The Geopolitical Deployment of Biological Weapons – Global Research


10-02-20 07:11:00,

It should be apparent that the launching of bio-warfare, as with conventional warfare, is considerably eased by locating military bases, offensive weapons and delivery systems as physically close as possible to one’s potential enemies. This is one reason the US has established its nearly 1,000 foreign military bases – to ensure the capability of putting an enemy under attack within 30 minutes anywhere in the world. Clearly, the same strategy applies to biological warfare, the US military having created scores of these labs euphemistically defined as “health-security infrastructure” in foreign countries.

It is frightening to learn that many of these foreign bio-installations are classified as so “Top-Secret” they are outside the knowledge and control of even the local governments in the nations where they are built. It is also frightening to learn that the Ebola outbreaks all occurred in close proximity to several of these well-known (and top-secret) US bio-weapons labs in Africa.

There were great fears a few years ago when American scientists recreated the Spanish flu virus that killed around 50 million people in 1918. They spent nine years on this effort before succeeding, and now large quantities of this virus are stored in a high-security government laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia. More recently, scientists have created a mutated super-strain of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus that is directly transmissible among humans and would have at least a 50% kill rate, spawning fears in 2005 of a global pandemic that might kill hundreds of millions.

In late 2013, more than 50 of the world’s most eminent scientists severely criticised the research Ron Fouchier and colleagues at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, who have been developing mutant varieties of the H5N1 bird-flu virus that are far more dangerous to humans. The scientists wrote that the research was designed to make the virus fully transmissible between humans, and clearly had a dual civil-military function. This engineered flu could kill half the world’s population, and not by accident. The US military funded this research with more than $400 million.

The Korean War

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Puppet Pete Says Revolution And The Status Quo Aren’t Mutually Exclusive


10-02-20 05:44:00,

The world’s first laboratory-grown presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg met with boos and chants of “Wall Street Pete” at a recent Democratic Party event in New Hampshire for taking a dig at the revolution-minded rhetoric favored by Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

“We cannot risk dividing Americans’ future further, saying that you must either be for a revolution or you must be for the status quo,” Buttigieg said. “Let’s make room for everybody in this movement.”

This is a talking point that the tightly scripted and focus group-tested Buttigieg has been repeatedly regurgitating all month, so it’s worth taking a look at.

Pete is just the latest model in a long line of CIA-funded counterrevolutions

— Samuel D. Finkelstein II (@CANCEL_SAM) February 9, 2020

Claiming that it isn’t necessary to choose between revolution and the status quo is claiming that you can change the status quo without any kind of revolution. You are saying that the establishment which has created and reinforced the status quo can now suddenly, for some strange and mysterious reason, be counted upon to change it. That the status quo will change the status quo.

Anyone who has paid attention to US politics for more than a few years already knows that this is objectively false. From administration to administration, regardless of who sits in the Oval Office or who controls the House or the Senate, the status quo has been adamantly enforced along a rigid trajectory toward ever-increasing military expansionism, exploitative neoliberal economic policies, income and wealth inequality, police militarization, mass-scale imprisonment, Orwellian surveillance programs and increasing restrictions on journalism and free speech.

Change is not going to come from those institutions, it’s going to come from the people using the power of their numbers to force important changes that those institutions do not want to make. And Pete Buttigieg knows this. And so do the spooks and oligarchs who are backing him.

It is very appropriate that a military intelligence officer with ties to the CIA, who is beloved by intelligence/defense agency insiders and who appears to have been groomed by national security mandarins from the very beginning of his career,

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Merkel’s would-be successor Kramp-Karrenbauer steps down as CDU head amid coalition mayhem


10-02-20 11:24:00,

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Germany’s Defense Minister and Angela Merkel’s protégé, is resigning as leader of the Chancellor’s CDU party and will not seek to compete for the country’s top job in the next election.

Kramp-Karrenbauer, or AKK, as she likes to be known, made headlines on Monday by announcing that she will not lead the Christian Democrats (CDU), according to German media citing party spokesman. Likewise, it will be someone else to run for Chancellor in the next election.


AKK, who will still keep the position of Defense Minister, will arrange the selection of a candidate by summer. She will give up the leadership as soon as she makes sure that the CDU is prepared for future, the spokesman added.

Kramp-Karrenbauer was picked as CDU chief back in 2018, being widely seen as Merkel’s potential successor. But a series of political scandals made critics argue that the 57-year-old politician isn’t up to the top job.

Last week’s news further undermined her political career. At the time, regional MPs in the eastern state of Thuringia gathered to approve a new government after last October’s elections.

No party secured an overwhelming majority but Thuringia’s former Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow of the Left Party, sought to stay in office, benefiting from an alliance with the Greens and Social Democrats.

All of a sudden, the CDU sided with rightwing Alternative for Germany (AfD) and pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP), electing Ramelow’s rival Thomas Kemmerich instead, breaking a long-standing taboo on cooperating with AfD.

The rebellious CDU move not only sent shockwaves through the ruling center-right coalition, but also showed AKK was effectively powerless to maintain order in her own party.

Also on
‘Taboo gone’: Ruling coalition in Germany shaken by fresh crisis after Merkel’s CDU breaks ranks on not cooperating with AfD

Merkel had to cut short her visit to South Africa and quickly quell the crisis. She insisted that what Thuringia’s CDU members had done was “unforgivable” and demanded that the vote be reversed.

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Brazilian Government Wants to Destroy the Culture of Native Peoples – Global Research


10-02-20 09:17:00,

Recently, Brazilian government appointed Ricardo Lopes Dias to the position of coordinator of isolated peoples at the National Indian Foundation (Fundação Nacional do Índio – FUNAI). The act was made possible by a small but substantial change in the Foundation’s bylaws, which created the possibility for people who are not career servants to assume commissioned positions of command. The change came shortly before the appointment, indicating that Ricardo Dias’ specific appointment was the reason for the reform.

The biggest problem involving Ricardo Dias, however, is another: the new coordinator is a former evangelical missionary, having already worked for more than a decade in the evangelization of indigenous peoples, when he was then a member of the New Tribes of Brazil Mission, an organization born in the USA whose objective is to spread Protestantism among Brazilian indigenous peoples.

Ricardo Dias is an PhD anthropologist and Protestant theologian. The controversies surrounding his appointment – in addition to the administrative issue – revolve around a central point: the possibility, ignited by his past, of the coordinator to use his position to promote the forced “evangelization” of isolated peoples, reviving a policy towards the indigenous peoples that Brazil has sought to abandon for decades.

Hundreds of women from several indigenous tribes march during their second day of protests, in Brasilia, Brazil, 13 August 2019, to demand Jair Bolosnaro’s far-right Government to set further health care providers at their territories, which they consider ‘threatened’ under his policies. The women, who have arrived from several territories of the country, will join the traditional farmers march tomorrow.  EPA/JOEDSON ALVES

Since the end of the military dictatorship, Brazil has tried to overcome the notion of “social integration” of isolated peoples, aiming to protect them in their traditional customs and respecting their space in the national territory. Brazil is one of the few countries in the world where it is still possible to find entire villages that have never had any contact with modern civilization, or have had it on a small scale. During the military regime, state policies aimed at these peoples sought precisely to integrate them into modernity and the consumer society. This is a concept that, after 30 years of democracy, is returning and gaining strength with the new neoliberal wave that marks the Bolsonaro’s government.

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Israel Charged with War Crimes and Genocide. Complete 2013 Judgment of the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal – Global Research


10-02-20 09:13:00,

This text was first published by Global Research in November 2013, following the indictment. 

The government of Israel headed by Benjamin Netanyahu has committed extensive crimes against humanity. President Trump in his “Deal of the Century” has endorsed this criminal agenda directed against the people of Palestine. 

World public opinion is largely unaware of the fact that in July 2014, the State of Israel was the object of a historic judgment by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT).  

“From 1948 and continuing to date the State of Israel (hereafter ‘the Defendant’) carried out against the Palestinian people a series of acts namely killing, causing serious bodily harm and deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction. … Such conduct constitutes the Crime of Genocide under international law including the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide 1948 (‘the Genocide Convention’) in particular Article II and punishable under Article III of the said Convention. It also constitutes the crime of genocide as stipulated in Article 10 of the Charter of the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War.”

In enforcing the so-called  “Deal of the Century”, the president of the United States is complicit in extensive war crimes.

Below are selected excerpts from the judgment. The full judgment is available in pdf. form.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad chaired the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) which led to the indictment against the State of Israel.


“The Tribunal recommends to the War Crimes Commission to give the widest international publicity to this conviction and grant of reparations, as these are universal crimes for which there is a responsibility upon nations to institute prosecutions.”

Please Help us in this endeavour. Forward this text far and wide. 

Michel Chossudovsky, Member of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC), February 10, 2020


The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) versus the State of Israel

The proceedings directed against the State of Israel were led by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC)

Members of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) are:

Tun Dr.

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Who Can Now Say America Hasn’t Become A Mega-Corporate Dictatorship?


10-02-20 09:11:00,

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Jon Hellevig posted on January 16th at The Saker, “Capitalism in America: How a Dismal Decimal is Robbing Americans Blind” the most extensive and up-to-date compendium anywhere, of data on economic inequality in America, and one fact especially stands out from it: “Today Top 1% are losers compared with Top 0.1% – the Dismal Decimal – who are where the music plays. Top 0.1% now holds as much wealth as Bottom 90% combined.”

These top 0.1% people also donate the lions’ share of the money that finances political ads and organizations for their candidates and against the candidates who are financed instead by the other Party’s billionaires. Any candidate who isn’t backed by the billionaires of any Party is a rarity and (except for the independent Bernie Sanders, who is truly an exception) has no realistic chance of winning or keeping a seat in Congress.

That drastic inequality of wealth in America — “Top 0.1% now holds as much wealth as Bottom 90% combined” — is calculated by Deutsche Bank, in their January 2018 study “U.S. Income and Wealth Inequality”. Here’s more from that study:

On page 3 is shown that U.S. is comparable to Chile, Israel, Mexico, Portugal, and Turkey, as being at the top of the nations studied, in “inequality in household disposable income.”

On page 6: “A record high 30% of households have no wealth” in the United States.

On page 7: All-time high median net worth in constant dollars was 2007, at $119,000, declined to $67,000 in 2010, and rose to $78,000 by 2016.

On page 8: “U.S.: Top 0.1% owns as many assets as the bottom 90%”

On page 10: U.S. has higher income-inequality than any other OECD nation.

On page 11: Income-inequality is rising faster in U.S. than any other OECD nation.

On page 15: Top 1% in pre-tax income in the U.S. in 2014 was $1.3 million+.

Top 0.1% was $6 million+.

So: if the top 0.1% in income in America are also the top 0.1% in wealth in America,

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Russia and New Zealand, the Dialogue Continues | New Eastern Outlook


10-02-20 07:35:00,

In 2019, the Russian Federation and New Zealand marked the 75th anniversary since diplomatic ties between the two nations had been established. At present, when Oceania and the entire Asia-Pacific region have become the battleground for the political and economic confrontation between China and the West, the Russian Federation is preparing to join the ranks of other powerful regional players. And this may, undoubtedly, signal a new stage of New Zealand–Russia relations.

Diplomatic ties between the Soviet Union and New Zealand were established on 13 April 1944, in the midst of World War II. New Zealand joined the fighting together with its former colonial ruler Great Britain, and made a significant contribution to the battle against Hitler’s Germany and its allies, Japan and Italy. Not only did New Zealanders fight in the South Pacific region but also in Europe and North Africa too. In addition, they were among the defenders of Arctic convoys, which, at times of great peril, delivered necessary shipments to the USSR despite taking constant fire from Hitler’s troops. Altogether, approximately 140,000 New Zealanders were part of the war effort and 11,928 of them died as a result. Every year, members of the local Russophone community in Wellington place wreaths at the memorial dedicated to sailors from New Zealand who defended the Arctic convoys in the capital of the nation, on 9 May. It is well known that remembering the Second World War is especially important for Russia and the memory of New Zealanders’ valiant efforts during the conflict cannot but affect the relationship between the two countries.

The USSR actively purchased agricultural products from New Zealand. In fact, at one point in time, the Soviet Union was the biggest importer of its mutton, which has always been one of New Zealand’s most important exports. At present, Russia and New Zealand are also collaborating in the agricultural sphere, and both see room for development in this area.

New Zealand is thriving, but it is a fairly small country and does not have a highly developed military sector. Therefore, this nation clearly comprehends that its security and prosperity depend on the entire Asia-Pacific region as well as the world. It also understands the importance of maintaining law and order all over the world;

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Hollywood and Syria: The Uses of Enchantment in Crimes against Peace | Syria News


09-02-20 11:31:00,

Hollywood ‘s Oscar awards ceremony is nigh. Two anti-Syria propaganda-documentaries are short-listed in this year’s competition. We use the occasion to offer a photo tutorial on Hollywood enchantment techniques — choreography, cinematography, SFX, CGI, moulage artisanship, rules of award-winning scripts — and how they are applied to incite NATO news audiences to engage in the first rule of Hollywood screenplays: Suspension of disbelief.

Though Hollywood has functioned as press liaison for US-based wars of aggression since after WWII, though propaganda is as old as history, never have Hollywood techniques been used, deftly so, to target a single country, before Syria, beginning in 2011.

The documentary/fraudumentary has its origin in a charming, pre-code, movie. The 1935 Ladies Crave Excitement finds the report-protagonist’s breaking news story is thwarted when ‘the bad guys’ steal his film, and his editor fires him. An idea is hatched to re-create the scene, on film. The dramatization of the news becomes a money-making hit, and a genre is born.

hollywoodSeveral pre-code movies centered on newspaper offices. The worst insult to call reporters was “stenographer.”

Another pre-code movie showed astonishing prescience, when applied to Syria, NATO media, and Hollywood enchantment: The witty script of It Pays to Advertise claims that virtually anything can be marketed to the public, because fifty percent of people are sheep.

hollywoodThis pre-code delight used superb humor to poke fun about how advertisers could market virtually anything to get that 50% sheeple to open their wallets. Such marketing has been used to get those sheeple to buy war criminal propaganda, to open their wallets to fraud charities claimed to help Syria.

The marketing of Hollywood anti-Syria propaganda is impressively seen in the following AFP photograph, which was viralized on various social media. The backstory involves two gods of Olympus, who came down with puppets, to bring good cheer to traumatized Syrian children. The viralization showed that “it pays to advertise.” Hearts and souls were moved to tears, at the sight of the gods – humanitarians bringing smiles to the faces of these poor children, even if just for a too short respite.

Hollywood salesmanship: Heart-warming, gut-wrenching photo of the probably Last Puppeteers of Idlib,  » Lees verder

American Oligarchs I: The Pritzkers and Transgenderism


09-02-20 11:19:00,

American Oligarchs” will be a recurring National Justice series highlighting 21st century robber barons and how they use their power over our country.

The goal is to spotlight America’s crisis of representative democracy and the corruption foisted upon our society by capitalist thugs and their agents.

It seems like we woke up one day to find that, out of nowhere, distinguishing between male and female has become illegal. In defiance of intuition, common sense and 3rd grade biology, a number of liberal plutocracies like Canada and the United Kingdom have legislated to force-feed their subjects the doctrine of transgenderism, which contrary to the idea that it is an individual choice, is always coupled with mandates that ordinary citizens acknowledge the delusions of wealthy narcissists and perverts.

In the United States, using the incorrect pronoun or expressing suspicion that transgender people are simply mentally ill incurs a massive personal cost. Such expressions can get one put on a Southern Poverty Law Center hit list, banned from the ability to use social media and banking services, and opens one up to harassment and violence from anarchist and radical liberal militias given vast leeway to operate by the police.

An army of phony scientists, shameless academics, politicians and activist legal fronts, armed with unfathomable amounts of money, have been successful in using every dirty trick to completely circumvent and upend legislative democracy. Christopher Caldwell’s recent book, “The Age of Entitlement,” outlines how elites have been able to use Civil Rights precedents – where laws are decided in courts rather than by elected representatives and referendum – to radically transform American society by overruling the US Constitution and the will of the people.

Civil Rights, what was originally promoted as a second “Reconstruction” that would only impact issues related to Jim Crow in the South, has become a parallel vein of political power, where laws and rules that impact society as a whole are no longer tethered to public opinion or consent, but instead decided by a small group of rich Jews and capitalists, sometimes in the same family and playing diverse roles on the pitch to make their grotesque and oppressive dystopia real.

The Pritzkers and Transgenderism

The Pritzker family,

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Rosa Luxemburg and Debt as an Imperialist Instrument – Global Research


09-02-20 09:14:00,

In her book titled The Accumulation of Capital, [1] published in 1913, Rosa Luxemburg [2] devoted an entire chapter to international loans [3] in order to show how the great capitalist powers of the time used the credits granted by their bankers to the countries of the periphery to exercise economic, military and political domination on the latter. She sought to analyse the indebtedness of the newly independent states of Latin America, particularly, following the wars of independence in the 1820s, as well as the indebtedness of Egypt and Turkey during the 19th century, without forgetting China.

She wrote her book during the period of an international expansion of the capitalist system, both in terms of economic growth and geographical expansion. At that time, inside the Social Democracy, of which she was a member (the German Social Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party of Poland and Lithuania – territories shared between the German and the Russian Empire), a significant number of socialist leaders and theorists supported colonial expansion. This was particularly the case in Germany, France, Great Britain and Belgium. All these powers had developed their colonial empires in Africa, mainly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Rosa Luxemburg was totally opposed to this orientation and denounced the colonial plunder and destruction of the traditional (often communitarian) structures of pre-capitalist societies by the expanding capitalism.

Colonial possessions in 1914 (Source:

She was opposed to these same socialist leaders who claimed that this expansionist phase of strong capitalist growth demonstrated that capitalism had overcome periodic crises, the last of which had occurred in the early 1890s. Rosa Luxemburg denounced this view which gave a false interpretation of the functioning of the capitalist system. Rosa was all the more vehemently opposed to it since this vision of an influential part of the social-democratic leadership served as a basis and justification for an increasingly collaborative attitude with the capitalist governments of the time [4].

While writing The Accumulation of Capital, Rosa Luxemburg aimed to construct a substantive argument to counter the pro-colonialist and class collaborationist orientations within social democracy that she had been fighting since the late 1890s. She also pursued another objective, which had its origins in 1906-1907, when she taught a course in Marxist economics at the SPD – the Social Democratic Party of Germany – cadre school,

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The Mysterious Origin Of The Wuhan Coronavirus


09-02-20 09:12:00,

Authored by Xiang Zhang via The Epoch Times,

China continues to refuse to release animal sampling testing data

It has been two months since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan and its spread has shown no signs of slowing down in China. More than 35 Chinese cities have been put on lockdown by Chinese authorities in an attempt to isolate confirmed and suspected cases. The lives of millions of people are in danger as the virus shows signs of spreading further in China as well as internationally.

There are significant gaps in the official investigations into the origins of the novel Coronavirus. In order to contain the virus, one first needs to understand how a virus that allegedly originated in animals found its way to humans. For this to happen, the Chinese authorities need to release their animal testing data and samples. Testing results from animal samples collected at epicenters would give important insights into what animals might serve as intermediate hosts for the new coronavirus.

This is critical to the containment of the epidemic. For example, if rats are the intermediate hosts for this virus, it would be futile to shut down the cities to restrict people’s movements while infected rats are still moving freely. Results from animal samples could also guide policy decisions that would reduce the risk of another outbreak.

An Animal Origin of the Virus

Scientific studies based on phylogenetic analysis have researched the sequence of the novel coronavirus, compared it to other coronavirus sequences, and found it likely originated in bats. Researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology found the genome in the virus found in patients was 96 percent identical to that of an existing bat coronavirus, according to a study published in the journal Nature. But there have been other theories as well. One Chinese study suggested, for example, that snakes were the source of transmission to humans. However, many scientists believe that reptiles are a less likely source and that mammals like rats and pigs, and some birds, have been the primary reservoir for coronaviruses.

With this in mind, phylogenetic studies of viral genome sequences need to be supported by animal studies to confirm the origin of the infection,

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NY Legislator Introduces Bill to Study 5G Health Effects – Activist Post


09-02-20 05:08:00,

By B.N. Frank

Doctors, Engineers, Public Advocates, and Scientists Ask Trump for 5G Moratorium

In 2018 5G was installed in some New York neighborhoods and residents and their pets immediately started experiencing symptoms from exposure.  Some put their homes up for sale because of it.  This was reported on social media by Dr. Naomi Wolf.

People getting sick from 5G isn’t exclusive to New York (see 1, 2, 3).  In December, doctors, scientists, engineers, and public advocates asked President Trump for a moratorium on 5G because of serious biological, environmental, and safety risks (see 1, 2).  Multiple 5G lawsuits have been filed (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  Adding insult to injury, telecom companies have still provided NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that 5G is even safe.

Because of increasing widespread 5G opposition, some state legislators are introducing bills to study biological and environmental effects of 5G.  One of them is New York State Assemblyman, Thomas Abinanti.

From 5G Crisis:

New York State Assemblyman, Thomas Abinanti, has introduced a bill to study the health and environmental effects of evolving 5G technology. Your state should do the same! Send this sample 5G state law to your state representatives today and urge them to take action to protect the health and safety of their constituents from the greedy telecom industry!

Since New York City just approved more 5G in streetlamps, traffic poles and fiber, now seems to be a good time to actually study how much it’s going to hurt everybody and everything.  It also sounds like the storyline from some kind of apocalyptic movie.  Too bad Escape from New York has already been taken because some cities and countries have already banned 5G.

Unfortunately, it’s still continuing to be installed and turned on in many places (see 1, 2,

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Pentagon Hides A $35 Trillion “Accounting Black Hole” Announcement Behind The Impeachment Theater – Activist Post


09-02-20 09:21:00,

By The Last American Vagabond

Ryan Cristián — The Last American Vagabond — covers the story of Black Ops money, accounting “errors” and the general lack of accountability that goes along with the military-industrial complex courtesy of the Pentagon.

So, while people get caught up in the current political theater, the tax money of all citizens is being flushed into the black hole of government debt that will be paid for generations to come, regardless of party affiliation.

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 2/7.

Full Episode Can Be Seen Here:…

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It’s Time To Ask Again What Really Happened To Ukraine’s Missing Gold


09-02-20 09:18:00,

Now that the Trump impeachment farce is finally over, vindicating the president and in the process for the first time boosting the president’s approval rating higher than where Obama was at this time in his first term much to the embarrassment of Nancy Pelosi, whose impeachment gambit has backfired spectacularly (just as Nancy knew it would, and is why she delayed triggering it until a critical mass of ultra left-wing demands in Congress made it impossible for her to ignore any longer)…

… the Democrats’ great diversion from Trump’s core question – did the Bidens willfully engage in, and benefit from corruption in the Ukraine, corruption which may have been enabled and facilitated by billions in taxpayer funds originating from the Obama administration no less – is over.

However, while Trump has finally moved on beyond what in retrospect was a remarkable, if failed presidential coup attempt, orchestrated by the Ukraine lobby in the US, backed by the Atlantic Council and various other “deep-state” institutions and apparatchiks, and implemented by Congressional democrats who are now watching the chances of the Democratic party winning the 2020 presidential election melt before their eyes, some long overdue questions surrounding the Bidens’ involvement in Ukraine – one of the world’s most corrupt nations according to the World Economic Forum – especially around the time of the 2014 presidential coup and the months immediately following, are about to be asked, and haunt Joe Biden and his son like a very angry and vengeful ghost, only this time there will be no Trump impeachment to distract from revealing the shocking answers.

Needless to say, we are delighted by this outcome because as regular readers will recall, there are many unanswered questions that emerged back in 2014, some from following the money both in and out of Ukraine, and some from following the country’s gold, much of which was put on board a plane headed to the US in one cold, wintry night in March 2014, never to come back again.

But before we get there, first we need to a rather lengthy detour into the history of Ukraine corruption since the February 2014 Euromadian revolution, for the background on why Trump had to be stopped at all costs from asking either Ukraine,

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Smaller Restaurants Forced Into Bankruptcy As Foot Traffic Collapses


08-02-20 08:31:00,

While the big names in eating out – McDonald’s, Popeye’s, Chick-Fil-A and Olive Garden, to name a few – are all working diligently to get customers through the door at a time when the American eater is staying home more, lesser known restaurants are bearing the brunt of not being able to find new customers.

Names like Bar Louie and American Blue Ribbon Holdings, which owns Village Inn and Bakers Square, both filed for bankruptcy earlier this week, according to Bloomberg. Both cited lower foot traffic in the U.S. as the reason for their downfall. 

Michael Halen a senior restaurant analyst at Bloomberg, said: “The business is just over-built, especially casual dining and full-service dining. There are too many restaurants.”

American Blue Ribbon also said that competition, rising labor costs and unprofitable restaurants were all reasons for facilitating its bankruptcy. The company owns and operates 97 restaurants after closing 33 stores prior to filing Chapter 11. 

The company’s majority owner, Cannae Holdings, Inc., has agreed to provide a $20 million loan to maintain the company during bankruptcy. Cannae generates about 30% of its revenue from various restaurant companies it is invested in and has said that American Blue Ribbon will focus on strategic options in bankruptcy. 

Bar Louie has been opening new locations over the last few years which has grown its top line, but the increase in debt necessary to open new stores has suffocated the company. 

Chief Restructuring Officer Howard Meitiner said: “This inconsistent brand experience, coupled with increased competition and the general decline in customer traffic visiting traditional shopping locations and malls, resulted in less traffic at the company’s locations proximate to shopping locations and malls.”

Bar Louie has 110 locations, 38 of which have “seen their sales and profits decline at an accelerating pace” since the company began a strategic review in 2018. Those locations expected a staggering same store sales drop of 10.9% in 2019 and were closed prior to the company filing for bankruptcy. Lenders are providing a loan of as much as $22 million to keep the company operating during the proceedings.  

Other restaurant names like The Krystal Co., Houlihan’s Restaurants Inc.,

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Beyond Ukraine: America’s Coming (Losing) Battle For Eurasia


08-02-20 08:28:00,

Authored by US Army Major Danny Sjursen (ret.) via,

Academic historians reject anything smacking of inevitably. Instead they emphasize the contingency of events as manifested through the inherent agency of human beings and the countless decisions they make. On the merits, such scholars are basically correct. That said, there was something – if not inevitable – highly probable, almost (forgive me) deterministic about the two cataclysmic world wars of the 20th century. Both, in retrospect, were driven, in large part, by collective – particularly Western – nations’ adherence to a series of geopolitical philosophies.

The first war – which killed perhaps nine million soldiers in the sodden trench lines (among other long forgotten places) of Europe – began, in part, due to the continental, and especially maritime, competition between Imperial Great Britain, and a new, rising, and highly populous, land power, Imperial Germany. Both had pretensions to global leadership; Britain’s old and long-standing, Germany’s recent and aspirational – tinged with a sense of long-denied deservedness. Political and military leaders on both sides – along with other European (and the Japanese) nations – then pledged philosophical fealty to the theories of an American Navy man, Alfred Thayer Mahan. To simplify, Mahan’s core postulation – published from a series of lectures as The Influence of Sea Power Upon History – was that geopolitical power in the next (20th) century would be inherently maritime. The countries that maintained large, modern navies, held strategic coaling stations, and expanded their coastal, formal empires, would dominate trade, develop the strongest economies, and, hence, were apt to global paramountcy. Conversely, traditional land power – mass armies prepared to march across vast land masses – would become increasingly irrelevant.

Mahan’s inherently flawed, or at least exaggerated, conclusions – and his own clear institutional (U.S. Navy) bias – aside, key players in two of the major powers of Europe seemed to buy the philosophy hook-line-and-sinker. So, when Wilhelmine Germany took the strategic decision to rapidly expand its own colonial fiefdoms (before the last patches of brown-people-inhabited land were swallowed up) and, thereby necessarily embarked on a crash naval buildup to challenge the British Empire’s maritime supremacy, the stage was set for a massive war.

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Age is no barrier: 110yo woman who took part in NEARLY ALL Indian elections, shows up again at New Delhi vote


08-02-20 08:24:00,

The assembly elections in New Delhi are crucial to so many that even the oldest voter in the capital couldn’t resist throwing her weight behind one of the candidates, encouraging others to follow suit.

Among the millions of voters that will cast their ballots this Saturday in New Delhi, there is one that stands out, not just because of her age, but also her remarkable voting record. At 110, Kalitara Mandal is said to have taken part in almost all Indian elections throughout the 20th century. 

“I remember, they [polling officials] would take my thumb impression and then the ballot paper would be folded and put into boxes. I have voted with big machines (EVMs) too,” she told India’s PTI news agency.

But Mandal doesn’t want to miss the closely-watched assembly vote in the capital. She is “eager to get her finger inked,” her son Sukh Ranjan told local media.

The centenarian has encouraged others to “go out and vote,” as “democracy thrives on people and people must participate as each vote counts.”

Election officials have provided a special vehicle in order to help her to get to the polling station. All in all, there are as many as 132 voters over 100 years old in the capital – 68 men and 64 women – who are eligible to vote.

Saturday’s race is of crucial importance for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is trying to unseat the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which won 67 of the 70 seats in the assembly in 2015.

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India’s Modi, New Delhi’s chief minister mobilize youth & women to ‘vote in record numbers’ in battle for capital’s assembly

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Who is Behind “Fake News”? Mainstream Media Use Fake Videos and Images – Global Research


07-02-20 07:44:00,

First published on November 24, 2016

The mainstream corporate media is desperate.

They want to suppress independent and alternative online media, which it categorizes as “fake news”.

Readers on social media are warned not to go onto certain sites. 

The intent of this initiative is to smear honest reporting and Truth in Media.

Our analysis confirms that the mainstream media are routinely involved in distorting the facts and turning realities upside down. 

They are the unspoken architects of “Fake News”.  

One area of routine distortion is the use of fake videos and images by the mainstream media. 

Four Notorious Cases of  Media Distortion

These are four examples and there are many more. The manipulation of videos and images is routine. In some cases, these manipulations are revealed by readers, independent media and social media. In most cases they go undetected. And when they are revealed, the media will say “sorry” we apologize: they will then point to technical errors. “we got the wrong video”.

What is important to emphasize is that these media distortions are invariably deliberate.

1. Coverage of CNN 2008 Riots in Tibet

Chinese Cops with khaki uniforms and Indian Style Moustaches

The video footage, which accompanied CNN’s John Vause’s report, had nothing to do with China. The police were not Chinese, but Indian cops in khaki uniforms from the Northeastern State of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Viewers were led to believe that demonstrations inside China were peaceful and that people were being arrested by Chinese cops.

Chinese Cops in Khaki Uniforms?

1′.27-1′.44″ video footage of “Chinese cops” and demonstrators including Buddhist monks. Chinese cops are shown next to Tibetan monks

Are these Chinese Cops from Gansu Province or Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, as suggested by CNN’s John Vause’s Report?


Screenshot from above CNN video

Alleged Chinese cops in khaki uniforms repressing Tibet demonstrators in China, CNN, March 14, 2008  1’38”,

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It’s Farmer v. Monsanto in Court Fight over Dicamba Herbicide – Global Research


07-02-20 02:59:00,

A showdown is underway in the Midwest as the owner of a large Missouri peach farm seeks to hold the former Monsanto Co. accountable for millions of dollars in damage to his crops—losses the farmer claims resulted from a corporate strategy to induce farmers to buy high-priced specialty seeds and chemicals.

The trial got underway on January 27 in US District Court in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Farmer Bill Bader, who has grown peaches in Missouri’s “Bootheel” region for 40 years, is seeking more than $20 million. The lawsuit alleges that Bader Farms lost more than 30,000 trees due to Monsanto’s actions, in collaboration with German chemical giant BASF, to profit from a new cropping system involving genetically engineered seeds designed to tolerate dousing of the herbicide dicamba.

Bader claims Monsanto sold GMO dicamba-tolerant soybean and cotton seeds despite knowing the actions would trigger chemical damage to farm fields that were not planted with the new seeds. The intent, the Bader Farms’ lawsuit alleges, was to induce farmers to buy the specialty seeds as a means to prevent crop damage from herbicide drift coming from neighboring farmers who were planting the GMO crops and spraying them with dicamba.

Testing showed that leaves of his dying peach trees carried traces of dicamba. The 5,000-acre family farm, which produced 5 million to 6 million pounds of peaches annually along with corn, soybeans, various berries, apples, and tomatoes, is now struggling to survive, according to Bader.

Monsanto, which was bought by Bayer AG in 2018, and BASF, which initially developed dicamba in the 1950s, have claimed that other factors are to blame for Bader’s problems on his farm, including a soil fungus. The companies deny they have any liability for his losses.

But among the evidence introduced at the Bader Farms trial are internal Monsanto documents showing that the company predicted thousands of drift complaints would occur after its new seed product launch.

Bader is only one of a large and growing group of US farmers who say they are the victims of a clearly foreseen chemical catastrophe many years in the making that has ruined crops covering millions of acres of farmland. Other lawsuits making similar claims have been filed on behalf of farmers from Mississippi,

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Patriot Mythology


07-02-20 02:55:00,

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Google admits it let random strangers download your videos… as it seeks monthly fee for rifling through your photos


07-02-20 01:38:00,

Google has admitted some users’ private videos were sent to “unrelated users” who downloaded data through its Takeout service for a few days in November – but wants you to pay the company to dig through your photos itself.

The search behemoth has quietly notified users of its Google Takeout service, which downloads a user’s Google Data archive, that an unspecified number of their private videos ended up in random users’ Takeout archives. The emails, sent a mere three months after the fact, are ominously vague, merely letting the user know that “one or more videos in your Google Photos account was affected” by the bug between November 21 and 25 of last year. Nowhere are users told which videos, or in whose hands they ended up – a fact that will no doubt keep some users awake at night. The company did say that still photos were not affected in a statement to 9to5Google on Monday.

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Terrifying or nothing to fear? Apple admits to scanning user photos, presumably only to hunt child abuse

Google concluded its ‘mea culpa’ missive with the advice to “perform another export of your content and delete your prior export at this time” – you know, in case you have private videos from another “unrelated user” lurking in your archive. The megacorporation’s promise that “we fixed the underlying issue and have conducted an in-depth analysis to help prevent this from ever happening again” is cold comfort to users who still don’t know exactly which of their videos were leaked, and Google’s claim that “less than .01 percent of Photos users attempting takeouts were affected” is only likely to irritate anyone who receives the email – clearly, they were affected, and don’t need to be reminded of how unlucky they were. Knowledge that Google is depending on the honor system to ensure “unrelated users” delete the videos they didn’t ask to download is especially unlikely to reassure anyone receiving the message.

For some unfathomable reason, Google dropped this bombshell just a few days after launching a subscription-based service in which the user pays $7.99 per month to have the company pick their “best” 10 photos from the previous month and print them out on paper.

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Our fundamental disagreement about WWII, Hitler, Jews and race


07-02-20 09:58:00,

Our fundamental disagreement about WWII, Hitler, Jews and race

The topic of Russians and Jews is clearly a “hot” one. Over the past few years I wrote several articles on this topic including “Putin and Israel A Complex and Multi-Layered Relationship”, “Why Is Putin “Allowing” Israel to Bomb Syria?”, “Russia, Israel and the Values of “Western Civilization” – Where Is the Truth?” and “Debunking the Rumors About Russia Caving in to Israel”. And yet, for a while now I have felt that there is much more which could, and should, be said on this topic.

Recent events (including Putin’s and Zelenskii’s recent trip to Israel or the latest Polish-Ukrainian theory about the USSR being an accomplice to the Holocaust) again gave me that strong feeling that the way Jews are seen in the West is truly very different from how Jews are viewed in Russia. Yet, in the West, this difference is often (almost always, really!) overlooked and assumptions are made about Russia and Russians which are simply not warranted and which end up being highly misleading. This is why I will try to debunk some of these assumptions today.

First, a very quick and very short look into our recent history

The very best book to read on Russian-Jewish relations is “200 Years Together” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The problem with this book is that has never been officially translated into English. Yup, that’s right. A CRUCIAL book by a Nobel Prize winner can be so controversial that nobody in the publishing business has dared to print it. Happily, a number of websites offer unofficial “samizdat” translations, see here, here and here. I cannot vouch for the quality of these translations as I read the book in Russian, not in English. But yeah, in the “land of the free”, the putative “brave” do not get to read a book if that book debunks the western narrative about Russia and Jews. By the way, Solzhenitsyn’s masterpiece is not the only such book which exists only in Russian, there are many more including Andrei Dikii’s “Jews in Russia and the USSR” which can also only be found on the Internet Archive here.

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Johnstone: The Myth Of Incompetence – DNC Scandals Are A Feature, Not A Bug


07-02-20 09:52:00,

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,

The Iowa caucus scandal has continued to get more egregious by the hour, with new revelations routinely pouring in about extremely suspicious manipulations taking place which all just so happen to disadvantage the campaign of Bernie Sanders in the first Democratic electoral contest of 2020. By the time you read this article, there will likely have been more.

Following the failure of an extremely shady app developed by vocally anti-Sanders establishment insiders which reportedly was literally altering vote count numbers after they were entered, Black Hawk County supervisor Chris Schwartz shared the election results in his county on Facebook so the public could have some idea of what’s going on as the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) slowly trickles out the results of the caucuses.

Uhhhhhhhh the IDP is now reporting vote totals from Black Hawk County that are at odds with what Black Hawk County themselves have reported

— Bernie Won (@lib_crusher) February 5, 2020

Sanders supporters quickly highlighted the fact that the IDP’s reported numbers for Black Hawk County were wildly different from those reported by Schwartz, with votes taken from Sanders and given to minor fringe candidates Deval Patrick and Tom Steyer. The IDP then announced that it would be making “a minor correction to the last batch of results”, which just so happened to be in Black Hawk County and just so happened to give Sanders back some votes (but still remains different from that reported by Schwartz).

It’s probable that this only happened as a result of one Black Hawk County supervisor taking to social media to report the vote tallies for this one particular county. What about all the Iowa locations where this did not happen and local Democratic Party officials didn’t report their numbers on social media? Does anyone actually believe that the one instance where the IDP got caught is the one instance in which such vote tampering occurred?

That would be a very silly belief to hold,

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How Washington “Liberates” Free Countries


07-02-20 09:47:00,

Authored by Andre Vltcheck via,

There are obviously some serious linguistic issues and disagreements between the West and the rest of the world. Essential terms like “freedom”, “democracy”, “liberation”, even “terrorism”, are all mixed up and confused; they mean something absolutely different in New York, London, Berlin, and in the rest of the world.

Before we begin analyzing, let us recall that countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the United States, as well as other Western nations, have been spreading colonialist terror to basically all corners of the world.

And in the process, they developed effective terminology and propaganda, which has been justifying, even glorifying acts such as looting, torture, rape and genocides. Basically, first Europe, and later North America literally “got away with everything, including mass murder”.

The native people of Americas, Africa and Asia have been massacred, their voices silenced. Slaves were imported from Africa. Great Asian nations, such as China, what is now “India” and Indonesia, got occupied, divided and thoroughly plundered.

And all was done in the name of spreading religion, “liberating” people from themselves, as well as “civilizing them”.

Nothing has really changed.

To date, people of great nations with thousands of years of culture, are treated like infants; humiliated, and as if they were still in kindergarten, told how to behave, and how to think.

Sometimes if they “misbehave”, they get slapped. Periodically they get slapped so hard, that it takes them decades, even centuries, to get back to their feet. It took China decades to recover from the period of “humiliation”. India and Indonesia are presently trying to recuperate, from the colonial barbarity, and from, in the case of Indonesia, the 1965 U.S.-administered fascist coup.

But if you go back to the archives in London, Brussels or Berlin, all the monstrous acts of colonialism, are justified by lofty terms. Western powers are always “fighting for justice”; they are “enlightening” and “liberating”. No regrets, no shame and no second thoughts. They are always correct!

Like now; precisely as it is these days.

Presently, the West is trying to overthrow governments in several independent countries,

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Blacklist Valley: How Big Tech Reshapes Politics By Censoring Conservative Ideas


07-02-20 09:46:00,

Authored by Peter Hasson, op-ed via,

For better or worse, social media is the new public square. Of adults, 68% use Facebook, 73% use YouTube, and a quarter use Twitter. The numbers are much higher for adults under 50. Two-thirds of adults and roughly 4 in 5 under 50 use social media to consume news. Three-quarters of Facebook users are on the site every day, and Twitter users have a disproportionate influence on the media because so many journalists are on the service.

The size and scale of social media companies exploded primarily because they presented themselves as open platforms — blank slates. Google, Facebook, and Twitter all characterized their products as engines for social improvement. “We think of Twitter as the global town hall,” said former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. “We are the free speech wing of the free speech party.”

Costolo was Twitter’s chief executive from 2010 until 2015 and the immediate predecessor of current CEO Jack Dorsey. Twitter’s general manager in the United Kingdom, Andy Yang, likewise described Twitter as the “free speech wing of the free speech party” in March 2012. Google became a multibillion-dollar company by offering a portal for free, unrestricted information to anyone with access to the internet; famously, its original motto was “Don’t be evil.” An internal Facebook memo circulated in June 2016 stated that at Facebook, “we believe in connecting people so deeply that anything that allows us to connect more people more often is de facto good.”

The public has given these three tech companies (and others) enormous power to select the information we read, share, and discuss with our neighbors and friends. We’ve gotten so accustomed to the role they play in our lives that we fail to notice that Big Tech is sifting through the available information and narrowing, and prioritizing, our choices. Although Facebook, Google, and Twitter once touted themselves as bastions of democracy and free speech, they are now openly moving toward direct censorship and media manipulation – and specifically targeting conservative ideas and personalities.

They have already acquiesced to their new censorship fetish. In March 2018, Google circulated an internal memo that instructed employees on the benefits of censorship. In the memo,

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‘No right to privacy from the opposite sex’: 13yo girl takes school trans inclusion rules to UK High Court


06-02-20 10:57:00,

Some British schools are trying to be more accommodating to trans students at the expense of others, a 13-year-old has alleged in court documents. She says their guidelines go against girls’ desire for privacy, dignity and safety.

The new Trans Inclusion Toolkit released by Oxfordshire County Council last February instructs that students should have access to toilets, changing rooms, dorms and similar spaces, in accordance with the gender they identify as.

A 13-year-old girl has challenged the rules, saying the council never bothered to ask non-trans students like her how they felt about them. “Under these guidelines I have no right to privacy from the opposite sex in changing rooms, loos, or on residential trips,” she said in legal papers filed with the High Court in London on Thursday.

The pushback against the controversial drive for greater trans inclusivity in British schools comes with the backing of a group called Safe Schools Alliance. It is being brought to court by several parents and a teacher on behalf of the girl, who was not identified for legal reasons.

Today at the High Court a 13 year old girl (Miss A) filed a request for a Judicial Review against @OxfordshireCC on the basis that their schools trans inclusion toolkit puts her at risk. We are supporting Miss A in this case.Please see our website:

— Safe Schools Alliance (@SafeSchools_UK) February 5, 2020

The guidelines on gender-restricted spaces are aimed at offering all students – trans and non-trans alike – the most comfortable environment. Girls like the plaintiff, who don’t want to share a restroom or a dormitory with a biological boy, regardless of their gender identity, are supposed to be given separate arrangements.

This ideal world expectation, however, does not always correspond to reality when it comes to the implementation of inclusivity rules. Some girls at Deanesfield Primary School in west London, for example, were ambushed with new unisex bathrooms containing poorly designed cubicles upon returning after a summer break. Rather than suffer the embarrassment, they simply stopped using the toilets.

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Parents outraged as girls ‘too embarrassed to pee’ in London primary school UNISEX TOILETS

Conservative activists see the drive for greater transgender acceptance at British schools as nothing but a leftist crusade that puts virtue signaling ahead of the wellbeing of children,

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“We’d Rather Die At Home” – Chinese Citizens Rebel Against Mandatory Quarantine As Lockdown Expands


06-02-20 07:16:00,


  • Beijing completes second coronavirus hospital in Wuhan
  • Wuhan hospital denies that doctor who was one of first to warn about virus died on Thursday
  • Economists warn China faces difficult dilemma in deciding when workers should return to work
  • Total cases eclipses 28,000 as death toll climbs to 568
  • Taiwan halts visas for citizens of Macau and Hong Kong
  • Germany confirms 13th case
  • 2 suspected cases found in South Africa
  • Dubai reports 3rd death outside China

* * *

Update (1440ET): Dubai just reported that a woman from the Philippines has died in the UAE. In response, the UAE has suspended flights to China except to Beijing. The Manila Times reported the death, citing the Philippines’ labor secretary.

The virus’s global death toll has climbed to 568.

The victim was identified as Amalia Collado Dapronoza, 58. Her death comes as 178 other patients remain under observation in the tiny Gulf kingdom. The Philippines is one of several countries planning to rescue its citizens from Wuhan, and a group of 45 filipinos from Wuhan are set to return to the Philippines on Feb. 9.

In Hong Kong, 3,600 people were preparing to spend a second night confined aboard the World Dream as authorities test everyone aboard after eight passengers caught the virus.  Health officials in the financial hub said they were also asking some 5,000 Hong Kongers who had traveled on the ship since mid-January to contact them.

* * *

Update (1230ET): Beijing has finished construction on the  second coronavirus hospital in Wuhan – so hopefully more of the desperate patients stuck dying in their homes might soon have a bed at a public facility where their treatment can be overseen by doctors.

Chinese state media said the Leishenshan hospital, which will join the Huoshenshan hospital that opened Monday, will provide 1,600 beds and be staffed by 2,000 medical personnel. The project took roughly ten days.

As we reminded readers earlier, the WHO appears to have gladly taken up the task of backing up Beijing’s propaganda.

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Video: Syrian Army Advance in Idlib Province. Netanyahu and Erdogan to the Rescue of Al Qaeda – Global Research


06-02-20 07:14:00,

In Greater Idlib the defences of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other favorites of the foreign powers supporting ‘Syrian democracy’ are collapsing.

On February 5, the Syrian Army, supported by Russian airpower, took control of a number of villages in southeastern Idlib and southwestern Aleppo including Resafa, al-Dhahabiyah, Ajlas, Talafih and Judiydat Talafih. They besieged a Turkish observation post established near Tal Toqan and reached another one, near al-Sheikh Mansur.

Late on the same day, the army’s Tiger Forces captured the eastern entrance to Saraqib and established fire control over the open roads leading from the town. According to local sources, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda so-called freedom fighters started fleeing the town. The Turkish Army had stuck several observation posts right in the area, but these apparently did not help.

Early on February 6, pro-government forces seized the area of Duwayr, cutting off the M5 highway north of Saraqib. Thus, the road through Saramin remained the only way to flee for militants remaining in the town. However, it is under the fire control of the Syrian Army.

Several hours after this government forces took full control of Saraqib.

Saraqib Nahiyah is the largest subdistrict of the Idlib district of the province. The subdistrict is located on the crossroad of the M4 and M5 highways. Its pre-war population was approximately 88,000. The fall of Saraqib into the hands of Damascus and its allies will allow government troops to continue the operation clearing the entire M5 highway and open the road to Idlib city itself.

Right on cue, while the Syrian Army was storming Saraqib, the Israeli Air Force delivered a wide-scale strike on targets in the countryside of the Syrian capital, Damascus, and in the province of Daraa. The Al-Kiswa area, Marj al-Sultan, Baghdad Bridge and the area south of Izraa were among the confirmed targets of the attack.

Syria’s State media claimed that the Syrian Air Defense shot down most of the Israeli missiles before they were able to reach their targets. Pro-Israeli sources claim that the strikes successfully hit Iran-related targets destroying weapon depots and HQs of Iranian-backed forces. The Israeli leadership once again officially confirmed its participation in the club of terrorism supporters in Syria.

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Explain How The Head Of The CDC Left To Become The Head Of The Vaccine Division At Merck | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


06-02-20 10:07:00,

Home / 1. Free Content / Explain How The Head Of The CDC Left To Become The Head Of The Vaccine Division At Merck

131K subscribers

The CDC’s bloated vaccine schedule has doubled since 1988 after the federal government gave pharmaceutical companies immunity from lawsuits. Autism and other childhood disorders like asthma, ADHD, juvenile diabetes, and digestive ailments have skyrocketed. And parents are understandably nervous, desperate for objective guidance that takes those concerns seriously. Mark Blaxill is co-founder and Executive Director of XLP Capital, a firm founded in 2015 and focused on technology strategy development, new technology business incubation, and technology-based investments. He often writes on autism, science and public policy issues for Age of Autism and has published a number of articles, letters and commentaries on autism in journals such as Public Health Reports, the International Journal of Toxicology, the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Frontiers in Pediatrics, Neurotoxicology and Medical Hypotheses. Connect with The Real Truth About Health…… Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.

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Much of the daily content we publish is notable to us for various reasons. Having said that, the views and opinions expressed in this content, (articles, videos or any other content), are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the authors of this site.

As always, please do your own research. Please do not believe what you are told. Take what you like, and leave the rest.

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What Does Demographic Crunch Look Like? – Questions For Corbett


06-02-20 09:00:00,


This week James tackles a question from Corbett Report member HomeRemedySupply who asks about the declining population in Japan? What does a shrinking population look like, and how does it impact the economy and the culture? Find out more in this week’s edition of Questions For Corbett.

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Chen Quishi: A Citizen Journalist on the Frontline of the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak – Activist Post


06-02-20 08:42:00,

By Oiwan Lam

Former human rights lawyer and famous citizen journalist Chen Quishi arrived in Wuhan city, the center of the coronavirus outbreak, on January 24, 2020, to report from inside the quarantined city.

Although the first case of the coronavirus emerged on December 8, Chinese media outlets only started covering the news on December 31, and the real scale of the outbreak came on January 20 when prominent Chinese pulmonologist Dr. Zhong Nanshan admitted that the outbreak had entered the human-to-human transmission stage. After Beijing announced Wuhan’s city-wide quarantine on January 23, the independent journalist circle was worried that no one would report on the situation in the sealed city.

Chen built his reputation by covering the Hong Kong protests in August. Though he was harassed and silenced by Chinese authorities after his trip to Hong Kong, he continued speaking out using Twitter and YouTube.

Below is a summary of his reports from the center of the epidemic outbreak from January 24 to February 2.

January 24: Information should travel faster than the virus

After arriving in Wuhan around 10 pm, Chen urged citizens to contact him via WeChat and promised to report on the real situation in Wuhan. He anticipated that the national security police would go after him and made three public promises: 1. He would not spread rumors, would not create social panic and would not cover up the truth; 2. He would protect himself and would not reach out to patients who were in serious condition; 3. Until the outbreak is under control, he would not leave Wuhan even if he caught the virus. He stressed that the spread of SARS (17 years ago) and the Wuhan coronavirus was due to a cover-up of the virus outbreak and the Chinese people should not repeat the same mistake; information should travel faster than the virus.

January 25: A visit to the Wuhan Central hospital

Chen’s WeChat account was suspended for one month after he published his January 24 video. According to WeChat’s notification, he was accused of spreading rumors and other illegal content.

At 2 a.m.,

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BC: US-funded “Disinformation Oversight” of Bio Weapons Prevention Programmes in Georgia | New Eastern Outlook


05-02-20 10:11:00,

740 (1)

BC stands for NEO’s Banned Classic. This article was originally published by our journal on 09.10.18  For some reason, this article is missing from Google search results. Since this article remains pretty relevant to those geopolitical events that are taking place on the geopolitical stage today, we deem it possible to present it to our readers once again. Should it go missing again, you may be confident that you will see it republished by NEO once more, should it still remain relevant by that time.

The Richard Lugar Lab is fast becoming a topic of household conversation in both Georgia and the Russian Federation, because increasing numbers of people care that it is not a public health facility, as claimed, but a threat to the population and humanity as we know it.

The Caucasus region is an ideal location for the United States to outsource its ‘grey zone’ research to. Many of the most ‘attractive’ viruses and bacteria for weaponisation occur naturally in this region, so they can be studied in their natural habitat. The region is also known for its thriving black market economy and trafficking, as the lack of democracy and a civil society makes it easier to hide things from the world.

But what is now concerning US officials is the attention Russia is paying to the topic of bio weapons and other related medical programmes. What has been uncovered so far demonstrates that the question is NOT whether the US is in violation of the 1972 Biological Weapons Treaty BUT to what degree.

The US has long tried to deflect attention from these programmes. American journalist and Bureau Chief for Veterans Today in Georgia, Jeffrey Silverman, a long time resident of Georgia, is again the cross fire for his articles and series of recent TV interviews, having endured a long series of indignities, and downright illegal acts, at the hands of his own government and embassy.

But the new attacks on Silverman coincide with recent revelations in the Russian media. Igor Giorgadze, the former State Security Minister of Georgia, dropped a bombshell in mid September when he leaked documents containing information about “a laboratory located near Tbilisi named after US Senator Richard Lugar”,

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“Defender Europe 2020” Against Russia: Cold Siege Against Kaliningrad – Global Research


05-02-20 05:36:00,

The announcement of the Defender-Europe 2020 gave the world, but especially Russia, a new and strange perspective on the future of international security. The drills seem to be the largest military exercises in Europe in 25 years. The countries elected to be the theater of the activities are those closest to the Russian border, causing great reactions in Russian media and their military forces.

Basically, as well known, the program states a big list of military exercises in Europe, to be conducted alongside the Russian border in the coming months. Currently, there are more American soldiers in Europe than during the collapse of the Soviet Union. This number will increase with the Defender-Europe exercises, to the incredible mark of almost 40.000 soldiers.

Russia correctly realizes these acts as a real threat. Wordlessly, Defender-Europe 2020 seems to be a “cold siege” of Kaliningrad, which will require the military recrudescence of the region by Russia, creating bad expectations on peace and security. Above all, the main question remains: is the West really interested in entering into a war with Russia? Are the European potencies willing to face a conflict of such big proportions?

The old modality of war is a practice in extinction. The total mobilization of forces does not seem to be interesting or profitable nowadays. The reasons are clear: modern technology changed war and the mechanisms of control and vigilance, in both internal and international spheres, proportionating new and more efficient forms to the world potencies to guarantee their interests. However, NATO is conducting dangerous military maneuvers that indicate a revival of this type of war.

This episode reveals the greatest fear of the West: the fortification of Russia and the geopolitical decentralization. NATO is nothing more than an instrument of the US to preserve its global hegemony and the current main target is the Russian zone in Europe. To avoid Russian expansion, the US may do everything, even not excluding war. Now, this is just a threat, an expectation; but no one knows how the coming events and their consequences may unfold.

We need to remember other signs of this aggressive position by the US, as the document Overextending and Unbalancing Russia. Assessing the Impact of Cost-Imposing Options,

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