The staged “Boston Marathon bombing” 11 years ago

The staged “Boston Marathon bombing” in 2013 (NYDN) Published: 15 April 2024 11 years ago today, the “Boston Marathon bombing” took place, a fully staged event involving two Hollywood-style smoke bombs, several civilian and military amputee actors, large amounts of stage blood, and photorealistic silicone wounds. The event was run not only by US “homeland security” operatives, but also by a top executive of the Jewish ADL, an Israeli intelligence front. One of the most

British Media and Propaganda

British media and propaganda: Syria, Israel, Bellingcat, WWI (SPR) Published: April 2024 An exploration of modern British media and propaganda. ∗∗∗ Contents: 1. Introduction / 2. Media ownership / 3. Media censorship / 4. Reuters news agency / 5. NGOs and proxy groups / 6. Israel Lobby / 7. Media scandals / 8. Wikipedia / 9. Independent media / 10. Search engines / 11. Simulated terrorism / 12. War propaganda examples ∗∗∗ 1. Introduction From

The Nord Stream Mystery: New Insights

Timing and location of the Nord Stream leaks (WP) Published: April 2024 Who really destroyed the Nord Stream gas pipelines? ∗∗∗ Contents: Pipeline ownership / Date and time / Locations / Bomb sizes / Mystery ships / Seymour Hersh / Official investigations / Possible motives / Conclusions ∗∗∗ Pipeline ownership and capacity The two Nord Stream gas pipelines, Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, are often described as “Russian pipelines” or “Russian-German pipelines”, but

The Rwanda Genocide Deception 30 Years Ago

30 years ago today, the Rwanda genocide commenced. Western media managed to turn the main victims into the aggressors, and the true aggressor into the main victim. Read more in the SPR Rwanda analysis and watch the BBC documentary Rwanda’s Untold Story. English: Rwanda 1994 → German: Ruanda 1994 → Videos: Rwanda/Africa → Comments are closed.  » Lees verder

Moscow “Terrorist Attack”: New Evidence in Favor of a Staged Event

Moscow attack: the “men in blue” (Nexta) Published: 29 March 2024 Share on: Twitter / Facebook New evidence supports the hypothesis of a staged event in Moscow. On March 25, SPR published a first forensic video analysis and concluded that the March 22 Moscow concert hall “terrorist attack” may have been a staged false-flag event. Since then, additional evidence has emerged that adds further support to this hypothesis, while none of the arguments provided in

[German] Der Offene Brief von Professor Sucharit Bhakdi vor vier Jahren

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi im Frühjahr 2020 Publiziert: 28. März 2024 Ein kurzer Rückblick auf den Offenen Brief von Professor Sucharit Bhakdi vom März 2020. Heute vor vier Jahren, am 28. März 2020, publizierte SPR exklusiv den Offenen Brief von Professor Sucharit Bhakdi an die damalige deutsche Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel. Der Brief wurde in zwölf Sprachen übersetzt und erreichte weltweit mehrere Millionen Menschen. Ob er auch Angela Merkel erreichte, ist hingegen nicht bekannt. Professor Bhakdi

The Moscow Concert Hall Attack May Have Been A Staged Event

Strange scenes: the Moscow concert hall attack (SPR) Published: March 25, 2024 Share on: Twitter / Facebook A preliminary analysis of the March 22 Moscow concert hall attack. *** Please note: Swiss Policy Research (SPR) is an academic open-source research group without any links to any intelligence services or any other “insider knowledge”. *** Introduction On 22 March at 16:00 UCT, Swiss Policy Research published a post titled “Staged Terror on March 22”. The post

The “Kosovo War” 25 Years Ago

US diplomat and OSCE mission chief, William Walker, visits the staged “Racak massacre” on 17 January 1999 (KK) Published: 24 March 2024 25 years ago, Nato’s Kosovo War against Serbia began. 25 years ago today, Nato launched its illegal 78-day bombing campaign against Russian ally Serbia to take control of its Kosovo province. The war was based on a series of deceptions, such as the staged “Racak massacre” shown above: fallen KLA fighters were redressed

Staged Terror on March 22

Eight years ago today, the “Brussels bombings” occurred (shown above); exactly one year later, the “London Westminster attack” took place. Both events were staged, just like the “Manchester Arena bombing” on May 22, 2017, or of course the “Boston Marathon bombing”, the “LAX shooting”, and the “Kenya shopping mall attack” back in 2013. Videos: Simulated Terrorism → Comments are closed.  » Lees verder

The Ukraine War in 2024

Drone warfare, Nato enlargement, Ukraine front lines, destroyed tanks Published: March 2024 A no-nonsense analysis of new developments and deceptions in the Ukraine War. Contents: Media coverage / Military developments / Casualties / Peace negotiations / Cultural war / Geopolitical developments / Propaganda and deceptions / Conclusions ∗∗∗ Dedicated to the people of Ukraine, east and west. ∗∗∗ What readers say “Probably the most objective source on the war in Ukraine.” “The best, most meticulously

Geopolitics and Pedocriminality (Updated)

The SPR compendium on Geopolitics and Pedocriminality has been extended by a section on confirmed or suspected cases of closeted homosexuality and transsexuality. EN: Geopolitics & Pedocriminality → DE: Geopolitik und Pädokriminalität → Videos: Elite Pedocriminality → Comments are closed.  » Lees verder