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The worst outbreak of fatal African Swine Fever disease ever has devastated the world’s largest pig population, that of China, over the past months. Now it is spreading to neighboring states and even threatens the United States pig herds. The political and human impact could be far worse than imagined as a de facto pandemic disease situation spreads. Globalization of agribusiness is not helping matters.

On August 3, 2018 a case of African Swine Fever (ASF) was confirmed in China’s Liaoning Province. Since then despite various measures to contain the deadly disease it has spread across China where as of November, 2019 in little more than a year, nearly half of China’s huge pig population has either died or been eliminated in a desperate effort to contain the disease. ASF is not deadly to humans but is 100% fatal to any pig that is infected. There is no known treatment to cure it. It can be spread by direct contact with an infected pig, body fluids, contact with equipment or clothing and via certain tick species.

The China Agriculture Ministry issued a report in August that the size of China’s live pig herd had declined by a very precise 38.7% from August 2018. Industry sources suspect underreporting and put the actual number at more like 50%. In any event it is huge, and has impacted the politically sensitive measure of China food price inflation over the past year. Pork is a mainstay of the Chinese diet for meat protein and considered a national security issue. Most pigs in China are raised by small-scale farmers who face ruin now. According to reports inside China this has led many desperate small farmers to try to hide the presence of ASF in their herds, to slaughter and sell, to avoid financial ruin.

The disease is especially dangerous. According to experts it’s hard to kill. One report notes, “It lives in feces for 11 days and blood for 15 weeks. It lives in salted meat for 182 days, dried meat for almost a year, and frozen meat for three years. The Chinese love to take meat snacks with them when they travel. Rules can be bent in Asia.”

Even more alarming are reports that disposal of infected China pig carcasses is not safe.

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African Migrant Tries to Kill 50 Italian Kids: Don’t Count on Leftist Media to Care


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No matter what, journalists will find a way to blame whitey

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A few days after the Christchurch, New Zealand shootings that left sixty dead, an African immigrant bus driver in Milan, Italy tried to light fifty white Italian children on fire on their way to school. Yes, you read that correctly. You probably didn’t hear all that much about the latter incident. What’s more, this rambling, incompetent, Senegalese zealot was startlingly close to accomplishing his aims. The kids were all still evacuating the bus as it went up in flames. In the end, the Italian police emerged looking like heroes, and no Italian children perished. A number of fortuitous events came together to produce a splendid, almost miraculous outcome, however. It could easily have turned out very differently.

In the aftermath of this horrific school bus attack, there was no international condemnation. Leftist radicals high in the Italian government did not ban any weapons so as to disarm innocent people, as occurred in New Zealand. Black people all over Italy did not pain themselves to apologize for their fellow black man’s vile acts, as whites have done the world over on account of the New Zealand atrocity. TV pundits did not encourage black Africans to engage in extensive soul-searching on account of all the anti-white hate in the African diaspora. There was no call to institute more totalitarian speech codes against “hate speech” (a fancy term used by Marxists and their serfs to describe any argument the political left doesn’t like and can’t defeat without force). There was no media propaganda blitz. The lying press covered the event, but hardly, bitterly, and when it did, it did everything it could to place this poor, brown, oppressed victim who tried to torch fifty white children alive, in the most favorable light possible.

Some papers, like the New York Post and the Houston Chronicle, cast this unthinkable criminal act as essentially a “migration protest” (their words), since this would-be mass murderer of children was understandably indignant about Matteo Salvini’s willingness to take a hard line against invading hordes of 3rd world undesirables. Remember, to the lying press, no matter whose fault it really is, it’s whitey’s fault. This is Cultural Marxism 101,

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South African Ruling Party Calls All White People “Murderers”

South African Ruling Party Calls All White People “Murderers”

06-08-18 09:40:00,

Update: The party has subsequently deleted the tweet and said it was quoting someone else, though lawyers say they can still be held accountable.

Via The Citizen,

A tweet on the ANC’s parliamentary Twitter account shocked many on Thursday when it appeared to call all white people murderers.

The tweet, which has subsequently been deleted, read: “The biggest mistake we are making is to consult murderers. White people are 9% of the population, they own 79% of land. They never came and consulted us for the land. If they want us to forgive them now, then let us share the land, the mineral resources.”

Thanks again for confirming everybodies suspicion. Please see below, and please explain to me how this does not look like your views.

— Geoffness (@TheGeoffness) August 2, 2018

It was not in quotation marks, so when it was read out of context it came as a bombshell to many, who assumed that this was the view of the ANC itself.

The party then told its critics that it had merely been quoting the remarks of one of the members of the public who had come to parliament’s constitutional review committee’s public hearing on the review of section 25 of the constitution that was being held in the town of Beaufort West in the Western Cape.

The tweet is a contribution/remark made by a member of the public. All tweets are a thread from the contributions made by the public, they are not the views of the ANC.

— ANC Parliament (@ANCParliament) August 2, 2018

However, this didn’t sit well with critics, who pointed out that the party should have made that clearer, by at the very least putting the statement in quotation marks.

Subsequent to the criticism, that was what the account began to do, in an attempt to make it clearer that it was not necessarily expressing the views of the ANC itself.

Nevertheless, this still didn’t well with some. A legal expert, Helene Eloff, also weighed in to make it clear that the ANC had blundered and could be held liable for the view expressed,

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