Firefighters battle to save Cathedral in Nantes, France, as blaze breaks out (VIDEOS)


18-07-20 07:59:00,

Firefighters are battling to save a historic cathedral in the western French city of Nantes after a “major fire” broke out on Saturday morning.

Video footage from the scene showed smoke billowing out of the Cathedral of Saint Pierre and Saint Paul, which dates back to the 15th century. Flames could also be seen leaping inside the building in footage released by the French fire brigade. It said the “major fire” was still advancing and 60 firefighters had been dispatched to the scene.

An eyewitness who lives near the cathedral told the LCI news outlet that he was woken up by “a very strange sound of bells” and he could see the fire from his home. “From what I can see, there is more and more smoke,” he said.

The cause of the fire is not yet known and people were urged to avoid the area.

The roof of the Catholic cathedral previously suffered fire significant damage in 1972 when a blaze broke out. The impressive building had to be closed for three years to allow the necessary restorations to take place. The church was also partly destroyed during World War Two when it was bombed by Allied forces in 1944.

The fire comes just over a year after the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris fell victim to a massive blaze, which destroyed its main spire and caused extensive damage.

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Update: 5G Battle Over Health Risks In Switzerland – Activist Post


20-06-20 07:36:00,

By B.N. Frank

Many Swiss citizens DO NOT want 5G (see 1, 2) AND there have been moratoriums already issued in some parts of the country (see 1, 2) including Geneva.

Thanks to Smart Meter News for this compilation and update on Switzerland:

Update 29-2: In Switzerland, municipalities and cantons are battling against providers and the federal government that has auctioned the broadcasting licenses. The municipalities and cantons argue that the adaptive 5G antennas emit at much higher peak power so that they do not comply with the current exposure limits, leading to greater health risks. Swisscom states that the licenses have been auctioned technology-neutral.

Update 28-2: The Canton of Geneva introduces a three-year moratorium on 4G+ and 5G. The amendment to the law stipulates that any new installation will be subject to a permit during this period. This applies to both ‘4G+’ a.k.a. 1st wave 5G, operating at the 3.5 Gigahertz frequency, and 5G at 26 Gigahertz, which has not yet been rolled out in Switzerland. The amendment aims to respond to the growing concern of the population, said Jean Rossiaud, member of the Greens in the Geneva Grand Council. “The precautionary principle prevails in view of the absence of independent studies on the effects of this technology on health and biodiversity,” he said. Geneva is thus following in the footsteps of the canton of Neuchâtel, which declared a moratorium in January.

Update 13-2: Mobile World Live writes that a representative of the Bafu, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, says that the FT report that the cantons have been requested by the Bafu to halt the rollout of 5G is not correct. “The letter to the cantons rather describes how they can proceed with allowing 5G until the Bafu’s enforcement aid on adaptive antennas is available.”

In a letter to the country’s cantonal authorities at the end of January, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment Bafu asked for a postponement on the commissioning of new 5G transmission masts,

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Battle For the Arctic Heats Up — Steemit


14-06-20 09:05:00,

by James Corbett
June 13, 2020

An incredible event took place this week: A Russian tanker docked at the Port of Jiangsu on China’s east-central coast, offloading its cargo of liquefied natural gas from the Yamal LNG plant in Russia’s north.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “James, that’s not so incredible. Tankers regularly carry LNG from Russia to Asia via the Suez Canal in the winter months!”

Oh, yes, of course, my dear, well-informed reader. But here’s the rub: This was no ordinary tanker, but the Christophe de Margerie, an ice class LNG tanker designed to transport gas along the summer route across the Arctic.

“But James, the summer route doesn’t open until July!”

Exactly. This was a test to see whether the trip could be started nearly two months early. The Christophe de Margerie launched from the Port of Sabetta in Russia’s frozen north on May 18th and hooked up with the Yamal, a nuclear icebreaker, which escorted it through the Arctic passage. Together, the ships were able to trim nearly 4,000 nautical miles off the regular winter shipping route, which takes the cargo on a circuitous journey around Europe and through the Suez Canal before arriving in Asia.

Make no mistake: This event may not have received as much coverage as the other groundbreaking stories of 2020 (or any coverage at all, other than the reports in a handful of sites specializing in such matters), but it is important. In fact, it speaks to the fact that the Arctic is increasingly becoming a geopolitical prize . . . and a potential flashpoint for future military conflict between the superpowers.

The latest sign that the Arctic is the next up-and-coming geopolitical hotspot comes from the chambers of the Arctic Council. While “the Arctic Council” sounds like the fictional body overseeing Santa’s North Pole operations, it is in fact a very real intergovernmental forum that brings together eight Arctic states (Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the US) to discuss regional issues. Although the council’s website likes to highlight the group’s work in “enhancing cooperation in the circumpolar North,”

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Historic Battle Brewing in NYC over Lawyers’ Committee Grand Jury Petition


25-03-20 08:02:00,

David R. Meiswinkle, Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry

March 24, 2020

Today in New York City a legal battle for the integrity of the Grand Jury process and the First Amendment Right to Petition for Redress is being waged.

On Friday night March 20, 2020 Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry Litigation Director, Mick Harrison, and his co-counsel, Lawyers’ Committee Board Director John O’Kelly, filed an historic 4 count First Amended Complaint in the Southern District of New York against the United States Attorney for the Southern District, Geoffrey Berman, the Department of Justice, and the United States Attorney General, William Barr, demanding relief from the Federal Courts concerning the Petition from the Lawyers’ Committee to the United States Attorney to present to a Grand Jury evidence of federal crimes involving the use of explosive and incendiaries at the World Trade Center on 9/11. To date, 19 years after the fact no Grand Jury criminal investigation concerning the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11 has been convened. (See the First Amended Complaint)

The Lawyers’ Committee requests that the United States Attorney Geoffrey Berman be judicially compelled either to provide some indication that he is acting in good faith and presenting the evidence previously given to him by the Lawyers’ Committee in 2018 to the Grand Jury, or, if he is not presenting the evidence, for an Order from the Judge instructing him to perform his mandatory duty to present to a Grand Jury the evidence of explosives and incendiaries involved in the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers previously given to him in the Lawyers’ Committee Petition.

United States Attorney Berman had written to the Lawyers’ Committee on November 7, 2018 stating that he had read and reviewed the submissions given to him by the Lawyers’ Committee and that he would comply with the law 18 USC 3332 regarding the submissions. The Lawyer’s Committee has no way of knowing whether he is complying and, therefore, is requesting that the Federal Court Judge order the United States Attorney to comply with the law.

In addition to the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, co-plaintiffs included are: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Richard Gage,

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The Battle of Idlib Is Far From Over – Global Research


16-03-20 11:39:00,

The opening of the Saraqeb-Latakia road, known as the M4, is scheduled for this Sunday the 15th of March as established during the memorandum protocol signed in Moscow between the two presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan following the battle of Saraqeb.

The Turkish-Russian patrols are supposed to secure the M4  following a three-day meeting in Ankara between Russian and Turkish military to coordinate the joint patrols and to prevent any attacks from Jihadists. Many jihadists groups reject the Russian-Turkish deal and will likely shell the road or try to kidnap drivers. Everything depends on how decisive the Turkish army and its allies in the Idlib area will be in adhering to the ceasefire, and how convincing Russia’s response will be if the ceasefire is violated. 

The Aleppo-Damascus road, known as the M5, was liberated by military force (Russia, the Syrian army and its allies) and is now open for civilians. However, the Syrian army and its allies still use the safer Aleppo-Ithriya-Khanaser road. The battle of Saraqeb forced the Moscow deal and revived the 2018 Astana agreement that was ignored by Turkey for a year and a half.

Jihadists groups including Ansar al-Tawheed wal-Jihad, Ansar al-Islam, Ansar al-Deen, Kavkaz brigade and Hurras al-Deen (al-Qaeda in Bilad al-Sham) have decided to oppose the Russian-Turkish agreement and attack the joint patrol along the M4. These groups, along with Abu Imara, Tansiqiyat a-Jihad and Muhajereen brigade are sworn to oppose Turkey and Russia in rural Idlib. Northwestern Syria has been divided between two camps: one camp under Turkey’s control, acknowledging the Moscow-Astana agreement, and another rejecting it.

This week, a Russian military delegation visited Ankara to discuss with Turkish army leadership procedures to control the M4. Armed drones and Russian Air Force will be ready to intervene, along with Special Forces, to hit any attempt to oppose joint Russian-Turkish control of the M4 and to deal with any presence of jihadists along the road.

Al-Qaeda in Syria (Hurras al-Deen) issued audio of its Emir Hammam al-Suri (Samir Hijazi), one of the notorious Emirs of al-Qaeda who fought in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, asking Syrian and other jihadists to “persist” in their position, thereby rejecting withdrawal from the M4.

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