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04-05-20 09:05:00,

By Mayukh Saha

Activist Post Editor’s Note: While we vehemently disagree with this author’s conclusions, we’re bringing you this news strictly for the good reporting about the details of what air travel is starting to look like in the post-corona world. Unless, of course, consumers refuse to subject themselves to this.

There is no denying the fact that the global pandemic has affected all the spheres of our lives and moving forward, some things will remain irreversibly changed.

With many new practices being implemented in our sanitation protocols, the International Airport in Hong Kong has topped it all by launching cleaning robots and full-body disinfectant booths.

The booths, called Cleantech, are used for sanitizing and disinfecting people. The entire process only takes a couple of minutes. The person, before entering Cleantech, is checked for temperature. Then they enter the booth where they are exposed to antimicrobial coating and sanitizers, killing any germs or viruses found on the surface of our cloth or body.

Cleantech uses the photocatalyst and “nano-needles” technology and can remotely disinfect any surface. The Hong Kong International Airport’s website informs us that negative pressure is maintained in the channel to avoid any cross-contamination between the outside environment and the inside of the booth.

Although the antimicrobial coating is currently being used only by the airport employees involved in the sanitizing protocol, reports suggest that the coating will be introduced into public life soon. The antimicrobial coating reportedly has also been tested on sensitive and vulnerable surfaces such as door handles, public transport buses, seats, and toilets. The authorities claimed that after the test run ends, they will consider introducing it permanently in their disinfection measures.

You might even be surprised if you see tall futuristic robots cleaning at the Hong Kong International Airport.

The autonomous robots are instructed to roam around the airport terminal and identify surfaces that are often used by the public and then sanitize and disinfect those areas. You might encounter these cleaning robots in airport facilities,

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Wat kost Lelystad Airport ons eigenlijk?

24-03-20 09:18:00,

Van Noord-Oost Groningen tot Zeeuws-Vlaanderen en van Den Helder tot Maastricht: deze waakhond komt naar je toe.

Of er ooit commercieel zal worden gevlogen is door de coronacrisis onzeker geworden. Maar officieel gaan de voorbereidingen voor Lelystad Airport gewoon door. De uitbreiding van het omstreden vliegveld heeft nu nu al honderden miljoenen euro gekost. Maar hoeveel precies? En waaraan is dat geld besteed? Omroep Flevoland en Follow the Money doen onderzoek naar de geldstromen achter het door tegenvallers geplaagde uitbreidingsplan. De cijfers leiden ons diep in het moeras. Hoog tijd voor een doortastender aanpak.

Het broeit in Flevoland. Dat was meteen al de eerste conclusie uit de FlevoPitch van Omroep Flevoland en Follow the Money. Er is in Nederlands jongste provincie van alles aan de hand dat tot onenigheid leidt. De aanleg van windmolenparken, de te hoge aansluitkosten op de stadsverwarming in Almere, de permanente bewoning van een vakantiepark in Zeewolde, en uiteraard: de aanhoudende discussie over uitbreiding van Lelystad Airport. De indiener van dit winnende onderzoeksonderwerp, oud-piloot Ruud Holswilder, vroeg ons de geldstromen in beeld te brengen achter het vliegveld dat al meermaals het nieuws haalde: omdat bewoners in verzet zijn, onderzoeken niet blijken te deugen, de politiek hopeloos verdeeld is en de minister de geplande opening al drie keer moest uitstellen. Er is dus al veel over Lelystad Airport gezegd en geschreven; desondanks besloten ook wij ons erin te verdiepen.

Ondoorgrondelijk moeras

Inmiddels zijn we een aantal maanden verder. Maanden waarin de nieuwsstroom over Lelystad Airport niet is opgedroogd. Het rapport van het Adviescollege Stikstofproblematiek, onder leiding van oud-minister, en oud-Commissaris van de Koning Johan Remkes, heeft de discussie verder op scherp gezet. De luchtvaartsector mag alleen nog groeien als tegelijkertijd de stikstofuitstoot omlaag gaat. De maatregelen die de emissie moeten beperken, raken dus niet alleen de boeren maar zeker ook de luchtvaart. Niettemin gaan er geruchten over een tweede landingsbaan op Lelystad Airport. En op dit moment beoordeelt de commissie voor de milieueffectrapportage of de stikstofberekeningen voor het vliegveld opnieuw moeten worden gemaakt. Dat kan verder uitstel betekenen. En dan verkeren we ook nog eens in coronacrisis, waardoor de gehele luchtvaartsector plotseling onder druk staat. Het valt nog maar te bezien of er voldoende luchtvaartmaatschappijen overblijven om te vliegen op Lelystad Airport. 

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Hertz’s Airport Facial Recognition Program Uses Customer Loyalty Rewards To Change Public Opinion | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


17-12-18 09:00:00,

By MassPrivateI

Americans no longer have to worry about the TSA (DHS) using facial recognition to spy on you and your family. Because private corporations and sports stadiums are doing their dirty work for them.

Two days ago, Hertz Global Holdings Inc. revealed their plans to install facial recognition fast lane car rentals at every airport.

Which really should not surprise anyone, because last month I revealed the key to convincing Americans to accept facial recognition is to offer them consumer loyalty rewards and avoiding long lines.

SensibleVision CEO George Brostoff sees customer loyalty rewards as a logical next step in the U.S. And Goode Intelligence Founder Alan Goode, sees a huge potential for biometric customer loyalty programs.  Goode also thinks facial recognition should be used for age verification in self-check out systems.

Hertz and CLEAR’s slogan “The Exit Gate Without The Wait” follows that blueprint to a T. It is also a near carbon copy of DHS’s “platinum spy on your neighbor cam-share club” which attempts to add exclusivity to spying on your neighbors.

A look at Hertz’s “Fast Lane Hertz Powered by CLEAR” webpage reveals their main selling points are customer loyalty rewards and speeding through checkout/check-in lines.

Hertz claims, Gold Plus Rewards members can “save time” and be on their way in less than thirty seconds if they agree to have their faces scanned.

Hertz and CLEAR’s nationwide plan to spy on car renters

A Hertz news release titled “Hertz and CLEAR Partner To Reimagine The Car Rental Experience” reveals their plans to spy on car renters nationwide.

With CLEAR, members enroll once to enjoy frictionless experiences with greater predictability at more than 40 airports and venues nationwide. Now, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® loyalty members who sign up for CLEAR and link their accounts will be able to verify their identity and rental reservation with just a look or tap of their finger. Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR marks the first use of biometrics by a major rental car company, and the first time CLEAR’s trusted identity platform is enabling members to verify their identity using their face instead of showing a physical ID.

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AIRPORT EMPLOYEE REPORTS CHEMTRAILS: Prohibited Interview | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

AIRPORT EMPLOYEE REPORTS CHEMTRAILS: Prohibited Interview | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

14-06-18 06:24:00,

Leaves From The Tree of My Life
by Bente Dammegard

Written a few years before the author Bente Dammegaard left this world: “At the moment I am 81 years old and live on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain. When I wrote the book I looked back on my life wondering how on earth I had succeeded in collecting so many years. Along the way I have become the mother of three wonderful and very different children, have spent a lot of my life as a translator and, as such, have translated books, films, comics and scientific texts. I have been an instructor of non-violent jiujitsu, been a teacher of languages for adults and never had a steady job but always been a free lance person, that is to say I have worked my bum off when others were on holiday, been a tourist guide at an old fortress/castle – which the Swedes built against us Danes, and I was the first and only one to conquer it. I am a Dane by birth, moved to Sweden in 1966 with husband and three children, lived there for more than 35 years and moved to Spain because the ice and snow on the roads of Sweden were just too much. I am now, more than ever, conscious of the fact that I – and nobody else in the universe – am responsible for how my attitude towards life is. I can choose to see myself as a victim and feel sorry for me, or I can see myself as surrounded by miracles, which I truly am, and be grateful.”

To preview the book click on the thumbnail below: 


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