All Americans Have Blood on Their Hands


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Shortly after Truthdig columnist Danny Sjursen left the Army, where he spent 18 years on active duty and rose to the rank of major, he sat down with Editor in Chief Robert Scheer for an interview about life after the military and a discussion about the conclusions he drew throughout his military career. Sjursen, who attended West Point and did several tours in the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan, opened up to Scheer about how leaving the institution where he spent most of his adult life has allowed him to finally be completely frank about his experiences, in his columns as well as in his recent book, “Ghost Riders of Baghdad: Soldiers, Civilians, and the Myth of the Surge.”

“I’d like to think that I was always bold on active duty,” Sjursen tells Scheer in the latest installment of “Scheer Intelligence,” “but the reality is that I was censoring myself. You know, there is a degree of fear and harassment, and it’s very passive-aggressive stuff. But the book was a labor of love [that] tears apart the notion of American exceptionalism that brought us to Iraq, to a folly.”

Now, as Sjursen pursues a Ph.D and a career as a writer while adapting to his new life and grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder, the former soldier is still profoundly troubled by his experiences at war, not only as he led soldiers to their deaths, but also as he watched U.S. forces devastate Iraq and Afghanistan. Although he went to Iraq thinking the trouble with the war was the way it was being fought, he left with a very different impression of the conflict.

“What I saw happen to the Iraqi people [haunted me more] than what happened to my soldiers,” Sjursen says. “Not only the bodies in the street, not only the civil war that was being waged, but I found that more than 90% of the very friendly Iraqis … Sunni and Shia, they all told me that life was better under Saddam. … That was a big turning point, when I started to say, ‘Wait a second. You know, forget about fighting the war poorly; we shouldn’t be fighting this war at all.’ ”

Recounting the many ways the U.S. created worse conditions for Iraqis after the death of Saddam,

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“The Police Were Out For Blood”: Viral Video Shows French Police Toss Man In Wheelchair To Ground


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Authored by Joseph Jankowski via,

In what will not rest well with the French public – who have decided to take to the streets with the feeling of being left behind and made poor by socialistic, globalist policy – a video of police tossing a disabled man out of his wheelchair is now going viral in France.

The video, taken at a checkpoint near Yellow Vest protesting in Bessan over the weekend, shows a disabled man in a verbal exchange with police.

Currently going viral in France, a video shows members of the Gendarmerie (a paramilitary unit with civil jurisdiction) toss a disabled man out of his wheelchair.

Incident took place in Bessan, France.

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— Brett MacDonald (@TweetBrettMac) December 9, 2018

An officer can be seen lifting the wheelchair-bound man off the street and placing him over the curb, into the muddy ground.

Shortly after being stuck in the mud, and as protesters attempted to wheel him away, the man is tossed from his chair by police.

According to independent journalist Brett MacDonald, this incident is far from isolated as it reflects the general police response to the Yellow Vest protesters over the weekend.

That’s a strategy, sure, and a viable one. But that’s also called suppression. Force was used in many cases before any action was taken—preemptively, tear gas and flashbangs were thrown. Rubber bullets followed later when things were becoming chaotic.

— Brett MacDonald (@TweetBrettMac) December 9, 2018

McDonald was able to grab a translation from a French speaker who says that the police in the video claim to have been insulted by the handicapped man.


— Brett MacDonald (@TweetBrettMac) December 9, 2018

The independent journalist also notes that the paramilitary police force in the video are apart of the French armed forces and under control of the inerior minister, not some local precinct. McDonald’s assessment that the behavior in the viral video was par for the course for French police forces during the latest protests is also shared by journlaist Luke Rudkowski who was on the ground in Paris during the unrest.

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At the Pump, Yemeni Blood Flows Red Into Your SUV | New Eastern Outlook


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Concerning the Yemen massacre, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have pleaded woefully for a ceasefire. Then, waving their arms wildly behind their backs, they gesture to Saudi pilots to take off to deliver more American ordinance on civilians Houthis rebels.

In Geneva, the United Nations talkers wave their arms wildly in warning of an unparalleled humanitarian crisis. At the White House, a bellowing idiot billionaire waves a mighty hand at a meeting and says, “Sure, call them terrorists of communists, as long as the gas keeps flowing.” Yes, The Trump administration is considering designating Yemen’s Houthi rebels a terrorist organization. After all, this will smooth things over with the 40 Americans paying attention these days.

Today’s hypocrites would cause Jesus himself to depart from the path of forgiveness. The brand of Pharisees in Washington’s temples of power make those who crucified God incarnate look like Girl Scouts. I know my readers will forgive the sacrilege here because it’s about time for some fire and brimstone or big flooding events again. Half the population of Yemen is probably going to die soon, and all because some fabulously wealthy sheiks hate Iranian Shia Islamists and the country’s massive oil and natural gas reserves. Oh, you can throw in that Donald Trump wants to make America great again by pumping more gas into SUVs in the United States than ever before, and you get an idea how come Yemenis must die.

The whole U.S. policy clown show for the last couple of decades has been about propping up an unsustainable “American Dream” that began after we “won” World War II at the expense of the Soviets. I’ll assume anybody is reading NEO is already up with me on all this. So, now let’s looking beyond Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, and into his administration chock full of crooked energy deals.

With Yemen missile explosions still lighting the corners of your mind, let’s turn to a Trump minion named Wilbur Louis Ross Jr., who just so happens to be the current Secretary of Commerce. Now, this Ross fellow is a slippery little billionaire who runs a private equity firm called WL Ross & Co. LLC. Trump’s commerce underboss is notorious for being known on Wall Street as “The King of Bankruptcy,” or a big,

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