Christians fleeing northeastern Syria


14-11-19 10:16:00,

As shown on the map of Operation Peace Spring, first released by the Turkish Government’s news agency Anadolu, Turkish troops have limited their occupation to a strip along the Turkish border extending 32km into Syrian territory, with the exception of the Syrian city of Qamishli.

However, it is now clear that Turkey and the YPG are pursuing a common policy of expelling Christians from the strip, including those in Qamishli.

In the late nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth, the Ottomans and their Kurdish mercenaries massacred 1.4 million Armenians, 200 thousand Assyrians and Christians of the Greek-Eastern rite, more than 50 thousand Assyrians in Persia (between 1914 and 1918) and another 800 thousand Armenians and Greeks (between 1919 and 1925). [1]

In March 2014, while the war against Syria was raging, hundreds of jihadists from the al-Nusra Front (the al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria) and the Army of Islam (Yesh al-Islam, backed by Saudi Arabia), who were overseen by the Turkish army, plundered the mostly Armenian-populated town of Kessab in northwestern Syrian. [2]

Against that background, the Armenian community has construed the 11 November murders of the priest Hovsep Petoyan (see photo) and his whole family as an attack carried out by the Islamic Emirate (Daesh) at Turkey’s behest. The Armenian priest had traveled to the Syrian city of Deir-ez-Zor to inspect the restoration of an Armenian church destroyed by Daesh during the war.

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Russian Christians Interupt Play Glorifying Sodomy, Urge Audience to Leave, Many Do


30-06-19 02:08:00,

Orthodox activists interrupted the play “The Ideal Husband” at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, having stepped on the stage at the moment when the actor who played the homosexual priest was praying to a naked woman hanging above the stage, portraying the crucified Jesus Christ.

They went up to the stage and, for about 5 minutes, told the audience that what was happening on the scenes was blasphemy, and it could not be acceptable in public space.

The activists concluded their speech with a call for caring viewers to leave the play in protest. Part of the audience got up and left.

After that, security guards of the Moscow Art Theater began to beat the young people, forcibly removing them from the scene.

Orthodox public organizations filed lawsuits and wrote applications to the internal affairs bodies for insulting the feelings of believers. That initiated a collection of signatures, seeking the termination of the performance and the termination of employment for all those guilty of blasphemy on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater.

The play “The Ideal Husband” was staged by director Konstantin Bogomolov based on the works of Oscar Wilde. Bogomolov is known for his radical and provocative performances containing elements of satire on reality.

In this presentation there is homosexual propaganda, pedophilia, debauchery, drug addiction, and also frank blasphemy. For example, one of the main characters is the “Orthodox” priest Father Artemy, who participates in homosexual acts, sells children, blasphemes Holy Communion, and is engaged in cannibalism.

We asked several leading Orthodox priests the following question:

How do you assess this performance, and the actions of these Orthodox activists?

Igumen Vitaly (Utkin), priest in the Ivanovo-Voznesensk diocese, head of the diocesan department for interaction between the Church and society: 

I consider all this to be direct, blatant blasphemy. I think that this is a direct violation of the law on the protection of religious feelings of believers. Therefore, from my point of view, such performances should be prohibited.

I support the courageous act of the Orthodox activists, who denounced these blasphemies. I consider it confessional.

It is a pity that many Orthodox Christians respond with indifference to the abuse of their faith. 

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