The Unz Review:ㅤYes, Leather Apron Club, Jews DO Have Higher Average IQ. and They Are More Ethnocentric., by Lance Welton

Chart above via R/DataIsBeautiful One of the most controversial issues on the American Right is the so-called “JQ”—the “Jewish Question.” I often receive passionate emails demanding that I discuss the “JQ” or telling me that I am a coward who is too frightened to do so. The Jews “run America,” argue these people, because Jews are extremely nepotistic. That is the only reason. Jewish influence—their over-representation in elite positions—has nothing to do with the evidence

The Unz Review:ㅤAs You’d Expect, Leftist Men Are Insecure About Their Masculinity. Result: They Support “Aggressive” Politicians and Policies, by Lance Welton

In 2017, the “Soy Boy” meme went viral. The Soy Boy was a feminine and physically weak man, with the idea taken from the belief that products containing soy increased estrogen levels and, so, made men more effeminate. In that left-wing males were clearly more likely to virtue-signal with their food via being vegetarian and even vegan, “Soy Boy” soon became a term that was deployed against left-wing men [‘Soy boys’ is the far-right’s newest

The Unz Review:ㅤDid Sam Bankman-Fried’s Mother’s Ideas About Moral Responsibility Have, Er, Consequences?, by Lance Welton

Earlier, by Steve Sailer: Sam Bankman-Fried’s Mom: “The Philosophy Of Personal Responsibility Has Ruined Criminal Justice And Economic Policy. It’s Time To Move Past Blame” and Sam Bankman-Fried’s Aunt: “Putting a Public Health Lens on Incarceration” Imagine being raised to believe that there is no such thing as free will. How would your thinking develop if your mother informed you, from a very young age, that you couldn’t possibly be to blame for anything you

The Unz Review:ㅤNo, Emily Oster, We Don’t Need A Covid Amnesty—We Need A Covid Nuremburg, by Lance Welton

Earlier by Lance Welton: America Needs A Race-Denier Reckoning: I’m Vindicated (Again) By Race-Biased WuFlu Vaccine Distribution Policies When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in 2020, the Ruling Class quickly shut down dissent and laid down quasi-religious dogmas and policies we now know weren’t just misguided but harmful: The virus emerged from a Chinese wet market and did not leak from a lab; we are all in this together and the virus affects all races similarly;

The Unz Review:ㅤBiracial Kids with White Mothers Have A Higher IQ Than Biracial Kids with A Black One, by Lance Welton

If television commercials are to be believed, then most families in the US are mixed race, which isn’t, of course, the case. Then again, since 2010, the number of people who claim to be multiracial has increased from 9 million, about 3 percent of the population, to 33.8 million, or 10.2 percent of the population [Improved Race and Ethnicity Measures Reveal U.S. Population Is Much More Multiracial, by Nicholas Jones, Rachel Marks, Roberto Ramirez, and

The Unz Review:ㅤET TU, Sweden Democrats? In New Dark Age, IQ Denialism Being Institutionalized Throughout the West, by Lance Welton

“Trust the Science” was the mantra of the Left, and the chronically unable to think, throughout the Covid Pandemic. However, this never meant “trust the results of systematic observation and experiment”—because you always question and refine these, meaning you can never completely “trust” them. Rather, it meant “Trust the Scientists.” And by “Scientists” it did not mean “those who engage in systematic observation and experimentation.”[Scientific Method, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, June 1, 2021] It specifically

The Unz Review:ㅤDIVERSITY IS STRENGTH! It’s Also… India-Pakistan Wars Imported to Leicester, UK, by Lance Welton

See also: “Like The Roman, I Seem To See ’The River Tiber Foaming With Much Blood’”—Enoch Powell’s Great Speech Leicester is an ancient city of around 350,000 people in English Midlands—only an hour’s drive from Wolverhampton, the hometown of England’s all-too-prescient immigration patriot Enoch Powell. Founded by the Romans, by the Middle Ages it was one of the country’s major trading posts, becoming heavily industrialized during the nineteenth century. It came to international attention in

The Unz Review:ㅤWhy Are Woke Leftists So Ugly?, by Lance Welton

Above: Steve Sailer has been pointing out for years how Democrats are driven crazy by Mitt and Ann Romney’ s annual Christmas card featuring all their handsome grandchildren: those Republicans are trying to breed their way to victory. The Romneys, though not as conservative as us, look like the best type of American. Let’s face facts: Compared to conservatives, leftists aren’t very good-looking, at least when you control for socioeconomic status. This is nowhere more

The Unz Review:ㅤBreasts, Buttocks, and the Left’s Love-Hate Relationship with Science, by Lance Welton

A recent Twitter spat has highlighted the Left’s difficult relationship with science. They love it because science is prestigious—hence Marx’s claim to be a scientist and the phrase “I Love Science” being the hallmark of a Woke “scientist” or of a “science writer.” But they also hate it because it necessarily questions received dogmas. Leftists have already achieved cultural hegemony for their dogmas and demand affirmation because their high mental instability, so they don’t want

The Unz Review:ㅤ”Expect More Hysterical Screeching”—Leftists Can’t Help Being Self-Destructive (Which Is Good!), by Lance Welton

The ROE vs WADE reversal ructions seem a good moment to point out that, during the crazy debate over the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, when females seemed to have false memories of him raping them and exposing himself to them while he was a student at Yale, I commented The Democratic Party Has Tipped, To Minorities, Women, Gays—Expect More Kavanaugh-Type Hysteria in the Futur e. Hilarious 😂 Meltdowns have brought progressive advocacy

The Unz Review:ㅤWokeness (And Women?) Have Ruined SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, by Lance Welton

See also: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s Race-Denying Susan Goldberg Strikes Again: “No One Is Born A Genius” It is now clear that our once-highly-respected popularizer of the latest scientific research, Scientific American, is hopelessly misnamed. Clearly, any “Managing Editor” of such a magazine should be devoted to science and, thus, to placing the pursuit of the empirical truth above all of other considerations. However, a recent ad for this very position tells us that Scientific American is…

The Unz Review:ㅤUK’s Katharine Birbalsingh, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun—or At Least Not Do Math. What’s Wrong with That?, by Lance Welton

A fascinating furor is taking place in England, in which the Left’s cognitive dissonance—caused by their living in a comforting world of lies—is on full display. The problem: a POC educator, Indo-Guyanese New Zealand-born Katharine Birbalsingh, has dared to say, not that girls just wanna have fun exactly, but that they certainly don’t want to do math. All the evidence suggests that she is right, for powerful evolutionary reasons. Birbalsingh is head teacher (= principal)…

The Unz Review: Katharine Birbalsingh van het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Meisjes willen gewoon plezier hebben of tenminste niet rekenen. Wat is daar mis mee?, door Lance Welton

14-05-22 04: 00: 00, Er is een fascinerende woede gaande in Engeland, waarin de cognitieve dissonantieâveroorzaakt door hun leven in een geruststellende wereld van leugensâop volle toon te zien is. Het probleem: een POC opvoedkundige, Indo-Guyanese Nieuw-Zeelandse Katharine Birbalsingh, heeft het aangedurfd om te zeggen, niet dat meisjes gewoon plezier willen maken precies, maar dat ze zeker geen wiskunde willen doen. Alles wijst erop dat ze gelijk heeft, om krachtige evolutionaire redenen. Birbalsingh is hoofdonderwijzeres…

The Unz Review: Ol’ Blue Eyes: Mensen met dezelfde oogkleur verkiezen elkaar, door Lance Welton

22-04-22 04: 10: 00, Earlier: (Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes: A Tale of Race and Brutality... Against Innocent White Children. Toen we jong waren, droomden de roodbloedigen onder ons ervan om verliefd te worden op een blauwogige man of vrouwâthink Steve McQueen of violetogige Elizabeth Taylor. Nou, de wetenschap zegt dat we een betere kans zouden hebben gehad om een van hen te strikken als we blauwe ogen hadden gehad. Soort zoekt soort. Blauw…

The Unz Review: Vogelbrein: MSU Race Denier Kevin Bird’s aanval op de wetenschap (en wetenschappers), door Lance Welton

26-03-22 04: 10: 00, Nu de VS zich opmaakt om een zwarte vrouw die het woord vrouw niet kan definià "ren [Blackburn to Jackson: Can you define ‘the word woman’?, by Myah Ward, Politico, March 22, 2022] in het Hooggerechtshof te benoemen, worden wij eraan herinnerd dat Ketanji Brown Jackson is genomineerd omdat zij een zwarte vrouw is, en niet op grond van verdienste. Ze is bijna zeker op Harvard gekomen omdat ze zwart is,…

Brought to You By Ruling Class Immigration Enthusiasm: America’s Coming Caste System, by Lance Welton

14-08-21 04:10:00, Earlier—21 years earlier—by Steve Sailer: America’s Imported Caste System As the 2020 U.S Census data leaked out, showing that the much-derided Great Replacement of America’s whites is (of course) real, Ruling Class mouthpieces went into predictable defensive crouches.…