Actually, That Was America: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

07-05-21 08:30:00,

Listen to this article:

– Make a show called Actually That Was America.

– Tell average Americans on the street about evil things America did, except you tell them it was a country the US government doesn’t like.

– Film their reaction.


– It never gets old.

– You never run out of evil things.

Have the media brainwashed you into believing that Biden is different from Trump yet? They’re sure as hell trying.

They need you to believe Biden is a big change from Trump because that would mean the electoral system can be used to advance real change so there’s no need to rise up and seize the means of production and eat the rich and launch your landlord into the sea with a giant slingshot.

Most political commentators are like pro wrestling ringside commentators, talking about completely fake dynamics as though they are real while being listened to attentively by idiots and children.

Reminder that anyone who wants to republish, translate or use any or all of my work has permission to do so free of charge, with or without attribution, in whole or in part, altered or unaltered. Put it on your blog, make merchandise, make pamphlets, make books, use it however you like.

I can’t say with any confidence that things are going to get better, and I can’t say with any confidence that things are going to get worse. What I can say, with a very high degree of confidence, is that things are going to get much, much stranger.

Republicans believe Trump ended wars and fought the deep state. Democrats believe Russiagate was legit and Biden is a progressive who is fixing America. As the empire falters, the real world and the narrative world are becoming more and more divorced with less and less overlap.

We each inhabit two very different worlds simultaneously: the real world and the narrative world. As the status quo unravels and we hurtle into a mysterious abyss of ever-increasing weirdness, those worlds are drifting further and further apart.

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What’s actually IN the US “Covid Stimulus Bill”?

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“This Thing Is Actually Real” – US Army Accidentally Reveals New Hypersonic Missile

11-06-20 06:56:00,

A new hypersonic weapon could be in development after plans, or at least the outline of the program, “emerged inadvertently” on social media last week managed by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy that describes a Mach 5-plus missile with capabilities to penetrate the world’s most advanced missile defense shields, reported Aviation Week

The photo is from the Association of the United States Army conference last fall, and was uploaded to McCarthy’s Flickr page last week — shows the military official holding a weapons briefing slide that reads: “Vintage Racer — Loitering Weapon System (LWS) Overview.” 

The slide is laying down on a table and nearly impossible to understand. Still, six bullet points state: “Hypersonic ingress,” “Survivable,” “Time Over Target,” “Multi-role,” “Modular Payload,” and “Cost Imposition Strategy.”

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy with weapons slide 

Near McCarthy’s right hand, the bottom line reads, “Long Range, Rapid Ingress.”

Aviation Week said there was a reference to the Vintage Racer program in Defense Department budget justification documents but went unnoticed by many: 

“Under a line item owned by the Office of Secretary of Defense for a “quick reaction fund,” Vintage Racer is described as a “recent success story.”

“The project successfully validated aerodynamic design with wind tunnel testing and integrated a guidance subsystem for targeted kinetic effects before culminating in a fiscal 2019 flight test. Documentation and prototype technologies transitioned to the U.S. Army for additional development and follow-on acquisition activities,” according to budget documents. 

Dmitry Stefanovitch, an expert at the Moscow-based Russian International Affairs Council, said the new weapon could be designed to target ICBM launchers deep behind enemy lines. 

“The fear is that [this] hypersonic ‘something’ might reach the patrol area of road-mobile ICBM launchers [after] penetrating any possible air and missile defense, and then dispense loitering submunitions that will find launchers in the forests,” said Stefanovitch.

Aviation Week’s Steve Trumble tweeted: “OMG, Vintage Racer has been flight-tested successfully and transitioned to the Army for follow-on development. This thing is actually real, not just a briefing slide!” 

h/t Aviation Week’s Steve Trumble

Here are the latest US hypersonic developments: 

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“The CDC is actually a vaccine company.” — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. –

10-04-20 09:40:00,

“The CDC is actually a vaccine company.”  — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Watch this RT interview with Robert Kennedy to see how corrupt the CDC is.  We cannot trust this corrupt organization with our health.  The CDC has a large financial interest in pushing untested vaccines on the public. 

WHO is even more under the control of Big Pharma.  The organization is corrupt beyond the meaning of the word.  “The WHO is a sock puppet for the pharmaceutical industry.” — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

See also: 

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How To Actually Effectively Cope With Your Covid-19 Anxiety

30-03-20 08:06:00,

As 2020 gets crazier and crazier, emotional self-care is getting more and more important. A lot of people, especially the “plugged-in” types who like to pay close attention to what’s going on in the world, are getting into some looping stress patterns over the Covid-19 pandemic that are unnecessary, unhealthy, and unhelpful.

It’s an understandable web to get tangled in; there are all these alarming news stories and statistics pouring in every single day, many of which speak of dangers which may pose a direct threat to the lives and livelihoods of ourselves and our loved ones. Some people spend hours online combing through all the latest information they can find about this thing, and as they’re doing this a tremendous amount of stress builds up in the background of their experience, ultimately culminating in depression, panic attacks, angry outbursts, substance abuse or other unpleasantness.

You see strategies for coping with this increasingly common problem everywhere online, from common healthy stress management techniques like deep breathing and meditation, to escapist claims that the virus doesn’t pose any real danger, to many people simply unplugging from their news feeds altogether. What people aren’t talking about nearly enough, in my opinion, is the simple yet highly effective practice of consciously feeling your feelings.

You wouldn’t think “feel your feelings” is something that needs to be said; it sounds not just like common sense, but like something that happens automatically without your intention or permission. We’ve all experienced emotions we’d prefer not to experience if given the choice, so we assume emotion arises unbidden like a force of nature.

While that can certainly be true, a tremendous range of our emotional spectrum is often blotted out by a basic lack of emotional attentiveness. Our culture tends to encourage us to put all but our loudest emotions on the back burner and focus on other matters, and Covid-19 happens to feed into that dynamic especially well by giving us a bunch of sparkly news headlines and statistics to focus on while this low-level background anxiety slowly builds unnoticed.

Feelings need to be felt. Not acted out on other people, but felt. They’re like small children; if you just give them a cuddle, let them cry and listen to their grievances they feel better in a few minutes,

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