U.S. and Worldwide Action Replacing Unsafe Radiation Emitting WiFi in Schools with Wired Internet (Update) – Activist Post


27-05-20 06:26:00,

By B.N. Frank

Health experts recommending that WiFi in schools be replaced with wired internet connections (aka Ethernet) is nothing new.  In fact, for many years the American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts have been warning that children are more vulnerable to all sources of wireless exposure – Bluetooth, cell phone and WiFi radiation – because they are smaller, their skulls are thinner, and their bodies are still developing.  Some schools have already replaced WiFi and more are moving in that direction.

Thanks to Environmental Health Trust for this updated list of where action has and/or is being taken as well as supporting videos:

Worldwide schools and governments are taking action to reduce levels of wireless and electromagnetic radiation in schools. Wireless exposures in schools come from cell phones, Wi-Fi, 5G virtual reality, and nearby cell towers/antennas. In addition, schools now have wireless security and equipment networks that create wireless exposures. Schools also will have magnetic field electromagnetic exposures from the nearby high-voltage powerlines.

In addition to government country wide actions like replacing Wi-Fi with safe wired networks, individual school districts and individual schools are making changes. This page presents only a few of the worldwide policies moving forward. EHT is committed to safe technology in schools and regularly writes and briefs policymakers on the issue.

Research has already determined that wireless exposure can reduce immunity in fighting illnesses as well as cause many other health issues including increased cancer risk.  The Russian Ministry of Health recently advised that families limit children’s exposure during the pandemic.

Unfortunately in the U.S. the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is promoting more wireless emitting technology even though no “safe” level has yet been scientifically determined for kids or pregnant women.  One FCC commissioner actually encouraged schools to provide WiFi Hot Spots to families so kids can learn in virtual classrooms.

The FCC is supposed to protect the public by regulating the telecom industry.  They were a corrupt agency before Trump was elected and have become much more dangerous since then.  Lawsuits have been filed against them for NOT protecting the public from unsafe levels of wireless radiation (see 1,

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Your Action Required: Freedom at Risk Through Surveillance Reauthorization Bill – Activist Post


13-03-20 09:32:00,

By Janet Phelan

It may be time to dust off your telephone and reassert your rights. At this writing, any remnant of your freedom and privacy is under massive attack–not by a terrorist group but by your official representatives.

The House of Representatives has passed a surveillance reauthorization bill H.R.6172 – 116th Congress (2019-2020): USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act of 2020 which cements and continues FBI surveillance on US citizens.

The bill reauthorizes Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, which is the section that the spy agencies have cited to allow their collection of phone records of hundreds of millions of Americans. This controversial program was reportedly discontinued by the NSA in 2015; however, the spying on American citizens through electronic devices has persisted. H.R. 6172 would reauthorize three provisions for continued spying: 1) The roving wiretap, which allows the spy agencies to tap multiple phones and devices of a target 2) the business records provision, which allows the FBI to compel companies to turn over customer information without a warrant and 3) the “lone wolf” provision, which allows the tapping of a target who has no ostensible connections to terrorist organizations.

While H.R. 6172 is being touted as a “reform” effort, careful scrutiny of its provisions indicates that the “reforms” are thin to non-existent.

For example, the bill promises “due process” for those targeted with surveillance. According to this stipulation, targets would receive notice and an opportunity to protest via the courts.

However, the bill states that the due process rights do not apply in a situation of national security. And as all FISA matters are considered to be national security, the absurdity of this alleged reform becomes apparent.

The FISA court was established in 1979 and has to date reportedly received over 40,000 applications for surveillance authority. All but a small fraction–1%–have been granted.

Unlike the sunset clauses in the original PATRIOT Act, which allowed for the expiration of these authorities, H.R. 6172 makes them permanent. The ACLU has provided a one page summary of the bill One Page Summary of Conference Report on Patriot Act Reauthorization.

H.R. 6172 now moves to the Senate,

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Taking Action For Assange: This Is What Real Activism Looks Like – Politicians Exposed! – Activist Post


22-12-19 08:33:00,

By Jason Bermas

Dack Rouleau is the rare breed of front-line activist willing to step up and ask direct questions to the political establishment.

As you will hear from Dack’s confrontational form of journalism that Jason Bermas highlights, politicians are more than hesitant to clarify their position on the persecution Julian Assange.

This is the story of how today’s supposed “opposition” candidates handle a simple and direct line of questioning.

See Dack’s videos and support his work HERE and follow him on Twitter.

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Climate Action Protests: Deep State Indoctrination | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


02-10-19 09:27:00,

by Julian Rose

On 20 September, hundreds of thousands stepped out onto the streets of the world’s cities to call for ‘Climate Action’. The great majority doing so, no doubt based upon genuine feelings of concern for the future of the planet and the stability of the climate. A concern that has its origins in a proclamation issued at the 1992 Rio de Janeiro United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Out of which conference emerged ‘Agenda 21’, now updated to ‘Agenda 2030’, which declares the need to ‘transform the world by fully embracing sustainable development’.

In turn, Agenda 2030 forms the foundation for current Climate Action/ Extinction Rebellion calls for A Green New Deal to replace fossil fuel powered industries by renewable resource based energy providers that will lead to a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ and the lowering of CO2 emissions to levels arrived at by United Nations backed Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

To get to grips with how and why the present large scale actions are being fomented, by just a small number of very well prepared leaders, we need to go back to the first ever meeting of the Bilderberg Group in 1954 and particularly the subsequent 1968 meeting of Club of Rome organised by Aurelio Peccei, the prominent Italian industrialist and senior executive of Fiat.

Here the ground was laid for a plan to wrest control of world affairs into the hands of a small elite group of industrialists, bankers, lawyers, military strategists and royalty, who saw their role as being ‘keepers of the world’s environment’ and stewards of economic growth, coupled to a depopulation scenario and planetary management agenda involving a perpetuation of the hierarchical pyramid structure that would maintain a controlling influence over the wealth of all mankind.

Justin Walker, a British Green, whose uncle was closely associated with Aurelio Peccei, recounts how, in 1982, Peccei invited him to work in his office in Rome, stating that ‘it would be at a very exciting and challenging time’. Justin, editor of ‘New Chartist’, states in the present edition “His words were, and I remember them very well “We are creating a huge global environmental problem that will frighten people into wanting a World Government run by us.

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‘Any US action in Venezuela would be lawful’: Pompeo drums up invasion option after failed coup


05-05-19 03:08:00,

As Mike Pompeo prepares to meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to discuss the crisis in Venezuela, the US secretary of state said bluntly that President Donald Trump has a “full range” of powers to intervene at will.

Speaking on ABC’s ‘This Week’ on Sunday, Pompeo elaborated on the oft-repeated line that “all options are on the table” when it comes to intervening militarily in Venezuela.

“The president has his full range of Article 2 authorities and I’m very confident that any action we took in Venezuela would be lawful,” Pompeo stated when asked if President Trump could intervene in the country’s power struggle without congressional approval. Article 2 of the US Constitution grants the president the right to declare war and act as commander in chief of the country’s armed forces.

NEW: Asked if Trump believes he could intervene militarily in Venezuela without Congress’ approval, Mike Pompeo says, “The president has his full range of Article 2 authorities and I’m very confident that any action we took in Venezuela would be lawful” https://t.co/0VRfgJOgdFpic.twitter.com/ksOrZoTF1M

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) May 5, 2019

Pompeo also warned Russia against supporting its Latin American ally. “The Russians need to get out,” he told ABC. “Every country that is interfering with the Venezuelan people’s right to restore their own democracy needs to leave.”

Pompeo’s bold statement comes ahead of a meeting with Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Finland on Monday. The pair are expected to discuss the ongoing crisis in Venezuela on the sidelines of an Arctic Council meeting in the northern Finnish city of Rovaniemi.

They already spoke by phone on Wednesday, with Pompeo accusing Moscow of meddling in the country by continuing to support embattled President Nicolas Maduro, and Lavrov accusing Washington of wielding “destructive influence” by backing opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Also on rt.com
Maduro instructs military to prepare to repel US attack on Venezuela

An attempted military coup by the Washington-sponsored Guaido fizzled out last week, and Maduro remains in power in Caracas. Despite President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreeing that they “feel the same way” on Venezuela following a phone call on Friday,

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‘Deepfakes’ in action: Seattle TV station accused of doctoring Trump speech video


10-01-19 07:59:00,

As the nation tuned in to President Trump’s national address on border security, one Seattle TV station apparently manipulated its coverage on the fly, editing the footage to show Trump sticking out his tongue at viewers.

In a side-by-side comparison, Q13 Fox in Seattle appears to have edited its coverage of Trump’s address, turning the president’s skin color a ludicrous shade of orange. In between sentences, the station seems to have doctored the footage to show Trump sticking out his tongue and licking his lips.

Q13 told MyNorthWest that the footage was indeed doctored, and that the culprit has been placed on leave.

“We are investigating this to determine what happened,” said Q13’s news director. “This does not meet our editorial standards and we regret if it is seen as portraying the President in a negative light. The editor responsible for editing the footage is being placed on leave while we investigate further.”

Faking video footage has become easy in recent years, thanks to the widespread availability of video editing software. A combative press conference debate between CNN anchor Jim Acosta and President Trump in November put the issue in the spotlight, after internet detectives accused Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson of editing video footage of Acosta pushing a White House intern to make the anchor look bad. The ‘edited’ video was shared by the White House, Watson denied the accusation, and eventually the debate was forgotten about.

This is huge.

Seattle news station caught doctoring video of Trump to make him look ridiculous sticking his tongue out.

The media rinsed me for “doctoring” the Acosta video, which didn’t happen.

Zero mainstream media coverage of THIS story.https://t.co/dyArWLfQkJ

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) January 10, 2019

Deepfakes could change porn and politics

Slowing down video footage is one thing, but so-called ‘deepfake’ videos – real and fake footage spliced together with the help of artificial intelligence – are becoming increasingly harder to spot and can be put to a limitless array of malicious uses.

Deepfake technology has been used by the porn industry to superimpose celebrity faces onto porn actors’ bodies.

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Legal Action Update: Government Controlling Weather Forecasts To Cover Climate Engineering Crimes

Legal Action Update: Government Controlling Weather Forecasts To Cover Climate Engineering Crimes

07-05-18 07:07:00,

Legal Action Update: Government Controlling Weather Forecasts To Cover Climate Engineering Crimes

Dane Wigington

How much longer can our government continue to hide the global climate engineering assault in plain sight? How much longer will populations continue to blindly accept the official government narrative of lies and denial in regard to the clearly visible and rationally undeniable ongoing geoengineering operations? How is it possible for the power structure to create and maintain the official denial of fully deployed climate intervention programs? By completely controlling the flow of information, including the weather forecasts themselves. 

GeoengineeringWatch.org 5564f

Geoengineered skies, Phoenix, Arizona (3/21/18). Photo credit: Joe Cornwall

GeoengineeringWatch.org and Stop Geoengineering Minnesota are relentlessly continuing with our legal efforts to force disclosure of the ongoing illegal climate engineering operations. The statement below was made by the lead attorney for our Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering, Julio Gomez, Esq. The statement is a response to a handful of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) documents that have finally been released to us as a direct result of the lawsuit that we filed to force NOAA to release the information. Though thousands of documents have been promised to be reviewed for release, to date only a few have actually been disclosed and received. The documents we have been able to acquire make it clear that the US government is doing all they can to completely control weather forecasts all the way down to the local level. Why? So that forecasts are based on the scheduled weather produced by the climate engineering operations, not by nature. In order to help hide the ongoing climate engineering crimes, the government is desperate to enforce consistent and completely controlled weather “forecasts”.


Last week the NOAA – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a series of documents concerning the restructuring of the National Weather Service under a program entitled Operations and Workforce Analysis.  The documents were released pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act Request made by Stop Geoengineering Minnesota in collaboration with 


 and was filed last year.  The documents are being released because Stop Geoengineering Minnesota filed a

legal suit against the US Department of Commerce

for failing to respond adequately to the FOIA request.

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