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31-07-19 05:11:00,

by Stephen Karganovic for OpEdNews:

The “Srebrenica massacre” is the greatest triumph of propaganda to emerge from the Balkan wars…..It is the symbol of Serb ‘evil’ and Bosnian Muslim ‘victimhood’, and the justice of the Western dismantling of Yugoslavia and intervention there at many levels, including a bombing war and colonial occupations of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.— Edward S. Herman, (R.I.P.).

The dirty details of how the Bosnia war was covertly waged, with massive use of local and foreign proxies, is a dismal and relatively little explored chapter of the Clinton presidency. It will surely not receive objective attention at the Clinton Library, nor will visiting scholars and members of the public generally go away any the wiser about it. But in terms of filth, it is incomparably dirtier than Monica Lewinsky’s soiled skirt.

Clinton’s famous invitation to Izetbegovic to improvise a slaughter “of at least 5,000″* Muslims by the Serbs in order to make American involvement palatable to the US domestic public, as recounted in 1993 by astounded Hakija Meholjic, a member of a Srebrenica delegation visiting Sarajevo, is but the tip of the iceberg. But in a very real sense it does lead to tragic subsequent events, culminating after the fall of Srebrenica to Serbian forces on July 11, 1995 in a prisoner of war massacre. Never mind that the death toll of the massacre was multiplied by propaganda by a factor of at least ten , in that business that is par for the course. Never mind even that the Srebrenica massacre was concocted by murky elements apparently outside the Bosnian Serb army’s legitimate command chain in order to provide cover for Croatia’s ferocious attack on Serbian enclaves and the murder and expulsion of a quarter million of their inhabitants, with Western logistical support and under the expert field direction by “retired” NATO officers.

The really big and only lightly touched upon story of the Bosnian war is that it marks the grand entrance of Western-sponsored Mujahedeen on the global political stage. They played a key role as Western proxies in the early 1980s in Afghanistan and, of course, the blowback from that episode lasts to the present day, but that at least was played out on their home turf.

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