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In 2005, Israel virtually installed Mahmoud Abbas as Palestinian president and PLO chairman.

A rigged election with no legitimacy assured it. His mandate is serving as Israel’s enforcer.

He’s kept in power as long as remaining submissive to Israeli interests at the expense of long-suffering Palestinians whose fundamental rights he long ago abandoned for special benefits afforded him by the Jewish state.

Like all politicians, ignore his rhetoric. Follow his actions alone.

His policies never deviated from collaborating with the enemy. A former aide called him the “sultan of Ramallah,” describing him as thin-skinned and vengeful, tolerating no opposition.

As long as he knows who’s boss, he’s allowed to continue as a figurehead president, a puppet of Israeli interests.

Throughout his tenure, Israel expanded illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land exponentially with no opposition from Abbas and his inner circle — other than meaningless rhetoric.

It’s hard recalling how many times he vowed no longer to go along with Israel/Palestinian agreements — actions never following rhetoric.

Time and again, he says one thing and does another, a duplicitous figure since involvement in the Oslo Accords.

Virtually all PLO agreements with Israel since Oslo in September 1993 benefitted the Jewish state exclusively at the expense of fundamental Palestinian rights – over a generation of betrayal by PLO officials.

Chances for turning a new page ahead are virtually nil. Abbas and other key PLO officials have much to lose by going this way – including their lives.

In November, he’ll be age-85. According to Israel’s Hebrew-language Israel Today broadsheet, its most widely read, “he won’t be in office much longer,” his replacement unclear.

PA intelligence chief Majid Faraq may be his most likely successor, an Israeli collaborator like Abbas.

On Tuesday, once again he disingenuously vowed to renounce all agreements with Israel, an empty threat like countless times before.

According to the Palestinian Wafa news agency, he announced his empty intention at a Ramallah emergency session to discuss relations with Israel, reportedly saying:

“The Palestine Liberation Organization and the state of Palestine are absolved, as of today, of all the agreements and understandings with the American and Israeli governments and of all the obligations based on these understandings and agreements,

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Palestine’s Abbas suspends ALL agreements with Israel


25-07-19 07:34:00,

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has announced that all standing agreements with the state of Israel will be suspended indefinitely, following the bulldozing of homes in the occupied West Bank.

President Abbas announced the decision on Thursday afternoon, and said it would take effect by Friday. The move comes in response to the Israeli government’s demolition of homes in Wadi Hummus, a Palestinian community in southeast Jerusalem.

“We will not obey the dictatorship and reject attempts to impose accomplished facts, particularly in East Jerusalem,” Abbas said, following a meeting with senior Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, according to the WAFA news agency.

Palestine and East Jerusalem cannot be a subject of bargaining.

“The hands of the Palestinians are still stretched out towards a just and comprehensive peace, … but this does not mean that we are ready to capitulate and coexist with the occupation,” he added.

Tel Aviv recently announced plans to clear the way for new settlements in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem. The move was slammed by the European Union as “an obstacle to peace” which “continues to undermine the possibility of a viable two state solution.”

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Moreover, during his latest bid for the prime ministership, Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to “extend sovereignty” over, or annex, the existing settlements in the West Bank. That promise is reportedly reflected in Washington’s peace plan, dubbed in the media the “deal of the century” even though its contents have not yet been revealed. Reports claim it would offer to formally place the settlements under Israeli legal control as part of the deal, a condition vocally contested by the Palestinians.

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Trump ‘fond’ of Abbas, Kushner insists while raging over Palestinian rejection


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Presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner slammed the Palestinian Authority for rejecting his “Deal of the Century,” calling them “hysterical and erratic” while claiming President Donald Trump is “fond” of President Mahmoud Abbas.

Trump likes the Palestinian leader “very much personally,” Kushner told reporters on Wednesday, adding that the president is just waiting for the right time to “engage” him on the long-awaited “Deal of the Century” peace plan the administration has been hyping for over a year. Palestinian leadership has refused to meet with the Trump administration ever since the US cut Palestine off from hundreds of millions of dollars in United Nations refugee aid in January 2018, a month after moving its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

“Our door is always open to the Palestinian leadership,” the senior White House adviser said, complaining that “certain people around [Abbas] are very uncomfortable with the way we’ve approached this and their natural reaction is to attack and say crazy things.”

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Kushner also hinted that his “deal” could require five million Palestinian refugees to give up their claims to the land they were forced to abandon during the 1948 Nakba that followed the creation of Israel. He insisted on “finalizing” the economic plan before moving on to the political process, even though both the Israeli and Palestinian governments boycotted the Bahrain conference Kushner staged to unveil the economic part of the “deal.”

While Kushner’s proposition offers Palestinians $50 billion for their homeland, expected to be contributed by Israel’s wealthy Gulf State neighbors, and he even offered to sweeten the deal by promising a million jobs and a doubling of Palestine’s GDP over the next decade, Abbas has dismissed it as “humiliating blackmail,” pointing out that it “ends the Palestinian cause.”

The Palestinian leadership has made a strategic mistake by not engaging on this.They look very foolish for trying to fight against this.

While acknowledging that Palestinian refugees in Lebanon might be interested in “a pathway for them to have more rights and live a better life,” any political solution will focus on what is “pragmatic,

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Mahmud Abbas: kater na kwart eeuw diplomatiek geschipper – The Rights Forum

Mahmud Abbas: kater na kwart eeuw diplomatiek geschipper – The Rights Forum

08-05-18 02:12:00,


Mahmud Abbas Palestijnse Autoriteit antisemitisme

ABP: stop met investeren in Israëls kolonisering

Teken de petitie

Teken nu!

Jan Keulen / Mahmud Abbas: kater na kwart eeuw diplomatiek geschipper

Wat bezielde de Palestijnse president met zijn recente a-historische betoog, dat hem op beschuldigingen van antisemitisme kwam te staan?

Mahmud Abbas tijdens zijn toespraak tot de Palestijnse Nationale Raad.Ledger Online 

Logisch dat je, op 83-jarige leeftijd, als politiek leider nadenkt over wat je uiteindelijk hebt bereikt voor je volk en hoe de geschiedenis over je zal oordelen. Misschien is dat de reden dat de Palestijnse president Mahmud Abbas de afgelopen maanden zich in zijn toespraken meer dan ooit direct tot de bevolking richtte, in een taal zonder diplomatieke subtiliteiten en vaak in Palestijns-Arabisch dialect.

Tijdens een bijeenkomst van PLO-leiders in januari bekritiseerde Abbas de Amerikaanse president Donald Trump, onder andere vanwege z’n beslissing Jeruzalem te erkennen als hoofdstad van Israël, met de uitdrukking Yakhrib baytak, letterlijk: mag je huis vernield worden. Stik maar, zouden we in het Nederlands zeggen, of: je kunt het dak op.

In maart beledigde Abbas de Amerikaanse ambassadeur in Israël David Friedman door hem een Ibn kalb (zoon van een hond) te noemen vanwege z’n steun voor de Israëlische settlements. ‘Deze zoon van een hond beweert dat de Israëli’s op hun eigen land bouwen’, aldus een furieuze Palestijnse president. ‘Zoon van een hond’ is in het Midden-Oosten overigens een even gangbare belediging als ‘moge je huis vernield worden’.

En vorige week, tijdens een toespraak tot de Palestijnse Nationale Raad, gaf Abbas zijn versie van de geschiedenis van Israël en het jodendom, die – terecht – al snel door velen als antisemitisch werd bestempeld. Hij verklaarde, zich beroepend op Karl Marx, de eeuwenoude haat in Europa jegens joden uit louter sociaaleconomische motieven.

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