Australia sends troops to help contain Covid-19 outbreak on ore ship near Port Hedland


29-09-20 03:14:00,

Australia is deploying defense personnel to Port Hedland on its northwest coast to help contain a coronavirus outbreak on a bulk carrier, where 17 of the 21 crew members have tested positive.

Up to 10 Australian Defense Force (ADF) personnel are expected to be deployed to Port Hedland after the Western Australia (WA) state government requested for assistance, an ADF spokesman said.

“We are well prepared to manage the situation in Port Hedland, and every possible measure is being put in place to protect the local community,” WA Premier Mark McGowan said on Tuesday.

Seventeen crew members have tested positive for the virus, ship owner Oldendorff Carriers said, and 10 members have been moved to a quarantine facility, while seven remain on board. “Those in hotel quarantine are being kept away from the public and under strict supervision,” McGowan said. All crew members are in good spirits, according to health officials.

The crew was last changed in Manila on September 5. The ship owner said that the process complied with all protocols, and all crew members tested negative for the virus before leaving the Philippines.

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Victoria’s health minister resigns after being accused of botching Covid-19 quarantine program

The ship was scheduled to collect manganese ore for use in steel production. It is now anchored off Port Hedland, which is one of the world’s largest iron ore loading ports and is used by some of Australia’s top iron ore miners. The port’s operations have not been impacted by the incident.

Australia has barred cruise ships since the outbreak of pandemic in March, but allowed export carriers to continue operating.

The region has had no local virus cases for nearly six months. Australian Medical Association WA president Andrew Miller warned, however, that the state’s health services could not cope with a bigger outbreak. The Covid-19 hotspot state of Victoria on Tuesday reported 10 new infections in the past 24 hours.

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Australia Pushes New Measure To Detain COVID “Conspiracy Theorists”


18-09-20 12:48:00,

Weekend demonstrations have flared up in Australia over the last month, as Aussies have vented their frustrations and attempted to take back control of their communities after a surge in virus cases prompted the government to re-implement some of the world’s most draconian social-distancing measures.

And if there is one thing that terrifies increasingly tyrannical governments, it’s a loss of control of the narrative, which is why the Australian government is getting a jump start on curbing any so-called “conspiracy theorists” daring to spread information that questions the fear-mongering being used to keep Aussie citizens under lock and key.

A new bill is expected to be debated by the Victorian government in the State Parliament this week. It gives local authorities the power to detain “conspiracy theorists” and people who refuse to self-isolate, reported Caldron Pool

If passed, the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) allows the government to detain anyone labeled as a “high risk” or likely to spread COVID-19 negligently.

A state government spokesman told The Age that the rule could be applied to “conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people who do not have the capacity to quarantine.” Those arrested under the new rule will be housed in quarantine facilities. 

Attorney-General Jill Hennessy said the new bill would “allow us to continue responding to the challenges the pandemic presents, so we can keep protecting Victorians and delivering the services they rely on.”

So far, many of the anti-lockdown demonstrations have been held on the weekends. At least 200 people were fined and 74 arrested at a protest in Melbourne on Sunday. If the bill is passed, some protesters would be rounded up and arrested, and could spend time in a quarantine facility. 

Clearly, the government’s intent to extend powers and detain conspiracy theorists and those who pose a risk of spreading the virus should be alarming to readers.

In a glimpse of what is ahead, authorities have already arrested a Melbourne woman for allegedly writing pro-anti lockdown posts on social media. 

Notably, after widespread social media account deletions,

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Australia Is A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order


14-09-20 04:11:00,

Authored by Mac Slavo via,

Several journalists and content creators have noticed that Australia looks like the most totalitarian police state that has existed in recent history.  It has become a full-scale pilot test for the elitists to see how well they can implement the New World Order.

Australians have been subjected to some of the most horrendous basic human rights and dignity violations during this entire scamdemic.

The elitists are using Australia to test out these authoritarian measures, such as getting the public used to a police state in which the military and police both patrol the streets ready to commit violence against other humans for refusing to quarantine when not sick or not wearing their New World Order issued muzzle…I mean, face mask.

“These guys know full well what they are doing. They are psychopaths, but they aren’t stupid,” says Brian in the above video. The politicians are redistributing both wealth and power away from the public and consolidating it into their own hands. We are in big trouble if we cannot get the military and the police who are committing violence on behalf of the tyrants to realize what they are doing to humanity.

All of this is over 17 new cases of COVID-19. This absolutely horrifying that people continue to buy this scam.

“Heavy-handed tyranny and oppression is happening everywhere,” Brian adds.

If you don’t think this is coming back to the United States in the form of a second lockdown, think again.  The media has been preparing us for a “dark winter” and a “second wave” since the first false wave happened.

Wake up. Time is now extremely short. If you don’t have food or water, now is the time to get what you can. If you don’t have emergency plans, now is the time to make some with your family.  If you are already well prepared for any disaster, the best thing you can do is to stay alert and fearless.  Don’t live a life terrified (they enslave you with your fear), but make sure you know what’s going on.

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New Zealand and Australia: The Police State Goes Live – Activist Post


22-08-20 12:28:00,

By The Conscious Resistance

Derrick Broze breaks down a number of disturbing stories coming out of Australia and New Zealand involving police violence and violations of civil liberties.

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