Startup gets Army funding to test wearable monitor for early Covid-19 detection – MedCity News

20-01-21 01:50:00,

BioIntelliSense makes small, adhesive sensors that can monitor a patient’s vital signs. Photo credit: BioIntelliSense

Remote-monitoring startup BioIntelliSense received funding from the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) to see if its wearable sensor “sticker” could be used to detect Covid-19 symptoms early. The Golden, Colo.-based startup, and Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG), received a $2.8 million award to use wearable to identify Covid-19 cases before symptoms appear.

BioIntelliSense received FDA clearance a year ago for a small, adhesive sensor it developed that can monitor a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate and skin temperature, as well as their gait, body position or coughing. At the beginning of 2020, it struck a partnership with Colorado-based health system UCHealth to use its device leading up to a surgery or for postoperative care.

Now, the companies plan to enroll 2,500 patients into a study, working with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, to validate the startup’s BioSticker device for early symptom detection. People who are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or who had a recent exposure to the disease are eligible to participate.

If successful, the technology could be used to maximize military preparedness and have a benefit for the general population, Commander Christopher Steele, Director of the USAMRDC’s Military Operational Medicine Research Program, said in a news release.

Philips, which has a minority stake in BioIntelliSense, had been working with the Department of Defense on remote monitoring technologies long before the pandemic. It had specifically been working on a project to use wearables to catch early signs of a bacterial or viral infection before symptoms appear, with the idea of detecting an unknown agent.

Over the summer, Philips rolled out a version of the system that was specifically designed for Covid-19.

“No one organization will be able to combat Covid-19 alone, but working together, we hope to develop a solution that will allow people to understand if they are in the early stages of illness, and take the appropriate actions to help limit spread and get the treatment they need,” Vitor Rocha, Chief Market Leader of Philips North America, said in a news release. “This could help give people confidence in getting back to school, work,

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Poll: Plurality of Brits Support Government Spying On People via Cellphone Tracking to Enforce Lockdown

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Academics from Duke, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins have concluded that there could be around a million excess deaths over the next two decades as a result of lockdowns.

A NBER working paper titled The Long-Term Impact Of The Covid-19 Unemployment Shock On life Expectancy And Mortality Rates suggests that “For the overall population, the increase in the death rate following the COVID-19 pandemic implies a staggering 0.89 and 1.37 million excess deaths over the next 15 and 20 years, respectively.”

The paper was written by Francesco Bianchi, an economist at Duke University, Giada Bianchi, an MD in the Division of Hematology, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School, and Dongho Song, an economist at the Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School.

The study into how unemployment affects mortality and life expectancy was centred around 67 years of data about unemployment, life expectancy, and death rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The paper suggests that deaths caused by the economic and societal decline as a result of lockdowns may “far exceed those immediately related to the acute COVID-19 critical illness.”

“The recession caused by the pandemic can jeopardize population health for the next two decades,” they add.

The paper explains:

These numbers correspond to 0.24% and 0.37% of the projected US population at the 15- and 20-year horizons, respectively. For African- Americans, we estimate 180 thousand and 270 thousand excess deaths over the next 15 and 20 years, respectively. These numbers correspond to 0.34% and 0.49% of the projected African- American population at the 15- and 20-year horizons, respectively. For Whites, we estimate 0.82 and 1.21 million excess deaths over the next 15 and 20 years, respectively. These numbers correspond to 0.30% and 0.44% of the projected White population at the 15- and 20-year horizons, respectively. These numbers are roughly equally split between men and women.

The authors also note that “Based on emerging data, it is likely that the limited access to health care during the lockdown, temporary discontinuation of preventive care interventions, massive loss of employer-provided health insurance coverage, and the lingering concern of the population about seeking medical care out of fear of contracting COVID-19 will impact mortality rate and life expectancy even more severely.”

They add “We interpret these results as a strong indication that policymakers should take into consideration the severe,

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UK Gov’t Hires Men To Stand In Public With TV On Head For Pandemic Propaganda

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If 1984 hasn’t arrived in America just yet, it certainly has taken over in the UK. The picture says it all: roaming Teletubbies with TVs on their shoulders proclaiming the latest COVID propaganda from the Ministry of Truth. Bizarre. ⁃ Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

By 21st Century Wire

In one of the most desperate and bizarre moves yet, a local government in the UK has begun recruiting men to walking the streets with TVs strapped over their heads, supposedly to help police during a highly unpopular lockdown.

Bradford Council in Yorkshire announced their new ‘iWalkers’ scheme, where local council saw staff and volunteers are deployed onto the streets with a 19-inch screen weighing 18 lbs, mounted on their shoulders.

According to reports, the program ran for two days before it began to go horribly wrong. The government scheme was so ridiculous, residents thought it might have been satire at first, or a prank, not believing that the local government had lost the plot to such a degree. When they realized the plan was actually a real government initiative, the public backlash was severe; embarrassed council officials panicked and removed their Facebook post detailing their ‘exciting new program.’

A number of outrageous comments, both in person and online, were hurled at the walking Robocop-like human propaganda digital billboards.

These real-life Teletubbies were supposed to be walking the city and town streets, wearing masks, while their TVs would be pushing out government propaganda on COVID – designed by government behavioural insights team and applied behavioural psychologists – to nudge residents into tighter lockdown compliance, and to keep the public abreast of minute-to-minute ever-changing “coronavirus rules and restrictions.”

According to reports, the cost of Bradford’s COVID Teletubbies is being paid for through government funding of “Covid-19 communications.”

Local government officials denied they had deleted their new initiative because of public embarrassment, and instead claimed it was suddenly taken down because of public comments that supposedly “crossed the line into abuse of people who are working hard to help residents and workers in Bradford District stay safe and stop the spread of the virus.”

Read full story here…

Sourced from Technocracy News & Trends

Image: UK’s bizarre ‘Robocop-like’ walking propaganda digital billboards (Image Credit: Gomo Digital)

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I’m Blocked From Uploading to GooTube (and Other News)


To the surprise of absolutely no one, The Corbett Report’s main ThemTube channel has been struck for “medical misinformation” so I’m unable to upload there for the next week. You will be surprised to learn which videos were struck, though. Learn more about that and my many upcoming speaking engagements in today’s Thought For The Day.

Die Rückkehr der Lager

20-01-21 01:42:00,

Ich bin Deutscher, geboren gegen Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs und habe auch als „Nachgeborener“ wegen der Gräueltaten vieler Deutscher während des Hitlerfaschismus meine gesamte Jugend- und Studentenzeit unter drückenden Schuldgefühlen gelitten. Seit Tagen lese ich nun in den deutschen Mainstream-Medien, dass viele Bundesländer planen, sogenannte zentrale Sammelstellen, Erstaufnahme-Einrichtungen und Unterbringungsobjekte bereitzustellen für die Zwangseinweisung von Quarantänebrechern. Diese „Absonderungsplätze“ sollen dauerhaft durch einen Wachdienst kontrolliert werden (1).

Da sich mir als Deutschem — und sicher nicht nur mir! — bei diesen Meldungen unwillkürlich finstere Erinnerungen an die Anfänge der deutschen Internierungs- und Konzentrationslager in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus aufdrängen, sage, schreibe und schreie ich diese Nachricht in die ganze Welt hinaus. Ich kann nicht länger schweigen, weil „Schweigen Verrat bedeutet“. Das sagte der US-amerikanische Baptistenpastor und Bürgerrechtler Martin Luther King Jr. am 4. April 1967 in seiner historischen Rede gegen den Vietnamkrieg (2).

Am 17. Januar 2021 schrieb Focus online unter der Überschrift „Mehrere Bundesländer wollen Quarantänebrecher zwangseinweisen“:

„Mehrere Bundesländer wollen laut einem Bericht der ‚Welt am Sonntag‘ nun schärfer gegen hartnäckige Quarantäneverweigerer vorgehen. Neben hohen Bußgeldern droht bei Missachtung der geltenden Bestimmungen künftig im Extremfall die Zwangseinweisung in zentrale Sammelstellen, Kliniken oder Jugendarrestanstalten. Bereits jetzt werde dies auf Grundlage richterlicher Anweisungen in Einzelfällen praktiziert“ (3).

Im Anschluss wurden die Pläne der sechs Bundesländer Baden-Württemberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Brandenburg, Sachsen, Bayern und Berlin detailliert vorgestellt.

In den deutschen Konzentrationslagern wurden nicht nur Millionen Juden, sondern auch viele andere Menschen ermordet, „wie Kommunisten, Sozialisten, Pfarrer, Systemkritiker, Sinti und Roma, Homosexuelle, Zeugen Jehovas, geistig Behinderte und angebliche ‚Asoziale‘“ (4).

In diesem Zusammenhang lassen allein die Äußerungen des bayerischen Ministerpräsidenten und CSU-Chefs Markus Söder — der seit Tagen öffentlich davor warnt, dass sich aus dem Umfeld oppositioneller Bürger und „Querdenker“, die mit den illegalen staatlichen Zwangsmaßnahmen nicht einverstanden sind, ein „Corona-Mob“, sogar eine „Corona-RAF“ mit einer möglichen „Terrorzelle“ herausbilden könnte (5) — erahnen, was möglicherweise auf die deutschen Bürger zukommt. Die „Rote Armee Fraktion“ (RAF) war zwischen den 1970er- und den 1990er-Jahren eine linksextremistische terroristische Vereinigung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Abschließend sei an die Worte des deutschen lutherischen Pfarrers Martin Niemöller (1892 bis 1984) erinnert. Er sprach sich offen gegen Adolf Hitler aus und verbrachte die letzten sieben Jahre der nationalsozialistischen Herrschaft in Konzentrationslagern. Die folgenden Zeilen schrieb er nach Kriegsende:

„Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,

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