Venezuela Presents Proposal for an International Association Against US Sanctions to Stop Crimes Against Humanity (UN Security Council) – Global Research

27-11-20 03:29:00,

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Samuel Moncada, intervened this Wednesday in the session of the Security Council to denounce the economic aggression of the United States against twenty-nine countries of the world, through their misnamed “sanctions,” and proposed the formation of an International Alliance to stop the crimes against humanity perpetuated by the US in violation of human rights and the UN Charter.

“The US pretension to impose its national legislation as if they were universal laws, through economic and military coercion, is a danger to the entire system of international relations,” said the high diplomatic representative at the UN, through the publication of several videos in his virtual participation in the session.

Through his Twitter account, @SMoncada_VEN , he reported that Venezuela supports the creation of this “International Association against Unilateral Coercive Measures,” as an operational platform that will combat the illegal sanctions that the US has imposed against a third of humanity.

Venezuela propone en ONU la formación de una “Asociación Internacional contra las Medidas Coercitivas Unilaterales” como plataforma operacional que permita combatir las sanciones ilegales de EEUU contra un tercio de la humanidad.

— Samuel Moncada (@SMoncada_VEN) November 25, 2020

“Today we denounce in the UN Security Council, Trump’s economic aggression against twenty-nine countries—including Venezuela—representing a third of humanity, attacked in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated the Venezuelan ambassador.

He stressed that these illegal measures amount to a systematic and deliberate attack against entire populations, and against the right to self-determination of peoples, “by a permanent member of the Security Council.”

La pretensión de EEUU de imponer su legislación nacional como si fueran leyes universales, a través de la coerción económica y militar, es un peligro para todo el sistema de relaciones internacionales.

— Samuel Moncada (@SMoncada_VEN) November 25, 2020

“We face the unusual situation in which a Member State with a special responsibility to comply with international law, perpetrates crimes against humanity and forces other States to assist it in committing the crime,” he reproached.

The immoral economic persecution through criminal means is aggravated by the use of military threats,

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Americans Didn’t Vote Against Trump, They Voted Against More Media Psychological Abuse

11-11-20 09:12:00,

The word “coup” is being thrown about in American liberal media today, not because US liberals suddenly became uncomfortable with the fact that their nation constantly stages coups and topples governments around the world as a matter of routine policy, but because they are all talking about (you guessed it) Donald Trump.

To be clear, none of the high-powered influencers who have been promoting the use of this word actually believe there is any possibility that Donald Trump will somehow remain in office after January of next year when he loses his legal appeals against the official results of the election, which would be the thing that a coup is. There is no means or institutional support through which the sitting president could accomplish such a thing. This is not a coup, it’s a glorified temper tantrum. Trump will leave office at the appointed time.

The establishment narrative managers are not terrifying their audiences with this word because they believe there is any danger of a coup actually happening. They are doing it because it’s their last chance to use Trump to psychologically abuse their audiences for clicks.

Warnings of a “coup” should at least come with a plausible mechanism by which a coup could be carried out.

“The courts”

Ok which court? Deciding which case about what state on which grounds?

“The military”

Which unit? Doing what? Under whose command?



— Alice 🍃🐿️ 🪓🌹 (@AliceFromQueens) November 11, 2020

Last year the Pacific Standard published a report on “Trump Anxiety Disorder” or “Trump Hypersensitive Unexplained Disorder,” which it describes as follows:

As the possibility of a Hillary Clinton victory began to slip away—and the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency became more and more certain—the contours of the new age of American anxiety began to take shape. In a 2017 column, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank described this phenomenon as “Trump Hypertensive Unexplained Disorder”: Overeating. Headaches. Fainting. Irregular heartbeat. Chronic neck pain. Depression. Irritable bowel syndrome. Tightness in the chest. Shortness of breath. Teeth grinding. Stomach ulcer. Indigestion. Shingles. Eye twitching. Nausea. Irritability. High blood sugar. Tinnitus. Reduced immunity. Racing pulse. Shaking limbs. Hair loss.

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Franck Report Issued in June 1945 by Nuclear Physicists Against Using the Atomic Bomb Against Japan – Global Research

01-06-20 08:24:00,

You can be forgiven for never hearing about The Franck Report that was issued on 11th June 1945, it was kept highly secret at the time and is one of those many WWII documents whose un-censored versions have only become public several decades later.  The Franck Report was a document signed by several prominent nuclear physicists who had been working on the development of an atomic bomb recommending that the United States not use the atomic bomb as a weapon to prompt the surrender of Japan in World War II.

This entry in our 1945 timeline provides the reader with an easy explanation of the nuclear fission process that underlies the so-called “atom” bomb and a short summary of the history of the secret Manhattan Project which produced the two bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 (which events will be described on those dates in this timeline).​

It was German physicists who first discovered, in December 1938, that one could force a uranium atom to split into two much smaller atoms by bombarding it with a moving neutron. The smaller atoms have kinetic energy and the other products of this fission process are 2 or 3 free neutrons and a lot of energetic photons, these fragments heat up the bulk material. If there are more uranium atoms close by the free neutrons will cause them to split if they hit them, and if enough uranium is assembled in one place, or if the escaping neutrons are sufficiently contained, then these freshly emitted neutrons outnumber the neutrons that escape from the assembly, and a sustained nuclear chain reaction will take place. A critical mass is the smallest amount of fissile material needed for a sustained nuclear chain reaction. This chain reaction of so-called fissile material produces lots of energy and it became obvious to the European physics community, both those physicists who stayed in Germany, and those European physicists who fled to the USA and the UK to avoid being persecuted or killed by the Nazis, that it would be relatively straight forward to make an “atomic”  bomb based on the fission of uranium.

An atomic bomb design was relatively simple. When you bring together a sufficient amount of fissile material,

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The Campaign Against HCQ—Part II –

29-05-20 04:08:00,

The Campaign Against HCQ—Part II

Paul Craig Roberts

A few years ago the British medical journal, The Lancet, published a paper touting the safety of HCQ.  But this was before HCQ with zinc was found effective if used earlier enough against Covid-19.  Covid-19 turned HCQ’s effectiveness into a big problem for Big Pharma’s big profits.  

The solution was another study by medical professionals some of whom have ties to Big Pharma and none of whom, apparently, are involved in the treatment of Covid patients.  The study lumps together people in different stages of the disease and undergoing different treatments. It touts its large sample, but many of the patients in the sample received treatment too late after the virus had reached their heart and other vital organs.  Most likely the people who died from heart failure died as a result of the virus, not from HCQ.  

To be effective treatment has to stop the virus early. Waiting until the patient must be hospitalized has given the virus too much of a head start. Every doctor, and there are many, who reports success with the HCQ treatment stresses early treatment.  President Trump used a two-week treatment with HCQ as a prophylactic as he was constantly coming into contact with people who tested positive for the virus.  Many medical professionals who are treating Covid patients also use HCQ as a prophylactic.

The Lancet study was a rush job as it was essential for Big Pharma to prevent the spread of the HCQ treatment and awareness of its safety and effectiveness. The study’s authors completed the data collection around the middle of April and the study was published on May 22.  As soon as it appeared, it was used to close down the World Health Organization’s clinical  trial of hydoxychloroquine in coronavirus patients citing safety concerns. Most likely, the trial was aborted in order to  prevent an official agency from finding out that HCQ worked.

The media, of course, used the suspended trial to cast more doubt on Trump’s judgment for recommending and using the treatment, the implication being that Trump had put himself at more risk from a heart attack than from the virus itself. 

The Daily Mail,

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The Campaign Against Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Clearing the Way for A Big Pharma Vaccine – Global Research

28-05-20 06:19:00,

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought out many disturbing features of our society. Misinformation, or perhaps more accurately, disinformation, abounds in the service of agendas ranging from those who interpret the virus as a useful ploy for the construction of a police state, to Big Pharma and its allies who are moving us toward mass vaccinations, to the narcissistic views of those who would sacrifice the elderly and ill rather than to be inconvenienced by being denied access to bars and beaches. 

Every aspect of the pandemic, including Trump’s own use of HCQ, is being used against the President of the United States.

Despite proof of reinfections, some bleat on and on about how the “lockdown” prevented “herd immunity” and made us less safe.  Others make the false claim that Sweden with no lockdown fared no worse than others. In fact Sweden’s economy was de facto locked down by the nonparticipation of Swedes who on their own used the same measures as in other countries, and Sweden still has a higher mortality rate, for which the government has apologized to the elderly. Still others dispute that the lockdown reduced the infection rate, while others claim any reduction in Covid deaths was offset by higher suicides caused by “lockdown depression.”  

To put these claims in perspective: two months ago the US had 100 known Covid cases; today the US has 1.5 million.  The difference is not accounted for by an increase in testing.  The US has 100,000 deaths blamed on the virus—twice the deaths of US soldiers in the long Vietnam war.  Some claim that the deaths were caused by preconditions, not by the virus—but the people didn’t die until they got the virus. Others point out that economic incentives cause an over-reporting of Covid deaths.  There is little doubt about that, but over-reporting does not account for 100,000 deaths. It remains to be seen whether the reopening will result in a jump in infections and deaths.

At a time when accurate information is essential, the waters are instead muddied by disinformation in the service of political, ideological, and profit agendas.  The irresponsibility of those putting their self-interests first is extraordinary.  It indicates that the social bond between people that made America a country has been dissolved by greed,

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