No Real Change Can Come If Speech Is Restricted By Monopolistic Oligarchs


17-10-20 09:29:00,

In a solid new article titled “Facebook and Twitter Cross a Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor” on the cross-platform silencing of The New York Post‘s publication of Hunter Biden’s emails, The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald writes the following:

That is always how it will work: it is exclusively the voices on the fringes and the margins, the dissidents, those who reside outside of the factions of power who will be subjected to this silencing. Mainstream political and media voices, and the U.S. Government and its allies, will be fully free to spread conspiracy theories and disinformation without ever being subjected to these illusory “rules.”

Censorship power, like the tech giants who now wield it, is an instrument of status quo preservation. The promise of the internet from the start was that it would be a tool of liberation, of egalitarianism, by permitting those without money and power to compete on fair terms in the information war with the most powerful governments and corporations.

But just as is true of allowing the internet to be converted into a tool of coercion and mass surveillance, nothing guts that promise, that potential, like empowering corporate overloads and unaccountable monopolists to regulate and suppress what can be heard.

Facebook and Twitter Cross a Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) October 15, 2020

Greenwald is correct. The increasingly iron-fisted internet censorship we’ve seen rolled out over the last four years has consistently targeted groups that are oppositional to the status quo with which monopolistic Silicon Valley megacorporations like Twitter, Facebook and Google have aligned themselves.

Monopolistic corporations, historically, do everything they can to maintain their power. Once you’ve reached a certain level of power and influence, this means agreeing to collaborate with existing power structures, like when Google, Facebook and Twitter were called before the Senate Judiciary Committee and instructed to come up with a strategy “to prevent the fomenting of discord”.

“We all must act now on the social media battlefield to quell information rebellions that can quickly lead to violent confrontations and easily transform us into the Divided States of America,” the social media giants were told by think tanker and former FBI agent Clint Watts,

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Regime Change The Media: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


03-08-20 08:18:00,

America this is serious: if you re-elect Trump, you’ll be trapped in a fascist dystopian oligarchy which will keep robbing you of your rights and wellbeing for the benefit of the powerful and the wealthy.

And it gets even worse: these things will also be true if you elect Biden.


People often ask me for suggestions on how they can learn to understand the world better. Here is a link to an article full of tips on how to punch through the obfuscations of propaganda and make sense of things, and here is a link to a Twitter list of my favorite news-gatherers and dot-connecters which you can bookmark and scroll through daily. Those should get you started.


Mainstream media reporters have a much higher body count than all serial killers and terrorist organizations combined. They do not deserve respect, and their institutions should not exist.

You are infinitely more qualified to report the news than all the scumbags in the mass media who are paid by billionaires to parrot government lies. I mean that 100 percent literally. If you’re not being paid by the wealthy to lie to the public, you are more qualified to report the news than those who are. Doesn’t matter if all you have is a smartphone and a Twitter account; you are set up to be a better news reporter than them.

You know all that space mass media reporters take up in society’s awareness proclaiming what’s true and what’s going on in the world? That’s your space. They usurped it. Take it back from them. The MSM have betrayed humanity to an unforgivable extent. We must become the media.


Mainstream media opinion segments are toxic and shouldn’t exist. Not because expression of opinion is wrong but because they only ever platform (at most) two mainstream ideological positions arguing over the specifics of how, not if, the agendas of oligarchs and government agencies should be advanced.

Mass media “news” segments tell you what to think. Mass media “opinion” segments tell you how to think. It’s a complete training program.

Mass media “news” parrots government lies about what’s happening in the world and only gives you information which benefits establishment power structures,

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Biggest change in 231 years: Citing Covid-19, US House of Representatives adopts proxy votes & remote meetings in party-line vote


16-05-20 10:04:00,

The US House of Representatives will allow members to cast votes for up to 10 others and hold hearings remotely. Billed as temporary due to the coronavirus outbreak, the rule change is the most radical in over two centuries.

The new rules passed on Friday evening in a 217-189 vote, with three Democrats and one Independent joining the Republicans in bipartisan opposition.

Democrats, who currently control the chamber, pushed for the change this week, calling it “a common-sense solution to an unprecedented crisis that demands our ingenuity and adaptability as an institution,” in the words of House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland). Republicans objected, calling the proposal a “partisan assault on the rights of the House Minority and our ability to effectively represent the American people.”

🚨 Pelosi Power Grab 🚨Dems just broke 200 years of history & changed House rules to allow proxy voting.Now they can turn their voting cards over to Pelosi & sit at home collecting their paychecks while she unilaterally passes legislation with just 20 Members present.Scary.

— Steve Scalise (@SteveScalise) May 15, 2020

Under the new rules, members of Congress will be able to hold committee hearings entirely online, and any member attending a House vote can cast as many as 10 votes on behalf of colleagues who have authorized such proxy voting in writing.

The proxy vote is the most significant change in House voting procedures since electronic voting systems were installed in 1973, National Public Radio reported.

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“We can continue to work in a safe and effective manner without overturning 230 years of constitutional and legislative tradition,” House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) said ahead of the vote, urging his party to oppose the proposal. 

The new rules are meant to be temporary, applying only to “a public health emergency due to a novel coronavirus” as declared by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

However, Friday’s resolution also lays the groundwork for remote voting, directing the House Administration Committee to conduct a study,

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‘Change course before it’s too late’: Lavrov calls on Europe to reject false notion of ‘Russian threat’ in Munich speech


15-02-20 10:00:00,

NATO’s eastward expansion and large-scale drills near Russian borders may lead to unpredictable consequences and it’s time for Europe to change course, Russia’s FM Sergey Lavrov told the Munich Security Conference.

Europe is where the “crisis of confidence” in international relations is felt the most, Foreign Minister Lavrov said as he took to the stage, explaining that “the structure of the Cold War rivalry is being recreated” on the continent.

“Escalating tensions, NATO’s military infrastructure advancing to the East, exercises of unprecedented scope near the Russian borders, the pumping of defense budgets beyond measure – all this generates unpredictability,” he added.

He then called on Europe to focus on security cooperation and helping to uphold international treaties, instead of following a policy of confrontation.

Give up on promoting the phantom of the ‘Russian threat’ or any other threat – before it’s too late – and remember what unites us all.

Lavrov noted that “breakthrough technologies” must not be used to disrupt international stability further, stressing the importance of efforts aimed at “preventing an arms race in space and not allowing the militarization of cyberspace.”

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He also relayed Moscow’s proposal for the permanent members of the UN Security Council (China, France, Russia, the UK and the US) to hold a standalone summit in order to have “a frank and honest exchange of opinions on how to preserve peace for future generations.”

Lavrov answered several questions from the media, which mainly revolved around the state of Russia’s relations with Turkey over the flare-up in Syria’s Idlib, the last terrorist enclave in country’s north. Moscow and Ankara have been working to settle the military escalation in the area, but both parties made accusations that agreements had not been fulfilled after the Syrian and the Turkish troops clashed.

“We have very good relations with Turkey. But it doesn’t mean that we must agree on everything,” Lavrov said.

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Regime Change – die USA spielen in Iran einmal mehr mit dem Feuer


16-01-20 11:08:00,

Glaubt man Donald Trumps privatem „Mann für alle Fälle“, sind die Proteste, die Iran seit über einem Jahr erlebt, keine „spontane“ Entwicklung, sondern das Ergebnis der externen Einflussnahme der USA mit dem Ziel, einen Regime Change zu orchestrieren. Auch wenn man es nicht mit Sicherheit sagen kann, liegt die Vermutung nahe, dass Rudy Giuliani mit seiner Aussage Recht haben könnte. Trump selbst bestreitet zwar, dass die USA einen Regime Change in Iran anstreben, aber welchen Zweck sollen das von ihm angeordnete Attentat auf General Suleimani und die harsche Sanktionspolitik sonst verfolgen? Auf jeden Fall birgt die aggressive US-Politik unkalkulierbare Risiken und könnte einen weiteren Flächenbrand auslösen. Von Jens Berger.

Die Äußerungen, die aus dem politischen Umfeld Trumps zum Thema „Regime Change“ verlautbart werden, erinnern ein wenig an das aus Hollywood-Filmen bekannte Spiel „Guter Bulle, böser Bulle“. Auf der einen Seite gibt es die vermeintlichen „Tauben“, die öffentlich verkünden, den USA ginge es nicht um einen Regime Change. Dazu gehörte beispielsweise Trumps ehemalige UN-Botschafterin Nikki Haley, die noch vor etwas mehr als einem Jahr Pläne für einen Regime Change kategorisch dementierte. Sonderlich glaubwürdig sind derartige Dementis jedoch nicht. Wenige Wochen nach ihrem Dementi trat Haley von ihrem Posten zurück. Auch US-Außenminister Mike Pompeo spricht öffentlich nicht direkt von einem Regime Change, versicherte jedoch erst vor wenigen Wochen der iranischen Diaspora in den USA die Unterstützung als „Freund“ gegen das „Regime“ – Worte, die man eigentlich nur als Aufruf zu einem Regime Change verstehen kann.

Rudy Giuliani und „unsere“ Volksmudschahedin

Auf der anderen Seite gibt es die „Falken“, die klar und abseits von diplomatischen Floskeln einen Regime Change fordern. Dazu gehört vor allem Trumps persönlicher Anwalt und „Schattendiplomat“ Rudy Giuliani, der kein Blatt vor den Mund nimmt, wenn er offen in Namen der USA einen Regime Change fordert. Giulianis Engagement ist sogar für Washingtoner Verhältnisse ungewöhnlich, zumal der ehemalige Bürgermeister von New York auf der Lohnliste einer obskuren exil-iranischen Lobbygruppe steht.

Die sogenannten „Volksmudschahedin“, auch bekannt unter dem englischen Akronym MEK, sind die wohl bedeutendste militante iranische Oppositionsbewegung. Früher vertrat diese Gruppe die Ideologie eines islamischen Sozialismus und kämpfte während der Revolution 1979 gegen den Schah. Im Laufe der „islamischen Revolution“ verlor die MEK jedoch den Machtkampf mit den theokratischen Kräften rund um die Ajatollahs Chomeini und Chamenei,

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