2 Million Australians Download Coronavirus Tracing App


28-04-20 11:01:00,

Two million Australians have downloaded a COVID-19 contact tracing app hours after the government released it, reported Reuters

The COVIDSafe app for smartphone devices uses Bluetooth technology to create a “digital handshake” when other users comes within 4.9ft. The app logs the contact and encrypts it, will inform users if they have crossed paths with someone who tests positive for the virus. 

Health Minister Greg Hunt said about 2 million Australians had downloaded COVIDSafe app as of Monday, or about 7% of the country. 

The Chief Medical Officer says he’s proud of the almost 2 million Australians who have downloaded the COVIDSafe app in the last 24 hours. https://t.co/5hqlUGvfeh @Riley7News #auspol #7NEWS pic.twitter.com/oooHiCdjwD

— 7NEWS Australia (@7NewsAustralia) April 27, 2020

“This effort will help protect ourselves, our families, our nurses and our doctors,” Hunt Tweeted.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s popularity has been surging since his handling of the pandemic has led to low deaths and cases, mostly because of his swift action to close borders and enforce strict social distancing policies. 

Morrison said about 40% of the country’s 25.7 million population should download the tracing app to support the government’s pandemic response. 

Morrison’s poll numbers have jumped 27 points since the start of March to 68%, a recent poll showed. 

However, there are some significant concerns about the app’s stored data, even though it is encrypted. Government officials said “not even a court order” would allow authorities to access it. 

The #covidsafe app is now available in Australia 😷

However, it’s a shame that they have decided not to release the source code for full transparency.

Luckily, I’m a curious chap and also a professional mobile developer.

— Matthew Robbins (@matthewrdev) April 26, 2020

We’ve noted, a post-corona world would likely consist of contact tracing apps, immunity passports, mandatory testing, and vaccines. These are tools that Big Brother government will utilize to reopen crashed economies. 

For the US, respondents in a recent survey told the Kaiser Family Foundation that they would share virus test results with the government,

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Why Australians Should Fight To Bring Assange Home


30-04-19 08:23:00,

Prominent Australian/British WikiLeaks activist Somerset Bean has launched a GoFundMe with the simple goal of circulating 1,000 giant posters throughout Australian cities in the lead-up to our May 18th elections calling for Julian Assange to be brought home. The posters urge Australians to contact their representatives and put political pressure on them to stand up for one of our nation’s best and brightest stars.

Bean writes the following:

The goal is to print and paste up a thousand of these #BringAssangeHome giant (A0 size) posters in prominent locations in Australian cities during May 2019.

With every $500 raised, another 100 posters can go up. We need to get printing and distributing right away to capitalise on the pre-election weeks.

Saving Julian Assange should be an election issue. Politicians need a push to wake up on this issue and #BringAssangeHome. Can you help use this opportunity to highlight Julian’s plight? Please share the Gofundme page with your networks on social media and by email and donate what you can. Use the hashtag #BringAssangeHome. Thanks for your support and please get in touch if you can help in any other way.

The GoFundMe, which has been endorsed by the Defend Assange Campaign on Twitter, is as of this writing more than halfway towards its goal of $5,000. Printing and posting is already well underway.

Help get these giant posters seen all across Australia: https://t.co/n3WOQf4iQq pic.twitter.com/k8yAYFTDv1

— Defend Assange Campaign (@DefendAssange) April 29, 2019

Bringing Assange home would indeed be one of the best things that could possibly happen to Australia, because it would necessarily mean coming together in the name of national sovereignty and standing opposed to the US-centralised imperial blob that is constantly sucking us into stupid foreign wars and preventing us from functioning as a real nation. The path toward bringing Assange home also happens to be the path toward ceasing to have our fate as a nation defined by our existence as a giant US military/intelligence asset.

A recent segment on 60 Minutes Australia interviewed attorney Greg Barns about his call for the Australian government to step in and stop Assange’s entirely illegitimate extradition to the United States.

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