The Unz Review:ㅤCan Bibi be Stopped?, by Mike Whitney

Recent developments suggest that Israel’s full-scale ground offensive in Rafah could take place at any time. What we have been told by Israeli officials, is that the operation will require the evacuation of the city, presumably so the IDF can inflict the same level of destruction on Rafah as was inflicted on Khan Yunis and Gaza City. Once the ground forces are deployed, the Palestinians will be forced to flee to the Egyptian border where

The Unz Review:ㅤWhat’s Bugging Chuck Schumer?, by Mike Whitney

Why did Chuck Schumer call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an “obstacle to peace” and demand new elections in Israel just weeks before an IDF ground offensive in Rafah? Hasn’t Schumer opposed a ceasefire in Gaza from the beginning? Hasn’t Schumer criticized pro-Palestinian activists and their public protests? Hasn’t Schumer been a champion of the Jewish state for more than three decades in office? Yes, yes and yes. So, why would he suddenly do an