This Is Why You Can’t Trust The Fact Checkers


12-05-20 11:18:00,

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For the last eight years I have worked as a writer, researcher, and investigative reporter for many well-known American independent media outlets. I have spent my time investigating digital surveillance technology, attacks on indigenous communities, and the overall growth of the government and corporate power. As someone working in this field, writing about topics which are often seen as controversial or “outside the mainstream” – censorship and personal attacks are part of the job description.

However, the attacks on independent media have rapidly increased in the last four years, with many formerly active journalistic outlets ceasing to exist due to lack of traffic and thus, lack of funds. We have seen outlets outright branded “fake news” or accused of collusion with the Russian government. Some channels and websites have been unable to apply for advertising or use certain digital products based on these labels. Some channels and reporters have been deleted off social media and other digital platforms altogether. And, if the social media managers don’t delete you, they might just use the algorithm to hide your posts, limiting your ability to interact with the public.

Attack of the “Fact” Checkers


Perhaps the most insidious method is the recent use of “fact checkers” to limit the reach of an outlet, or simply brand them with the fake news scarlet letter to discourage readers from engaging. This has been increasing in the last 2 years and I personally know of several remaining indy media outlets who have had to decide whether or not to run certain articles or video reports out of fear they might be censored or banned. Of course, with the algorithmic games being played by social media platforms, most outlets are reaching a tiny fraction of what they once were.

Case in point, The Mind Unleashed. I have been part of the TMU team on and off for the last year or so. In that time we have been struggling to reach a small fraction of our 9 million Facebook followers. Part of the reason we are struggling to reach people is because we have the dubious recognition of being labeled fake news by Facebook and affiliated fact checkers.

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We Can’t Torture Animals, Only Humans –


02-12-19 01:35:00,

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Germany Can’t Locate Scores Of ISIS Fighters Who May Have Slipped Back Into The Country


25-06-19 10:02:00,

The German government can’t locate over 160 German “Islamic State” sympathizers who left home to fight with the terrorist organization and may have returned to Germany, according to Welt am Sonntag

The Federal Ministry of the Interior speculates that most of them were likely killed in combat, but that they could have “succeeded in escaping and/or disappearing” back into the country. The ministry added that it’s unlikely that the individuals would pass unnoticed in Germany because of “various measures (including wanted lists or entry bans), which make uncontrolled re-entry much more difficult.” 

The request for information was made by the Free Democrats (FDP), whose secretary general Linda Teuteberg told Welt that it was highly disturbing that further steps weren’t taken to prevent potential ISIS fighters from re-entering Germany “in light of the known patchy protection at the EU’s external borders.” 

Teuteberg added that the government has “no plan for dealing with foreign fighters from Germany” or prosecuting them for their actions. 

“This applies to the Germans detained in the conflict zones, as well as the more than 200 former IS supporters who are now back in Germany,” she said, adding that German authorities should step up measures to strengthen German authorities’ ability to investigate and prosecute war crimes on foreign soil. 

In April, German prosecutors charged a 27-year-old German woman was busted by an undercover German security services officer she enlisted to drive her to the Middle East so that she could join up with the Islamic State, which she had been supporting some time. During the drive, she told him all about her time in the organization – which the German recorded. 

Identified only as “Jennifer W” due to German privacy laws, she was eventually charged with purchasing a 5-year-old Yazidi girl in Iraq to use as a slave, only to let her die in the scorching heat. American intelligence officials tipped off their German colleagues about the woman, who then set her up with the German driver who she told about “leaving her home in northwestern Germany in August 2014, and making her way through Turkey and Syria to Iraq,” according to the New York Times

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“Pure”: Ten Points I Just Can’t Believe About The Official Skripal Narrative


08-03-19 09:17:00,

Authored by Craig Murray,

I still do not know what happened in the Skripal saga, which perhaps might more respectfully be termed the Sturgess saga. I cannot believe the Russian account of Borishov and Petrov, because if those were their real identities, those identities would have been firmly established and displayed by now. But that does not mean they attempted to kill the Skripals, and there are many key elements to the official British account which are also simply incredible.

Governments play dark games, and a dark game was played out in Salisbury which involved at least the British state, Russian agents (possibly on behalf of the state), Orbis Intelligence and the BBC.

Anybody who believes it is simple to identify the “good guys” and the “bad guys” in this situation is a fool. When it comes to state actors and the intelligence services, frequently there are no “good guys”, as I personally witnessed from the inside over torture, extraordinary rendition and the illegal invasion of Iraq. But in the face of a massive media campaign to validate the British government story about the Skripals, here are ten of the things I do not believe in the official account:


This was the point that led me to return to the subject of the Skripals, even though it has brought me more abuse than I had received in my 15 year career as a whistleblower.

A few months ago, I was in truth demoralised by the amount of abuse I was receiving about the collapse of the Russian identity story of Borishov and Petrov. I had never claimed the poisoning, if any, was not carried out by Russians, only that there were many other possibilities. I understood the case against the Russian state is still far from established, whoever Borishov and Petrov really are, and I did not (and do not) accept Bellingcat’s conjectures and dodgy evidence as conclusive identification. But I did not enjoy at all the constant online taunts, and therefore was not inclined to take the subject further.

It is in this mood that I received more information from my original FCO source, who had told me, correctly,

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“It Can’t Be Fixed”: ICC Judge Quits Over “Shocking” Interference From Washington


31-01-19 04:15:00,

Authored by Alexander Rubinstein via,

ICC Judge Flügge said he realized that the “diplomatic world” did not value the independent judiciary that was the ICC.

A senior judge at the United Nations’ International Court in The Hague has resigned in protest of “shocking” interference from the Trump administration into a preliminary war-crimes investigation into U.S. troops.

The judge, Christoph Flügge, who hails from Germany, slammed National Security Advisor John Bolton over his response last year to a preliminary investigation into American soldiers accused of torturing people in Afghanistan. That investigation ultimately found “a reasonable basis to believe that war crimes and crimes against humanity” were committed by U.S. forces, MintPress News reported.

“The United States will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court,” Bolton said in September. He also called for sanctions against the International Criminal Court (ICC) and warned the body against pursuing any investigations into “Israel or other U.S. allies.”

Bolton even cited a Palestinian-led effort to bring Israel to the ICC over its human-rights abuses in Gaza and the West Bank as a reason for closing the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) office in Washington.

He went on to promise to ban ICC “judges and prosecutors from entering the United States,” adding:

We will sanction their funds in the U.S. financial system, and we will prosecute them in the U.S. criminal system. We will not cooperate with the ICC. We will provide no assistance to the ICC. We will not join the ICC. We will let the ICC die on its own. After all, for all intents and purposes, the ICC is already dead to us.”

“John Bolton, the national security adviser to the U.S. president, held a speech last September in which he wished death on the International Criminal Court,” Flügge said after leaving his post. Flugge continued on Bolton’s declaration:

If these judges ever interfere in the domestic concerns of the U.S. or investigate an American citizen, [Bolton] said the American government would do all it could to ensure that these judges would no longer be allowed to travel to the United States – and that they would perhaps even be criminally prosecuted.”

The American security adviser held his speech at a time when The Hague was planning preliminary investigations into American soldiers who had been accused of torturing people in Afghanistan.

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‘Why Can’t They Take The Bus?’ – Davos Locals Furious As Limos Clog Streets


21-01-19 11:43:00,

We couldn’t imagine a struggle that better symbolizes the burgeoning conflict between the globalist “Davos Man”, who has flourished in the years since the financial crisis (largely because central banks helped transform it into a dip to buy), and regular, working people than the one highlighted this weekend by Bloomberg News in a report about the simmering anger locals feel toward the wealthy MOUs who flock to their mid-tier ski town for a few days every January to revel in the excesses of the stratified world these outsiders helped to create.

Davos locals are growing increasingly frustrated with the traffic congestion that the conferences attendees (it’s expected to draw 3,000 guests this year, the largest crowd in its history) and their limos bring to the town, with the 11,000 residents wondering why they can’t just take public transportation like Swiss central bankers and government ministers do?


Full-time residents of the town are baffled by why anyone traveling to Davos would choose to wear leather shoes, leaving them prone to slip and fall on the ice, instead of snow boots.

“People wear leather dress shoes and then use the limousines because they don’t want to slip on the ice,” said Ladina Alioth, a teacher and mother of three recently elected to the local legislature. She’s proud to host the WEF and but says last year it was too disruptive. “I wear boots and pack the shoes I wear indoors – why can’t they do that too?”

The four-day annual meeting on Magic Mountain kicks off on Jan. 22. Once the crowds head home, the Davos mayor’s office asks citizens what they want done better. Limos topped the 2018 complaints.

In a sense, these complaints might seem like biting the hand that feeds. After all, the WEF is a boon to local businesses and generates an estimated 2 million francs ($2 million) in tax revenue for the town. But that hasn’t stopped the townspeople from resisting an increase in security for the conference that would likely lead to even more congestion.

But given that many of the most important events associated with the conference – that is, the exclusive parties and cocktail receptions – are held far from down town Davos,

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Trump Can’t Drain the Swamp and Support the Empire – They Are the Same Thing


10-12-18 07:02:00,

“It is the vasty deep of that $500 billion larder which gives rise to the forces that thwart the Donald’s desire to drain the Swamp.”

The author is a prominent American politician, businessman, publicist and author. He was Ronald Reagan’s Budget Director, and a congressman from Michigan. He is a frequent commentator on the major financial TV networks on the state of the economy. You could describe him as America’s financial conscience and scold – and he’s been doing it for 40 years, he famously broke with Reagan over his budget-busting ways.

He writes frequently about the perversity of US policy towards Russia, and we reproduce his work here when he does. See the full archive of his articles on RI here.

You can’t build the Empire and drain the Swamp at the same time. That’s because the Swamp is largely the fruit of Empire. And it’s also the reason that the Donald is being rapidly undone.

Indeed, it is the Empire’s $800 billion national security budget which feeds Washington’s vast complex of weapons suppliers, intelligence contractors, national security bureaucrats, NGOs, think tanks, K-street lobbies, so-called “law” firms and all-purpose racketeers. It’s what accounts for the Imperial City’s unseemly and ill-gotten prosperity.

It goes without saying that the number one priority of these denizens of Empire is to keep the gravy train rolling. That is accomplished by inventing and exaggerating threats to America’s homeland security and by formulating far-flung and misbegotten missions designed to extend and reinforce Washington’s global hegemony.

As we demonstrate elsewhere, a true homeland security defense budget would consist of the strategic nuclear triad and modest conventional forces to defend the nation’s shoreline and air space; it would cost about $250 billion per year plus a few $10 billion more for a State Department which minded its own business.

So the $500 billion difference is the fiscal cost of Empire, which is pushing the US toward an immense generational fiscal crisis. But it’s also a measure of the giant larder that fills the Swamp with the projects and busywork of Washington’s global hegemony.

In fact, it is the vasty deep of that $500 billion larder which gives rise to the forces that not only thwart the Donald’s desire to drain the Swamp,

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Ron Paul: Why Can’t The United States Just Leave Syria Alone?

Ron Paul: Why Can’t The United States Just Leave Syria Alone?

04-09-18 02:36:00,

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

Assad was supposed to be gone already. President Obama thought it would be just another “regime change” operation and perhaps Assad would end up like Saddam Hussein or Yanukovych. Or maybe even Gaddafi. But he was supposed to be gone. The US spent billions to get rid of him and even provided weapons and training to the kinds of radicals that attacked the United States on 9/11.

But with the help of his allies, Assad has nearly defeated this foreign-sponsored insurgency.

The US fought him every step of the way. Each time the Syrian military approached another occupied city or province, Washington and its obedient allies issued the usual warnings that Assad was not liberating territory but was actually seeking to kill more of his own people.

Remember Aleppo, where the US claimed Assad was planning mass slaughter once he regained control? As usual the neocons and the media were completely wrong. Even the UN has admitted that with Aleppo back in the hands of the Syrian government hundreds of thousands of Syrians have actually moved back. We are supposed to believe they willingly returned so that Assad could kill them?

The truth is Aleppo is being rebuilt. Christians celebrated Easter there this spring for the first time in years. There has been no slaughter once al-Qaeda and ISIS’ hold was broken. Believe me, if there was a slaughter we would have heard about it in the media!

So now, with the Syrian military and its allies prepare to liberate the final Syrian province of Idlib, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo again warns the Syrian government against re-taking its own territory. He Tweeted on Friday that:

“The three million Syrians, who have already been forced out of their homes and are now in Idlib, will suffer from this aggression. Not good. The world is watching.”

President Trump’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has also warned the Syrian government that the US will attack if it uses gas in Idlib. Of course, that warning serves as an open invitation to rebels currently holding Idlib to set off another false flag and enjoy US air support.

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