The Unz Review:ㅤThe Philosophy of Radical Egalitarian Capitalism, by Robert Stark

Source: @ChrisUnits on X Proponents of abolishing inheritance include many leftists, from French socialist economist, Thomas Piketty, to the Jacobin’s Ben Burgis, on standard wealth redistributionist or equity grounds. Basically, that privilege is bad so we must eliminate all privilege. There are also concerns about racial inequities in inheritance, such as arguments that repealing the estate tax disproportionately benefits Whites, and even calls for a 100% tax on White people’s inheritance. The woke Left believes

The Unz Review:ㅤThe Problems with Rightwing Third Worldism, by Robert Stark

Eric Striker has a recent article critiquing opposition to Third Worldism on the Right, that was reposted on Unz. Eric Striker said that “Most recently, Robert Stark, who claims to be the descendant of a prominent Zionist ideologue, begged the “alt-right” to reject the Palestinians and anti-Zionism on the grounds that taking this position is tantamount to embracing “third worldism.” Striker epitomizes that anti-Zionist White Nationalist ideology that I had some criticisms of in my

The Unz Review:ㅤ2024 Election: Acceleration vs. Consolidation of Power, by Robert Stark

Trump’s ten-point plan to dismantle the Deep State Source: @TheCalvinCooli1 on X Trump has signaled that he is out for revenge in his second term and vows to “root out” what he called “the threat from within.” Trump has told his supporters that he will direct the Justice Department to investigate “every Marxist prosecutor in America.” Trump is much more vindictive than last time, though his talk of dismantling the Deep State comes across as

The Unz Review:ㅤDoes Liberal Zionist “Double Standard” Justify Rightwing Anti-Zionist Stance?, by Robert Stark

While the mainstream Right is generally very pro-Israel, Alt-Right types have protested a Zionist double standard regarding how American nationalism and White identity issues are treated compared to Israel. This applied to old school White Nationalists as well as Paleoconservatives, with Pat Buchanan making these points back in the Bush era. It was also common among Ron Paul supporters, and then eventually with the rise of the Alt-Right. However, this went beyond pointing out double