevented outdoors services. And even then, proper social distancing methods were followed.

But it seems the arsonist took the mainstream media bait. The prevailing attitude is that you’re hurting others by going about your normal life, and not cowering in fear inside your home.

This arson is not front page news because it doesn’t support the mainstream narrative.

It wasn’t the armed protesters who became violent. It was some Quarantine-Karen who thinks your freedom is more dangerous than arson.

Click here to read the full story.

Senate wants to ban coronavirus hate speech

A resolution introduced by Kamala Harris in the US Senate condemns “the increased use of anti-Asian rhetoric” which “has resulted in Asian Americans being harassed, assaulted, and scapegoated for the COVID–19 pandemic.”

The resolution claims that “the use of anti-Asian terminology and rhetoric related to COVID–19, such as the ‘‘Chinese Virus’’, ‘‘Wuhan Virus’’, and ‘‘Kung-flu’’, have perpetuated anti-Asian stigma.”

According to the resolution, words like these have allegedly (and only anecdotally) led to an increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans.

The resolution doesn’t actually do anything, except call on public officials to condemn the anti-Asian rhetoric.

It also encourages law enforcement to investigate actual crimes against Asians,

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Bill Gates’ Web of Dark Money and Influence – Part 3: Health Surveillance, Event 201 and the Rockefeller Connection – Activist Post


30-05-20 06:32:00,

By Derrick Broze, The Last American Vagabond

Lockdowns, Contact Tracing, Digital Certificates, and Vaccines

Over the last four months Bill Gates has made dozens of media appearances where he has called for several controversial “solutions” to COVID-19. Gates says these proposals must be implemented before society can go back to “normal.” From calling for extended lockdowns, health surveillance (aka contact tracing) and digital certificates.

The science behind the lockdowns has been called into question numerous times by health experts. Most recently, Michael Levitt, a Stanford University professor who predicted the initial trajectory of the pandemic, stated that he believed the lockdown was a “huge mistake” and may have actually cost lives. TLAV has also exposed contact tracing and the call for an “army” of people to monitor the public as an expansion of surveillance. Coincidentally, it was reported just this week that the Gates Foundation recently invested hundreds of millions of dollars into tech companies like Google, who may end up building the contact tracing infrastructure.

What Gates describes as “digital certificates” sounds identical to what some are calling “immunity passports,” a form of digital identification that will hold an individual’s health data, as well as their vaccine status. During a Reddit AMA, Gates stated, “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”  What Gates describes – a digital certificate to prove who has been vaccinated – sounds similar to the recent calls for passengers to use immunity passports before being allowed to fly.

However, Gates’ statements and philanthropy reveal his primary focus in the “fight for global health:” the promotion of vaccinations for the entire world. Rather than focus on clean water, access to housing, or any number of other proposals to help the world’s poorest, Gates believes that access to vaccines is most pressing. Long before COVID-19 the Gates Foundation had been involved in funding controversial vaccine efforts in Africa and India.

A 2015 report titled,

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AI to choose your news? Microsoft to get rid of journalists & replace them with ROBOTS


30-05-20 06:31:00,

It appears no one is safe from the rise of the bots: Microsoft has announced that it will be axing its team of journalists that work for MSN.com, and replacing them with news-savvy artificial intelligence.

The tech giant currently contracts several dozen journalists to select and curate news stories that appear on MSN and its Edge internet browser. But starting in June, these media workers will be out of a job – with their responsibilities being delegated to software designed to sniff out the most suitable news for human consumption. 

One anonymous employee who will soon be out of work told the Guardian that there is an ironic element to his precarious future. “I spend all my time reading about how automation and AI is going to take all our jobs, and here I am – AI has taken my job,” he said. The journalist added that he feels Microsoft is taking a big risk with automated news aggregation, as the company has strict editorial guidelines when it comes to curating content.

Also on rt.com
US tech giants still doing business with blacklisted Chinese companies, research firm claims

Microsoft said its employees were notified about the changes, and that the decision to do away with its human news staff was based on a routine evaluation of business practices.

“This can result in increased investment in some places and, from time to time, redeployment in others,” the company told the BBC, stressing that the move is not related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Artificial intelligence is starting to rapidly transform the global economy. From computer-driven taxis to self-checkout at the grocery store, “essential” workers are becoming increasingly obsolete.

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The Matrix Revealed: Cartels That Run The World « Jon Rappoport’s Blog


30-05-20 06:15:00,

by Jon Rappoport

The following information comes from insider interviews with Ellis Medavoy and Richard Bell, two people I interview extensively in my collection, The Matrix Revealed. This is just a brief taste of what they have to say…

Major institutions on this planet that control Military, Money, Energy, Government, Medical, Corporate, Media, and Education are becoming, more and more, global cartels, horizontally integrated across national borders.

This is more than a top-down command process. It’s organically evolving. Three steps forward, two steps back. There is a great deal of competition among the components of a given cartel, but there is also cooperation. And in the long run, the see-saw is tipping in the direction of cooperation, as these entities realize they may well have more to gain that way.

I can’t stress too strongly this EVOLVING process. All attempts to merely assume twelve men in a room run the planet fall woefully short.

Instead, over time, people who lead a powerful institution (like Energy, for example) look out and recognize more major players, and in this recognition there is an impulse to compete and win and destroy, but there is also an impulse to build commonality and therefore monopolize the entire territory.

During one conversation with retired master propagandist Ellis Medavoy, I asked him about the extent of mutual cooperation in his given field, psychological warfare. He responded:

“Twenty years ago, I would have said we were all operating separately and jealously. Each of us was mining his own contacts and building his false pictures of reality for the masses. But then things began to change. Globally. First of all, more of us were pushing the same holograms. And because communication and travel were speeding up so rapidly, we were working a lot of the same venues. We would run into each other more often. We began to share information. I mean, it was cautious. We weren’t gushing with unbridled love, I assure you. The competitive factor was still strong. And we had fights. But through all that, we began to see through the fog, so to speak. We began to understand the effectiveness of cooperating. We would test each other with privileged information, to see if we could trust each other to keep it private.

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What in the World is Happening? — Steemit


30-05-20 11:51:00,

by James Corbett
May 30, 2020

OK, I get it. You’re sick of hearing about it.

“There must be something else happening in the world,” I hear you saying.

Well, you’re in luck! I did some digging and it turns out there are other things happening in the world, after all! Things that have nothing to do with viruses or masks or vaccines or contact tracers. (Or, at least, as little to do with those things as possible, given the circumstances.)

Here are a few of them:

1) China and India are at it again

Back in September of 2017 I wrote about the soaring military tensions between China and India over a seemingly insignificant mountain pass in Doklam, a disputed area near the China/Bhutan/Indian border that is claimed by both China and Bhutan. For those who might not remember, that standoff began when Chinese troops began constructing a road in the region without Bhutan’s approval, escalated when Indian troops arrived to stop the construction, and ended when Beijing and New Delhi agreed to mutually withdraw from the region. It was a sudden end to a dangerous impasse between two nuclear-armed regional rivals, and, as many warned at the time, this was unlikely to be the last such border dispute between China and India.

Fast forward three years, and we’re now facing what is already being touted as the biggest face-off between the two countries since that Doklam dispute.

This time, the conflict is taking place over the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the imaginary line through the volatile Kashmir region separating Indian-controlled territory from Chinese-controlled territory. The LAC has been a source of contention between India and China for years, not because the region is home to any large deposit of resource or mineral wealth, but because of its geo-strategic value. Once prized for its importance in trans-Himalayan trading routes, it now stands as a strategic wedge of Indian territory between the Chinese border on the east and the Pakistani border on the west.

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In Syria, Washington Moves to Vietnam-Style “Scorched Earth” Policy | New Eastern Outlook


30-05-20 06:34:00,


It is now clear, not only in the USA but also beyond its borders, that US efforts to quietly oust the Assad regime in Syria have failed.

Washington’s original mission of “protecting the civilian population” in Syria quickly turned into “fighting terrorism,” but this, of course, primarily meant engagement with the very same jihadists from Daesh (terrorist formation banned in the Russian Federation – ed.) who were armed and trained by the United States.  Subsequently, in August 2014, a 15-state coalition was formed to reinforce the intervention and included Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Bahrain and Morocco, as well as the NATO allies. Then the Kurds were brought into the fray, used by Washington to seize control over all major oil and gas deposits in the east of the country.

After the defeat of terrorist group Daesh (banned in the Russian Federation – ed.) and its transformation into a run-of-the-mill underground armed Islamist movement akin to Al-Qaeda (also banned in the Russian Federation – ed.), another terrorist formation previously nurtured and used by Washington, the White House began a new escalation of tensions in Syria and neighboring Iraq. To this end, Washington’s new line became that of fighting “Iranian expansion” which it intended to use to justify the continued presence of its military contingent. This contingent, together with the US’s allies, was engaging in the flagrant plundering of Syria’s natural resources.

Recently, official US rhetoric has increasingly spoken of the “revelation” that the US’s main objective in Syria is “to defeat the Russians.” Admittedly, such “revelations” are not new. A year after Russia’s involvement in Syria began in 2015 (upon the invitation of President Assad), former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell admitted in a television interview that, in his opinion, the US should “covertly” participate in the business of “killing Russians and Iranians.” More recently, James Jeffrey, US special representative in the region, said of US troops in Syria that:  “My job is to make it a quagmire for the Russians.”

The conveyer belt of plundered Syrian natural resources has been bringing significant profits to the very military-political elite which initiated the intervention in the country for several years now. So, too, has the export and sale of Syrian archeological treasures (unfortunately,

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Coronavirus Propaganda Mimics War Propaganda


30-05-20 06:31:00,

Authored by Jeff Deist via The Mises Institute,

In the period leading up to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Bush administration and its media accomplices waged a relentless propaganda campaign to win political support for what turned out to be one of the most disastrous foreign policy mistakes in American history.

Nearly two decades later, with perhaps a million dead Iraqis and thousands of dead American soldiers, we are still paying for that mistake. 

Vice President Dick Cheney, Attorney General John Ashcroft, Assistant Attorney General John Yoo, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, were key players behind the propaganda—which we can define as purposeful use of information and misinformation to manipulate public opinion in favor of state action. Iraq and its president Saddam Hussein were the ostensible focus, but their greater goal was to make the case for a broader and open-ended “War on Terror.”  ​

So they created a narrative using a mélange of half-truths, faintly plausible fabrications, and outright lies:

  • Iraq and the nefarious Saddam Hussein were “behind,” i.e., backing, the Saudi terrorists responsible for 9-11 attacks on the US;

  • Hussein and his government were stockpiling yellowcake uranium in an effort to develop nuclear capability;

  • Hussein was connected with al-Qaeda 

  • Iran was lurking in the background as a state sponsor of terrorism, coordinating and facilitating attacks against the US in coordination with Hamas;

  • Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, and other terror groups were working against the US across the Middle East in some kind of murky but coordinated effort;

  • We have to “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here”;

  • The Iraqis would welcome our troops as liberators.

And so forth.

But the propaganda “worked” in the most meaningful sense: Congress voted nearly 3–1 in favor of military action against Iraq, and Gallup showed 72 percent of Americans supporting the invasion as it commenced in 2003. Media outlets across the spectrum such as the Washington Post cheered the warNational Review dutifully did its part, 

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Battlefield America: As The COVID Story Falls Apart, A New Crisis Takes Over – Activist Post


30-05-20 06:13:00,

By Spiro Skouras

For months the global health pandemic known as the coronavirus or COVID-19 has been dominating the headlines while drastically changing the lives of billions of people around the world. With unprecedented restrictions of people’s fundamental human rights, while simultaneously destroying the global economy, what is really going on?

Many have questioned the response from governments and global institutions such as the World Health Organization from the very beginning. Now, the CDC admits the mortality rate of the virus is much lower than previously projected, but the question remains why are we all still on lockdown?

Although the question for the need of continued lockdowns is now more important than ever, it seems to be lost as we are witnessing massive civil unrest spread across the US just as quickly as we were told the virus was spreading.

Are these protests spontaneous? Or is there an outside force facilitating the unrest, as we seem to be entering the second stage of a much larger operation? Is this the stage between phase one and phase two of the outbreak? A summer of chaos? In an election year, does it resemble shades of a Soros-sponsored color revolution, or a new form of Operation Gladio?

Regardless, it is almost impossible to deny the US, among many other nations, is in the midst of a rapid destabilization operation.

Activist Post Recommended Book: Battlefield America: The War on the American People

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Officer Charged With Killing George Floyd Arrested, Governor Apologizes For “Abject Failure” In Response To Unrest

UPDATE: George Floyd’s family issues statement following arrest of former officer

US Gov’t Now Flying MQ-9 Reaper Drone Over Minneapolis As Riots Worsen (Updated)

George Floyd Worked Security At The Same Nightclub As The Officer Who Killed Him

“They Motherf**kers Need To Go Home!” – Locals Rage At Rioters As Minneapolis Burns

Minneapolis PD 3rd Precinct Set On Fire,

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Death & taxes: Big Tech lobbies not to pay much tax after making a killing on Covid-19 pandemic


30-05-20 06:10:00,

By Elliot Leavy, former editor of the technology and innovation magazine maize and editor of culture magazine BOZO. He has written for numerous publications around the world focussing on technology, belief systems, and culture.

As the rest of the world is locked at home and companies go bankrupt, Big Tech is enjoying a pandemic M&A spending-spree due to record valuations. Richer than ever, they resist the pressure from governments to pay more taxes.

The ‘Big Five’ (Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook), for example, are announcing 19 mergers and acquisitions (M&As) this year, the fastest pace of acquisitions in five years, according to Refinitiv data cited by the Financial Times this week. Their targets are smaller businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis.

“These companies are already extraordinarily powerful, but they’re well positioned to emerge as the biggest winners of Covid-19 unless some legislative action is taken,” the newspaper cites Sandeep Vaheesan, legal director at the Open Markets Institute, a think-tank that studies corporate concentration.

But only one month ago, the industry lobbying body TechUK (whose hundreds of members include Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon), urged the Government to “look again” at the Digital Services Tax — a two percent tax levied on UK digital services revenues — citing Covid-19 as the reason.

“Resources are stretched and revenue uncertain,” the body urged, followed by the sound of the world’s smallest violin. Yet, only a month later, the tech powerhouse exchange-traded fund (ETF), Invesco QQQ, which tracks the Nasdaq-100 Index, closed with a market value of over $100 billion for the first time since it began trading in 1999.

Also on rt.com
EU officials point finger at US tech companies for ‘imposing’ standards on Covid-19 apps, call for more ‘digital sovereignty’

Perhaps ‘revenue uncertain’ could in fact mean breaking stock market records, or it’s just another classic case of mo’ money mo’ problems. After all, once the world was no longer allowed outside, even the blind could see that it would become more reliant on technology to get by, increasing these companies’ valuations.

So despite the Big Tech laments, legislative action is actually being taken against these monopolies.

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Announcing #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action on June 13, 2020 – Activist Post


30-05-20 06:09:00,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Announcing #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action on June 13, 2020

WHAT: A non-partisan coalition of alternative media organizations and activist groups are calling for a Global Day of Action to #ExposeBillGates and his control agenda.

In the first few months of 2020, billionaire Bill Gates has been promoted as the savior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although he is lauded as a hero Gates has been a force of disruption and shaky science. The truth is Bill Gates hides a darker agenda.

Gates has made numerous media appearances calling for extended lock downs, contact tracing surveillance, digital certificates to travel and work, and announced his intention to vaccinate 7 billion people. Gates’ family also has ties to discredited eugenics science and believes billionaires like him should help reduce the world’s population. (For those who might be new to this information we recommend watching The Bill Gates documentary series from The Corbett Report and/or reading The Bill Gates investigation from The Last American Vagabond.)

It’s time to #ExposeBillGates and expose his agenda. Together we can shine the light on Gates’ true intentions and change the course of humanity.

WHEN: Join us on Saturday June 13, 2020 as we spread the word about Bill Gates’ agenda. We encourage everyone interested to organize and host documentary screenings, share articles, pass out flyers, drop banners, and share on social media using the hashtag #ExposeBillGates. We encourage everyone to share accurate and credible information about Gates’ goals. This is a non-partisan event and activists from all sides of the political spectrum are welcome.

To help spread the word about #ExposeBillGates Day please use this make this image your profile pic on all social media accounts.

#ExposeBillGates Day is being organized by The Conscious Resistance Network, The Corbett Report, The Last American Vagabond, Activist Post, The Free Thought Project, The Anti Media, and We Are Change. If you represent an alternative/independent media channel or website and would like to be involved please get in touch.

CONTACT: Derrick Broze / [email protected]

Subscribe to Activist Post for truth,

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The Great US 2020 Wealth Transfer Heist. Deep Inequalities in US Society – Global Research


29-05-20 09:26:00,

In less than three-and-a-half years in office, Trump oversaw the Great GOP 2017 tax cut heist.

It handed corporate America and high-net-worth individuals a multi-billion dollar bonanza of enhanced wealth — followed this year by what I call 9/11 2.0, economic collapse triggered by COVID-19 lockdowns.

Along with letting dominant US corporate giants consolidate to greater size and market power, it includes an escalated great wealth transfer from ordinary Americans to privileged ones.

The scheme has been ongoing in the US (and West) for decades, notably since the neoliberal 90s — war on social justice, a plot to eliminate it altogether over time.

It aims to free up US wealth for escalated militarism, endless wars, corporate handouts, and greater enrichment of America’s super-rich.

The grand scheme is transforming the US (and other Western states) into ruler-serf societies — thirdworldized and controlled by police state power, unsafe and unfit to live in, privileged interests served exclusively at the expense of ordinary people.

Since US economic collapse began in February, millions of Americans applied for unemployment benefits — ongoing for 12 consecutive weeks in unprecedented numbers, greater than during the Great Depression, US unemployment today much higher than then.

Overall conditions today for ordinary Americans are far worse than in the 1930s.

Following Franklin Roosevelt’s 1932 election, New Deal programs put millions of people back to work.

Virtually nothing is being done to create jobs today, Dems as culpable as Republicans.

Both right wings of the one-party state are indifferent toward public health and welfare, and it shows by their policies.

Official unemployment numbers way understate reality, the true number around 40% of working-age Americans.

Most US workers with jobs have part-time or temp employment for poverty-level wages with few or no benefits.

Countless numbers of US workers had their hours and pay cut. Growing millions have no health insurance.

Americans can have anything they want — depending on their ability to pay.

They’re increasingly on their own otherwise, notably at a time of unprecedented economic collapse that’s far more serious than COVID-19 outbreaks.

They’ll pass in time,

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Governments should help people rather than bail out airlines, top travel specialist tells Boom Bust


29-05-20 09:05:00,

A new report from the United Nations World Tourism Organization has said global tourism will drop by 70 percent in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

RT’s Boom Bust brought in Gary Leff, author of the View from the Wing website, to talk about the future of the travel industry, and particularly the airlines.

According to Leff, global tourism is going to suffer a major hit, with the airline industry expected to be smaller in the future.

“The airline industry is going to come back more quickly domestically than it will internationally,” he says, explaining that many countries will continue to have increased restrictions in place.

“So, it’s going to [take] some time for the industry to recover,” Leff says, noting that leisure travel will come back sooner than international business travel.

Talking about the airline bailouts, he notes that providing more government aid to the airlines rather than the people “who are going to be ultimately transitioning into a new position somewhere else” won’t be the right thing to do.

For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

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The Gates / Fauci Vaccine Developed by Moderna. Video Featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Andrew Kaufman – Global Research


29-05-20 09:04:00,

This is a four-minute video featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Andrew Kaufman that explains exactly what is in the Gates/Fauci covid19 vaccine currently being developed by Fauci’s own vaccine company, Moderna.

Most of the vaccines currently under process by big pharma are likewise mRNA vaccines, a type never before used on humans.

The Gates/Fauci vaccine against covid-19 is no ordinary vaccine. It uses three needles, two of which are electrodes that will alter the DNA of every cell in the body.

Gates and Fauci have bypassed all required phase-one animal testing, normally a 10-year testing requirement, as well as human safety testing. This assault on our bodies will likely be issued as mandatory, since it is being developed under emergency powers. Trump’s attorney, Alan Dershowitz, has stated categorically that “you have no constitutional right to refuse a vaccine”.


Republicans amended the Democrat’s bill to track and surveil all Americans in our homes. Their main concern about this latest stimulus bill (which includes the HR 6666 Trace Act) is to indemnify those doctors who may injure you with the countless mandatory vaccines being planned.

In other words, neither party is demonstrating any interest in protecting the health or civil liberties of American citizens. They are interested in protecting the profits of insurance companies.

There now exist five proven cures for this virus, in wide use throughout the world but falsely maligned in the US, all of which are safe, effective, cheap and available. (IV Vitamin C, Interferon alpha B, ivermectin, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and hydroxychloroquine and zinc, which has been in use safely for 30 years)

Big Pharma cannot make money from any of the proven cures – which explains their temper tantrums and demand for useless but expensive vaccines. Useless, because in 30 years of research scientists have never been able to create a corona virus vaccine that worked and was safe for humans.

For a more detailed scientific analysis of the profound hazards of mRNA vaccines, I include this from a colleague in the gene modification field.

An RNA vaccine like this has never been approved for human use but it has been successfully used with animals.

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Around 2 BILLION people may lose their jobs in the next couple of months due to pandemic


29-05-20 08:38:00,

More than half of the world’s workforce (nearly two billion people) risk losing their jobs or moving to part-time work in 2020 as a result of the economic fallout from coronavirus outbreak.

That’s according to a study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), seen by RIA Novosti.

“It’s hard to overestimate the radical changes in the global workforce due to the crisis caused by the outbreak of COVID-19,” said the report, citing estimates by the International Labor Organization that global labor income losses will reach $3.4 trillion this year.

In the next two to three months, one out of six people in the world will lose their jobs, with the unemployment rate to exceed 17 percent, said the authors of the research.

Also on rt.com
Global human development to decline for first time in 30 years due to Covid-19, warns UN

The impact of the crisis on the labor market will vary greatly across industries, with those most directly affected by quarantine measures to be hit the hardest. According to BCG analysis, more than 80 percent of all the layoffs in the world are likely to occur in the non-food retail sector, manufacturing, hotel and restaurant business, tourism and construction.

“We expect that the world’s unemployment rate will start returning to balance by the end of 2020. However, [the] pandemic has already launched the process of long-term structural changes – from flexible and remote work schemes to accelerated automation – and these changes will affect up to 1.5 billion jobs over the next decade.”

BCG estimates that by 2030, automation will put 12 percent of existing jobs at risk, and about 30 percent of jobs will require completely new skills.

The study also indicated that more than 10 percent of the global workforce is highly likely to work remotely on a permanent basis, while for office workers, the figure could reach 30 percent.

Also on rt.com
US billionaire wealth skyrockets to over $3 TRILLION during pandemic

BCG said that in order to prevent the collapse of supply on the labor market, support measures should be provided by governments – from subsidizing salaries and expanding social protection to financial and tax exemptions and temporary redistribution of employment.

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You Can Now Get Fired For Refusing To Wear A Mask At Work


29-05-20 06:29:00,

Employers can mandate that employees have to wear face coverings, and those who don’t follow the rules could face termination with very little room for recourse. 

In fact, face coverings at work are one of the key components to many states’ reopening plans and since the CDC is recommending it, you can bet that shop owners who love to take their cues from government will make sure it is policy. 

The precaution of covering your face is a “term of employment” that, if broken, can justify discipline from an employer, according to Bloomberg Law. There are only limited reasons that could exempt an employee, including medical or religious reasons.

Katherine Dudley Helms, an Ogletree Deakins attorney who represents employers said: “In essence, they’re saying ‘I really don’t want to work here. That really is like someone coming in and saying ‘I don’t like your rules.’”

An employee would have to inform their employer about a respiratory illness or medical reason for not being able to wear a mask, in that case. That may trigger the Americans with Disabilities Act, which would accommodate the employee further. Those opposed to it for religious reasons would need to discuss accommodations with their employer in advance. 

“But all of these are limited exceptions to the employer’s basic right to devise and enforce nondiscriminatory work rules, including those pertaining to clothing,” Fordham University School of Law professor James Brudney said.

It’s the same type of law that protects employers who mandate that employees cover their tattoos, or adhere to a dress code. An employer that “even-handedly” enforces the rules should be in a good legal position to defend disciplining an employee.

Union representation won’t let workers skirt the rules either. Steven Bernstein, an attorney at the management-side firm Fisher & Phillips said: “The safer approach is to give the union a heads-up and communicate then, since there’s usually a common interest in health and safety. Having a union partner in that process can be valuable.”

There’s also no “restrictive of free speech” angle for employees to fall back on. Workers “who refuse to wear a face covering out of political conviction would still probably lose in court,” 

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North Korea Supplied Syrian Chemical Weapons A Lie


29-05-20 05:59:00,


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WikiLeaks dice que se publicaron documentos no redactados del ...Accusations from Prof. Remco Breuker, Leiden University: the North Korea connection of delivering chemical substances to Syria, to make chemical weapons, and therefore, the Syrian government could kill its own people. For that reason, he claims they bombed Syria in 2018.

The United States, along with Britain and France, bombed Syria in April 2018, because of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, where 42 people lost they’re live. An illegal attack, nothing was proven that the Syrian government poisoned its own people. It was a “fake” attack, as many witnesses came forward and even traveled to the OPCW in Den Haag, the Netherlands.

Later it turned out, that all of it was invented by the so-called White Helmets, who were also responsible for setting-up the alleged chemical attack in Khan Sheikoun. Once Khan Sheikoun was liberated by the Syrian and Russian army, evidence was found, in the caves surrounding the city. Suits, chemical components were found, the chemical poison was mainly supplied by British companies.


2018 Bombing

A report by U.N. experts finds that North Korea supplied the Syrian government with materials that could have been used to produce chemical weapons on several occasions in the last two years, lending weight to long-standing suspicions that Syria is continuing to use these weapons on its own people.

The 200-page report, which remains unpublished but was reviewed by the New York Times, documents at least 40 previously unreported shipments from North Korea to Syria from 2012 to 2017, they claimed. No word about the British shipment of protective suits, the components for chemical poison delivered to the White Helmets in Khan Sheikoun. the White Helmets as we know we’re part of Al-Queada, Al-Nusra and DAESH.

Components for Chemical weapons

A Dutch professor, specialized in North Korea, Prof. Remco Breukers, claims in his research that North Korea shipped chemical components from 2012 till 2017 to Syria, already under president Hafez-Al-Assad there were good relations between Syria and North Korea, what is wrong with that, you can ask yourself? Germany, the Netherlands, France, the US, and VK shipped many chemicals to Syria,

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The Tests: The Achilles Heel of the COVID-19 House of Cards – Global Research


29-05-20 05:43:00,

“The tool is not the problem, it’s what we do with it.”

– Tests which are not reliable!

–  False negatives (real patients not detected).

– False positives (patients who are not positive)

– Tests that detect fragments of the virus and not the virus itself!

– Tests that don’t quantify the viral load, the most important thing…

– Test kits infected with the virus itself: you could catch it by getting tested!

So, you’ve been tested? Negative? Positive?

Maybe you’re like most people, eager to find out if you’ve got it or better yet, prove that you’re immune to the VID thing.

With this article, I don’t want to add a layer of fear to the pandemic of panic spread by our dear media in recent months.

Nevertheless, even if some people don’t want to “know anything” and will do whatever they are told to do [1]:

E.g. Wear a mask everywhere all the time, stay away from your family and friends, don’t dare to go out or take public transport without your “armour and visor”, don’t dare to touch anything without wearing gloves stuck to the skin as a result of sweating…  Etc.

I think that looking for more truth and getting closer to the truth is the best antidote to fear.

So, these tests! what are they

Introduction: Diagnosing COVID-19 disease

People confuse the disease with the agent accused of causing it.

COVID-19 refers to the disease characterized by “airway involvement” with a wide variety of symptom patterns (see below).

It is caused by a virus, SARS-CoV-2, of the coronavirus family [2], SARS for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

Another coronavirus of this type, SARS-CoV-1, had already occurred in 2003, less contagious but more dangerous (in terms of mortality).

FIRST, On the one hand, you have a disease marked by the existence of signs or symptoms [3]. [No be confused with the causative virus]

The diagnosis is clinical!

Major signs/symptoms :

1.  Cough

2.  Dyspnea (difficulty breathing)


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Silicon Valley unicorns & fracking are part of Fed’s money-laundering scheme – RT’s Keiser Report


29-05-20 05:34:00,

The way tech startups and shale firms operate, burning billions in cash every day, could be proof that they exist only as a part of a money-laundering operation on a countrywide scale, according to RT’s Keiser Report.

“You have 20 or 30 Silicon Valley unicorn startups, that are burning billions of dollars every day, but you, as the executive of those corporations, or as a fund holder or as an intermediary banker, are taking a cut. So this debt unicorn economy in Silicon Valley is the Fed’s money-laundering operation to get money into the hands of the billionaires,” said RT’s veteran host and former stockbroker Max Keiser.

The same goes for fracking, in which the US has been investing for years, but that industry was never meant to make money, according to Keiser. He compared the scheme to a “mobster” running a restaurant until it eventually collapses.

“Now here the Fed runs their billions through these losing corporations until they go bust like WeWork, and then they torch it,” he went on. “Just like that mob-run restaurant eventually goes bust and is torched. The American economy is now on the verge of completely going under.”

For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

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Retail Store Closures Have Huge Impact On Communities


29-05-20 05:33:00,

Authored by Bruce Wilds via Advancing Time blog,

Abandoned Malls, A Canary In The Coal Mine

Across America many buildings stand empty or under-leased. They once housed thriving businesses that provided Americans with good-paying jobs. Over the last several years retailers have been closing stores and as the carnage rapidly accelerates this will be back in the news bigger than ever. The impact of these store closings all across America will be huge and take a huge toll on communities with a great number of jobs being lost forever. Much of this is linked to small businesses having its clock cleaned when forced to shutdown because of Covid-19, however, a lot is related to paying higher wages, complying with new government regulations, and being forced to compete with big businesses backed by Wall Street money.

Retail closures come with a hidden cost to society that the average person fails to internalize. Retail closings will result in lots of other small businesses closing their doors. Not only will the retail employees lose their jobs but these stores support many local businesses. People often forget that the brick and mortar stores suffer several expenses not fostered upon online companies. All these constitute a sort of tax on these stores which benefits the community in which they are located.

These costs rapidly add up and include such things as maintaining landscaping, ensuring safe ingress and egress, or providing a parking lot for customers. Staffing for longer hours, for the convenience of customers, often results in being open when foot traffic would indicate a store should be closed. Dealing with security and shoplifters is another expensive burden. Over the last few years, stores such as Target and Macy’s have even had to face a slew of dishonest shoppers trying to sneak defectives products purchased online back as exchanges and trading them for a fresh unbroken product. I have seen this costly abuse recommended by several online shoppers that see this as an “easy fix” on how to handle defective merchandise.

Large retailers as a group are collectively set to lock the doors for the last time at thousands of stores this year.

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The Injection Fraud – It’s Not a Vaccine – Global Research


29-05-20 04:22:00,

I am not a scientist. I am not a doctor. I am not a biotech engineer. I am not an attorney. However, I read, listen, appreciate and try to understand those who are.

I was an investment banker until politics made it impossible to continue to practice my art. I was trained as a portfolio strategist—so I map my world by watching the financial flows and allocation of resources. I was also trained as a conspiracy generator and foot soldier—conspiracies being the fundamental organizing principle of how things get done in our world. It was not until I left the establishment that I learned that those not in the club had been trained to disparage and avoid conspiracies—a clever trick that sabotages their efforts to gather power.

My response to living at war with agencies of the U.S. government for a time was to answer the questions of people who were sufficiently courageous and curious to solicit my opinion. Over many years, that response transformed into two businesses. One was The Solari Report, which continues to grow as a global intelligence network – we seek to help each other understand what is happening, to navigate and contribute to positive outcomes. The other was serving as an investment advisor to individuals and families through Solari Investment Advisory Services. After ten years, I converted that business to doing an ESG screen. What those who use it want—that is not otherwise readily available in the retail market—is a screen that reflects knowledge of financial and political corruption. Tracking the metastasizing corruption, it’s an art, not a science.

When you help a family with their finances, it is imperative to understand all their risk issues. Their financial success depends on successful mitigation of all risk – whether financial or non-financial – they encounter in their daily lives. All non-financial risks impact the allocation of family resources – attention, time, assets and money.

Many of my clients and their children had been devastated and drained by health care failures and corruption–and the most common catalyst for this devastation was vaccine death and injury. After their lengthy and horrendous experiences with the health care establishment, they would invariably ask, “If the corruption is this bad in medicine, food and health,

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Almost quarter of Russians believe coronavirus is fictional, according to new study


29-05-20 04:02:00,

More than 23% of Russians think the coronavirus threat is not real and the epidemic is made up, according to a survey by Moscow’s Higher School of Economics, published on Thursday.

Conducted in May, the survey of 30,000 Russians found that 23.2% believe Covid-19 is a work of fiction, while 9.6% of respondents think the danger is being exaggerated. This suggests that when combined, almost a third (32.8%) of respondents do not fully believe in the coronavirus threat, the RBK newspaper reported.

The study revealed a dramatic split in Russian attitudes toward self-isolation and the government’s anti-coronavirus measures. Of the non-believers, 43% decided to visit relatives during self-isolation, and three-quarters (74.2%) were convinced that there was no need for the mandated stay-at-home regime. Those who believe in the danger of the virus visited their relatives much less often, with only 18% going to see family members.

Also on rt.com
Moscow has secret Covid-19 CURE for chosen elite: Western media’s favorite Russian pundit voices new conspiracy theory

The HSE survey also exposed Russian’s increasing dissatisfaction with self-isolation rules. In early April, just 15.9% believed it was an unnecessary measure. By late May, this had risen to almost a third (32.4%) of the population. As it currently stands, a majority (56%) of respondents support the removal of restrictions.

According to the study, the level of skepticism ranges from region to region, with Russia’s Southern Federal District having the most non-believers (41%).

Speaking to the media, President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov called any denial of the coronavirus “an unwillingness to look around and accept reality.” Peskov, along with his wife Tatyana, was hospitalized with the virus, and was recently discharged. “I can say from my own experience: it exists, and it’s dangerous,” he explained.

One of the study’s authors, Ruslan Artamonov, told the RBK newspaper that those who have lost the most income are most likely to not believe in the threat of the virus.

Also on rt.com
Censored ‘Plandemic’ movie website defaced by hacker claiming controversial doctor is ‘bat s**t crazy’

“If a person does not feel any danger,

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France to launch its contact-tracing app this weekend after lawmakers’ approval


29-05-20 06:53:00,

The French government is preparing a weekend launch of its contact-tracing app, a tool developed independently of the more widely used Apple/Google platform.

The plan for the ‘StopCovid’ app in France had led to a standoff with Apple, which had refused French officials’ request to change the settings to let their app access Bluetooth in the background, so it is always switched on.

France and Britain have decided to keep contact data in a central database, arguing this would make it easier for authorities to track suspected coronavirus cases. However, Apple and Google want data to be stored on the phones themselves, out of government reach, saying this would better protect the privacy of users, Reuters said.

The government’s project was approved by the lower house of parliament on Wednesday. It was moved to the upper house Senate, whose vote is not binding.

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Video: Dr. Ron Paul’s Urgent Coronavirus Message for Every American – Global Research


28-05-20 06:12:00,

Most Americans will be blindsided by what’s about to happen…

But not those who learn the critical steps necessary to protect yourself and your family from what’s coming next.

Click the image or click here to watch the video.


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Rabobank: “A Few Months Ago, Any One Of These Stories Would Have Been Front-Page News And Market-Moving”


27-05-20 06:28:00,

Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank

Equity markets (and EM FX) are still trying to rally in line with an epic central bank liquidity injection and the underlying plan that if we keep them up until the economy recovers, a recovered economy will then ultimately justify them. There has also been a boost from the fact that we are indeed now reopening in many locations.

What we now see is the relief when the cast around a broken bone comes off. Aah! The itching and constriction is gone! Fantastic! Cheer-leading from an FOMC member and someone who was publicly calling for a 4% US 10-year yield relatively recently aside, the problem is that we did not set the bone in question before we put the cast on. Yes, the leg is now out of plaster: but can you actually walk on it like before – or will you fall flat on your face? Doubly so as while the cast comes off, so do the gloves.

Central Hong Kong today is filled with police (and protestors) as legislation is being passed to criminalise insulting the Chinese national anthem or burning the Chinese flag. This is a warm up for the national security law that will soon be put in place by Beijing, and which yesterday was revealed to: 1) ban foreign judges from sitting on cases related to national security; and 2) ban not just “acts” against national security, but “activities” that can “seriously undermine” it. That is a very broad brush to be painting with in that geography, allege critics.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC we have heard US President Trump promise “interesting action” on China / HK by the end of the week. More importantly, the White House press secretary underlined that Trump is considering sanctions on a range of Chinese officials, businesses, and financial institutions: the Treasury department could impose controls on USD transactions and/or freeze assets of those targeted. The White House also reportedly does not see how Hong Kong can continue to operate as a global financial centre if China passes the national security laws, underlining its own threat. It is also looking at a sanctions bill targeting China’s alleged human rights abuses against the Uighur minority; and the State Department has just released a statement bringing up Tibetan rights.

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U.S. and Worldwide Action Replacing Unsafe Radiation Emitting WiFi in Schools with Wired Internet (Update) – Activist Post


27-05-20 06:26:00,

By B.N. Frank

Health experts recommending that WiFi in schools be replaced with wired internet connections (aka Ethernet) is nothing new.  In fact, for many years the American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts have been warning that children are more vulnerable to all sources of wireless exposure – Bluetooth, cell phone and WiFi radiation – because they are smaller, their skulls are thinner, and their bodies are still developing.  Some schools have already replaced WiFi and more are moving in that direction.

Thanks to Environmental Health Trust for this updated list of where action has and/or is being taken as well as supporting videos:

Worldwide schools and governments are taking action to reduce levels of wireless and electromagnetic radiation in schools. Wireless exposures in schools come from cell phones, Wi-Fi, 5G virtual reality, and nearby cell towers/antennas. In addition, schools now have wireless security and equipment networks that create wireless exposures. Schools also will have magnetic field electromagnetic exposures from the nearby high-voltage powerlines.

In addition to government country wide actions like replacing Wi-Fi with safe wired networks, individual school districts and individual schools are making changes. This page presents only a few of the worldwide policies moving forward. EHT is committed to safe technology in schools and regularly writes and briefs policymakers on the issue.

Research has already determined that wireless exposure can reduce immunity in fighting illnesses as well as cause many other health issues including increased cancer risk.  The Russian Ministry of Health recently advised that families limit children’s exposure during the pandemic.

Unfortunately in the U.S. the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is promoting more wireless emitting technology even though no “safe” level has yet been scientifically determined for kids or pregnant women.  One FCC commissioner actually encouraged schools to provide WiFi Hot Spots to families so kids can learn in virtual classrooms.

The FCC is supposed to protect the public by regulating the telecom industry.  They were a corrupt agency before Trump was elected and have become much more dangerous since then.  Lawsuits have been filed against them for NOT protecting the public from unsafe levels of wireless radiation (see 1,

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Google Drive Takes Down Personal Copy Of “Plandemic”


27-05-20 06:24:00,

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

If there was ever a time in history to pay attention, it’s now.  It’s now obvious that we all need to keep our eyes and ears open to that which Big Tech and the government continue to censor to “save us” from “misinformation.” Google Drive, at the request of The Washington Post, has taken down a user’s personal copy of the movie “Plandemic.”

Ever since Big Tech platforms started cracking down on what they deem to be “coronavirus misinformation” (information they don’t want you to know about), the media has been willfully flagging alleged violations to social media companies and getting content taken down, reported News Break. 

In other words, they want us to remain in a panic-induced state of fear and only listen to the mainstream media’s official Operation Mockingbird narrative about the entire Plandemic.  And because you are not supposed to know anything else, Google drive has removed a user’s personal copy of Dr. Judy Mikovitz’s “Plandemic” after it was flagged by the Washington Post. 

It doesn’t get more blatant than this, folks.  We are being lied to and expected to stay fearful and obey the ruling class at all costs. It’s going to get ugly by the end of this year if tyrants don’t release their grip on power…and we know they won’t let go easily.

In an article reporting on the takedown, The Washington Post’s Silicon Valley Correspondent Elizabeth Dwoskin complained that after the coronavirus documentary Plandemic was censored on social media, some YouTube clips were telling users how to access “banned footage” from the documentary via Google Drive. She then notes that after The Washington Post contacted Google, Google Drive took down a file featuring the trailer for the Plandemic documentary.

Watch Plandemic on Bitchute, a decentralized, censorship-free platform by clicking here. 

As Big Tech ramps up censorship, we need to ramp up our exit and cease to use their products.  We said last month that the mainstream media was going to continue a smear campaign against anyone who stands up to the elitists and this tyrannical takeover and economic terrorism while using a virus as an excuse.

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Italy and Belgium join France in rejecting hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 treatment


27-05-20 06:23:00,

Italy and Belgium have joined France in​ moving to ​​ban the​ use of the controversial hydroxychloroquine​ to treat Covid-19 patients as questions continue to mount over its safety.

On Wednesday, France revoked its decree authorizing the prescription of the anti-malarial drug for the novel coronavirus following a decision from the government’s health advisory agency.

Now Belgium’s health body has warned against using the drug outside of ongoing registered clinical trials.

Italy’s health authorities also concluded that there is too little evidence to support the use of hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 and that the lack of proof means it should be banned outside of clinical trials.

Also on rt.com
France BANS hydroxychloroquine as study says medicine Trump took makes death from Covid-19 more likely

The Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) also cited new clinical evidence on the use of the drug which “indicates an increased risk for adverse reactions with little or no benefit.”

“Pending obtaining more solid evidence from the clinical trials that are underway both in Italy and in other countries of the world,” the decision was made to suspend the authorization of its use in hospitals and at home, AIFA said.

A new study published in the Lancet medical journal could not confirm a benefit of taking the drug as a treatment against the virus. It found that taking the drug was actually associated with increased risks of in-hospital death for Covid-19 patients.

Britain’s pharmaceutical regulator also said Wednesday that a hydroxychloroquine trial by the University of Oxford has been “paused” less than a week after it began due to safety concerns. It said other trials of the anti-malaria drug for the treatment of Covid-19 remain “under close review.”

The drug became a massively controversial treatment for the virus after it was touted by US President Donald Trump as a potential miracle cure. Trump even said this month that he was taking a course of the drug as a “preventive measure” against the infection.

Also on rt.com
WHO SUSPENDS trials of Trump-chosen hydroxychloroquine drug over SAFETY RISKS for Covid-19 patients

If you like this story,

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China to launch digital yuan next year to replace cash


27-05-20 06:15:00,

The People’s Bank of China has revealed plans to have its sovereign digital currency ready in time for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The announcement comes as the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift away from paper money.

Limited trials are already underway in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu and the Xiongan New Area in the northern province of Hebei, said the central bank’s governor Yi Gang. He told reporters that China’s government plans to run pilot tests at Olympic venues, though there remains no official timetable for a release.

An unnamed member of the State Council with knowledge of the project told the Nikkei Asia Review that If the government is satisfied with the results of this year’s tests, the currency “will be issued next year.” Otherwise, “more tests will be conducted next year,” he said.

Also on rt.com
China’s digital yuan will displace US dollar’s hegemony & bitcoin will join race, investor tells RT’s Keiser Report

The digital yuan will be linked to the holder’s smartphone number, with transactions taking place through an app. Users will be able to transfer money between accounts by tapping phones, much like having physical cash change hands. The currency will be legal tender, so it could be exchanged without needing a bank as an intermediary.

The size of transactions would be limited based on identity verification. A phone number alone would permit only small transactions, while providing proof of identity or a photo of a debit card would raise the limit. Speaking with a bank representative in person could allow for the cap to be removed entirely. Suspected criminal activity will be uncovered via transaction histories. 

According to Eddie Yue, chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, it has become easier to use and popularize new payment technologies since growing coronavirus concerns make consumers prefer digital currencies to physical cash.

For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

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France BANS hydroxychloroquine as study says medicine Trump took makes death from Covid-19 more likely


27-05-20 06:07:00,

France has clamped down on the much-talked about drug that many have taken against Covid-19, including US President Donald Trump. A new study showed that the treatment increases the risk of death from the virus.

The French government has revoked its decree authorizing the prescription of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for treating Covid-19 patients, with the exception of clinical trials. The decision came after the government’s advisory body, the High Council of Public Health (HCPS), and the National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM) both gave unfavorable opinions on the drug.

The HCPS recommended against using hydroxychloroquine outside of clinical trials, regardless of whether the patients took the drug alone or in combination with antibiotics. The ANSM, in turn, initiated a procedure to suspend clinical trials involving the use of HCQ “as a precaution.”

The drug has become a buzzword in the media as many place high hopes on finding a cure for the novel coronavirus. HCQ became increasingly popular in France to fight Covid-19 symptoms, as its prescription rate jumped by 7,000 percent in some parts of the country, according to local media.

Also on rt.com
WHO SUSPENDS trials of Trump-chosen hydroxychloroquine drug over SAFETY RISKS for Covid-19 patients

However, a recent study published in the Lancet journal was “unable to confirm a benefit” of taking hydroxychloroquine to battle the virus after researchers analyzed 96,032 hospitalized Covid-19 patients, 3,016 of whom took HCQ, and 6,221 took HCQ with a macrolide antibiotic. Furthermore, hydroxychloroquine was “associated” with increased risks of “significant occurrence” of ventricular arrhythmias and in-hospital death with Covid-19, the study noted.

The study in the Lancet prompted French Health Minister Olivier Veran to launch a review of the use of HCQ, and the World Health Organization to halt the use of the drug in its global trials of the experiential Covid-19 treatment.

Hydroxychloroquine has been repeatedly touted by Trump as a prospective remedy against Covid-19. The US president said he had been taking HCQ “every day” as a prophylactic for about two weeks.

Trump’s promotion of the drug drew criticism from experts and political opponents,

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Coronavirus digital health passport to be supplied to 15 countries | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


27-05-20 05:53:00,

Manchester-based cybersecurity firm VST Enterprises has signed a deal with digital health company Circle Pass Enterprises (CPE) to create a digital health passport designed to make it easier for individuals to return to work after the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The two companies have partnered to create “the world’s most secure digital health passport”, known as Covi-pass, and will work with governments and the private sector to deploy the technology to 15 countries around the world.

These countries will include Italy, Portugal, France, Panama, India, the US, Canada, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and The Netherlands, with the goal of supplying 50 million digital health passports. The first passports will begin shipping from next week.

VST Enterprises’s VCode and VPlatform technologies will be integrated into the into the Covi-pass to ensure it is secure.

How the coronavirus digital health passport works

The Covi-pass will work using a colour system of green, amber, red to indicate whether the individual has tested positive or negative for Covid-19 and relevant health information.

Firstly, the user downloads the app and enters key information such as name, address, age and verifies their identity using their fingerprint or a facial scan.

They then take a Covid-19 test, administered by an authorised healthcare professional, and the results are scanned into the Covi-pass. They can then use the digital health passport to authenticate their health status to enable “a safe return to work, life, and safe travel”.

However, a significant shortage of coronavirus test kits could make testing a challenge. Nevertheless, VST believes the technology could be key to ending the lockdown.

“We firmly believe that the digital health passport alongside government-approved testing kits is the key to removing the lockdown restrictions in a gradual and controlled way. The current technology being trialed using bluetooth and proximity apps is fundamentally flawed because of its privacy issues of real time tracking, the security and data breaches which we are already seeing and being reported and the reticence for citizens to uptake and download the tracing app,” said Louis-James Davis, CEO of VST Enterprises.

“The issue at present with other health passports is that not only is the feed of information voluntary, but the technology being used (in most cases a QR code or barcode) can’t be interacted with outside of the safe distancing zone.

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France’s Determination To End Free Speech Knows No Limits


27-05-20 01:40:00,

Authored by Judith Bergman via The Gatestone Institute,

On May 13, the French parliament adopted a law that requires online platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat to remove reported “hateful content” within 24 hours and “terrorist content” within one hour. Failure to do so could result in exorbitant fines of up to €1.25 million or 4% of the platform’s global revenue in cases of repeated failure to remove the content.

The scope of online content deemed “hateful” under what is known as the “Avia law” (after the lawmaker who proposed it) is, as is common in European hate speech laws, very broadly demarcated and includes “incitement to hatred, or discriminatory insult, on the grounds of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability”.

The French law was directly inspired by Germany’s controversial NetzDG law, adopted in in October 2017, and it is explicitly mentioned in the introduction to the Avia law.

“This law proposal aims to combat the spread of hate speech on the internet,” it is stated in the introduction to the Avia law.

“No one can dispute the exacerbation of hate speech in our society… the attack[s] on others for what they are, because of their origins, their religion, their sex or their sexual orientation… hints… [at] the darkest hours in our history… the fight against hatred, racism and anti-Semitism on the Internet is an objective of public interest that justifies…strong and effective provisions… this tool of openness [the internet] to the world, of access to information, to culture, to communication, can become a real hell for those who become the target of ‘haters’ or harassers hidden behind screens and pseudonyms. According to a survey carried out in May 2016, 58% of our fellow citizens consider the internet to be the main locus of hate speech. More than 70% say they have already been confronted with hate speech on social networks. For younger people in particular, cyber-harassment can be devastating…However… Few complaints are filed, few investigations are successful, few convictions are handed down – this creates a vicious circle…”

Having acknowledged that online “hatred”

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