On another border incident and the 14th Dalai Lama factor in China-India relations

On December 9 this year, there was an incident between groups of soldiers from both countries at a section of the Sino-Indian border, seemingly insignificant in scale and consequence. This assessment can be used with confidence, at least in relation to the direct participants. This is to the credit of both sides,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Under the US watch, Japan sets sail for militarization

On December 16, Japan unveiled its new defence strategy aimed at giving a massive boost to the country’s defence and offence capability. This is arguably the largest defence upgrade that Japan has unveiled since the Second World War when it became a ‘pacifist’ state. As the new documents show,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

How does Hanukkah in Israel end the year 2022?

In recent days, Israel has been the focus of widespread attention. This was not only due to the celebration by Jews of perhaps one of their most interesting festivals, Hanukkah, which is often translated as “sanctification” or “renewal.” Russian President Vladimir Putin was among those who congratulated the leader of Israel’s Likud party,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Will Turkey go to war with Greece?

The media has recently been more frequently reporting on the deteriorating situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and the heightened warlike accusations made by Turkish and Greek officials. Moreover, the disputes between these states over the situation in the Aegean Sea are aggravated by outright incitement to conflict by several states in the region.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

First reaction to Japan’s new National Security Strategy

As previously reported in the NEO, a joint meeting of the leaders of the ruling parliamentary coalition (90% of which are members of the Liberal Democratic Party) on December 12 approved new draft versions of three documents concerning national security and military development in Japan. Of these,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Will the coming year 2023 be better than the outgoing one?

In the run-up to New Year’s Eve, it is common to take stock of the past and make predictions for the coming year. Like any other year, the outgoing year 2022 will be remembered for its events of national, regional and universal scope. However, among the particularly important ones in 2022 are perhaps the progressive climate change,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

US Patriot Missiles in Ukraine: A Desperate & Dangerous Escalation

US appears to be in the process of transferring its Patriot air defense missile system to Ukraine. CNN in its article, “Exclusive: US finalizing plans to send Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine,” claims the US will approve and then quickly ship the system or systems into Ukraine in just days after the decision is made.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Why is Britain rushing back to Africa?

Leading international experts estimate that one in four global consumers will be African by 2050. The African continent is home to 8 of the world’s 15 fastest-growing economies. It is therefore not surprising that interest in Africa has recently increased considerably on the part of leading international players,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Sudan on the verge of political change

Various centers of power in Sudan, experts say, may have signed a framework agreement designed to return the country to civilian government after the military coup in October 2021. However, doubts from NGOs and academics, as well as persistent street protests in the capital Khartoum, warn against over-optimistic expectations.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Implementation of the rocket decisions of the WPK Congress

The middle of December 2022 was marked by several important events that were not so much an aggravation of the situation on the Korean peninsula, but rather an important step in implementing the decisions of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea regarding the development of the DPRK’s nuclear missile capabilities.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Think Africa, think!

On December 13-15, Washington hosted the US-Africa Leaders Summit – a pompous event full of very lucrative offers with the participation of African heads of state. The initiatives put forward by the United States in the political and economic sphere are initially aimed at impressing and even blinding African leaders: there is an offer of a permanent seat on the UN Security Council for one of the African states,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New

What are the goals of the Ukrainian-US project “Turan”?

Against the backdrop of the sheer failure of the West’s hybrid war against Russia, including in the formation of a “second anti-Russian front” in Central Asia, the propaganda activities of Ukraine and several Western media outlets began to be clearly manifested by way of promoting the “valor” of the recently created by the Kiev Nazi regime battalion known as Turan.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

A Day in the War for Reality

If you live in the United States, every day you wrestle with hopelessness and disappointment.  The media has gone insane, and it is that same media, of course, that is your only source for information on how Americans are responding to the sickening lies. We call this a “Catch 22.” I woke up today to a Norwegian news story that detailed Russia’s massive underground child torture chambers just discovered in Kherson.   » Lees verder bij de

How the Itaewon tragedy is being made into a Sewol for ROK President Yoon Suk-yeol

In 2014, South Korea was rocked by the Sewol ferry tragedy, including a failed rescue operation.  To be honest, it failed for objective rather than subjective reasons, but the outcome of the tragedy made the public look for the culprits and the Democratic Party, being in opposition at the time,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Ruling bloc approves “radical changes” to Japan’s security strategy

On December 12, Japan’s ruling party coalition, composed of 90% Liberal Democratic Party MPs plus 10% Komeito Party MPs, agreed on changes to the national security strategy that will form the basis of three government documents. Two of them, on general security issues as well as defense aspects,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The results of Xi Jinping’s visit to Saudi Arabia

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Saudi Arabia in early December received widespread acclaim and highly positive publicity in numerous countries around the world. First and foremost, it was a successful state reception in Riyadh, the likes of which have not been organized for any statesman from the West,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Will Korea send its shells to Ukraine, and more importantly, which Korea?

Over the past few days, the author has come across several fake news reports on Korean arms supplies to Ukraine. Both from the North and the South. On the one hand, there is ongoing speculation in the West that the DPRK is allegedly supplying or intends to supply Russia with munitions for use in Ukraine,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The Ukraine Arms Drain

After months of feigned confidence and optimism from both the West and Ukraine’s senior military leadership, cracks are beginning to appear. During Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief General Valery Zaluzhny’s recent interview with the Economist, Ukraine’s desperate need for additional arms and the consequences for not receiving them was made very clear.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Why is China improving ties with the Arab world?

For a long time, Western propagandists insisted that Chinese diplomacy was successful only in Central and Southeast Asia. As for the Middle East, Beijing allegedly had no experience in this region and no prospects for developing ties with the Arab world. However, the visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping to the Middle East and his meetings with the leadership of Saudi Arabia,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

On the first results of the US-Africa Leaders Summit

The world press is actively discussing the results of the first US-Africa Leaders Summit since 2014, held on December 13-15 in Washington. At first glance this event may seem successful. The forum was attended by delegations from 49 countries plus the African Union and the permanent secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

House Republicans Will Sell Everyone “Down The Middle “River” or Road!

When Nicolae Ceasencu decided, on December 21st 1989, to make what turned out to be his last speech it is generally agreed he didn’t know what was coming next. The revolution which would depose him hours later was already in full swing, and he knew why – the people didn’t believe in him anymore,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The decline and fall of the US world order is inevitable

Unlike Russia, China and many other countries that prefer to follow the world order based on international law and the UN Charter, since early 1990s, i.e. after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, in public speeches by American, and by several other Western politicians, there were persistent calls for a “rules-based international order,” representing the so-called exclusively “Western values.” Thus,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Two Speeches – Two Worldviews

On March 5th, 1946, Winston Churchill delivered his famous Sinews of Peace speech in Fulton Missouri in which he famously claimed that, “an Iron Curtain has descended across Europe.”  The essential purpose of the speech, a speech clearly approved in advance, and probably partly written by the staff of US President Harry Truman,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Why are the values of “Western democracy” not supplanting pro-Russian sentiment in Mongolia?

Most Western countries consider Mongolia as a state that shares liberal-democratic political and ideological values. Mongolia ranks very high each year in various indices and rankings assessing the “democracy” and “freedom” of political regimes around the world. For example, the international Freedom House rating considers Mongolia a “free country” and ranks it 57th out of 210 in the world.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Drugs flood Europe through the Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), the volume of drug consumption in EU countries has increased markedly this year. And this is despite the fact that in Europe, as a result of the activities of law enforcement agencies, hundreds of illegal drug laboratories are being liquidated,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

China strengthens its position in Papua New Guinea

China, whose economy is steadily growing year by year, has made great efforts over the past ten years to increase its presence in other countries. Resource-rich Papua New Guinea (PNG) is interested in additional investment from abroad that will boost the economic growth of the developing country with a population of 9 million.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

G7 Geniuses Shoot Both Feet with Oil Price Cap

Okay, the message has become crystal clear now. The United States does not want Germany and the rest of Europe to become richer and prosperous anymore, powered by cheap Russian gas. It’s a thing, you know? Getting at the competition. Strangely, ironically, or one might even say comically,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

“Star Wars” between the US and the East

Since 1957, space has become an arena of active rivalry between scientific thought and economic-technical capabilities between Moscow and Washington. For a long time, the USSR was the leader in the peaceful exploration of space, launching Sputnik 1, the first artificial Earth satellite, and sending the first human being into outer space (Yuri Gagarin),  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook