Meet Bill Gates


There can be no doubt that Bill Gates has worn many hats on his remarkable journey from his early life as the privileged son of a Seattle-area power couple to his current status as one of the richest and most influential people on the planet. But, as we have seen in our exploration of Gates’ rise as unelected global health czar and population control advocate, the question of who Bill Gates really is is no mere philosophical pursuit. Today we will attempt to answer that question as we examine the motives, the ideology, and the connections of this man who has been so instrumental in shaping the post-coronavirus world.

How Governments Are Hunting the Infected – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Most States Sharing “Covid” Patients’ Addresses With “Law Enforcement”

South Korea’s Tracking Of COVID-19 Patients Raises Privacy Concerns

Story #2: Co-Executor of Epstein’s Estate Faces Questioning Under Oath

Epstein’s Lawyers Deeply Involved In His Business Dealings for Decades (Aug. 13, 2019)

Epstein Met With Bill Gates After Jail

Epstein Met With Alan Dershowitz In Jail

Story #3: Johnson & Johnson Pulls Sale of Talc-Based Baby Powder In North America

Everything Is Super Swell At Johnson & Johnson, Folks! (Just Don’t Mention The Baby Powder Cancer)

#PropagandaWatch: Asbestos Found in Baby Powder. You’ll Never Guess How J&J Respond!

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Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid


The takeover of public health that we have documented in How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health and the remarkably brazen push to vaccinate everyone on the planet that we have documented in Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World was not, at base, about money. The unimaginable wealth that Gates has accrued is now being used to purchase something much more useful: control. Control not just of the global health bodies that can coordinate a worldwide vaccination program, or the governments that will mandate such an unprecedented campaign, but control over the global population itself.

Plandemic Planners Threaten A Dark Winter For America – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Ousted Whistleblower Warns of “Darkest Winter In Modern History”

Ousted Vaccine Chief Bright to Warn “Window of Opportunity Is Closing” for Virus Response

PDF: “Scientific Integrity in the COVID-19 Response – Statement of Rick Bright, Ph.D”

Colleagues Paint Mixed Picture of Ousted Vaccine Chief

’Dead Zone’ TV Episode ‘Plague’ From 2003: Coronavirus From China, Chloroquine As Treatment

“Operation Dark Winter” Videos (Jun. 22-23, 2001)

Story #2: Bars, Restaurants Allowed To Reopen If They Agree To Snitch On Customers

Washington State Restaurants Will Have to Keep Log of Customers to Aid in Contact Tracing

Kansas County Orders Businesses to Track Customers; Lawsuit Calls That Unconstitutional

Tesla’s Elon Musk Defies Government Orders in an Act of Economic Civil Disobedience

Opposing Lockdown Is NOT “Profits Before People”

Story #3: The Age Of ‘Rona Has ’Black Mirror’ Creator Writing Comedies Instead

BBC Two Confirms Charlie Brooker’s ‘Antiviral Wipe’

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Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World


In January of 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates announced a $10 billion pledge to usher in a decade of vaccines. But far from an unalloyed good, the truth is that this attempt to reorient the global health economy was part of a much bigger agenda. An agenda that would ultimately lead to greater profits for big pharma companies, greater control for the Gates Foundation over the field of global health, and greater power for Bill Gates to shape the course of the future for billions of people around the planet.

People must face the truth

We must face the truth of the situation that we are ACTUALLY experiencing in order to gain the necessary courage to respond properly

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I’m closing out my channel with this clip from Larkin Rose. Enjoy!

Larkin Rose

Corbett Report Extras

(D.A-K)exposing the _magic trick – the sleight of hand that transformed society

jon rappaport –

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MUST SEE: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health


Who is Bill Gates? A software developer? A businessman? A philanthropist? A global health expert? This question, once merely academic, is becoming a very real question for those who are beginning to realize that Gates’ unimaginable wealth has been used to gain control over every corner of the fields of public health, medical research and vaccine development. And now that we are presented with the very problem that Gates has been talking about for years, we will soon find that this software developer with no medical training is going to leverage that wealth into control over the fates of billions of people.

Guess Who’s Growing Your Meat? – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to the 406th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Bill Gates Worked To End Livestock Production, Pushed Lab Grown Meat

President Trump Readies Bailout For Nation’s Food Suppliers

Bill Gates Among 117 Foreigners To Be Decorated By Japan

Please Stop The Ride

Story #2: New Microsoft Bitcoin Mining System Set to Transform BTC Mining

Episode 145 – You Are Being Gamed

Video: Bill Gates Gets Pied In Belgium, Circa 1999

Story #3: CT Cops Cancel Spy Drone, Showing Resistance to Medical Martial Law Can Work

Updated Press Release: Westport Police Department Statement on Drone Pilot Program

California Cops Heckled As They Tell 93-Year-Old Couple They Can’t Sit in Chairs on the Beach

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Stop pretending!

People need to wake up and deal with the actual truth of our situation rather than hiding behind their perception of what they believe or HOPE is happening

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Disturbed – “The Light” (Lyrics)

The State of the Police State – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to the 405th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Here’s What You Need to Know About Australia’s Coronavirus Tracking App

Alberta’s “Bill 10” Is An Affront To The Rule Of Law

LGBT People In Japan Worry Getting Coronavirus May Result In Outing

Story #2: Neo-Nazis Nab 20,000 Leaked Email Addresses, Passwords From WHO and Gates Foundation

NWNW Flashback: Rita Katz Deserves An Oscar Nomination (Dec. 3, 2015)

Suspicious S.I.T.E. To Release Another ‘Bin Laden’ Tape (Nov. 27, 2007)

Microsoft Pulls Ad Featuring Marina Abramović Over Conspiracy Theory

Video: Deleted Microsoft Ad With Marina

NYC Mayor De Blasio’s Social Distancing Tip Line Flooded With Penis Photos, Hitler Memes

Russians Launch Mass Virtual Protests Using SatNav Application

Story #3: Colombia Mass-Producing Ventilators Using Open Source Techniques

Colombia Close to Having World’s First Open Source, Low-Cost Ventilator

Original Jerusalem Post Story: “US Department of Defense Give 1 Million Masks To IDF For Coronavirus Use”

Edited Jerusalem Post Story: “Israel Brings 1 Million Masks From China For IDF Soldiers”

Some Doctors Moving Away From Ventilators For Virus Patients

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Speaking Truth to Power in Covid-1984 – Kit Knightly on The Corbett Report


Kit Knightly of joins us to discuss the site’s ongoing coverage of the corona crisis. From experts questioning the panic to death figure over-estimates to pushback against the new normal, today we highlight the work of those who are speaking truth to power on the defining event of our age . . . and point out those who are cheering on the out-of-control police state.

Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics


The numbers are in on the great Covid-19 pandemic . . . but unfortunately those numbers are unreliable. From mendacious models and puffed-up projections to dodgy death data and tainted tests, today on The Corbett Report James highlights what the accredited scientists and award-winning researchers are saying about the pandemic pandemonium of 2020.

Inside the Free State Project with Vince Perfetto


Vince Perfetto, Executive Director of the Free State Project, joins us to introduce the project to congregate liberty-minded people in New Hampshire. We discuss the origins of the FSP, its goals, and what it has accomplished so far. Vince also answers James’ questions about the problems inherent in such a project and the difficulties any such geographically-located liberty community will face.



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How To Become A Billionaire (and what to do with it)


So you want to be a billionaire? Easy. Just come from a well-connected, eugenics-obsessed elitist insider family and steal, swindle and scam your way to the top. Getting rid of your billions in a way that benefits you and helps to depopulate the earth, however…now that’s the hard part. Join us today as we study the master of billionaire-fueled, eugenics-driven philanthropy of our times: Bill Gates.