IADL Calls on UK Court to Grant Bail to Julian Assange, Ill and Vulnerable to COVID-19 – Global Research


30-06-20 02:19:00,

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) is a non-governmental organization with consultative status in ECOSOC and UNESCO. Founded in 1946 to promote the goals of the United Nations Charter, IADL and its affiliated organizations throughout the world have consistently fought to uphold international law, promote human rights and address threats to international peace and security. From its inception, IADL members have protested racism, colonialism, and economic and political injustice wherever they occur.

IADL is extremely alarmed at the psychological torture of Julian Assange and the serious threats to his health as a result of his continued incarceration.

After WikiLeaks published damning evidence of the United States’ commission of war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo prison, the U.S. government mounted a campaign to discredit and vilify Julian Assange. It worked with the Swedish and UK governments to detain Assange on trumped-up charges of sexual assault with the likely goal of extraditing him to the United States. Assange was granted asylum in the Ecuadoran embassy in London where he remained for 7 years until a US-friendly government came to power in Ecuador, withdrew his asylum and turned him over to the UK.

While Assange was living in the London embassy, he developed health conditions that required medical treatment. The UK government refused to allow him to go to a hospital without being arrested. Assange’s health severely deteriorated. Moreover, on May 31, 2019, UN Special Rapporteur Nils Melzer declared that Assange exhibited signs of prolonged exposure to psychological torture.

After Assange was arrested by the UK, he was convicted of a bail offense and sentenced to one year in jail. That charge was a minor offense but his unconscionable sentence gave the United States time to go after him. The U.S. government indicted him under the Espionage Act and asked the UK to extradite him to the U.S. for trial on the indictment. He faces 175 years in prison if convicted.

Assange’s extradition hearing in the UK will continue on September 7. Meanwhile, he remains confined at Belmarsh Prison in London. Assange spends 23 hours a day in solitary confinement, which amounts torture. During the other hour, Assange is confined in a small area with 40 inmates. The proximity to so many people,

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China Calls for Closing All U.S. Deep-State Bioweapons Laboratories in Former USSR Countries – Global Research


04-05-20 07:35:00,

As countries have openly begun to utilize their military structures in fighting the coronavirus in programs intended to guard against biological warfare, Chinese authorities have come out in support the official position of Russia and considers it dangerous that there is a continued existence of U.S biological laboratories in the territory of individual states. These are countries which were formerly republics of the Soviet Union, but came under the influence of NATO and the Deep State.

This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Geng Shuang.

“We drew attention to the statement of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. The US has created many biological laboratories in the territory of the former Soviet Union, which causes serious concern among the people of the respective states and neighboring countries, ” he stressed at a regular briefing. – The local community insists on closing these facilities. We hope that the American side will take a responsible position, take into account the official concern of the world community … and take real steps to eliminate such concerns. “

According to the Chinese diplomat, Washington should pay special attention to issues that are directly related to the health and well-being of the population of the countries in which American laboratories are located.

On April 17, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, that the development of causative agents of dangerous diseases could be carried out in American biological laboratories located abroad. The Russian Foreign Ministry drew attention to the strengthening of the American biological presence outside the United States, in particular in the former Soviet republics. Zakharova stressed that Moscow cannot ignore the fact that the infrastructure with dangerous biological potential is being formed by the Americans in close proximity to Russian borders.

Laboratories modernized with US money, which conduct biological research, study viruses and strains, operate in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Kazakhstan.


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Pakistan PM Khan calls on world to stop ‘Nazi-inspired ideology’ in India amid Kashmir & Citizenship Act unrest


26-02-20 01:29:00,

India has embraced racist beliefs tantamount to the views espoused by Nazi Germany, and the world must take action to stop the country’s Muslim minority from being ‘targeted,’ Pakistan’s Imran Khan has argued.

The Pakistani prime minister made the comments while tweeting about ongoing violence in Delhi between supporters and opponents of India’s new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The unrest has caused the deaths of at least 20 people as of Wednesday.

“Today in India we are seeing the Nazi-inspired RSS ideology take over a nuclear-armed state of over a billion people,” Khan wrote, referring to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a right-wing Hindu nationalist movement. “Whenever a racist ideology based on hatred takes over, it leads to bloodshed.”

As I had predicted in my address to UN GA last yr, once the genie is out of the bottle the bloodshed will get worse. IOJK was the beginning. Now 200 million Muslims in India are being targeted. The world community must act now.

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) February 26, 2020

In follow-up posts, the Pakistani leader said he had warned that India’s decision to revoke Kashmir’s special status would lead to greater religion-fueled bloodshed in the region.

“Now 200 million Muslims in India are being targeted. The world community must act now,” said Khan.

He ended his incendiary remarks by warning his countrymen that any non-Muslims targeted in Pakistan would be dealt with “strictly,” stressing that religious minorities are “equal citizens.”

Also on rt.com
India PM Modi points finger at Pakistan over ‘persecution’ of minorities as he defends new citizenship law

India’s CAA provides fast-track citizenship for non-Muslims from three neighboring Muslim-majority states. New Delhi has argued that the legislation provides much-needed humanitarian relief to religious minorities, but critics claim the law is discriminatory. The bill has led to protests across the country, in some instances resulting in deadly riots.

In a speech outlining the motivations behind the law, Modi said that it was India’s “responsibility to give refuge to those people who have been oppressed due to their faith.” He said that the law was a way to provide a new life for those who have faced “historical injustice.”

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Putin Calls For A New System Guided By UN Charter… But Is It Possible?


24-01-20 08:25:00,

Authored by Matthew Ehret via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Anyone looking with sober eyes upon today’s world and the feeble economic and geopolitical underpinnings holding the system together must accept the fact that a new system WILL be created.

This is not an opinion, but a fact. We are moving towards eight billion lives on this globe and the means of productive powers to sustain that growing population (at least in the west) has been permitted to decay terribly over the recent half century while monetary values have grown like a hyperinflationary cancer to unimaginable proportions. Derivatives speculation alone under the deregulated “too big to fail” banking system has resulted in over $1.5 quadrillion in nominal values which have ZERO connection to the real world (GDP globally barely accounts for $80 trillion). Over the past 5 months $415 billion of QE bailouts have been released into the bankrupt banks to prevent a collapse. So, economically it’s foundation of sand.

Militarily, the west has followed the earlier Roman empire of yesteryear by overextending itself beyond capacity creating situations of global turmoil, death and unbounded resentment at the dominant Anglo American powers controlling NATO and the Military industrial complex. The recent near-war with Iran at the start of 2020 put the world on a fast track towards a nuclear war with Iran’s allies Russia and China.

Culturally, the disconnection from the traditional values that gave western civilization it’s moral fitness to survive and grow has resulted in a post-truth age now spanning over three generations (from the baby boomers to today’s young adults) who have become the most confused class of people in modern history losing all discrimination of “needs” vs “wants”, “right” vs “wrong”, “beauty” vs “ugliness” or even “male” and “female”.

Without ranting on anymore, it suffices to say that this thing is not sustainable.

So the question is not “will we get a new system?” but rather “whom will this new system serve?”

Will this new system serve an oligarchical agenda at the expense of the nations and people of the earth or will it serve the interests of the nations and people of the earth at the expense of the oligarchy?

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Moscow calls for collective security ‘like OSCE for Europe’ to be implemented in Persian Gulf region – Lavrov


15-01-20 09:20:00,

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has urged Persian Gulf nations to work toward the creation of a joint security mechanism, noting that Moscow was concerned about the tense standoff in the region.

Lavrov said Russia was troubled by tensions in the Persian Gulf, and encouraged regional states to cooperate to ensure regional stability.

“We have been suggesting to the Gulf countries to think about collective security mechanisms, something like OSCE for Europe”, Lavrov told the international Raisina Dialogue conference in New Delhi on Wednesday.

“It´s not just ‘let´s not fight with each other’”, Lavrov said, adding that the initiative is about transparency and cooperation, and suggesting that more international players should be involved.

Also on rt.com
India seeks to strengthen relationships with Iran and Russia as US-made chaos threatens New Delhi

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Greenwald calls Brazil’s Bolsonaro a ‘wannabe dictator’ after threats of ‘jail’ for explosive leaks


28-07-19 09:03:00,

The award-winning journalist has called Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro a ‘wannabe dictator’ after being threatened with jail time amid a scandal surrounding the nation’s justice minister sparked by Intercept reports. 

Amid rumors that Glenn Greenwald could face deportation under a new government decree, Bolsonaro stated that “he will not be kicked out” – but instead might “do jail time in Brazil.” The decree, issued by Justice Minister Sergio Moro, allows summary expulsion of people accused of unconstitutional acts or deemed a danger to the “security of Brazil.”

Bolsonaro said nothing about the charges that could land the reporter in prison. Instead, he attacked Greenwald’s choice of life partner, claiming that the journalist might have engaged in a relationship with a Brazilian citizen only to avoid deportation.

“Trickster, trickster, to avoid such a problem [of deportation], he marries another trickster and adopts a child in Brazil,” Bolsonaro said. “That is the problem we have. He will not leave.”

Also on rt.com
Brazilian lawmaker threatens Glenn Greenwald with deportation over leaks

Greenwald immediately hit back, calling the president a “wannabe dictator” and saying that he “has no power” to order arrests and deportations, especially since the authorities have “nothing” incriminating on him. Greenwald, who married in 2005 and lives with his Brazilian husband and two adopted children in Rio de Janeiro, also mocked Bolsonaro’s remark about his ‘prophetic’ matrimonial plans.

While threatening to imprison me – a power he doesn’t have – Bolsonaro also claimed I married @davidmirandario & adopted 2 children as a manipulative tactic to avoid deportation. Apparently I can predict the future, since I married David 14 years ago when I was still a lawyer.

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) July 27, 2019

The co-founder of the Intercept has been under pressure ever since it published a series of bombshell reports targeting Moro – a former judge and a close ally of Bolsonaro. Based on a trove of leaked communication logs, the reports alleged that as part of a high-profile anti-corruption probe known as Operation Car Wash, Moro actively worked with a group of Brazilian prosecutors to undermine Brazil’s leftist Workers’ Party and prevent former President Lula de Silva from returning to power,

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Syria Calls on Civilized World to Intervene in Turkey Cultural Aggression


14-07-19 09:55:00,

Occupation thugs from Turkey are bulldozing Syrian archaeology sites.

Turkey has a long history of criminal aggression against Syria. Even before the NATO Spring was imposed in March 2011, Turkey had built tent cities for refugees, before they felt the need to flee. It has housed various terrorists, fraudulent humanitarian gangs, and seems to have given maps locating the almost 200k landmines on the border with Syria to all the foreign terrorists who have invaded. Now, the country of caliph wannabe Erdogan is bulldozing archaeological sites in Afrin.

From SANA, 10 July:

General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums appealed to international organizations, legal and academic figures who are interested in culture to intervene and protect the Syrian cultural heritage, putting an end to the unjust aggression of the Turkish occupation forces on archaeological sites in Aleppo countryside.

The directorate said in a statement on Wednesday that the latest information coming from Afrin area refer that the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenary terrorists bulldozed archeological hills in Afrin plain to excavate the treasures and archaeological findings stored in the hills, which date back to thousands of years, leading to the destruction of the archaeological layers and the destruction of illuminated pages of the history and civilization of the Syrian people.

The photos received from the area show that rare statues and sculptures were found, dating back to the first millennium BC and to the Roman era, the statement said , adding that the Turkish aggressions are taking place in most of Afrin archaeological sites registered on the list of national heritage, among them Tal Birj Abdalo, Tal Ayn Darah, Tal Jinderous and site of Nabi Huri .

The Hague Protocols of 1954 and 1999 provide for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict:


These Protocols are not worth the paper on which they are written, as they are not enforced. Israel has bragged about its part in the looting of the Eliyahu Hanav Synagogue in Jobar, with not a single word of condemnation from the UN. Western imperial media do not consider newsworthy when Syria arrests smugglers of antiquities,

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Turkey Calls Trump’s Bluff


13-07-19 05:57:00,

Turkey has just called Donald Trump’s bluff by going ahead with the purchase of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missiles. The outrage in Washington is volcanic. Trump is vowing to rain fire and brimstone sanctions down on the disobedient Turks.

The S-400 is Russia’s premier anti-air missile. It is believed highly effective against all forms of aircraft – including stealth planes – cruise missiles, medium range ballistic missiles, drones, and some other types of missiles. It offers the choice of a self-directing version with its own radar seeker, or a less expensive, ‘semi-active’ version that is guided by its launch-battery radar.

What makes this AA missile (SS-21 in NATO terminology) particularly deadly is its remarkable 400 km range. The S-400 is said by Russia to be able to unmask stealth aircraft. I’ve been told by Soviet security officials as far back as 1990 that their radars could detect US stealth aircraft.

The missile’s remarkable range and detection capability puts at risk some of the key elements of US war fighting capability, notably the E-3 AWACS airborne radar aircraft, US electronic warfare aircraft, tankers and, of course, fighters like the new stealth F-35, improved F-15’s, F-22’s and B-1, B-2 and venerable B-52 heavy bombers used to carry long-ranged cruise missiles.

The Russian AA system can ‘shoot and scoot’ – firing and then quickly moving. Even more important, the S-400 system costs about half the price of its leading competitor, the US Patriot PAC-2 system. The S-400 may also be more reliable and accurate. The Great White Father in Washington is not happy.

The Trump administration brought heavy pressure on Turkey not to buy the S-400, threatening to cancel Turkey’s order for 100 of the new, stealthy F-35’s. Few thought the Turks would defy the US on this issue, but they failed to understand the depths of Turkey’s anger at the US.

Most Turks believe that the US engineered the failed 2016 coup against the democratic government in Ankara working through a shadowy religious organization run by the spiritual-political leader, Fethullah Gulen, who lives in exile in the United States. Turkey’s elected president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had been too independent-minded for Washington, clashing over US policy to Syria and the Gulf. He had also incurred the wrath of America’s Israel lobby for demanding justice for the Palestinians.

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Hunt joins calls for press freedom after Met Police tell journalists not to publish govt leaks


13-07-19 05:52:00,

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has defended the UK press’ right to report on the embarrassing leaked cables of UK ambassador to the US Sir Kim Darroch after the Met Police said the media should not publish the leaked documents.

Currently in the running to become Conservative Party leader and the next prime minister, Hunt tweeted that while the leaks damaged US and UK relations and the person responsible must be held accountable, he “defend[s] to the hilt the right of the press to publish those leaks if they receive them & judge them to be in the public interest: that is their job.” 

These leaks damaged UK/US relations & cost a loyal ambassador his job so the person responsible MUST be held fully to account. But I defend to the hilt the right of the press to publish those leaks if they receive them & judge them to be in the public interest: that is their job

— Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt) July 13, 2019

The Metropolitan Police said its Counter Terrorism Command had launched an investigation into the alleged leaking of official communications that included negative assessments of the Trump administration, and it urged those responsible to turn themselves in. 

Also on rt.com
British ambassador to the US Darroch quits over leaked Trump secret memos row

“The publication of leaked communications, knowing the damage they have caused or are likely to cause may also be a criminal matter,” Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said. “I would advise all owners, editors and publishers of social and mainstream media not to publish leaked government documents that may already be in their possession, or which may be offered to them, and to turn them over to the police or give them back to their rightful owner, Her Majesty’s Government.”

Hunt’s response to the police statement was echoed by both the media and his fellow Tory leadership contender Boris Johnson, who said: “It cannot be conceivably right that newspapers or any other media organization publishing such material should face prosecution.”

Also on rt.com
Jeremy Hunt stays mum when asked about Assange on way to press freedom conference (VIDEO)

The foreign secretary’s defense of press freedom comes as a surprise to some,

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US calls emergency nuclear watchdog meeting over Iran – after spurning it for 3 years


06-07-19 08:25:00,

The US has called an emergency meeting of the UN nuclear watchdog after Iran’s uranium stockpile exceeded the 2015 nuclear deal’s limits. That’s the same body whose reports of Iran’s compliance Washington has ignored for years.

The international community must hold Iran’s regime accountable,” US Ambassador to International Organizations Jackie Wolcott said in a statement calling for a special meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Board of Governors to discuss what it calls the group’s “latest, concerning report” on the Iranian nuclear program.

The United States strongly supports the IAEA and its verification efforts in Iran,” the statement continued.

Also on rt.com
‘Playing with fire’: US ramps up tough talk on Iran after it exceeds nuclear deal cap

Such support is new for the US, which ignored years of IAEA reports certifying the Iranian government was compliant with the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal in order to pull out of that deal unilaterally last May, reimposing sanctions while declaring Iran was violating it.

Back then, the US scorned the IAEA, which has confirmed Iran’s compliance with the deal quarterly under what it calls the “world’s most robust nuclear verification regime,” in favor of Israel, whose PM Benjamin Netanyahu has been claiming Iran was months away from a nuclear weapon since the early 1990s.

Netanyahu, whom Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif called “the boy who cries wolf,” declared he had proof Iran was lying about building nuclear weapons when it entered the deal, even though the IAEA had already seen and discounted a lot of the “proof,” judging that work on weapons development had ceased in 2003.

Iran declared on Monday it had exceeded its allotted 300kg limit of enriched uranium under the deal and that its next step would be to enrich uranium above the allowed 3.67 percent fissile purity by Sunday, and the IAEA confirmed that same day that the stockpile had exceeded the terms set out under the deal.

Zarif pledged to continue casting off those terms until Iran’s partners in the accord hold up their end of the bargain.

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As Rudy Giuliani Calls for Regime Change in Iran, Netanyahu Raises the Specter of “War”


14-02-19 10:28:00,

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City who now serves as President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, called for the overthrow of Iran’s government on Wednesday during a rally in Poland staged by a cult-like group of Iranian exiles who pay him to represent them.

Speaking outside the Warsaw venue for an international conference on the Middle East attended by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Giuliani said that his message for the 65 governments discussing ways to confront Iran was simple. “The theocratic dictatorship in Tehran,” Giuliani said, “must end and end quickly.”

Giuliani went on to suggest that peace in the region would only come when Iran was ruled instead by his clients, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, an exile group of former terrorists also known as the Mojahedin-e Khalq, or People’s Mujahedin. The group’s leader, Maryam Rajavi, already refers to herself as “President-elect.”

Off-stage, the U.S. president’s lawyer admitted that he was paid by the exile group, but stressed to reporters that he was in Warsaw on behalf of the MEK in his personal capacity and would not be attending the diplomatic conference organized by the State Department.

Even before the conference began, the Israeli prime minister appeared to shrug off efforts by the State Department and the Polish government to portray the gathering as broadly focused on Middle East peace, describing it as primarily a meeting of Iran’s enemies.

In video posted on the prime minister’s official Twitter feed, Netanyahu characterized a meeting with Oman’s foreign minister as “excellent,” and one focused on “additional steps we can take together with the countries of the region in order to advance common interests.”

According to the English translation of Netanyahu’s remarks in Hebrew prepared by his office, the prime minister then added: “What is important about this meeting — and it is not in secret because there are many of those — is that this is an open meeting with representatives of leading Arab countries that are sitting down together with Israel in order to advance the common interest of war with Iran.”

A screenshot from video posted on the official Twitter feed of Israel’s prime minister,

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Mike Pence Calls for Coup d’Etat in Venezuela – Global Research


24-01-19 08:16:00,

Since Hugo Chavez established Bolivarian social democracy in Venezuela, a vibrant system, a model for other nations, the US plotted to replace it with fascist tyranny.

Democratically elected and reelected Nicolas Maduro carries the torch Chavez lit. Venezuela’s electoral system is the world’s best, polar opposite America’s money-controlled process, war party rule with two extremist right wings.

Venezuela is a prime target because of its world’s largest oil reserves. US dark forces want Big Oil controlling them.

They want fascist tyranny replacing Bolivarian social democracy. They’re waging longstanding political, economic, financial, and sanctions war on the country – military intervention an option if current tactics fail.

Previous US coup d’etat attempts failed. Another slow-motion one is underway. On Tuesday, Mike Pence encouraged the toppling of democratically reelected Maduro.

He turned truth on its head calling him a “usurper,” a “dictator with no legitimate claim to power,” falsely adding “(h)e has never won the presidency in a free and fair election, and has maintained his grip of power by imprisoning anyone who dares to oppose him.”

All of the above claims are bald-faced Big Lies. Pence “express(ed) unwavering support of the United States” for regime change, backing transitional puppet rule by unelected National Assembly head Juan Guaido.

Pence’s Tuesday remarks may signal a plot to remove Maduro forcefully, the American way initiated time and again.

Maduro responded, saying the US vice president hit a 200-year low in bilateral relations. He ordered what he called a “total revision” in bilateral relations.

He denounced the US coup d’etat plot. Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry accused the Trump regime of aiming to impose “puppet government” in Caracas, adding:

“The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces once again the attempts by the supremacist elite that controls the White House to promote a coup in Venezuela, attacking the Constitution, Democracy and Peace in the country.”

“While the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, urges dialogue with respect between countries, Bolton, in turn, embraces the script of the coup-driven adventures, historically inserted in the imperialist agenda.”

“No matter how powerful the pressures, threats, and attacks, the Bolivarian Government will never give in to the integral defense of the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.”

“Venezuela will use all its political,

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US Senate Calls On Julian Assange To Testify

US Senate Calls On Julian Assange To Testify

08-08-18 03:28:00,

Julian Assange has been asked to testify before the US Senate Intelligence Committee as part of their Russia investigation, according to a letter signed by Senators Richard Burr (R-NC) and Mark Warner (D-VA) posted by the official WikiLeaks Twitter account.

The letter, delivered to Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, reads in part “As part of the inquiry, the Committee requests that you make yourself available for a closed interview with bipartisan Committee staff at a mutually agreeable time and location.” 

BREAKING: US Senate Intelligence Committee calls editor @JulianAssange to testify. Letter delivered via US embassy in London. WikiLeaks’ legal team say they are “considering the offer but testimony must conform to a high ethical standard”. Also: https://t.co/pPf0GTjTlp pic.twitter.com/TrDKkCKVBx

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) August 8, 2018

Wikileaks’ says their legal team is “considering the offer but testimony must conform to a high ethical standard,” after which the whistleblower organization added a tweet linking to a list of 10 Democratic Senators who demanded in late June that Assange’s asylum be revoked in violation of international law: 

Of note: https://t.co/pAFas2fgKn

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) August 8, 2018

WikiLeaks also tweeted a link to a Human Rights Watch article: “UK Should Reject Extraditing Julian Assange to US,” which reads in part: 

It has been six years since Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, fled to the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to seek asylum from possible extradition to the United States to face indictment under the US Espionage Act. 

At the time, Assange, an Australian national, was wanted by Sweden for questioning over sexual offense allegations. Assange had also broken the terms of his UK bail. Since then, he has become even more controversial, having published US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails and internal emails from Democratic Party officials.

While some admire and others despise Assange, no one should be prosecuted under the antiquated Espionage Act for publishing leaked government documents. That 1917 statute was designed to punish people who leaked secrets to a foreign government, not to the media, and allows no defense or mitigation of punishment on the basis that public interest served by some leaks may outweigh any harm to national security.

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China calls for preservation of Syria’s sovereignty

China calls for preservation of Syria’s sovereignty

30-07-18 07:15:00,


Is it a competition with China? It would be hard to argue otherwise.


2 hours ago


July 30, 2018

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday a plan to spend $113 million on infrastructure, energy, and technology in the ‘Indo-Pacific’ region in a speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The plan comes about at a time when China is perceived as a threat to America’s trade hegemony, while a burgeoning trade war between China and the US is waging, and when Beijing is investing large amounts of capital and diplomatic influence to eminently position itself.

Reuters reports:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Building on President Donald Trump’s “Indo-Pacific” strategy, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday announced $113 million in new regional investments focused on technology, energy and infrastructure.

The announcement comes at a time when trade frictions with China have given U.S. trade diplomacy a sharper edge.

A senior U.S. official said the investments were not aimed at countering China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which consists of mostly state-led infrastructure projects linking Asia, parts of Africa and Europe.

“These funds represent just a down payment on a new era in U.S. economic commitment to peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region,” Pompeo said a speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

He said he would visit Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia this week, where he would also announce new security assistance in the region.

Pompeo said the United States “will oppose any country” which seeks to dominate the region in what appeared to be a reference to Beijing amid heightened tensions in the South China Sea.

“Like so many of our Asian allies and friends, our country fought for its own independence from an empire that expected deference,” Pompeo said. “We thus have never and will never seek domination in the Indo-Pacific, and we will oppose any country that does,” he added.

Countries in the region have been worried by Trump’s “America first” policy, withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, and pursuit of a trade conflict with China that threatens to disrupt regional supply chains.

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