The Unz Review:ㅤGermany’s AfD: Controlled Opposition, by Tom Sunic

Björn Höcke (AfD, Der Flügel) Alice Weidel (Chairwoman, AfD) Each time an aspiring nationalist party scores some parliamentary gains, let alone enters the corridors of power, its followers assume that the System faces imminent death, announcing the dawn of a shining nationalist future. Over the last seventy years, such a self-serving delusion has framed the mindset of countless White nationalist voters in the U.S. and Europe – leading, as a rule, to their constant disappointment.

The Unz Review:ㅤParting Ways: Jewish Father and His Antifa Brainchild, by Tom Sunic

The Israeli invasion of Gaza is yet another proof that history knows no end and that the line between friend and foe always needs to be redrawn anew. Following the Israeli incursion in Gaza, not only the founding year of the state of Israel needs to be reexamined but the whole post-World War II antifascist narrative is in need of historical reassessment. The wise proverb “beware of what you wish for” now befits countless Jewish

The Unz Review:ㅤHomo Judaicus: The Political Theology of US Foreign Policy, by Tom Sunic

Below is a short compilation of excerpts from my book, first published almost two decades ago, and republished by Arktos media in 2017. In light of the new geopolitical realignments and continuing political tremor in the Mideast it may be worth looking again at some underlying aspects of US foreign policy. America’s unconditional support of Israel resembles a belated form of White House Christian-inspired medieval neurosis. Fear of being called an anti-Semite prevents American politicians

The Unz Review:ㅤHow to be a Neo-Nazi or a White Supremacist Suspect, by Tom Sunic

Whenever an article appears in the mainstream media dealing with Croatia or Germany in World War II, the reader must be prepared for a deluge of surreal stories about the past Fascist epoch in general. Even Virgil’s Aeneid or Homer’s Odysseus visit to Hades pales in comparison with netherworld tales of modern court historians. Croatia in those troubled European times is regularly portrayed as a Nazi-run Ustasha puppet state responsible for the killing of over

The Unz Review:ㅤMyth or the Great Hoax: The Origins of Modern Demonology, by Tom Sunic

We all use mythical language, although we seldom admit it. In contrast to concepts which are the hallmarks of modern discourse, myths are based on images and symbolic forms of speech. In the mythmaking narrative images change and vary over historical time and place although their driving force remains constant in the identity building process of peoples, tribes, nations, including political movements. Many Christians, along with many atheists and agnostics, who deride as surreal ancient

The Unz Review:ㅤMarx, Moses and the Pagans in the Secular City, by Tom Sunic

Intro: Below is my essay published first in 1995 in quarterly CLIO (A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History). In view of century-long and still ongoing scholarly disputes about the genesis of totalitarian temptations, intellectual repressions, as well as modern “wokeism” in the EU and US – it may be worthwhile to reexamine the debate between proponents of monotheism and polytheism (“mono-poly”!) from a new vantage point. Which is the genuine religious

The Unz Review:ㅤHome Sweet Home? the Southern Quest for Identity, by Tom Sunic

Book Review of The Honorable Cause: A Free South (2023) Padraig Martin, editor From a faraway European perspective, it may sound odd to reminisce about the tragic history of the post-bellum South. College books in the US and EU still portray the South in an anecdotal, quasi–Wild West manner, the North being depicted as the eternal beacon of humanity and progress and the South as a territory of always lurking ugly White racists. The process

The Unz Review:ㅤThe Balkanized US/EU — Brinkmanship in Ukraine and the Balkans, by Tom Sunic

Politics is the art of comparing. Experts in foreign policy, let alone self-proclaimed savants, when projecting the end results of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine are inclined to draw historical parallels, deluding themselves often into self-serving conclusions. For that matter, it’s easier for a historian to deliver his judgments on a past political conflict by using a “causal nexus” approach than for a political scientist, or a legal scholar whose deductive reasonings lead

The Unz Review:ㅤHow to Become an Anti-Semite?, by Tom Sunic

Critical or laudatory writings about Jews seem to be an inexhaustible subject although it often turns into a repetitive rant. Over the last two thousand years tons of books and articles have been published either praising Jewish soul-improvers and their apostate apostles to the heavens, or describing their early Judaic brethren as the scum of the earth. Along with each historical surge in Jewish influence, there follows, as can be witnessed anew in the USA

The Unz Review: Rassenonderzoek in Duitsland, 1933-1945, door Tom Sunic

03-03-22 05: 10: 00, âTwee zielen, helaas, wonen in mijn borst, / elk wil heersen zonder de anderâ J.W Goethe, Faust, deel I, regels 1112-1113 Het is gemakkelijker om politiek en menselijk gedrag te bespreken met biologen en genetici dan met sociale wetenschappers. Dit geldt in het bijzonder voor het debat over de rol van raciale erfelijkheid en hoe deze het karakter en het politieke gedrag van de mens beïnvloedt. Het enige probleem is echter…

Mnemosyne en Lethe; de cultuur van herinnering en vergetelheid in het westerse systeem, door Tom Sunic

25-11-21 05: 00: 00, Salvador Dalí. âThe Persistence of Memoryâ (1931) De herinneringscultuur vormt het politieke fundament van elke staat in de wereld. Wanneer men het heeft over de herinneringscultuur in Duitsland, denkt men onmiddellijk aan het door de geallieerden…