Muslim Brotherhood to lead new Tunisian Parliament


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Brother Rachid Ghannouchi, 78, was elected President of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People (a unicameral parliamentary system) even though his Ennadha Movement party fell short of securing a majority.

A historical member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Rachid Ghannouchi was portrayed by the MI6 as a democracy-loving Islamist [1] thereby whitewashing his political stance against the full citizenship of women, his refusal to recognize the will of the people as the source of law, and his inflammatory preaching alongside Hassan el-Turabi in Sudan.

Rachid Ghannouchi never admitted to being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood secret society.

Brought to power by the MI6 during the “Arab Spring”, he retooled the “secret structure” of the Brothers under the name of “League for the Protection of the Revolution” (LPR), allowing him to command the assassinations of the “enemies of God,” like Chokri Belaid or Mohamed Brahmi.

In 2012, he organized the transfer of Tunisian Islamist fighters to Syria, as was disclosed by the Syrian daily Al-Watan. In 2016, while hundreds of thousands of Muslims were being slaughtered by Daesh militants, he declared in Al-Quods al-Arabi that “Daesh represents the angry face of Islam” (sic).

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The Muslim Brotherhood as members of the National Security Council of the White House, by Thierry Meyssan


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We are continuing the publication of Thierry Meyssan’s new book, « Right Before Our Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies ». In this episode, he takes us back to the first semester of 2011, during which, supported by the United States and the United Kingdom, the Muslim Brotherhood approached or won power in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

This article is an extract from the book Fake wars and big lies. See Contents.

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In 2011, Ben Ali (Tunisia), Kadhafi (Libya) and Moubarak (Egypt) were three heads of state at the orders of Washington (Kadhafi since his change of policy in 2003, and the two others had always been US vassals). Despite their service record, they were swept aside for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The beginnings of the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia

On 12 August 2010, President Barack Obama signed Presidential Security Directive n° 11 (PSD-11). He ordered all his embassies in the Greater Middle East to prepare for « régime changes » [1]. He nominated the Muslim Brotherhood to the US National Security Council, to coordinate secret actions on the ground. Washington was going to implement the British plan for the « Arab Spring ». For the Brotherhood, the hour of glory had arrived.

On 17 December 2010, a street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, set himself on fire after the police had seized his wheelbarrow. The Brotherhood seized on the affair and circulated false information that the young man was an unemployed university student, and that he had been slapped by a female police agent. Immediately, men from the National Endowment for Democracy (or NED, the fake NGO run by the secret services of the five Anglo-Saxon states) paid the dead man’s family so that they would not reveal the truth, and began to foment a revolt throughout the country. A series of demonstrations against unemployment and police violence followed, and Washington asked President Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali to leave the country, while MI6 organised the triumphal return from London of the Guide of the Tunisian Brotherhood, Rached Ghannouchi.

This was the “Jasmine Revolution” [2]. The plan for this régime change borrowed both from the abdication of the Shah of Iran,

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The Muslim Brotherhood as auxiliaries of the Pentagon, by Thierry Meyssan


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We are continuing the publication of Thierry Meyssan’s book, « Before Our Very Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies ». In this episode, he describes how the terrorist organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood was integrated into the Pentagon. It was attached to the anti-Soviet network constituted with the ex-Nazis during the Cold War.

This article is an extract from the book Fake wars and big lies. See Contents.

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In 1988, the Saudi Oussama Ben Laden and his personal doctor, the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, published the « World Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders ». This text was distributed by their office in Londonistan, the Advice and Reformation Committee. Al-Zawahiri organised the assassination of President Sadate, then worked for the Sudanese secret services of Hassan el-Tourabi and Omar el-Bechir. He now commands Al-Qaïda.

The Islamists controlled by the Pentagon

At the beginning of the 1990’s, the Pentagon decided to work with the Islamists, who had hitherto depended only on the CIA. This was operation Gladio B, by reference to the secret services of NATO in Europe (Gladio A [1]). For a decade, all the Islamist chiefs – including Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri – travelled on aircraft of the US Air Force. The United Kingdom, Turkey, and Azerbaidjan participated in the operation [2]. As a direct result, the Islamists – who had so far been secret combatants – were publicly integrated into the NATO forces.

Saudi Arabia – which is both a state and the private property of the Saud family – officially became the company charged with the management of world Islamism. In 1992, the King proclaimed a Fundamental Law, which stated “The state protects Islamic Law and applies the Sharia. It imposes Good and fights Evil. It obeys the duties of Islam (…) The defence of Islamism, of society and of the Muslim homeland is the duty of every subject of the King”.

In 1993, Charles, the Prince of Wales, placed the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies under his patronage, while the head of the Saudi secret services, Prince Turki, took over its direction.

London openly became the nerve centre of Gladio B, to the point where people spoke of “Londonistan” [3].

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The Muslim Brotherhood as assassins, by Thierry Meyssan


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We are continuing the publication of Thierry Meyssan’s new book, «Before Our Very Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies : From 9/11 to Donald Trump». In this episode, he describes the creation of an Egyptian secret society, the Muslim Brotherhood, and then its re-creation after the Second World War by the British secret services. Finally, the use of the group by MI6 to carry out political assassinations in this ex-Crown colony.

This article is an extract from the book Fake wars and big lies. See Contents.

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Hassan el-Banna, founder of the secret society the Muslim Brotherhood. We know little about his family, except that they were watchmakers – a trade reserved for the Jewish community in Egypt.

The “Arab Spring” as experienced
by the Muslim Brotherhood

In 1951, building on the foundations of the old organisation of the same name, the Anglo-Saxon secret services put together a secret political society called the Muslim Brotherhood. At first they used it to assassinate personalities who resisted them, and then, starting in 1979, as mercenaries against the Soviets. At the beginning of the 1990’s, they incorporated the Brotherhood into NATO, and in 2010, attempted to force it into power in the Arab countries. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Sufi Order of the Naqshbandi were financed with at least $80 billion annually by the ruling Saudi family, which made them one of the most powerful armies in the world. All jihadist leaders, including the leaders of Daesh, belong to this military structure.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

Four empires disappeared during the First World War – the German Reich, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Tsarist Holy Russian Empire, and the Ottoman Sublime Porte. The victors utterly lacked any sense of reason in the conditions they imposed on the defeated. Thus, in Europe, the Treaty of Versailles determined conditions which were unacceptable and unbearable for Germany, falsely blamed as the sole responsible for the conflict. In the Orient, the carving up of the Ottoman Caliphate was not going well. At the San Remo Conference (1920), in accordance with the secret Sykes-Picot agreements (1916), the United Kingdom was authorised to set up a Jewish homeland in Palestine, while France was allowed to colonise Syria (which included,

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