911 voor jou óók: A STORY TOO BIG TO BELIEVE..??


04-09-19 06:02:00,

‘Too big to believe..‘

Over menselijk-mentale processen
bij de 911-aanslagen

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Professor Dr. David Griffin (1939) heeft zich vastgebeten om zijn vaderlandslievende rol te vervullen door de Waarheid boven tafel te brengen rondom 9/11.

Een van de meest erudiete onderzoekers van het hele 9/11-fenomeen, is professor dr. David Ray Griffin. Deze gepensioneerde hoogleraar besteedt bijna al zijn tijd aan het oprecht en uiterst grondig bestuderen van de 9/11-feiten en -onderzoeken. En op basis van vele, vele duizenden uren studie, is hij tot de onwrikbare conclusie gekomen, dat de officiële versie van de Amerikaanse regering een complete farce is. Inderdaad, een complot..!
Een vervalsing van datgene dat je als de werkelijke gebeurtenissen kunt benoemen en een camouflage om de agenda áchter deze aanslagen te verbergen. Dr. Griffin is inmiddels de auteur van een hele stapel, goed gefundeerde boeken over de achtergronden van de aanslagen van 9/11.

Het bijzondere is, dat Griffin tijdens het schrijven van die boeken en de presentaties ervan, één essentieel gegeven ontdekte, dat feitelijk van wezenlijk belang is. Een gegeven, waar je zelf ook mee te maken zult hebben. Namelijk het feit, dat de gruwelijke gebeurtenissen van die 11e september 2001, voor velen té groot zijn, om ze (mentaal) te kunnen verteren.. Kun jij je dat voorstellen..?

Dat de aanslagen niet alleen voor een regelrecht trauma hebben gezorgd in het collectieve bewustzijn van de wereldbevolking, maar dat ze ook individueel werden ervaren, als een zeer bedreigende situatie. Stel je voor, dat je leven z’n dagelijkse loop heeft, en dat dan ineens zo’n heftige aanslag op Tv is..! Het dagelijkse leven voelt meteen fundamenteel anders en dingen zullen feitelijk nooit meer zijn wat ze waren. Maar je realiseert je dat eigenlijk niet op dat moment..

Je loopt rond, wazig, zoals na een auto-ongeluk of andere heftige gebeurtenis/nieuwsbericht. Terrorisme werd vanaf toen ervaren als iets, dat zomaar je leven kon binnen stappen en is sindsdien niet meer weg te denken uit onze samenleving. En dan zijn we beland, bij de té vaak onderschatte factor in het hele 911-verhaal:

De mentale component van 911
Mensen zijn bijzondere wezens en één van de bijzondere eigenschappen van het menselijk lichaam is het ‘zelfhelende vermogen’. Denk maar eens aan een wond die vanzelf heelt door een mooi korstje,

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Who Should You Believe About Health Risks from Cell Towers: Firefighters, Insurance Companies, Telecoms, Kevin Costner?


07-07-19 07:32:00,

By B.N. Frank

Since 2004, the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) has opposed the use of their stations for cell towers and antennas due to health risks to personnel.  Their website includes many pages of research including a study done on firefighters themselves.

Since at least 2014, telecom companies have been warning investors that eventually they may be held liable and have to pay large settlements because of harm caused by their products and transmitters (aka cell towers).  This being the case, it’s not surprising that insurance companies have chosen NOT to cover telecom companies (see 1, 2) for many years.

None of this, however, has stopped telecom companies from trying to convince the public that they have nothing to worry about.  Recently, they have taken this to a whole new level of absurdity regarding hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of 4G and 5G small cell towers being installed throughout the U.S. in front of homes, schools and everywhere else.

It defies logic.  In February telecom executives gave congressional testimony that they could provide NO scientific studies that prove 5G is safe (not harmful). 

Regardless, CTIA (the U.S. trade association representing the wireless communications industry) recently posted a website to combat fears to the growing American opposition to the countless small cell towers being installed throughout the U.S for the “Race for 5G”.

Like the New York Times and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) employees, CTIA blames Russia for causing American anxiety about health risks from 5G and cell tower exposure.  They also cite the FDA as a qualified health expert despite the many times this agency has been accused of contributing – if not causing – huge public health snafus including the gargantuan Opioid Crisis.

An op-ed posted by Wireless Estimator provides more details about the new CTIA website and that actor/businessman Kevin Costner is now promoting 5G. 

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Global 5G WIFI: You Won’t Believe What They Have Planned For Humanity — With David Icke | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


23-03-19 10:08:00,

By Press For Truth

A global 5G system is currently being implemented and no one seems to care. Like guinea pigs in an experiment we are being marched down a road of uncertainty that will not only affect our health and our privacy but more importantly it will change what it means to be human for all those who come into contact with it.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with author and presenter David Icke about this global 5G system, what the health and privacy issues are and, more importantly, how they plan to use it to manipulate our very thoughts and emotions as man and machine slowly merge into a toxic soup of transhumanism.

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Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes : The Corbett Report

Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes : The Corbett Report

28-02-18 08:50:00,

I must have been looking for a Stanley Cup playoff game one Sunday afternoon in May 2001, only to remember they would never risk ad revenue by conflicting with arguably, the biggest race of the year, the Indy 500. I watched a few laps and it wasn’t the race that caught my attention, but seeing what they had done in terms of virtual reality.

In one turn, when viewed at a high angle (not track-side), you can see a billboard overhanging the warm up lane. You can tell its fake after studying it, but a first glance, it looked decent. They even placed a shadow beneath it. I found no in-car shots with the billboard, only the bird’s eye view (where they can control the stability of the camera, and hence more easily inject, and sell, the fakery). They must have given up, or received feedback of discontent from the real race fans, because only the 2000 and 2001 races had this. By the 2002 race, it was gone again.

2000 Indy 500

2001 Indy 500

I don’t recall when the American NFL broadcasts started with the virtual first down line, or as James mentioned when baseball started with the dynamic billboard behind home plate, but it was likely around the same time. There was also a time when hockey had a “puck tracker” (or some such name), highlighting the path of the puck for those not-so-in-tune with the way hockey works (or physics for that matter).

Many of my non-hockey fan friends liked it, but as a long time hockey fan myself, I found it to be much more of a distraction, and only served to de-humanize the game. Much like instant replay in the NFL is now. If I hear, “but did he make a football move?”, one more time while waiting 5 minutes for the officials to decide, it just might be my last game ever. It seems to me, if he’s playing football, and his body is in motion, well, then its a football move. End of discussion. Seems to me the people making up these rules never were athletes themselves.

And finally, not so much fakery as manipulated ad placement.

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Who to Believe on Washington’s Korea Policy, Tillerson or Trump? | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Who to Believe on Washington’s Korea Policy, Tillerson or Trump? | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

21-12-17 08:45:00,

President Trump has often said that his foreign policy objective was to keep his enemies guessing. If that’s the goal, you could say that he’s doing a good job. The problem is who does he think his enemies are, because the American people are often left guessing as well.

US policy toward North Korea last week is a good example of how the Trump Administration is wittingly or unwittingly sowing confusion among friend and foe alike. In what looked like a breakthrough, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced last Tuesday that the US would be willing to sit down and talk with North Korea “without preconditions.” Previously the US had demanded that North Korea agree to end its nuclear weapons and missile programs before Washington was willing to sit down to formal talks.

The State Department shift toward actual diplomacy with North Korea was quickly quashed, however, when the White House announced that its position on North Korea had not changed. It seemed that the State Department and White House were each pursuing different foreign policies on the Korea issue.

The White House even appeared to belittle Tillerson’s attempt at diplomacy, releasing a statement on Wednesday that talks with North Korea would be “pointless.” No wonder speculation persists that Tillerson is on his way out as Secretary of State.

Then on Friday Secretary Tillerson seemed to do a u-turn on his own policy, announcing at a UN Security Council meeting that a “sustained cessation of North Korea’s threatening behavior” must precede any negotiations with the US. “North Korea must earn its way back to the table,” he said. So, after just three days the offer of unconditional talks with North Korea had been put on and then removed from the table.

There is more than a little hypocrisy in US demands that North Korea cease its “threatening behavior.” Just this month the US and South Korea launched yet another joint military exercise targeting North Korea. Some 12,000 military personnel and 230 aircraft – including stealth fighters – participated in the massive war games. Does anyone think this is not meant to be threatening to North Korea?

It is a shame that the hawks in the Administration continue to dominate. It seems pretty reasonable to open talks with North Korea after a period of “good faith” gestures between Washington and Pyongyang.

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