What is Military Handbook 238?

Derrick Broze explores Military Handbook 238 and asks how it relates to the dangers of electromagnetic radiation?


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WYNIA’s WEEK: ‘Zelfs de hoogste rechters komen niet meer op voor burgers’

SYP WYNIA in gesprek met prof. JOS TEUNISSEN, tot voor kort hoogleraar staatsleer. Teunissen verzet zich met kracht tegen het URGENDA-arrest van de Hoge Raad, dat de regering dwingt om op korte termijn extra klimaatmaatregelen te nemen. Met dat arrest worden niet-bindende afspraken van de Verenigde Naties tot bindende wetgeving gemaakt, door het door Urgenda geëiste verscherpte klimaatbeleid tot mensenrecht te verklaren. Teunissen vindt dat ‘juridische alchemie’. Toch geeft hij niet alleen de rechters de schuld van deze dwaling. Een kwart eeuw geleden hebben regering en parlement het zelf mogelijk gemaakt – door een wijziging van het Burgerlijk Wetboek – voor actiegroepen als Urgenda om te doen alsof zij optreden namens het algemeen belang. Om te beginnen zou dat wetsartikel moeten worden geschrapt, zegt prof. Teunissen. Meer in Wynia’s Week http://www.sypwynia.nl #VolgWyniasWeek

CLAIRE EDWARDS ~ “The 5G Space Weapon, Mind Control Agenda & Kill Grid” [Age Of Truth TV] [HD]

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An important and informative interview on the topic of 5G and the “International Appeal To STOP 5G on Earth and in Space”. Spokesperson for the Appeal to STOP 5G, CLAIRE EDWARDS is the guest on this eye-opening, in-depth and compelling episode of AGE OF TRUTH TV, interviewed by presenter and investigative reporter, Lucas Alexander.

British/Irish CLAIRE EDWARDS is a former United Nations editor and gave trainings at the United Nations in intercultural writing. She is an author, teacher and international speaker. She has a degree in French Language and Literature and a master’s degree in Intercultural Competence. While working at the UN, for many years she edited all the documents of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and its Legal, and Scientific and Technical subcommittees (such that she is familiar with space law and the particular issues of concern regarding use of the space orbits).

She is bicultural (English/Irish) and has lived in six different countries (England, France, Czech Republic, Japan, Thailand and Austria) and speaks English, French, Japanese and German, in that order of competence.

She now works full-time on alerting the public to the dangers of wireless technology and the existential threat of the 5G rollout. She has authored eight articles on the different aspects of the 5G rollout, the last one of which dealt with the issue of 5G space satellites and gives presentations on the issue around Europe.

5G is a global agenda, which is pushed by the UN.
She brought the matter of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation to the attention of Antonio Guterres, the Portuguese UN Secretary-General, in May 2018. Despite his being an electrical engineer and physicist, who actually lectured on telecommunications signals early in his career, before he became a politician, he chose to laugh at her concerns about the health of the 4,000 UN staff in Vienna and did nothing about it. It is now almost four years later and the staff continue to be exposed to very high levels of EMR. Many people at the UN Vienna have had breast cancer and heart attacks, some have died prematurely, and many staff suffer from burnout, which is also associated with EMR. Claire asked only that experts be brought in to check the safety of these high exposures, but nothing, to her knowledge, has been done. She remains very concerned and would like to be assured that the situation is not going to be exacerbated by a 5G rollout at the Vienna International Centre.

Since Claire spoke to the UN Secretary-General and warned him about the extreme danger of rolling out 5G, he has appointed a High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation, which was stuffed with industry insiders and not a single doctor or environmental expert, and promoted 5G in all UN policies and programmes

After addressing the Secretary-General, she was invited to assist with the drafting of the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space and ended up not only editing the entire text, but also authoring parts of it. It is a scientific text with 122 references and sets out the whole problem of 5G and particularly the dangers of placing satellites for 5G in the Earth orbits, which have long been the subject of major concern at the UN because of excessive space debris and the threat of weaponization.


– The dangers of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies.
– Smart Meters and Internet of Things.
– A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) – connecting to the human mind.
– The agenda of total control, surveillance and domination of people on Earth.
– The New World Order and Secret Societies.
– Depopulation.
– Mind Control and indoctrination.
– Science and pseudo-science.
– Media manipulation.
– U.N. Agenda 21
– Space Weaponisation.
– CLIMATE CHANGE and The Club Of Rome plan.
– Is all this TRUE or not?

………………..all this and much more in the hard-talk, table-talk interview with Age Of Truth TV´s Lucas Alexander.

Filmed at the Age Of Truth TV studios,
Copenhagen, Denmark
30 October 2019

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