Senate Approves Spy Bill, Possible Link to Pending Covid-19 Actions – Activist Post


15-05-20 07:30:00,

By Janet Phelan

In a vote of 80-16, the US Senate yesterday approved HR 6172, which reauthorizes several surveillance authorities originally passed into law via the USA PATRIOT Act as temporary measures. HR 6172 cements the collection of business records, the “roving wiretap provision,” and the so-called “lone wolf provision,” which allows the surveillance of those with no known connection to terrorist organizations. While the FBI has testified to the Congress that the “lone wolf provision” has never been used, this is widely thought to be inaccurate and that this provision is the authority under which US citizens, activists and journalists, are being widely surveilled.

Several amendments were proposed to the Senate, only one of which passed. Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, had proposed an amendment which would guarantee the participation of an Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court) in cases involving requests for permission from FISA to surveil political figures, religious organizations and the press. This amendment passed by a vote of 77-19.

The Wyden-Daines amendment would have restricted the collection of browser activity and internet search history. This amendment also failed.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) had proposed a widely publicized amendment which would prohibit the surveillance of American citizens, excluding Americans from the provisions involving wiretapping and data collection tools authorized by the FISA court.  This amendment went down in flames, receiving 11 yea votes and 85 votes against.

In a speech on the Senate floor, Paul had this to say about HR 6172:

To those of us that prize the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, the Patriot Act is a violation of our most precious rights. The Patriot Act, in the end, is not patriotic. The Patriot Act makes an unholy and unconstitutional exchange of liberty for a false sense of security.

The failure of Paul’s amendment points to an uncomfortable reality: it is appearing more and more that our government is dedicated to the surveillance of Americans. With Osama Bin Laden dead and ISIS under siege, one would wonder what is so compelling about the phone calls, internet activity and more of a growing number of American citizens who are now watchlisted.

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FCC Approves More Biologically and Environmentally Harmful WiFi (6E) for the US, Other Countries Have Not – Activist Post


28-04-20 07:07:00,

By B.N. Frank

Last week, Full Measure’s Sharyl Attkisson interviewed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chair Ajit Pai.  He proudly stated that, unlike other countries, the U.S. doesn’t have a “heavy handed regulatory framework”.  Indeed.  That’s why they were labelled a “captured agency.” Regulations and “safety standards” are 24 years old and DO NOT apply to how any of us use or are exposed to wireless sources today.  Regardless, the agency refuses to update them and instead continues allowing Americans to be increasingly radiated.

The FCC has become more despicable since Trump was elected (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).  They are a perfect example of “The Swamp” he promised to drain.  Lawsuits have been filed against them for NOT protecting Americans from unsafe levels of radiation (see 1, 2) and unwanted widespread 5G deployment (see 1, 2, 3) which includes satellites blasting it from space (see 1, 2, 3).  5G opponents include many highly respected organizations including the Department of Defense.  Their opposition caused Congress to finally threaten to take action.

Regardless, the agency also recently approved saturating the country in more biologically and environmentally harmful radiation in the form of WiFi 6E.

From The Verge:

In a few months, there’s going to be a lot more Wi-Fi to go around. The Federal Communications Commission voted today to open up a plot of spectrum in the 6GHz band for unlicensed use — the same regulatory go-ahead that lets your router broadcast over the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. That means there are now more open airwaves — a lot more — that routers can use to broadcast Wi-Fi signals. Once the new spectrum is officially opened for business later this year,

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FCC Approves Faster Satellite Deployment of SpaceX Broadband Despite Warnings From Experts – Activist Post


29-12-19 12:07:00,

By B.N. Frank

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to protect the public by regulating the telecom industry. So even though

this “Captured Agency” keeps approving more satellites.  Why?  Because they seem to believe that humans having access to high-speed internet is more important than all of the above.

From TechTimes:

FCC has approved SpaceX’s request to increase the number of rings that its satellite constellation can orbit. Approved by FCC last Dec. 19, SpaceX can now occupy 72 rings, three times as many rings as last approved. FCC hopes that this will allow SpaceX to accelerate deployment to deliver its broadband service throughout the United States more quickly.


These changes will help SpaceX increase their coverage by 2020 hurricane season. SpaceX plans to start commercial satellite operations in the southern states that are at risk of being afflicted by hurricanes. The increased coverage will allow better emergency response in these states even after fiber-optic cables are damaged by natural disasters.

SpaceX already has 120 satellites in orbit, and while they are already greenlit for 12,000 satellites, they still have plans to have 30,000 satellites more, much to the dismay of astronomers throughout the globe.

Research has proven that exposure to all sources of wireless radiation – including 5G – is biologically and environmentally harmful.  In fact, telecom executives gave congressional testimony that they have NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe.

Many American communities and organizations have filed lawsuits against The FCC because of forced 5G installation (see 1,

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Israel approves settlement in West Bank days before crucial elections


15-09-19 07:08:00,

The Israeli government has issued its approval for a settlement in the occupied West Bank, in what looks like a desperate attempt by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to boost his waning support ahead of the upcoming vote.

All Israeli settlements on the occupied territories are deemed illegal under international law, yet Tel Aviv distinguishes between those it approved and those it did not. On Sunday, the cabinet issued a decree recognizing one such squatter settlement – Mevoot Yericho located in the Jordan Valley – as an official one.

“The government passed the prime minister’s motion to build Mevoot Yericho,” a statement from Netanyahu’s office said following a weekly government meeting, which was conspicuously held in the Jordan Valley this time.Such movements are quite rare, as, according to the Israeli media, only five similar decisions were taken over the past decade.

The fact that this step was made just days ahead of the upcoming snap elections prompted some people, including Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, to believe that it is for the sake of Netanyahu’s electoral campaign.The prime minister earlier vowed to annex the whole Jordan Valley, which accounts for roughly one third of the occupied West Bank, if elected.

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Netanyahu’s West Bank annexation plan is vile attempt to win votes at expense of peace – Turkey

Mandelblit criticized the settlement approval, arguing that there was “no vital or urgent need” for it and adding that it could be detrimental to Israel’s international posture.

Meanwhile, the situation for Netanyahu indeed appears to be desperate. Mired in corruption scandals, the troubled prime minister barely managed to squeak out a victory against his rival, ex-military chief Benny Gantz leading a centrist Blue and White Alliance, in April.

Yet, he still failed to form a ruling coalition in a development that proved to be quite humiliating for him as he became the first ever prime minister to commit such a blunder.

Now, with his popularity gradually fading, he seems to be ready to stop at nothing to win the support of the rightwingers, which may be crucial for him.However, his trump card of annexing the Jordan Valley might still be turned against him as it could effectively spell an end to the two-state solution and stir up a hornet’s nest of geopolitical tensions.

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