Fresh clashes between migrants & police at Turkey-Greece border


06-03-20 02:08:00,

Brief clashes broke out at Turkey’s border with Greece on Friday, where thousands of refugees have been encouraged to leave for the EU.

Greek police fired tear gas at migrants trying to break through the fence, who responded by throwing stones, AFP reported.

Makeshift camps for thousands of migrants have sprung up around the border since Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said last week he would no longer stop them trying to leave the country.

On Friday, Greek officials accused Turkey of firing tear gas and smoke bombs at their border guards and providing cutters to migrants to break through fencing.

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Fierce clashes erupt in Paris as Yellow Vests hit streets for 62nd consecutive weekend (VIDEO)


19-01-20 10:21:00,

At least 59 people have been arrested in Paris after scuffles broke out between Yellow Vests and police on Saturday. The protests have gained new momentum fueled by a nationwide strike against pension reform.

Thousands of anti-government protesters flooded the streets of the French capital Paris on Saturday, chanting slogans to berate the sweeping social security system reforms initiated by the pro-business government of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The march led by Yellow Vest protesters in downtown Paris was marred by violence, and saw police using batons and tear gas on activists, who hurled objects in return.

Videos posted on social media show officers in full riot gear beating protesters as they lay on the ground. The footage prompted activists to accuse police of using disproportionate force to quell the unrest.  

Au lieu de restaurer la confiance entre l’État et les citoyens avec des référendums d’initiative citoyenne (#RIC) demandés par une large majorité de Français, l’oligarchie se cramponne au pouvoir et use de violence. Cela entraînera sa

— Collectif Carton jaune (@collCartonJaune) January 18, 2020

Police said they had made 59 arrests as of 8pm local time, noting that officers had to “systematically intervene” to stop “abuses committed by violent groups.”

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Yellow Vests have been taking to the French streets every weekend since November 2018. While at one point the demonstrators saw their numbers dwindling, an ongoing nationwide strike against pension reforms which kicked off in December has reinvigorated the protest movement.

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Fresh CLASHES in Paris as French pension reform strike breaks records (VIDEOS)


02-01-20 03:17:00,

Protests against the French government’s plans to overhaul the pension system have reached a new milestone on their 29th day, breaking national records for the longest-ever strike, as demonstrators and police clashed in Paris.

Thursday’s strike action saw protesters block two bus depots in Paris. Officers dispatched to the protest were filmed spraying what some described as tear gas directly into the faces of some of the demonstrators.  

Tear gas was also reportedly used by police on the streets of the city center where protesters marched on Thursday, some bearing brightly-burning flares, and there were several arrests as riot police and demonstrators clashed. 

Unions began protesting against the pension reform proposals on December 5, 2019, and warned the strikes, which have seriously impacted on the country’s transport services, would continue into the new year unless the Macron government took their concerns about the pension system changes on board.

The previous record for the longest continuous strike in France was 28 days, set by rail workers in 1968.

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Severe Clashes As Jewish Settlers Enter Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound


03-06-19 07:33:00,

Surreal footage shows a massive riot broke out inside al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem on Sunday, with Israeli security forces storming Islam’s third holiest site, which sits atop Temple Mount. 

IDF stand outside the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, Sunday. via The Jerusalem Post

It all started when Jews were controversially allowed entrance to the compound to celebrate Jerusalem Day which marks Israeli control over the Old City in the aftermath of the June 1967 Six-Day War. In response to reports that Jewish entrance was imminent, Palestinians began to riot, which included throwing stones, chairs, and objects at entering police. 

Multiple reports noted the incident marked the first time in about three decades that Jews were allowed access to the compound during the final days of the month of Ramadan, which was likely the result of Israeli authorities feeling emboldened by the US formal recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital last year. 

תיעוד: ידויי אבנים וזריקת חפצים לעבר כוחות ישראליים בהר הבית@HaimOmri

— כאן חדשות (@kann_news) June 2, 2019

Israeli Jews are generally forbidden to enter the compound during this sensitive month of the Islamic calendar when tensions are typically on edge, but this year they flooded into Palestinian dominant East Jerusalem. 

Clashes broke out as Israeli forces stormed Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa compound during the final days of Ramadan, while Jewish Israelis celebrated Jerusalem Day in the Old City

— Middle East Eye (@MiddleEastEye) June 2, 2019

Clashes began early in the morning when hundreds of hardline Israeli nationalist settlers showed up to the gates demanding entry to al-Aqsa, with Palestinians gathering to resist their entrance, resulting in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) storming the mosque with tear gas, stun bombs, and rubber bullets, which led to a handful of injuries among the Palestinians. 

Watch | Israeli police attack worshippers with rubber-coated rounds and teargas canisters in Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, today.

— Quds News Network (@QudsNen) June 2, 2019

Tensions were already soaring in Jerusalem’s contested Old City after on Friday a 16-year old Palestinian was shot dead by Israeli forces as he tried to gain entry to East Jerusalem directly from the occupied West Bank city of Hebron. 

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Yellow Vest Act 22: Clashes in Toulouse, Vikings in Paris


13-04-19 03:59:00,

Sporadic clashes with police marred Yellow Vests protests in Toulouse, the city chosen as the ‘capital’ of this week’s anti-government marches in France. Act 22 is the first since a controversial anti-rioting law took effect.

Several thousand protesters took part in the demonstration in Toulouse on Saturday, marking the 22nd consecutive week of the “gilets jaunes” movement. Smaller rallies involving hundreds of people happened in capital Paris, and other French cities.

Unlike some earlier protest gatherings, no major rioting has occurred so far this weekend. The police in Toulouse was filmed deploying tear gas and some clashes were reported.

But otherwise, the protest seems peaceful…

…and more jovial than full of rage

Some participants used the occasion to show support to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who was arrested on Thursday in London.

This week a new controversial anti-rioting law came into force in France after the country’s Constitutional Council partially censured it. Some of its provisions, including one that bans covering one’s face during a mass gathering, was criticized by human rights organizations. Some of the protesters on Saturday apparently ignored it by wearing gas masks and other gear.

The protest movement is meant to keep pressure on the French government despite it officially declaring on Monday an end to a three-month period of public debate on its economic policies. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the government needs to digest some two million online contributions and 10,000 hours of town hall meetings before formulating a path forward.

The continued protests were ignited by a hike in fuel taxes last November, which prompted the protesters to adopt the now-iconic motorist visibility vest as their symbol. It soon escalated into a massive movement against President Emmanuel Macron’s business-friendly austerity policies.

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