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06-04-21 04:38:00,

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The Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights is a postgraduate joint center located in Geneva, Switzerland. The faculty includes professors from both founding institutions and guest professors from major universities. – The Geneva Academy is affiliated with the University of Geneva.

Dr. Nils Melzer has been the Swiss Human Rights Chair (HR Chair) at the Geneva Academy since March 2016. As HR Chair he develops and promotes the Geneva Academy expertise in HR via policy work, cutting-edge research, expert meetings, the development of partnerships and teaching. Since November 2016, Nils Melzer has also been the UN Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment.


Dear Dr. Melzer,

As UN special Rapporteur on Torture, your mandate comprises three main activities:

1) transmitting urgent appeals to States with regard to individuals reported to be at risk of torture, as well as communications on past alleged cases of torture;

2) undertaking fact-finding country visits; and

3) submitting annual reports on activities, the mandate and methods of work to the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly.

See this for full description of mandate.

Dr. Melzer, your first mandate as Special Rapporteur on Torture is appealing urgently on States and Nations with regard to individuals that are at risk of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. This is the case with children, being forced to wearing masks, including in class, physical distancing, as well home schooling, out of touch with their friends and colleagues, but forced to be repeatedly covid tested in schools with the hurtful RT-PCT test (RT-PCT = reverse transcription of the polymerase chain reaction). A case in point – though not exclusive – is Switzerland, where cantonal authorities are compelling schools to periodically test children from as young as Kindergarten to pre-college level.

Children’s mask wearing (as well as for senior adults) causes chronic headaches and fatigue, because blood and brain receive insufficient oxygen which may lead to lasting damage,

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Human Rights for Children: Beyond a Crime, Worldwide: The Immoral, Destructive Impacts of the Covid Measures on Our Children – Global Research

02-04-21 02:11:00,

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Dear Mr. Nils Melzer,

My name is Peter Koenig, former economist at World Bank (30 yrs) – now geopolitical analyst – writing regularly on Global Research and other online journals.

My quest today is to call on you, as Human Rights Representative to defend the human rights of children.

What the absurd COVID measures do to the world is a crime but what they are doing to children is beyond a crime; it is totally immoral, destructive for our powerless children, and for the future of these children, as well as for society as a whole, as children are our societies’ future.

Children behind masks, social distancing, lockdown, remote schooling – deprived from meeting, talking and playing with their peers, friends – instead scaring them into losing their personalities, their self-assurance and self-esteem, it’s not only a physical health problem, but also a psychological health issue, which over time has untold, uncountable collateral damage, including total submissiveness for today’s children.

Our children are vulnerable – they are our future.

They need their human rights defended.

Dear Mr. Melzer, please speak up for them, in the UN, in UNICEF, in front of the 193 UN member governments, which follow all more or less the same COVID narrative, the same COVID human rights abuse, and especially the same human rights abuse on children.

Looking forward hearing from you,

thank you,

best regards,

and Happy Easter,

Peter Koenig


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Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he has worked for over 30 years on water and environment around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War,

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Our Children are Crying | New Eastern Outlook

03-03-21 08:33:00,


What President Kennedy said over half a century ago, is more valid today than ever. This world needs a generation that can lead us out of the mess of dystopian values that was created predominantly by a western civilization of greed. The COVID crisis, man-made, served the destruction of the world economy, as well as the ensuing World Economic Forum (WEF) designed “Great Reset”. If not stopped by our youth and coming generation, COVID cum Great Reset is about to give civilization the final blow.

However, the dark forces of the Global Cabal, the Deep State, has plunged humanity – all 193 UN member states at once, into a global catastrophe of epic proportions. To break that globalist spell and to get out of the disaster still unfolding, the world needs thinking people, courageous people, informed and awakened people; people who are not afraid to swim against the stream, to stem the ever-increasing flow of misinformation and government and media lies. It takes educated people. It takes people who dare to resist.

We are experiencing today just the contrary. The minute global elite that has taken a COVID-stranglehold on the world’s 7.8 billion people, is doing everything to keep our children, the generations that are supposed to lead the world and humanity into a bright future, uneducated, scared, socially unfit to communicate, to take initiatives, to lead. Today’s youth is depressed by this constant fear propaganda, by the authorities (sic) rules of confinement, not being able to see their friends, to play with them, communicate with them, to do the healthiest social activities there are – exchanging ideas with peers, acquaintances and friends.

One might think, there is a purpose behind it all. Could it be, that this minute diabolical Globalist Cabal, those who are behind “The Great Reset” –  co-authored by the WEF’s founder and CEO since the NGO’s creation in 1971, Klaus Schwab – could it be that these people have a plan, namely to leave the world to a generation of uneducated, fear-indoctrinated people, who are used to and have been trained to follow orders, obey authorities and believe their very leaders’ (sic) lies and fall for their manipulations?

It doesn’t take rocket science to believe that this could, indeed, be part of the Cabal’s demonic plan: breaking our society apart.

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Our Children Have a Right to a Decent Future – Global Research

09-02-21 10:31:00,

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George Orwell’s famous quote “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” comes from the preface of his dystopian fable “Animal Farm: A Fairy Story” published in August 1945.

The silent majority of citizens worldwide will agree with the author that our children have a right to a decent future. However, they will not want to hear that by their silence they are denying our youth today a future worth living. The cause is their belief in and allegiance to authority, which leads to total spiritual obedience, paralysis of the mind and doing nothing.

What the rebellious generation of 68 reproached their fathers for, that they had willingly submitted to a dictator and a tyranny, is happening again three generations later. And again, only a small group of courageous and awakened citizens is resisting – and the vast majority is asleep and silent.

Speaking into the wind

Since the beginning of the long-planned fear pandemic in the early 2020s, independent and respected international researchers and renowned personalities have pointed out that there is no medical problem, but only a political one. A global criminal elite has set itself the goal of terrifying humanity with the help of bought politicians and their corporate media in order to force them into absolute obedience. Some of these methods have been tested by secret services with “success”.

The rigidity of fear of many people enables this small group of billionaires and so-called philanthropists to push through the long-planned plans of a “New World Order” and a “4th Industrial Revolution” against the civilian population without any significant resistance – with unforeseen negative consequences for us citizens. The “embedded” mass media not only do not allow these honest enlightened people with their opinions differing from the mainstream to have their say, but they also ridicule them as conspiracy theorists and enemies of democracy.

What kind of future humanity has to expect if they do not succeed in stopping this madness can be read and listened to by anyone interested in the freely accessible alternative internet platforms.

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Children, Covid, and Bromhexine

14-11-20 07:39:00,

Published: November 14, 2020

In stark contrast to the flu, children have a very low risk of covid disease and transmission. Children seem to be very efficient in neutralizing the SARS-2 virus with their innate immune system (which is much faster than antibodies); in addition, children have very high rates of pre-existing cross-reactive antibodies due to previous infections with other coronaviruses.

New research now has discovered a third very important aspect: children have a much lower expression of a cellular enzyme called TMPRSS2, which is used by the SARS-2 virus to gain entry into cells. TMPRSS2 expression increases with age and with testosterone levels, which may very well explain why elderly males are at such a high risk of severe covid.

While adults cannot turn into children again, they can still reduce TMPRSS2 expression, and the easiest way to do this is a simple over-the-counter cough medication called bromhexine. An Iranian bromhexine covid trial managed to reduce intensive care by 82% and deaths by 100%.

It is for this very reason that bromhexine is part of the SPR covid prophylaxis and early treatment protocol recommended to doctors and health authorities. People belonging to a high-risk group and living in a high-risk area may want to discuss this topic with their doctor.

Patients are asked to consult a doctor.

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