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19-10-19 06:41:00,

When US forces rape and destroy nonbelligerent nations threatening no one, it’s called humanitarian intervention, responsibility to protect, and democracy building — notions Washington’s power elites abhor.

When victimized nations defend themselves lawfully against Pentagon terror-bombing and atrocities by ISIS and likeminded jihadists used as US proxy foot soldiers, they’re wrongfully condemned for aggression — notably by establishment media, operating as imperial press agents.

The Obama and Trump regimes respectively supported Turkey’s 2016 and 2018 aggression in Syria — Operations Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch, both flagrantly illegal under international law.

Aggression committed by other countries is only OK with Washington when serving its interests — notably when Israel smashes defenseless Palestinians, rapes Lebanon, and terror-bombs Syria, along with conducting targeted assassinations.

Throughout much of Obama’s war on Syria, now Trump’s, the Pentagon and CIA used Kurdish YPG fighters in the country’s north as proxy foot soldiers against Damascus.

They were supplied with heavy weapons, related equipment, logistical support, intelligence, and air cover for aggression, supporting Washington’s imperial aims, along with their own self-interest against Syria’s sovereign independence and territorial integrity.

When Turkey’s Erdogan launched so-called Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria days earlier, his third cross-border aggression since 2011, the Trump regime OK’d it, then expressed opposition along with congressional members for political and strategic reasons.

The US has a long history of abandoning support for allies to higher priorities, Kurds victimized time and again, early October their latest betrayal, pushing them to ally with Damascus against a common Turkish foe.

Turkey is a NATO member, its alliance with Washington uneasy at best. A rupture could happen any time over US actions Erdogan rejects, Russia the beneficiary if things turn out this way.

Trump and his handlers are trying to have things both ways, criticizing Turkey’s cross-border adventurism while stopping short of harsh actions to stop it — notably by continuing to sell Ankara weapons and munitions used for warmaking.

Neither DJT, his geopolitical team, or congressional leaders give a hoot about ordinary people anywhere, including at home.

Trump’s Wednesday letter to Erdogan showed he wants bilateral differences smoothed over, relations between both countries kept firm, saying:

“Let’s work out a good deal.

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‘Grave aggression’: Israel begins demolition of residential buildings in the West Bank


22-07-19 12:41:00,

Israel has started demolishing 13 residential buildings in East Jerusalem’s Wadi Hummus for being too close to the separation barrier, even though the area falls under the Palestinian Authority’s administration.

Israel Defense Force soldiers were seen placing explosives in a building set for demolition after they arrived before dawn. Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said 700 police and 200 soldiers were involved in the operation. They evacuated a family from one of the buildings and removed activists protesting the demolition. Construction vehicles smashed up a number of buildings. 

The buildings are set on land that falls within Area A of the West Bank, which is administered by the Palestinian Authority, and the residents got permits from the PA to build there. 

However, the High Court ruled in favor of an Israeli Defense Ministry order to demolish 13 buildings because they are too close to the separation barrier, which Israel built around and inside the West Bank. The June decision has sparked fears that it will set a dangerous precedent for other homes in the PA-controlled area. 

“Despite an order from the military commander, the residents there are making their own law, building. There are hundreds of illegal structures,” Erdan told Israel’s Army Radio, adding that there is “no sufficient governance there.”

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh condemned the “grave aggression,” and said that a complaint would be made to the International Criminal Court. “This is a continuation of the forced displacement of the people of Jerusalem from their homes and lands – a war crime and a crime against humanity,” he said. 

Wadi Hummus is on the edge of Sur Baher in southeast Jerusalem, and falls outside the city’s municipal borders. When construction of the separation barrier began in 2003, Wadi Hummus was left on the Israeli side of the structure, even though it is part of the West Bank and under PA administration. 

Earthmover starts taking down building in Sur Baher

— Mike Smith (@mikejsmith504) July 22, 2019

WATCH: This is what it looks like when occupation military raids a house in the early morning to demolish it, because Palestinians call it home.

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Iran Faces US Aggression and European Hypocrisy, but this Time It’s Ready – Global Research


15-07-19 07:27:00,

Western cultural arrogance rears its Medusa-like head each time US President Donald Trump rails about obliterating Iran.

Leaders and politicians of the self-proclaimed free and civilised world – along with some human rights organisations, major media outlets, and state-affiliated public figures – express their unique form of collective inhumanity through absolute silence. After all, repeated threats of a nuclear holocaust and genocide by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump are deeply imbedded in western civilization’s centuries-old tradition of colonisation, mass slaughter and moral absence.

The global net of starvation sanctions, bullying, and military interventionism led by the US, is glossed over with mammoth globs of humanitarian jargon and moral righteousness.

Lagging behind

Nevertheless, despite endless provocations and collaborations, the US still finds itself lagging behind its allies in the realm of hypocrisy, where the European Union and other western regimes continue to reign supreme.

While the US frequently and erratically turns to crude aggressiveness, Europeans passionately engage in endless dialogue, unofficial so-called Track II endeavours, and rebuke their “unsophisticated and reckless” American allies in private and semi-private conversations with Iranian scholars and officials. However, when push comes to shove, they faithfully stand by the US.

As soon as Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal, European Union leaders pleaded for Iran not to retaliate, promising an acceptable solution within weeks. For well over a year, despite mounting internal opposition, Iran demonstrated strategic patience in the face of a constant escalation in the US economic war on the Iranian people.

Facing mounting costs, many cancer patients, among others facing life-threatening diseases, went without medication in order to spare their loved ones from financial destitution. This is economic terrorism and a war crime.

A tribal integrity

Although the European Union formally remained committed to the nuclear deal, they demonstrated nonchalance towards their obligations by permitting each and every unilateral sanction imposed by Washington to be fully implemented across Europe.

Meanwhile, they repeatedly warned Iran to fully adhere to its nuclear commitments. Even as they made a mockery of the deal, they audaciously mimicked US demands for more nuclear and non-nuclear related concessions;

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NATO’s Aggression Reaches for Russian Waters | New Eastern Outlook


06-12-18 12:13:00,


The recent Kerch Strait incident marks a new low amid the US-led expansion of NATO eastward.

The intentional provocation executed by Kiev saw three Ukrainian naval vessels seized by Russia. The vessels were intentionally violating protocol for passing through the Strait – protocol previously agreed upon by Kiev and previously observed by Ukrainian naval vessels.

The extent to which Ukraine was aware of these protocols and the 2003 agreement that put them in place includes entire events organized in Ukraine by NATO-sponsored “think tanks” discussing the necessity to “rip them up” and attempt to assert greater control over the current joint-use of the Sea of Azov.

In the wake of this incident – predictable calls are being made to use it as a pretext to expand NATO even further east, with senior American Foreign Policy Council fellow and former professor at the US Army War College Stephen Blank declaring the need for the US to “lease” Ukrainian ports in the Sea of Azov, patrol the sea with US warships,  all while committing to the “full-fledged” arming of Ukrainian forces.

Blank’s commentary – published in The Hill in a piece titled, “Russia’s attack on Ukraine is an act of war,” predicates an anti-Russian narrative and NATO’s eastward expansion into Ukraine upon a number of blatant falsehoods.

He mentions Russia’s “seizure” of Crimea, its “claiming that Crimea, the Sea of Azov, and the Kerch Strait are exclusively Russian waters,” and the building of the Crimean Bridge which Blank claims is impeding Ukrainian commerce in the Sea of Azov – all as Russian provocations.

However, Blank conveniently omits the US-NATO backed putsch that seized power in Ukraine in 2013 – setting off Ukrainian-Russian tensions in the first place. Nowhere in Blank’s commentary does he mention the prominent role paramilitary Neo-Nazi organizations have played in both overthrowing the elected government in 2013 and militancy carried out against Russian businesses, institutions, and even Ukrainians of Russian decedent – particularly in Donbass, eastern Ukraine.

Blank would even feign ignorance over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s motives in repatriating Crimea and taking measures against a now fully hostile Ukraine sitting on Russia’s borders.

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