Elon Musk’s SpaceX inks deal with US military to test out sky-crowding Starlink satellites for Army communications


27-05-20 06:18:00,

SpaceX has agreed to let the US Army test out its Starlink satellite broadband network – made up of thousands of individual satellites in low-earth orbit – with the presumed aim of integrating it into existing military systems.

The military has signed a deal with the billionaire’s spaceflight company to test out the Starlink network over the next three years, evaluating its suitability for their data-transfer needs, an inside source told SpaceNews on Tuesday. Signed last week, the agreement, known as a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), is typically used by the military to test-drive private-sector technologies before buying them.

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Elon Musk steals even more of the night sky as he launches another batch of his planned 40,000 satellites

At issue will be how Starlink performs in connection with the military’s own communications systems, which are somewhat lacking in flexibility and compatibility between hardware and software. They’re also not particularly mobile, relying on large dishes mounted on trailers that can’t handle the amount of data they’re currently having to put through. Army deputy program executive officer for command, control, communications tactical Joseph Welch has compared the Army’s woefully inadequate network capacity to a “soda straw.”

However, the Army will require a whole new system of ground terminals in order to use the Starlink system, which won’t be cheap. The CRADA will evaluate the cost of that overhaul, as well as the security of data as it is transferred from Starlink satellites to ground stations.

SpaceX already has hundreds of Starlink satellites orbiting the planet. While the broadband network eventually hopes to blanket the earth in high-speed internet, it is nowhere near complete, aiming to send up as many as 42,000 satellites in total within the decade. Musk hopes to launch 1,400 satellites this year alone at a rate of 60 every two weeks and plans to begin service for some US and Canadian customers later in the year.

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Moaning viral thread accuses Elon Musk of ruining Texas neighborhood with rocket tests

The sky-clogging devices have irritated stargazers and professional astronomers, who find it increasingly difficult to see into space with so many scenery-chewing satellites reflecting light.

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“This Should Trouble Us All” – Auto-Snitching COVID-Tracking Bracelets Flood Market


27-05-20 06:15:00,

Authored by Sam Biddle via The Intercept,

Surveillance firms around the world are licking their lips at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cash in on the coronavirus by repositioning one of their most invasive products: the tracking bracelet.

Body monitors are associated with criminality and guilt in the popular imagination, the accessories of Wall Street crooks under house arrest and menace-to-society parolees. Unlike smartphones, de facto tracking devices in their own right, strapped-on trackers are expressly designed to be attached to the body and exist solely to report the user’s whereabouts and interactions to one or more third parties; they don’t play podcasts or tell you how many steps you took that day to sweeten the surveillance.

But a climate of perpetual bio-anxiety has paved the way for broader acceptance of carceral technologies, with a wave of companies trying to sell tracking accessories to business owners eager to reopen under the aegis of responsible social distancing and to governments hoping to keep a closer eye on people under quarantine.

Take AiRISTA Flow, a Maryland-based outfit that helps corporations track their “assets,” breathing or not. In an April 21 press release, the company announced it would begin selling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi trackers to be worn on an employee’s wrist like a Fitbit — or around their neck like a cowbell.

“When people come within six feet of each other for a period of time,” the company wrote in a press release, “the device makes an audible chirp and a record of the contact is made in the AiRISTA Flow software system.”

But the tracking goes far beyond audible chirps: AiRISTA’s platform allows employers to continuously upload a record of close encounters to a corporate cloud, providing an up-to-date list of presumed social distancing violators that would double as a detailed record of workplace social interactions.

The company’s marketing language is explicit in talking up the nonviral benefits of tracking your workers’ every move: By helping companies “Locate people and things in real time” (the two are seemingly treated interchangeably), they can expect a “Reduction in unplanned downtime,” “Improved asset utilization rates, [and a] reduced need for spares.”

In a press release published just a day after AiRISTA Flow’s,

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“Everything About This Is Insane” – Begging Big Tech To Be Arbiters Of Truth Will Ultimately Backfire


27-05-20 06:10:00,

‘Be careful what you wish for’.  To all those calling for more censorship of “the Other’s” voices – urging Big Tech companies to become managers in the ministry of truth to rescue the world from dissent, disagreement, and dissolution – there is a simple message – it will ultimately backfire in ways even Huxley and Orwell could not imagine.

As Evan Greer argues below “we need to address the problem of viral disinformation at its root.”

In the United States, progressive groups and lawmakers rightly concerned about the rise of far right online activity, and attempts by state actors to manipulate elections, have increasingly turned to calls for Internet censorship, deplatforming, and more aggressive moderation by companies like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

These calls are well intentioned but ultimately misguided.

These comments come just hours after controversy was exposed about the sudden and purely coincidental deletion of numerous Hong Kong dissident Twitter accounts after Li Fei-Fei was appointed to Twitter’s board.

As Liberty Bltizkrieg’s Mike Krieger noted so perfectly, “everything about this is insane.”

“The tech giants are out of control, actively laundering national security state talking points via mass media “fact checker” censorship. It’s only gonna get worse.”

Authored by Evan Greer, Deputy Director of Fight for the Future, via Medium,

Okay I’ll admit it. I still use Facebook. When I logged on last night I saw something I had never seen before: a notification that read “Partly false information found in your post by independent fact checkers.” I was surprised, but figured maybe it was a glitch or related to some joke meme I had posted or something like that. I clicked it to learn more.

Screenshot of the notification Facebook sent me.

It turned out that “Independent fact-checkers” at USA TODAY had flagged a VICE article that I shared, and am quoted in, about the reauthorization of the Patriot Act and the ongoing fight around amendments to rein in mass government surveillance.

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Facts Vs. Fake. A Worldwide Lockdown of Everything – Global Research


26-05-20 07:57:00,

Do you know who coined the curse, “conspiracy theory” or accusation, “you are conspiracy theorist!” – It was nobody less than the CIA in the 1950s, to silence those who saw through the lie of the Cold War against the Soviet Union. This was a complete lie by US war strategists, to install fear in the population in general and in Europeans in particular and to boost the American Military Industrial complex – and presenting a constant threat to the communist Soviet Union.

A complementary phrase developed in the last years is “fake news” — people who are saying well-founded truths, are being accused of spreading “false news” – and that by the very media that spread the real false news and lies in the first place. A dystopian world indeed, and most of the public doesn’t capture it.

Another denigrating term that has it lately into the vocabulary of the mainstream, “populist”. It refers to people or ideas from the left, the middle or the right – as soon as they don’t stick to the going narrative. By Webster’s definition, a populist is someone who represents the people’s views, a majority view, actually, it’s a very democratic term, because a true leader should represent the people’s views. But media manipulation has made of “populism” something of “lesser intellect” – and, of course, nobody wants to be of “lesser intellect”, hence, it’s become a derogatory term. That’s how the media and psychologically worked propaganda can alter what people would call “my common sense”.

The fear factor is always a crucial element in dividing people, and in corralling them into chambers of fear – which allows anything outside to happen – building up armament, faking an arms race – when there was none. The Soviet Union came out of WWII – where they lost between 25 and 30 million people to save Europe and the world from fascism.

But western history books have it, that it was the United States and her European allies, who foremost defeated Hitler. This false news is continuingly being propagated, last by the recent WWII Victory Celebration on 9 May 2020 – without any consideration of the key role of the Soviet Union – today’s Russia – in defeating the Hitler Nazis.

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They Want Your Children: State Preparing to “Isolate” Kids from Parents


26-05-20 07:09:00,

States are broadcasting their intention–and preparing logistics–to “isolate” children from their parents in the name of public health. Talking points from the WHO provide the cover narrative, but the politically-motivated use of Child Protective Services by Governor Kate Brown in Oregon against a salon owner who defied the lockdown ALREADY demonstrates that this is nothing but a method of squelching dissent — and a dangerous one. Absolutely spread this message to all parents, particularly those in states/countries with leaders who are enabling the takeover of global technocratic collectivism.

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.iceagefarmer.com/2020/05/25/they-want-your-children-state-preparing-to-isolate-kids-from-parents/

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The global ‘black hole’ debt will soon top $100 TRILLION & ‘We’re about to get sucked into it’ – Max Keiser


26-05-20 12:57:00,

As the Bank of England says it’s considering the idea of negative interest rates as a last resort amid the Covid-19 crisis, the US Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has topped $7 trillion for the first time ever.

That number represents “a black hole of debt,” according to Max Keiser of RT’s Keiser Report. “There’s no resale value for those securities,” he says, explaining that, “if they try to sell those assets on the market, they’d get zero for them. So, in fact that’s a black hole growing on the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve Bank.”

The global hole in the central banks’ balance sheet is now topping $20 trillion and is projected to top $100 trillion in the next few years, Max says.

According to the former Wall Street stockbroker, “They [the Federal Reserve – Ed.] simply create these virtual fiat dollars” and the biggest lie that central bankers tell is that they’re fighting deflation by injecting more debt money into the black hole. “They’re causing the deflation, defined as an expansion of the black hole of debt.”

There’s no stopping that black hole, says Max, and “we’re about to get sucked into it.”

For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

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Unexplained anomaly weakening Earth’s magnetic field is EVOLVING and SPLITTING in two, warn scientists


26-05-20 12:47:00,

The ESA has deployed its constellation of satellites to investigate unusual weaknesses in Earth’s magnetic field. It appears that the strange anomaly believed to be responsible is now evolving and splitting in two.

The unexplained force, referred to as the South Atlantic Anomaly, is an area of reduced magnetic intensity that extends from South America to southwest Africa.  

For now, the effects of this anomaly are restricted to technical malfunctions aboard spacecraft and orbital satellites. However, because Earth’s magnetic field shields us from solar winds and cosmic radiation, it’s a critical part of our planetary defence system, along with our atmosphere, which protects us from daily asteroid bombardment.

The European Space Agency (ESA) used its Swarm satellite constellation to study the phenomenon earlier this month, and the latest readings from the agency’s Data, Innovation and Science Cluster show a second anomaly is forming off West Africa. Researchers still don’t understand the risks associated with this more recent development.

Over the past 200 years, Earth’s magnetic field has lost around nine percent of its strength. Between 1970 and 2020, the minimum level of strength dropped from approximately 24,000 nanoteslas to 22,000.

Also on rt.com
Earth’s magnetic field, critical to all life, may be in danger from ‘leaking core’

Given that the field is generated by electrical currents produced among the swirling liquid iron in the planet’s outer core, fluctuations are normal. However, the initial South Atlantic Anomaly has grown and moved westward at a pace of roughly 20km (12 miles) per year and scientists are yet to fully determine the cause, which makes the fact that it now appears to be splitting in two all the more intriguing. 

“The new, eastern minimum of the South Atlantic Anomaly has appeared over the last decade and, in recent years, is developing vigorously,” says geophysicist Jürgen Matzka, of the German Research Centre for Geosciences.

“The challenge now is to understand the processes in Earth’s core driving these changes.”

Also on rt.com
Earth’s magnetic field is mysteriously acting up, pushing North Pole towards Siberia

Indeed, the Earth’s magnetic field is known to flip the poles altogether every few hundred thousand years,

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Indonesia deploys soldiers, police to enforce ‘new normal’ Covid-19 restrictions


26-05-20 12:42:00,

Indonesia ordered the deployment of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and police on Tuesday to enforce rules on wearing masks and safe distancing. The move comes after reports of people in the world’s fourth-most-populous nation flouting the rules.

From Tuesday, about 340,000 officers will be deployed across four provinces to ensure the country’s transition to the “new normal,” Reuters quoted Indonesian military chief Hadi Tjahjanto as saying.  

“We will monitor people to ensure people are wearing masks, and are also maintaining a safe distance from others,” said Hadi. “What we want is that people can do their activities, and at the same time stay safe from Covid-19.”

Officers will be deployed on streets, malls and other locations in the provinces of Jakarta, West Java, Gorontalo and West Sumatra.

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US biotech firm Novavax begins Covid-19 vaccine trials on Australian volunteers after getting $388mn from Bill Gates-backed fund


26-05-20 07:58:00,

Novavax is testing a new coronavirus vaccine on human subjects for the first time, launching a phase one clinical trial with a massive grant from an agency founded by Bill Gates, kicking off a storm of concerns online.

The Maryland-based pharma company has begun its trial, which will dose some 130 Australian participants with the new inoculation, hoping to see results as early as July and proceed to the second phase.

Also on rt.com
Hotly-touted Oxford coronavirus VACCINE trial has only 50 percent chance of success, project leader warns

“Administering our vaccine in the first participants of this clinical trial is a significant achievement, bringing us one step closer toward addressing the fundamental need for a vaccine in the fight against the global Covid‑19 pandemic,” Stanley Erck, Novavax president and CEO, said in a statement on Monday night.

We look forward to sharing the clinical results in July and, if promising, quickly initiating the Phase 2 portion of the trial.

The new initiative got off the ground with a massive $388-million investment from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation (CEPI) – its largest donation to date – a public health foundation established by billionaire Bill Gates.

Also on rt.com
BIG PHARMA steered public money away from pandemic research and into PROFIT-MAKING projects for years – watchdog

In doling out his vast fortune to a number of similar health initiatives over the years – primarily through his own Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – the Microsoft mogul has drawn intense suspicion and doubt from the conspiracy-minded, who posit that Gates is committed to a “depopulation” agenda to rid the planet of its useless eaters. News of Gates’ connection to the Novavax trial set off alarms for some netizens, many warning the project is “not to be trusted” and urging Gates himself to volunteer to be the first guinea pig to receive the rushed-out vaccine.

Novavax starts Phase 1 coronavirus vaccine trial after $388M from Bill Gates-backed group | Fox Business .Nope, not for me, but bless those that agree to participate in this trial run when the time comes.I wish them well.

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Poisons Mean Extinction: For Bees and Humanity – Global Research


26-05-20 07:42:00,

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” ― Maurice Maeterlinck, The Life of the Bee[1]

In the last 50 years agrotoxins have spread and are pushing bees to extinction.

The choices before humanity are clear, a Poison Free Future to save Bees, Farmers, our Food and Humanity. Or continue to use poisons, threatening our common future by walking blindly to extinction through the arrogance that we can substitute bees with artificial intelligence and robots.

“Robotic bees could pollinate plants in case of insect apocalypse”, ran a recent Guardian headline reporting how Dutch scientists, “believe they will be able to create swarms of bee-like drones to pollinate plants when the real-life insects have died away”.[2][3]

“We see a crisis in 15 years where we don’t have enough insects in the world to actually do pollination and most of our vitamins and fruits are gone,” said Eylam Ran, CEO of Edete Precision Technologies for Agriculture. His company says its artificial pollinator can augment the labours of – and eventually replace – bees. Its system mirrors the work of the honey bee, beginning with a mechanical harvest of pollen from flowers and ending with a targeted distribution using LIDAR sensors, the same technology used in some self-driving cars”.[4]

There is no substitute for the amazing biodiversity and gifts of bees.

Every culture, every faith has seen the bees as teachers – of giving, of creating abundance, of creating the future of plants through pollination, and contributing to our food security and welfare.The next generation of seed is transformed into the next generation of seed only through the gift of the pollinator.

Navdanya’s research has shown that more than 30% of the food we eat is produced by bees and pollinators.

Nature’s economy is the gift economy. In every tradition the bee has been exemplified as a teacher in giving.

Buddhist texts note that from a multitude of living things, bees and other pollinating animals take what they need to survive without harming the beauty and vitality of their source of sustenance. For humans, to act in the manner of bees is an enactment of compassionate and conscious living.

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Despite the Danger of COVID-19, the US Military Continues War Practice in Europe and Pacific and Plans for More in 2021 – Global Research


26-05-20 07:41:00,

During the COVID-19 pandemic, not only will the U.S. military have the largest maritime military maneuvers in the world, with Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) coming to the waters off Hawaii August 17-31, 2020 bringing 26 nations, 25,000 military personnel, up to 50 ships and submarines and hundreds of aircraft in midst of a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, but the U.S. Army is having a 6,000 person war game in June 2020 in Poland. The State of Hawaii has the most stringent measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, with a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all persons arriving in Hawaii — returning residents as well as visitors. This quarantine is required until at least June 30, 2020.

If these weren’t too many military operations during an epidemic in which personnel on 40 U.S. Navy ships have come down with the hyper-contagious COVID-19 and military personnel and their families have been told not to travel, plans are underway for a U.S. Army division-sized exercise in the Indo-Pacific region in less than a year — in 2021. Known as Defender 2021, the U.S. Army has requested $364 million to conduct the war exercises throughout Asian and Pacific countries.

The pivot to the Pacific, begun under the Obama administration, and now under the Trump administration, is reflected in a U.S. National Defense Strategy (NDS) that sees the world as “a great power competition rather than counter-terrorism and has formulated its strategy to confront China as a long-term, strategic competitor.”

This month, May 2020, the U.S. Navy in support of the Pentagon’s “free and open Indo-Pacific ” policy aimed at countering China’s expansionism in the South China Sea and as a show of force to counter ideas that the capabilities of U.S. Navy forces have been reduced by COVID-19, sent at least seven submarines, including all four Guam-based attack submarines, several Hawaii-based ships and the San Diego-based USS Alexandria to the Western Pacific in what the Pacific Fleet Submarine Force announced publicly that all of its forward-deployed subs were simultaneously conducting “contingency response operations.”

The U.S. military force structure in the Pacific will be changed to meet the National Defense Strategy’s perceived threat from China,

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TINA’s Orgy: Anything Goes, Winners Take All


26-05-20 06:59:00,

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

What nobody dares whisper is ‘there is no alternative to collapse’ because the system is now too fragile and brittle to survive.

TINA–there is no alternative–is throwing an orgy of money-creation, and it’s one for the ages: The Federal Reserve has created over $3 trillion out of thin air in a few months and invited all the usual parasites, predators and speculators to the orgy.

You and I, mere taxpayers? We get to watch as our “betters” feast on the Fed’s limitless bounty of free money for financiers and other parasites and predators. Of course we don’t get a clear view of the proceedings; the orgy is all behind closed doors.

What we see is the threadbare comedy of Fed Chair Jay Powell coming out of the orgy to assure us that the orgy is all for the good of the country–ha-ha-ha. Those gorging on the Fed feast inside are in danger of laughing so hard at Powell’s comedy routine they might choke.

Your share of the orgy is a bowl of thin gruel: $1,200. That wasn’t distributed out of kindness or generosity; like all federal giveaways, it’s real purpose is to give you enough cash to make your loan payments so all the parasites and predators in the Fed’s orgy won’t experience the terrible suffering caused by debt-serfs defaulting.

The excuse for the orgy is always the same: there is no alternative. We have to bail out the greedy corporations that borrowed billions to buy back their own stocks, the corporations that sold junk debt to finance their bonuses and dividends, the financiers who bought the risky debt, the speculators who front-run the Fed’s purchases of assets and on and on in an endless parade of fraud and corruption–because if we don’t bail out the speculators and other parasites, the whole financial system will implode and that would be terrible.

Terrible for who? To answer the question, we need to ponder the fundamental nature of the Fed and our financial system, which can be summarized in one line: anything goes,

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World’s Top Legal Expert on Torture Identifies U.S., UK, & Canadian, Govs., as the World’s Top Torturers


26-05-20 06:51:00,

Eric Zuesse

The U.N.’s Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer, has declared that Julian Assange is being tortured in Britain’s super-max Belmarsh Prison, by applying “torture that will not leave physical traces, that will erase the personality of the victim,” and that these methods of torture were first applied by the Nazis at the Dachau concentration camp and subsequently refined through experiments on untold numbers of victims so as to establish mind-control over them. (The Nazis used this in order to convert anti-Nazis into their own agents.) The chief person who oversaw these experiments for the U.S., Canadian, and UK Governments, was Dr. Ewen Cameron, President of the American Psychiatric Association (1952–1953), Canadian Psychiatric Association (1958–1959),[2] American Psychopathological Association (1963),[3] Society of Biological Psychiatry (1965) and World Psychiatric Association (1961–1966). (The 114 page “1973 Amnesty International Report on Torture” didn’t mention Dr. Cameron even once. Neither did their 50-page “Torture in 2014: 30 Years of Broken Promises”. Neither did anything else from Amnesty InternationaI. Nor from Human Rights Watch. Both organizations are allied with — funded by billionaires of — the U.S. regime. It’s down the memory-hole, for Cameron.)

Melzer tweeted on May 8th:

Today one year ago we visited #Assange in prison.

He showed clear signs of prolonged psychological #Torture.

First I was shocked that mature democracies could produce such an accident.

Then I found out it was no accident.

Now, I am scared to find out about our democracies.

In a panel discussion of Stephen Bennett’s documentary, “Eminent Monsters” (see the film’s trailer here), Melzer says (4:40-) “you see states [governments] investing actually billions into developing methods of torture that will not leave physical traces and will actually erase the personality of the victim and working on this for decades, and it’s enormous to see the scale of these programs, and also to know where these actually come from, because the first ones to actually systematically experiment with this were the Nazis in the Dachau concentration camp.” Wikipedia has a comprehensive article on Cameron which even includes description of some of his “MKULTRA Subproject 68” experiments on victims who came into his ‘care’ for “anxiety disorders,” “sexually abused,” etc.,

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‘Orwellian dictatorship’: Italian government to recruit 60,000 ‘civic assistants’ to snitch on Covid-19 rule-breakers


26-05-20 06:41:00,

The Italian government is preparing to recruit unemployed citizens to act as volunteer social-distancing enforcers, who will operate amongst the masses as life returns to a semi-normal state after the Covid-19 lockdown.

The government will publish a call this week for 60,000 so-called “civic assistants” to help perform control and assistance tasks – like reporting social distancing infractions or a lack of masks – during its reopening phase, to prevent non-compliance and a new surge in infections, AdnKronos reported.

The government will specifically target unemployed people who are availing of social benefits to perform the snooping and snitching on a “voluntary basis.” Those who sign up will be demonstrating a “great civic sense” a government note announcing the plan says.

Also on rt.com
Dithering while Britain burned: Lockdown delay led to UK Covid-19 death toll soaring to worst in Europe, says report

The informants will wear a blue bib with the words “civic assistant” written across it and will remind people “with kindness” that sacrifices still need to be made to protect the vulnerable, Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia said on TG1 news channel. Italy has been one of the European countries hardest-hit by the Covid-19 virus, with over 32,000 deaths and nearly 230,000 confirmed cases.

Unsurprisingly, however, the plan for social snitching has not gone down very well on either the right or left of Italian politics.

Carlo Calenda, an MEP of the left-leaning Action party, slammed the “paternalistic” move, in a video posted on social media. It’s not possible that 60,000 people without experience and who are not law enforcement officials can go around the country “telling Italians what to do on the basis of rules that nobody understands,” he said.

President of the right-wing Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) party Giorgia Meloni also slammed the concept in a Facebook post, describing the planned recruits as “a militia authorized by the government” and accusing the government of drifting into authoritarianism.

Former prime minister Matteo Renzi also weighed in, calling the plan “madness” and saying that, if premises are open,

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The Illegal Burning of Syrian Wheat Fields by US Forces, on the Orders of Donald Trump – Global Research


26-05-20 06:23:00,

Doctor Barakat requested immediate legal action via the United Nations and the Syrian Foreign Ministry against the United States of America for its inhumane action in ordering and aiding the burning of Syrian wheat fields and other crops necessary to sustain human life within Syria.

His case is as follows: that the USA deliberately with malice and aforethought, ordered the burning by its proxies powers (moderate Rebels) to inflict inhuman suffering on the citizens of Syria using scorch earth techniques in sustainable crop areas of Syria.

On the direct orders of the White House orders were issued by the president Donald Trump himself, knowing full well that the result would cause widespread famine.

The Syrian diet consists of cereal foods wheat barley as do most Mediterranean diets.

Meat is far too expensive for most Syrians and bread is eaten with every meal.

These actions are considered a crime against humanity.

These actions were conducted prior to the introductions of H.R.31 116th Congress 2019-2020 this bill forced through congress with additional amendments later this month by Donald Trump and his war hawks.

This bill establishes additional sanctions and financial restrictions on institutions and individuals related to the conflict in Syria.

The Department of the Treasury shall determine whether the Central Bank of Syria is a financial institution of primary money laundering concern. If so, Treasury shall impose one or more special measures, such as requiring domestic financial institutions to maintain additional records on transactions involving the bank.

The President shall impose sanctions on foreign persons that (1) provide significant support or engage in a significant transaction with the Syrian government or those acting on behalf of Syria, Russia, or Iran; or (2) are knowingly responsible for serious human rights abuses against the Syrian people.

The bill also imposes sanctions on those that knowingly provide various goods or services to Syria, such as aircraft for the military, technology for the government’s domestic petroleum production, items on the U.S. Munitions List, and items that the President believes are being used to commit human rights abuses against the Syrian people.

The sanctions include blocking of financial transactions and barring of entry into the United States.

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Canadian Cities Hit by Pandemic Lockdown. Vulnerable to BlackRock’s Privatization Agenda – Global Research


26-05-20 06:19:00,

More voices have been added to the urgent call for federal financial help to struggling municipal governments across Canada, hit by the pandemic lockdown.

On May 20, CUPE Ontario (representing 80,000 municipal employees) and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (representing about 440 municipal councils) joined forces to appeal for immediate federal and provincial emergency funding. Their appeal backs a similar call put out by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in mid-April, urgently asking the federal government for $10 billion in emergency aid.

Our cities have taken a huge economic hit from the pandemic lockdown of the last ten weeks, losing necessary income from transit fares, municipal parking, building permits, rents from recreational facilities and civic buildings, land transfer taxes, etc., as everything ground to a halt.

At the same time, municipalities have had to maintain police and fire departments, ambulance and emergency medical services, garbage collection, water and waste treatment systems, temporary housing for the homeless, and other services that keep our cities livable.

Since mid-April, mayors and councillors have been calling for financial help, but the Trudeau Liberals have been strangely quiet about federal assistance for them, although the Toronto Star (May 22) quoted Trudeau as recently saying that “the federal government is eager to hear from the provinces how we can support cities.”

Lots of money has been flying out the door for other sectors of the economy, but so far nothing for municipalities. That situation could actually benefit the company that has been hired to advise the Bank of Canada (BoC) on the use of its massive money spigot to sustain the economy during the pandemic.

BlackRock In Command

On March 27, the BoC (Canada’s publicly-owned central bank) announced that BlackRock Financial Markets Advisory has been hired to advise on monetary policy during the crisis. The announcement came just hours after BlackRock was given a similar role in the U.S., advising the U.S. Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury on a new (potentially $4.5 trillion) corporate slush-fund to bailout the economy through the CARES Act.

As the world’s largest asset management firm, New York- based BlackRock is a financial titan.  It manages $7 trillion for its global corporate investor-clients, along with another $20 trillion for clients through its financial risk-monitoring software (called Aladdin).

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Big pharma steered public money away from pandemic research and into projects promising profit – watchdog


25-05-20 10:35:00,

EU money intended for underfunded public-benefit research such as preparing for a pandemic has been diverted by the pharmaceutical industry into areas where it can make more money, according to a scathing new report.

Officials in Brussels wanted to co-fund research that would have ensured the European Union (EU) was better prepared for a pandemic akin to the one we are experiencing today. But their partners, the big pharmaceutical companies, rejected the proposal, ensuring that taxpayer money would go instead into studies with more potential for commercial application. In short big-pharma lobbyists were allowed to steer billions of euros of public funds as they saw fit, a damning new report claims.

The target of the criticism is the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), a public-private partnership that was equally funded, between 2008 and 2020, by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) lobbying group and the European Commission to the tune of 5.3 billion euros (US$5.8 billion). The money is supposed to go to areas of “unmet medical or social need,” but, in practice, corporate priorities dominate the decision-making, according to the non-governmental organization Corporate Observatory Europe (COE).

“We were outraged to find evidence that the pharmaceutical industry lobby EFPIA not only did not consider funding biopreparedness (ie, being ready for epidemics such as the one caused by the new coronavirus, COVID-19) … but opposed it being included in IMI’s work when the possibility was raised by the European Commission in 2017,” a new COE report said.

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Head of EU’s top science body quits after Covid-19 response plans get bogged down by Brussels bureaucracy

The rejected proposal would have directed money into refining computer simulations and the analysis of animal testing models, potentially speeding up regulatory approval of vaccines, according to the Guardian. But a spokeswoman for the IMI called the report “misleading”.

“The research proposed by the EC in the biopreparedness topic was small in scope,” she said. “IMI’s projects have contributed, directly or indirectly, to better prepare the research community for the current crisis, the Ebola+ programme or the ZAPI project.”


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“Nothing Can Justify This Destruction Of People’s Lives”


25-05-20 07:30:00,

Via Spiked-Online.com,

Countries across the world have been in lockdown for months in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The costs of the policy are enormous – in terms of life, liberty and the economy. But is it worth it to save lives?

Yoram Lass was once the director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Health. Lass is a staunch critic of the lockdown policy adopted in his native Israel and around the world. He has described our response to Covid-19 as a form of hysteria. spiked caught up with him to find out more…

spiked: You have described the global response to coronavirus as hysteria. Can you explain that?

Yoram Lass: It is the first epidemic in history which is accompanied by another epidemic – the virus of the social networks. These new media have brainwashed entire populations. What you get is fear and anxiety, and an inability to look at real data. And therefore you have all the ingredients for monstrous hysteria.

It is what is known in science as positive feedback or a snowball effect. The government is afraid of its constituents. Therefore, it implements draconian measures. The constituents look at the draconian measures and become even more hysterical. They feed each other and the snowball becomes larger and larger until you reach irrational territory. This is nothing more than a flu epidemic if you care to look at the numbers and the data, but people who are in a state of anxiety are blind. If I were making the decisions, I would try to give people the real numbers. And I would never destroy my country.

spiked: What do the numbers tell us, in your view?

Lass: Mortality due to coronavirus is a fake number. Most people are not dying from coronavirus. Those recording deaths simply change the label. If patients died from leukaemia, from metastatic cancer, from cardiovascular disease or from dementia, they put coronavirus. Also, the number of infected people is fake, because it depends on the number of tests. The more tests you do the more infected people you get.

The only real number is the total number of deaths – all causes of death,

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Meet Bill Gates


24-05-20 03:15:00,

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/gates

There can be no doubt that Bill Gates has worn many hats on his remarkable journey from his early life as the privileged son of a Seattle-area power couple to his current status as one of the richest and most influential people on the planet. But, as we have seen in our exploration of Gates’ rise as unelected global health czar and population control advocate, the question of who Bill Gates really is is no mere philosophical pursuit. Today we will attempt to answer that question as we examine the motives, the ideology, and the connections of this man who has been so instrumental in shaping the post-coronavirus world.

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Do You Consent To The New Cold War?


24-05-20 11:04:00,

The world’s worst Putin puppet is escalating tensions with Russia even further, with the Trump administration looking at withdrawal from more nuclear treaties in the near future.

In addition to planning on withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty and knocking back Moscow’s attempts to renew the soon-to-expire New START Treaty, Trump is also contemplating breaking the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban treaty by conducting the first US nuclear test explosion since 1992, reportedly as an attempt to bring China to the table for joining New START.

Moon of Alabama has already published a solid breakdown of all this, outlining the absence of evidence for the Trump administration’s justifications of its treaty withdrawals and explaining why China has nothing whatsoever to gain by signing on to a trilateral New START Treaty. I have nothing to add to this, other than to ask a simple question.

New on MoA:
U.S. Threatens New Nuclear Tests To Push China Into A Treaty It Does Not Wanthttps://t.co/UI1U43QhMr pic.twitter.com/IScjXjOqzl

— Moon of Alabama (@MoonofA) May 23, 2020

The question I want to ask is, do you consent to this?

Do you consent to steadily mounting cold war escalations against not one but two nuclear-armed nations?

Do you consent to having a bunch of unseen military personnel rolling the dice every day on the gamble that we won’t wipe ourselves off the face of this earth in the confusion and chaos of rising hostilities due to miscommunication or technical malfunction, as nearly happened many times during the last cold war?

Do you consent to a slow-motion third world war where an oligarch-led alliance of powerful nations works tirelessly to absorb new nations into its imperial blob by any means necessary?

Do you consent to a world where weapons of armageddon are brandished about by imbeciles with inadequacy issues?

Do you consent to a world ruled by people who are so sociopathic that they are willing to inflict endless mass military slaughter and risk a nuclear holocaust just to have more control over the world population?

Do you consent to a world where we risk literally everything because a few overeducated,

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The Modern-Day Cult of Corona: The Imposition of a “Multilayer Control Grid”. The “Lock Step” Future of Humanity? – Global Research


24-05-20 10:36:00,

Read Part I here.

Omnipotence and Omniscience in the 21st century

The contact-tracing platforms – both digital and human-based – being rolled out around the world have their philosophical roots in religious rites of confession, cross-bred with the police-state logic of the National Security Agency (“if you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear”) and coupled with the religious notion of an all-seeing, all-knowing deity.

All deviation from lockdown dogma is logged and reported, including consorting with known heretics, and this Panopticon – attacked when it debuted in China allegedly as totalitarian police-state control – is now being embraced in western media as the work of benevolent governments concerned with citizen welfare. While this transformation was laid out chillingly in ‘Lock Step,’ a hypothetical future outlined in 2010 in the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network’s “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” any discussion of predictive programming is off-limits.

Indeed, Corona Cultists are encouraged to cut off their “conspiracy theorist” relatives, because, in the words of Canadian broadcaster CBC, “conspiracies can be just as infectious, just as dangerous as a virus – so you have to guard against them.”

Parents in Wales are being warned that conspiracy theorists are a greater threat than pedophiles on the internet. Compounding the seriousness of wrongthink, the WHO has popularized the term “infodemic” – implying ideas are as dangerous to one’s health as pathogens – and recommended a “vaccine for misinformation.”

Soon, the Corona Cultist will no longer have to self-report their symptoms on a Facebook survey or confess their sins to a contact-tracer. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed clothing with embedded sensors to monitor the wearer’s vital signs. Enabled by the 5G networks being fast-tracked while any potential opposition is locked down, these sensors will communicate in real time with surveillance smart grids, pinpointing the offender and alerting others to give them a wide berth, refuse to serve them, and eventually have them “neutralized.”

Their bank account may be frozen until they return home,

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French industrialist calls for 5G MORATORIUM amid Covid-19, conspiracy theories & burning of masts


24-05-20 10:33:00,

The CEO of French telecoms firm Bouygues has called on the government to postpone auctions for 5G frequencies, citing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and public mistrust of the technology.

France is planning on auctioning 5G frequencies to telecoms companies at the end of the summer. However, Martin Bouygues, head of the eponymous communications firm, now thinks that bidding should be pushed back to the end of the year at the earliest.

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DHS & FBI fear more attacks on 5G infrastructure fueled by Covid-19 conspiracies

“We need to push back the auction date simply because the economic world today is not the same as it was early March, when the terms of the auction were set,” he told Le Figaro on Saturday, adding that holding a bidding war while France recovers “with difficulty from a terrible human health and economic health nightmare” is “not the priority of the country.”

Bouygues is not an opponent of the technology. Indeed, his firm has already secured a 50 megahertz block, as have rivals Orange, Free, and SFR. 

His opposition to the auction likely stems from the fact that France is currently facing an economic recession, with growth expected to drop by eight percent this year after an extended and nationwide lockdown. As such, the return on his investment simply wouldn’t be as large as it would have been pre-pandemic.

However, Bouygues also noted that the rollout of 5G technology has come in spite of growing public mistrust. 

Also on rt.com
Anti-5G fever spreads to the Netherlands as towers suffer ‘arson and sabotage’

Aside from claims that Chinese firms like Huawei could use 5G hardware to relay secrets to the government in Beijing – pushed by the Donald Trump administration in Washington and denied by Huawei and China – 5G has become a target for conspiracy theorists the world over. Fueled by some lingering uncertainties over the potential health consequences of 5G’s short wavelength transmissions, skeptics have claimed that 5G masts can trigger anything from cancer to Covid-19.

Some of the more radical among these conspiracy theorists directly blame these broadcasting masts for causing the coronavirus in the first place,

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Medicine as religion | The Vineyard of the Saker


24-05-20 10:28:00,

original Italian text by by Giorgio Agamben
translated for The Saker Blog by Gulab Bara
posted by permission of the author
original article here: https://www.quodlibet.it/giorgio-agamben-la-medicina-come-religione

It is now plainly evident that science has become the religion of our times, the one that humans believe they believe in. In the modern west, three great systems of faith have coexisted, and to some extent continue to coexist—Christianity, capitalism, and science. In the history of modernity, these three “religions” have intersected a number of times, occasionally coming into conflict before reconciling in one way or another, gradually finding a kind of peaceable and sensible coexistence, if not a real and proper alliance in the name of common interest.

What is new is, that without us noticing, an underlying and implacable conflict has been reignited between science and the other two religions. The victorious outcomes of this conflict for science are today right under our eyes and noses, conditioning every aspect of our existence in unprecedented fashion. Unlike previous conflicts, this one does not concern theory and general principles, but rather religious practice, so to speak. In fact, like every religion, science organizes itself in different forms and levels to establish a structured order. At the theoretical level, science features a subtle and rigorous dogma, while at the practical level there is a corresponding religious sphere that is extremely broad and detailed. This sphere coincides with what we call “technology.”

It is unsurprising that the central role in this new religious war is played by medicine, a field of science that is relatively undogmatic and strongly pragmatic, concerned directly with the living body of human beings. Let’s try to define the essential characteristics of this triumphant religious faith, with which we must increasingly come to terms.

  1. The first characteristic is that medicine, like capitalism, has no need of any special dogma; it limits itself to borrowing its fundamental concepts from biology. Unlike biology, however, it organizes these concepts in a gnostic-manichean sense, i.e., in accordance with an exaggerated dualistic opposition. There exists an “evil” power or principle, which is disease, whose specific agents are bacteria and viruses. At the same time, there exists a “good” force or principle. But this opposing principle is not health,

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Censorship-Free Social Network “Explodes” After Adding 200,000+ New Users In Just A Few Days – Activist Post


23-05-20 06:13:00,

By John Vibes

The censorship-free alternative media platform Minds went down temporarily on Thursday, but came back online shortly after. When the site came back online, representatives of Minds say that the outage was a result of over 200,000+ new people signing up for the site one the same day. A large number of sign-ups were from Thailand, where increased internet censorship has forced users from mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

“Yesterday we saw 200,000+ new users. We are thrilled to provide privacy, internet freedom and digital rights for Thai netizens. This is exactly the reason Minds exists,” Minds CEO Bill Ottman said in a statement.

Some of the most notable social media users to recently migrate to Minds includes Wiroj Lakkana-adisorn, an MP for the disbanded Future Forward Party; social critic Sarinee Achavanuntakul, writer-translator Tomorn Sookprecha, satirical TV host Winyu “John” Wongsurawat, and academic Pavin Chachavalpongpun.

“We are immediately building out our translation and localization framework for Thai and many other languages. This should be finished within a few weeks. All of our project is fully open source at https://developers.minds.com and people can submit requests at https://gitlab.com/minds. They can also inspect our software to make sure we aren’t manipulating algorithms or user privacy. We already have Thai developers helping with the code and building new tools,” Ottman said.

Last year, Ottman reported that the site had about 200,000 active monthly users, so gaining 200,000+ in a  few days is an incredible win for the site.

Minds was co-founded in 2011 by Bill Ottman and John Ottman, other cofounders were Mark Harding, Ian Crossland, and Jack Ottman.

In June 2017, the company raised over $1 million in the fastest equity-crowdfunded sale at the time. Then in March 2018, Minds exited Beta and launched a white paper and testnet for its new native mobile apps and Ethereum blockchain integration.

In October 2018, Minds raised $6 million in Series A funding from Medici Ventures, an Overstock.com subsidiary. Patrick M. Byrne, the founder, and CEO of Overstock.com, also joined the site’s board of directors.

You can sign up for Minds HERE, 

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Putting 2020’s $10-Trillion-Plus COVID “Stimulus” In Perspective – From Ultra-Deflation To Hyper-Inflation


23-05-20 06:12:00,

Via Demonocracy.info,

One Hundred Dollars

$100 – Most counterfeited money denomination in the world.

Keeps the world moving.

Ten Thousand Dollars

$10,000 – Enough for a great vacation or to buy a used car.

Approximately one year of work for the average human on earth.

One Million Dollars

$1,000,000 – Not as big of a pile as you thought, huh?

Still, this is 92 years of work for the average human on earth.

One Hundred Million Dollars

$100,000,000 – Plenty to go around for everyone.

Fits nicely on an ISO / Military standard sized pallet.

The couch is made from $46.7 million of crispy $100 bills.

$100 Million Dollars = 1 year of work for 3500 average Americans

Here are 2000 people standing shoulder to shoulder, looking for a job.

The Federal Reserve’s mandate is to maintain price stability and low unemployment.

The Federal Reserve prints money based on the assumption that increasing money supply will boost jobs.

One Billion Dollars

$1,000,000,000 – You will need some help when robbing the bank.

Interesting fact: $1 million dollars weighs 10kg exactly.

You are looking at 10 tons of money on those pallets.

Couple Billion Going Into Bottomless Pit

$100 Million on the Fork Lift.

$2 Billion on Truck Trailer

Buldozers pushing $ Billions into the Global Unsatisfiable Black Hole of Greed

One Trillion Dollars


If you spent $1 million a day since Jesus was born, you would have not spent $1 trillion by now…

2020 $2 Trillion Emergency Stimulus Package by US Government

In response to the virus quarantine lockdown causing the US (and world) economy to stop, the US government has put together the biggest stimulus package in American history,

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The NATO DEFENDER-Europe 20 Exercise Will Resume In June 2020


23-05-20 06:08:00,

After careful review and planning between the U.S. Army Europe and the Polish Department of Defense, Exercise Allied Spirit, an exercise originally planned for May by DEFENDER-Europe 20, will take place on June 5, 2020, in the Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland training area-19. Other countries like Lithuania, Romania and North Macedonia will be the scene for the alleged “wargame“, but also non-members like Sweden, Norway and Finland will be part of it too.


Approximately 6,000 U.S. and Polish soldiers will take part in the exercise. Of these, approximately 4,000 US soldiers will come from the headquarters of the 1st Cavalry Division (forward); 2nd Panzer Brigade Combat Team and 3rd Combat Aircraft Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division; and about 2,000 Polish soldiers will come from the 6th Polish Airborne Brigade; 9th Polish Armored Calvary Brigade; and 12th Polish Mechanized Brigade.


The Lithuanian Armed Forces support the exercise and plan to take part in it alongside other NATO allies in order to develop its own division-level headquarters capability at the exercise. The Lithuanian Armed Forces are assisting in ensuring proper preparations, host nation support, and seamless organization of the exercise on the territory of Lithuania.

The Balkans – North Macedonia

The small country, recently re-named North Macedonia instead of Macedonia after some conflicts with EU-member Greece, had to be part of NATO, so during the COVID-19 crisis, NATO pushed to let North Macedonia be part of NATO, on March 27, 2020, it became a NATO member. The people of North Macedonia had no say in this, and there were huge demonstrations in Skopje in 2018-2019 as I recall, having been there during the last demonstration. It was necessary for NATO‘s DEFENDER-20 wargame that North Macedonia should be part of NATO because they are strategically situated between the borders of Greece, Albania, and Bulgaria — all NATO members — and Serbia and Kosovo.

This week President Trump announced that the US is going ahead with scrapping its military agreements with Russia. The US is expected to withdraw soon from the Open Skies Treaty, a 2002 accord involving 35 states, including Russia, that allows countries to conduct unarmed fly-overs of member states with the purpose of monitoring each other’s military facilities. Last year,

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Rapid Escalation of Events in Libya | New Eastern Outlook


23-05-20 07:33:00,


Events in Libya have escalated rapidly in recent days, accompanied by an information and propaganda war between the opposing sides.

A written statement published on 21 May by Saqr Al-Jaroushi, commander of the Air Force of the Libyan National Army (LNA), hints at a dangerous escalation of the situation in the African country, stating that “the largest aerial campaign in Libya’s history is about to begin. All Turkish positions and interests in all (Libyan) cities are now legitimate targets for LNA planes, and as such the civilian population is urged to stay away from them.”

Turkish media had several days earlier launched a mass information campaign in support of Operation Peace Storm in Libya, reporting how the Libyan army had dealt a “crushing blow to Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s military units” around Tripoli, Al-Watiya and Abu Grein, and on the destruction of LNA military equipment. In demonstration of these victories, GNA supporters triumphantly paraded a captured Russian-made Pantsir C1E, an air defense missile system, around the Libyan capital as a trophy. Admittedly, it must be noted that the Pantsir in question was unable to move on its own; the burnt-out trophy was towed by a tractor, having been heavily damaged during the fighting. Nevertheless, the Pantsir became a powerful propaganda tool for Haftar’s opponents. As for how the Pantsir ended up in Libya, it formed part of an arms shipment sent to Haftar by the UAE, one of the field marshal’s main sponsors. This is indicated by the fact that the missile system is built on the chassis of the German MAN-SX45 off-road truck, which was successfully used in this configuration during the Emirates’ military campaign in Yemen.

Turkish media has over the past few days put particular emphasis on how Haftar’s troops lost control over the Al-Watiya airbase south of Tripoli, “hastily fleeing under pressure from the forces of Fayez al-Sarraj’s Government of National Accord (GNA), which receives robust military support from Turkey.” Turkey’s Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar recently told Turkish information agency Anadolu that the balance of power in Libya is changing and summarized Turkey’s involvement in the conflict, emphasizing that the GNA’s success was made possible by the support of Turkish military consultants and their work with the army in the organization of military training.

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Hate China


23-05-20 07:17:00,

It is China’s fault that humans get sick, and that novel viruses sometimes occur.

It is China’s fault that millions of Americans are being thrown off their employer-provided health insurance.

It is China’s fault that your government is unrolling increasingly authoritarian measures during this pandemic instead of ensuring financial security through economic hardship.

It is China’s fault that manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas. Those jobs and money will definitely come back if you just hate China enough.

It is China’s fault that people are scared and confused. It is China’s fault that capitalism isn’t rescuing us.

It is China’s fault that you are hurting. It is China’s fault that life is hard for you.

It is China’s fault that things never seem to get better in your country, no matter who you vote for.

It is China’s fault that it now takes two parents working overtime to feed a family while the wealthy get wealthier and wealthier.

It is China’s fault that everything feels so uncertain now, and that we’ve all got a growing feeling that something’s about to give.

It is China’s fault that you are overworked and undercompensated, and it is China’s fault that you suspect anyone else could possibly be responsible for this besides China.

It is China’s fault that you feel insecure, unloved, inadequate and unworthy. It is China’s fault that you have been betrayed, abused, attacked and abandoned by those who were supposed to love you.

It is China’s fault that early childhood is inherently traumatic, and that this leaves us all living and acting from unconscious pain.

It is China’s fault that we reject love from others because we have not yet learned to love ourselves.

It is China’s fault that we are hurtling through space on a spinning rock in a universe that we do not understand, and that our recently evolved brains have not yet made peace with this reality.

It is China’s fault that our inability to directly experience one another’s inner worlds leaves us with a perpetual background feeling of loneliness and alienation.

It is China’s fault that life is short and full of suffering. It is China’s fault that nothing is certain and meaning is an illusion.

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Children in care can be vaccinated against their parents’ wishes without court order, UK judges rule


22-05-20 08:22:00,

A UK appeals court has ruled that children in state care may receive “routine vaccinations” even when parents are opposed, adding that no court order is needed for the shots because they are in the child’s “best interests.”

Children in foster care may be vaccinated without a court order, against parental wishes, because vaccination is not considered a “serious medical treatment” that would justify High Court intervention, a three-judge appeals court panel ruled on Friday. Absent any “significant” or “unusual” reason a shot might not be in the child’s “best interests,” the London Borough of Tower Hamlets had full authority to arrange for a nine-month-old child in foster care to be vaccinated, the judges said in their decision.

Also on rt.com
Italy in shock as mayor, medics & others caught brainwashing kids to sell them into foster care

The child was taken from his parents in September and placed into care after the government – which had previously removed children from the home due to the “parents’ chaotic lifestyle,” violence, and neglect – deemed his living conditions unsafe. While the parents had refused to have the child vaccinated, declaring the state should have no role in the raising of their son, they lost their initial case in February.

After an appeals hearing last month, the parents had already acquiesced to the state’s wishes, apparently seeing the writing on the wall and opting to allow their son to be vaccinated. However, the ruling is likely to have repercussions far beyond that case as the UK fast-tracks several Covid-19 vaccines to market.

Infant vaccinations are not mandatory in the UK, but the judges pointed out in their ruling that there was no precedent for a vaccination dispute being decided against inoculating the child and scientific opinion was largely settled in favor of the risks of not vaccinating outweighing any potential vaccine risks. Indeed, a 1989 law specifically categorizes the jabs as “preventative healthcare” rather than “medical treatment” and permits the state to arrange inoculations for children in care without consulting their parents.

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