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Volume 77, no. 4  April 2021

The desire of certain human beings to conquer the world and to mold other humans to conform to their will began at the dawn of history. In Aristotle’s time, the worst possible form of government was “tyranny”—defined as the rule of one person, or of a small group of people, in their own interests and according to their will. Totalitarianism only became possible after the emergence of modern science and technology. Herodotus recounts that in Persia it was considered illegal even to think about something that was illegal to do, but the Persians were not able to enforce this, writes Larry Arnn (Imprimis 12/20, tinyurl.com/3tphn3r4).

The totalitarian dystopian novel, featuring constant spying, pervasive indoctrination, and psychological manipulation often supplemented with drugs, is a 20th century phenomenon—which the real world increasingly resembles. In the 21st century, some seek to transcend humanity entirely.

The anticipated Great Reset would bring a world in which giant corporations and government would seamlessly merge. Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, predicts a “fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identities” in his book Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Microchip and other technology will “lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness.” It will allow authorities to “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior” (Whistleblower, November 2020).

COVID-19: Facilitating the Transition

Pandemic fears have led people to embrace a 2,000-year-old discovery that forcing people to cover their nose and mouth broke their will and began to delete their individuality. As AAPS past president Lee Hieb Merritt, M.D., points out, rituals of the old religion (Satanism) involve wearing masks, washing hands, and standing in a circle 6 feet apart. Masks are traditional occult symbols of obedience, submission, and transformation.

French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas theorized that human relationship and responsibility spring from an epiphany that occurs primarily in the face-to-face encounter. We dehumanize the enemy by seeing him as faceless (tinyurl.com/y4dhe9tb).

In his 1932 dystopian novel The Worker, Ernst Jünger predicted ubiquitous face masks to enforce conformity. As Thomas Crew explains in his article “The Dystopian Age of the Mask,” our “readiness to obscure the face reflects the dehumanising tendencies that…underlie the modern period,

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21. April 2021: Willkommen in der Diktatur | www.konjunktion.info

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Tod des Grundgesetzes - Bildquelle: www.konjunktion.info

Tod des Grundgesetzes – Bildquelle: http://www.konjunktion.info

Ein Artikel bildet zwangsweise die Meinung eines Einzelnen ab. In Zeiten der Propaganda und Gegenpropaganda ist es daher umso wichtiger sich mit allen Informationen kritisch auseinander zu setzen. Dies gilt auch für die hier aufbereiteten Artikel, die nach besten Wissen und Gewissen verfasst sind. Um die Nachvollziehbarkeit der Informationen zu gewährleisten, werden alle Quellen, die in den Artikeln verwendet werden, am Ende aufgeführt. Es ist jeder eingeladen diese zu besuchen und sich ein eigenes Bild mit anderen Schlussfolgerungen zu machen.

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21. April 2021: Der Versuch der absoluten Machtergreifung | www.konjunktion.info

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Am kommenden Mittwoch, dem 21. April 2021, entscheidet sich, ob Deutschland den finalen Schritt in die Diktatur geht oder ob die Reste dieser Scheindemokratie noch Bestand haben dürfen.

An diesem Mittwoch steht die 3. Lesung des “Entwurfs eines Vierten Gesetzes zum Schutz der Bevölkerung bei einer epidemischen Lage von nationaler Tragweite” in Berlin an. Diese “Änderung” würde nicht nur das Ende des Föderalismus in Deutschland bedeuten, was die Väter des Grundgesetzes bewusst eingebaut haben, um eine erneute Machtkonzentration in Berlin zu verhindern, sondern auch:

  • das Ende der körperlichen Unversehrtheit (sprich Impfzwang)
  • das Ende der Unverletzlichkeit der Wohnung

Entwurf eines Vierten Gesetzes zum Schutz der Bevölkerung

(Download PDF)

In Kombination mit §74 (Strafvorschriften) des “Entwurfs eines Gesetzes zur Modernisierung der epidemiologischen Überwachung übertragbarer Krankheiten” würde es dem Regime in Berlin die Möglichkeit an die Hand geben, Maßnahmenkritiker (Demonstranten), Impfverweigerer oder andere kritische Menschen “mit einer Freiheitsstrafe bis zu fünf Jahren oder mit einer Geldstrafe” zu bestrafen:

Paragraph 74 - Bildquelle: Screenshot-Ausschnitt PDF

Paragraph 74 – Bildquelle: Screenshot-Ausschnitt PDF

Modernisierung der epidemiologischen Überwachung

(Download PDF)

Diese massiven Verschärfungen und Einschränkungen wurden von mir bereits vor mehr als 9 Monaten prognostiziert. Der Hintergrund ist aus meiner Sicht, dass die derzeit noch geltenden Gesetze ein Hinternisgrund im Zuge der Implementierung des “Großen Neustarts” darstellen. Gerade die Punkte der Unverletzlichkeit der Wohnung und vor allem der körperlichen Unversehrtheit sind die beiden Knackpunkte, die es für das Establishment gilt zur Seite zu räumen. Merkels Regime kann ohne diese Verschärfung nicht überleben. Da gleichzeitig immer mehr Klagen eingereicht werden, muss Berlin diesen Klagemöglichkeiten einen Riegel vorschieben. Letztlich wird der Widerstand zu groß, um wie in den letzten 13 Monaten nach Gusto der Politik weitermachen zu können. Die jetzige Verschärfungsorgie ist die logische Schlussfolgerung.

Dass neben dem Ende des Föderalismus auch die Landesparlamente, Ministerpräsidenten als auch der Bundestag vollkommen entmachtet werden, dürfte den meisten der Erfüllungsgehilfen nicht im Ansatz klar sein. Immer noch im Glauben verhaftet, dass es sich um eine zeitlich befristete “Geschichte” handelt, werden die Volksverräter am Mittwoch der Verschärfung zustimmen.

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April 14th: Vaccine DEATH WAVE now unstoppable… 122 million Americans now at risk from dangerous medical experiment that can’t be undone

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According to the CDC Covid Data Tracker page, over 122 million Americans have already received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. That’s about 37% of the population, and it’s increasing by nearly 2 million people per day in the United States.

Notably, as Americans are being killed by vaccines, globalists are replacing the American electorate by bringing in massive waves of illegal aliens, many of whom are pregnant women ready to give birth to anchor babies. The criminal Marxists who stole the 2020 election are continuing their plan to mass murder real Americans (with vaccines and bioweapons) and replace them with compliant, low-skilled illegals who will vote for socialist handouts and freedom-killing Democrat policies.

Both Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines are causing deaths via blood clots, obviously because the spike protein antibody causes blood clots that travel to the heart, lungs and brain, killing patients from the clots. Yesterday, the FDA ordered a nationwide halt to the J&J vaccine because so many people were dying. But even the mRNA vaccines also create spike proteins that are coagulants, contributing to the blood clots that can be fatal.

What’s shockingly obvious at this point is that an insane vaccine experiment has been unleashed in America, and there’s no way to undo it. Now, over 122 million Americans will be subject to the risk of blood clots, medium-term inflammation effects and hyperinflammatory reactions to future pathogens that are likely to appear this coming Fall and Winter. No one knows for sure how many will die, but it looks rather likely that the vaccine may end up killing far more people than the coronavirus pathogen.

Almost no one who took the vaccine has any clue that the vaccines were never subjected to traditional large-scale, long-term clinical trials. They are utterly unaware that the FDA only allowed the vaccines under “emergency authorization” use, which by definition means the vaccines are medical experiments. The term “oblivious” barely begins to describe the shocking lack of knowledge under which vaccine recipients suffer, even as they tell themselves they are “smart” or “healthy” for participating in Big Pharma’s global depopulation and infertility experiment.

Importantly, once a person’s immune system is compromised with these vaccine injections, there’s no way to undo the damage.

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April 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper Urges Testing and Tracing Entire US Population – Global Research

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A 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper now proposes the next phase of the solution to the coronavirus crisis – after the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Paper which predicted and analyzed the problem and reaction. It’s problem-reaction-solution, Rockefeller-Gates style. Last month on April 21st, the New World Order (NWO) manipulators released a 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper entitled National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan – Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities. This came after countless MSM appearances by NWO frontman, eugenicist and depopulation-via-vaccines enthusiast Bill Gates claiming you would need digital certificates and immunity passports to travel around again, and that your inherent rights such as the right to gather or assemble may never return unless you’re vaccinated. Predictably, the April 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper is a blueprint for the creation of a colossal nation-wide DNA database of the entire US population. In a moment of raw honesty, the paper even admits that “The Rockefeller Foundation exists to meet moments like this” although to be fair it would be more accurate to say ‘The Rockefeller Foundation on behalf of its NWO masters exists to orchestrate crises like this, then pose as the savior to solve them.’ It calls for testing and tracing of all Americans – initially 1 million per week, then 3 million per week and finally 30 million per week (the “1-3-30 Plan”) until every single American is assimilated into the database.

2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper Narrative: Testing, Tracking and Vaccinating is Our Only Way to Return to Normalcy

The brainwashing is nothing if not blatant and transparent. The Rockefeller Foundation and Bill Gates have the same puppetmaster and thus read from the exact same script. Gates has repeated the scheme ad nauseam: no return to normalcy until you’re vaccinated … no return to normalcy until you’re vaccinated … no return to normalcy until you’re vaccinated. The foreword of the paper paints a grim picture (with propagandistic ideas of a resurgence and a 2nd wave in the background):

“instead of ricocheting between an unsustainable shutdown and a dangerous, uncertain return to normalcy, the United States must mount a sustainable strategy with better tests and contact tracing, and stay the course for as long as it takes to develop a vaccine or cure.”

COVID Healthcare Corps

First of all,

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