Over 10,000 Americans got Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated, CDC says… and actual count could be way HIGHER

26-05-21 07:51:00,

Thousands of Americans have caught Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said – but they insist the data suggests such “breakthrough” infections are relatively rare.

There were 10,262 cases of fully vaccinated people being infected with Covid-19 as of April 30, the CDC said on Tuesday, citing reports from 46 US states and territories. Less than 7% of the patients were hospitalized with Covid-19 symptoms, and 1.6%, or 160, died. The median age for all cases was 58, and 63% of those infected were female.

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The number of breakthrough infections was equivalent to around 1 in every 10,000 fully vaccinated people, but the total was substantially undercounted. The CDC said reporting of such cases is voluntary and doesn’t include vaccinated people who had no Covid-19 symptoms and weren’t tested. But it also noted that 101 million Americans were fully vaccinated as of April 30, and the vast majority of those inoculated were protected from the virus.

“The number of Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths that will be prevented among vaccinated persons will far exceed the number of vaccine breakthrough cases,” the CDC said.

Sequencing data on breakthrough infections suggests that the Covid-19 vaccines being used in the US are about equally effective against various variants of the virus. Around 64% of the cases involved “variants of concern,” such as the UK Covid-19 variant, the CDC said. As of late March and early April, those same variants accounted for approximately 70% of the overall Covid-19 cases in the US, the agency said.

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However, the CDC had sequencing data available for only around 5% of breakthrough infections. And as of May 1, the agency stopped monitoring minor breakthrough Covid-19 cases and began focusing only on those leading to hospitalization or death.

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The Fact That Americans Think Biden Has Changed Things Shows How Narrative Rules Our World

29-03-21 01:53:00,

Nothing of significance has changed since Trump left office, apart from the narratives about how much things have changed.

The wars are still going. Washington is still the hub of an oligarchic globe-spanning empire. Americans are still being impoverished and propagandized into political impotence by an unfathomably wealthy plutocracy. Sanctions are still squeezing people to death in Venezuela, Syria, Iran and North Korea. The world’s worst mass atrocity is still continuing in Yemen. The kids are still in cages. Authoritarian creep continues to metastasize. All the old abuses roll on completely uninterrupted, along the same trajectories they were on before.

If you were to take the entire US-centralized power structure and assess its overall behavior as a whole, you would find that the actual behavioral changes amount to the tiniest fraction of a single percentile of the total. If you’d just been analyzing the raw data without looking at the news stories, you’d see that the money, troops, weapons and resources have continued to move in more or less the same ways after January 20th as they were moving before.

What has changed is the narratives, the stories that Americans are being fed by those who are responsible for controlling the way people think, act, organize, and vote. If you are a Democrat, you have been hearing that the country is now a thousand percent better without the Orange Menace in charge. If you are a Republican, you’ve been hearing that it’s a thousand percent worse. In reality, in terms of the overall operation of the empire both domestically and internationally, hardly anything of significance has changed apart from the narrative overlay.

“A growing body of research tracked the detrimental impacts of Trump-related stress on broad segments of the American population, from young adults to women, to racial and LGBT communities.” @jaredbkeller on the biological response to living under Trump. https://t.co/4Uo33zWeuH

— Pacific Standard (@PacificStand) January 15, 2019

Which is not to say that nothing of significance has changed. It is significant that US liberals are no longer being psychologically pummelled with hysterical narratives about a looming fascist takeover and their government being infiltrated at its highest levels by Kremlin operatives. This relentless barrage of emotional intensity has been literally making people sick,

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CDC Now Says Americans Should Wear Masks Indoors

12-02-21 11:20:00,

Anyone traveling to Britain from a country on the government’s ‘red list’ must quarantine in a hotel (which they will have to pay for), and have THREE COVID tests, under draconian new laws being implemented by the government.

The unprecedented and sweeping new rules were announced by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who said that he makes ‘no apologies’ for such severe measures.

From Monday anyone entering the country will have to pass three PCR tests in order to be allowed any freedom inside the country after they have completed a ten day quarantine at a government selected hotel, at a cost of almost two thousand pounds.

Security guards will be stationed throughout the hotels, with police on standby if those inside try to leave before their release date.

Hancock said that anyone caught breaking their quarantine could be fined ten thousand pounds, while anyone caught lying about coming from a COVID ‘hotspot’ could be jailed for up to a decade.

Even those not coming from one of the 33 ‘red list’ countries, and arriving from elsewhere, will have to test negative before being allowed to travel, then quarantine at their home address for ten days and allow authorities to ‘check that they are obeying the rules’.

COVID tests, which cost more than £100 each, will be required on day two and day eight of isolation, and must be booked through a new government portal in advance of travel, according to the new law.

If the tests are positive, a further ten day quarantine will be mandated.

Failure to comply with the testing will incur fines of £1,000 the first time, and £2,000 the second time. 

Hancock noted “This includes a £1,000 penalty for any international arrival who fails to take a mandatory test, a £2,000 penalty for any international arrival who fails to take the second mandatory test, as well as automatically extending their quarantine period to 14 days, and a £5,000 fixed penalty notice – rising to £10,000 – for arrivals who fail to quarantine in a designated hotel.”

Anyone hoping to escape the crackdown via booking travel through a budget or less thorough carrier will likely be disappointed as Hancock announced that “Passenger carriers will have a duty in law to make sure that passengers have signed up for these new arrangements before they travel,

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Poll: 32% of Americans Oppose Government Vaccine Mandates • Children’s Health Defense

09-02-21 10:15:00,

The new Zogby Strategies nationwide online poll of 1,000 U.S. adults also revealed that 27% of Americans believe COVID vaccines are unsafe.

While many states are mandating vaccines for children and laws are being introduced to mandate vaccines for adults too, a new Zogby Strategies nationwide online poll of 1,000 U.S. adults reveals that a plurality of Americans, 32%, believe “no government should ever mandate medical procedures/vaccines” and 27% believe COVID vaccines are unsafe.

Conversely, 61% percent of U.S. adults believe the vaccine is safe, and 31% agree “the federal government should pass legislation making it mandatory.”  

This comes after the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Pfizer and Moderna spent $250 million on a “vaccine confidence” campaign.

“If HHS, Pfizer and Moderna want to persuade people to take vaccines, they should spend $250 million on a transparent vaccine injury surveillance system that actually works, where people can assess the risks and benefits of each vaccine,” said Children’s Health Defense Board Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“The dysfunctional Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS] is a catastrophically insufficient program that, according to HHS, only captures 1% of vaccine injuries.” Still, as of Jan. 29, the VAERS program has reported 11,249 adverse events and 501 deaths.

Signed by the U.S. in 1947, the Nuremberg Code states that explicit voluntary consent from patients is required for human experimentation and that no one should be forced to undergo an unwanted medical procedure. The possibility of a future mandate of this experimental vaccine, including more than 70 million U.S. children under the age of 18, (who have almost zero risk of sickness, hospitalization or death from COVID- 19), exposes millions of vulnerable people to potential vaccine injuries.

On a question regarding vaccine mandates, those people who chose that “each state should be left to decide what is best for its residents” or “no government should ever mandate medical procedures/vaccines” (a total of 55%) were asked which groups should be exempt from a vaccine mandate:

  • 51% said “people who say no” should be granted exemption.  

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Americans Who Support Status Quo Politics Are American Supremacists

25-09-20 01:49:00,

Trump is a bad president. He’s coddled oligarchs both in America and around the world, he made a mess of the pandemic response and lied about it, he’s incited violence and inflamed hate, he’s done nothing for ordinary Americans, he’s facilitated ecocide, any good decisions he’s made on foreign policy have been far outweighed by the bad, and his recent refusal to guarantee a peaceful transition of power if defeated in November is concerning.

That said, Trump is not a uniquely bad president. The only way to see him that way is to believe that American lives are far, far more important than those of the millions of mostly brown-skinned human beings who have been murdered by the US war machine under the leadership of both Trump and his predecessors.

Just since 9/11 several million people have been killed and tens of millions displaced by American military violence to shore up control of key geostrategic regions with the goal of total global domination. Trump has not been any worse in the facilitation of this butchery than his predecessors. Where he differs significantly is in the amount of stress that his presidency has been causing Americans.

I don’t mean to make light of the stress, disruption and anxiety that Americans have experienced during the Trump administration, but to suggest that it comes anywhere remotely close to the unbroken streak of blood staining presidencies long preceding this one is absurd. Millions of people brutally murdered for imperialist resource control agendas and war plutocrat profit margins is vastly more significant than the emotional discomfort of Americans. It just is. If you disagree with what I just said, you are wrong.

America has slaughtered millions of human beings since 9/11 to facilitate global domination and the people who live there are saying this election is unique because this president is actually bad.

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) September 25, 2020

I am not saying who Americans should or should not vote for. What I am saying is that the belief that this election is uniquely important because this president is uniquely bad is the product of a worldview which sees American lives as much more important than non-American lives.

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