Why People Have Always Held Gold – Activist Post


07-07-20 11:23:00,

By David Smith

The current phase of the gold bull market, which started last year, is – we believe – the third and final wave of the secular bull run tracking back to 2001.

It’s going to create a tidal bore of immense size and power. A wave that those who hold the metal (and silver) can ride as insurance against state-sponsored value-destruction of a country’s currency, and as real money that cannot and has not ever gone to zero in recorded history.

It could last 3 or 4 years, until the end of this decade… or beyond.

Yes, the time will come when we want to be mostly out of gold and silver, with one marker to watch being the Dow/Gold Ratio, but that time is a number of years in the future.

In any event, diverse energies (and rationales) are building around the globe, which should make this a run for the record books – a ride you really don’t want to miss!

This time, gold will break out – possibly by the end of 2020 and rise to a number that most investors can’t begin to imagine. The price will be a function of how long it takes for higher rates of inflation to kick in from the stagflation environment similar to what took place in the late 1970s.

Currency Race to the Bottom

As a paper currency-only holder these days, “Do you feel lucky?”

A “from-the-heart” talk about what holding gold really means to people…

The following accounts about what gold means on a personal level came to me unsolicited and fairly close to each other time wise. The first is from a commercial airline pilot with deep prior life experiences in Europe and the Middle East. He wrote:

Gold does not deteriorate or tarnish. These traits give it an ability to last forever, and transcend through different dimensions of time. Humanity is acutely aware of both its own mortality and the short time we get to exist in this universe. In our collective view there is only one who is immortal, transcending time and space, God… Who never dies. Lives forever, changing only in form and dimension.

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Sheep Always Seem to Lose Their Wool: “Our Nation Flounders in an Economic and Psychological Depression” – Global Research


26-01-20 04:51:00,

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

September 11th is around the corner and our nation flounders in an economic and psychological depression. Are you aware that our defense budget, the one we know about (not the extra Black Budget), grew from $ 316 billion in 2001 to $ 708 billion in 2011? Both houses of this controlled Congress and our controlled presidents overwhelmingly supported it. You see, it matters not which of the 2 party con job wins office, or if this new Tea Party joke gets its people elected. Bottom line: We are now, and have been for decades, not a Democratic Republic … rather a Military Industrial Empire that even cold warrior Eisenhower warned us about in January 1961. Of course, Ike and all of our presidents have been chosen by this ‘College of Corporations’ for centuries, relying upon the quiet obedience of the sheep… especially during each election cycle.

This writer, in recent columns, predicted that the 2 Party Con Job would make a deal with the Military Industrial Empire as to our current fiscal and budget crisis. This crisis is so great that even the masters who control most of our wealth had to manipulate some sort of hollow compromise. So, a few short weeks ago it was announced (ever so discreetly in the mainstream media) that ‘Congress agreed last month to cut military spending by $ 350 billion over the next… 10 years. ‘Sounds great, right? I mean, do they finally understand just how costly our illegal and immoral occupations of Iraq & Afghanistan are, or that of our 800+ military bases in over 100 countries? Ignore the fact that even Republicans like Ron Paul and Democrats like Dennis Kucinich are calling for military spending cuts of 25% to 50 %; the overwhelming majority of Congress and Mr. Obama are comfortable with an agreement that only averages spending cuts at about 5% each year. Meanwhile, our cities are crumbling, homes boarded up and foreclosed, and fewer and fewer good jobs, cuts in essential services, hospitals, libraries and schools under assault… you get it, right? We will never fully leave Iraq or Afghanistan,

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Why The Army Of Reality Always Needs More Soldiers


07-11-19 07:48:00,

By Jon Rappoport

What we call Reality is a hall of mirrors. It reflects itself back and forth and builds up a consensus.

People do the same thing. They confirm with one another that the reality they believe is real is, in fact, real.

And having established that, they live out their lives and make the best of it.

But what happens if you defect? What happens if you’re not satisfied to live out the rest of your life inside the space of what everyone assumes is real?

More to the point, what happens if you’re not satisfied to live out the rest of your life inside the space of what YOU assume is real?

This is where a lot of people get off the train. They assert, with great assurance, that what they have discovered is the ultimate frontier. They’ve broken through the illusion. They’ve found out who is running the show from behind the curtain.

And with those discoveries in their pocket, they will live out their lives, confident in the knowledge that they can’t be fooled. They’ve won the prize.

Actually, peering behind the curtain and seeing what’s there is step one. The journey has barely begun.

No matter what degree of truth one has found, living out the rest of a life in that truth is going to be disappointing. It’s eventually going to be boring. It’s eventually going to be insufferable.

You want to lift that curtain, and you should. You should find out everything you can about who and what is behind it, and how they operate. But how long before you stop patting yourself on the back?

How long before you decide to create, with great passion and commitment, your own reality, the one you profoundly desire?

The process of creating reality never ends. It’s the ongoing voyage. It’s the reason things become new. It’s the reason boredom loses. It’s the reason you have no end. It’s the reason you can’t be stopped.

It’s the means by which you don’t decline. It’s the means by which you keep imagining something you haven’t imagined before.

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Google’s Always Listening: Nest Security System Has A Secret Embedded Microphone


25-02-19 09:32:00,

Authored by Dagny Taggart via The Organic Prepper blog,

Surprise! Another smart home device has the ability to spy on people.

I doubt anyone who is reading this will be shocked by this news, but here we go.

Back in early February, tech giant Google announced that Nest Secure, its home security and alarm system, was now compatible with the company’s Home Assistant voice-control function.

Here is an excerpt from that announcement:

Nest Secure has supported Google Assistant integration for quite some time, but with this most recent update, the product is taking that to a new level by turning itself into a Google Assistant speaker. This is just like what the Nest Cam IQ did last year. With the flip of a switch in the Nest app, you can set the Secure as an always-listening Assistant speaker. (source)

The problem?

Nest users didn’t know a microphone existed on their security device, to begin with.

In order to be compatible with a voice control feature, the device would need to have a microphone.

But Google never mentioned there was a microphone embedded in the device.

That important detail was never disclosed in any of the product material for the device, which has been on the market since 2017.

“As recently as January, the product specs for the device made no mention of a microphone,” the Associated Press reports.

A Google spokesperson told Business Insider this was an “error.”

“The on-device microphone was never intended to be a secret and should have been listed in the tech specs. That was an error on our part. The microphone has never been on, and is only activated when users specifically enable the option.

Security systems often use microphones to provide features that rely on sound sensing. We included the mic on the device so that we can potentially offer additional features to our users in the future, such as the ability to detect broken glass.” (source)

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