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At the Toronto Hearings in 2011, Professor Niels Harrit described a new discovery related to the World Trade Center (WTC) dust. That new discovery was the presence of carbon nanotubes in the residues of nanothermite ignition. The importance of these results relates to the health of 9/11 first responders, whose fatal illnesses have remained largely a mystery to the medical profession.

Professor Harrit’s presentation in Toronto is available online in its entirety. Here is the shorter segment related to the finding of carbon nanotubes (CNTs).

As Harrit describes, the ignition residues he used were from experiments that I performed in my garage. Nanothermite was prepared using a formulation documented by researchers at a national laboratory and ignition was achieved simply by heating the nanothermite on a hot plate to the appropriate temperature. Here are video highlights of the process.

Harrit’s CNT results were duplicated by an independent commercial laboratory. The independent laboratory identified CNTs in the nanothermite ignition residues using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) and comparison to reference CNT data. See the image below for an excerpt of the report on the sample submitted.

In 2010, researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine reported the presence of high levels of carbon nanotubes in the lungs of WTC first responders as well as in WTC dust samples. They wrote, “The finding of CNT in both WTC dust and lung tissues is unexpected and requires further study.”

CNT formation requires three basic components: a very high temperature, a source of carbon, and the presence of certain metals. In particular, formation of the single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) found in the lungs of first responders requires the metals to be present. All of these requirements are met in the ignition of nanothermite. As Harrit stated in his presentation, it is the ideal environment for production of these CNTs.

Unfortunately, until medical professionals are willing to look at the evidence for the presence of thermitic materials at the WTC, which is extensive and compelling, the cause of 9/11 first responder illnesses will remain a tragic mystery.


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Carbon Dioxide is Making The World Greener (w/ Freeman Dyson, Institute for Advanced Studies)


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Computer models do a good job of helping us understand climate but they do a very poor job of predicting it.

That is according to physicist Freeman Dyson of the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.

Dyson says, “As measured from space, the whole earth is growing greener as a result of carbon dioxide, so it’s increasing agricultural yields, it’s increasing the forests and it’s increasing growth in the biological world, and that’s more important and more certain than the effects on climate.”

He acknowledges that human activity has an effect on climate but claims it is much less than is claimed. He stresses the non-climate benefits of carbon are overwhelmingly favourable.

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The Carbon Bubble Cometh (and Open Thread) : The Corbett Report

The Carbon Bubble Cometh (and Open Thread) : The Corbett Report

09-10-18 06:47:00,

by James Corbett

October 9, 2018

So as I (p)reported this weekend, all the usual suspects in the lying, fake news-promoting, bankster-funded corporate mouthpiece media have responded to the latest hot air from the IPCC by dutifully repeating the line that we only have 12 YEARS TO AVERT CLIMATE ARMAGEDDON!!1! And how will we avert this disaster, precisely? By raising carbon taxes and blowing the trillion-dollar carbon trading bubble, of course. Yay.

For those who are confused by the fact that we had only 3 YEARS TO AVERT DISASTER!!1! last year, don’t fret too much over the discrepancy. As I detailed at the time, we’ve been getting different X YEARS TO AVERT DISASTER!!1! warnings for the last 30+ years now, all of which set a different, completely arbitrary timeline for the end of the world. To which the global warming true believers respond: “Details shmeetails, it’s Settled Science™! End of argument!”

So while I’m off this week working on my next major project (coming to The Corbett Report in the very near future), I’ll take the liberty of reposting some of my previous work on the climate issue. These include reports exposing the IPCC; drilling down on the actual science behind the doomporn platitudes; interviewing actual climate scientists; exposing the data fabrication which the climate cult regularly engages in; and explaining the carbon eugenics philosophy which (aside from the obvious financial incentives) motivates the whole scheme. Stay tuned to the front page of corbettreport.com for a different “featured video” from the climate change archives every day.

In the meantime, as I mentioned at the tail end of last week’s New World Next Week, I am taking this week off from new productions while I’m busy working on my next project, so Corbett Report members are invited to use this space to comment on these development or whatever else is on your mind. It’s an open thread, so feel free to discuss all the latest news or open up discussion on more esoteric matters.

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