Complete List of How Many Plants Needed to Grow a Year’s Supply of Food


09-04-20 11:33:00,

By MI Gardener

Food is important, but during these trying times food can be even more important. If you are looking to grow all the food your family needs for a year, here is a complete list of each type of vegetable and how many plants you will need to plant to have a year’s supply. Start growing!

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Complete lijst van banken die bestuurd of gecontroleerd worden door “de Rothschild’s” – Alwareness


04-01-20 04:42:00,

Bijna alle banken in de wereld worden op een of andere manier bestuurd door de Rothschild’s. Deze familie heeft hierdoor zo een grote rijkdom en macht opgebouwd dat zij kunnen bepalen wat er in de wereld gebeurt. En zonder dat de meeste mensen dat weten doen ze dat dan ook op zeer uitgebreide wijze. Hun invloed reikt zeer ver en hun macht is hierdoor bijna onmetelijk

Banken die eigendom zijn van en gecontroleerd worden door de ROTHSCHILD’s:

Afghanistan: Bank van Afghanistan
Albanië: Bank van Albanië
Algerije: Bank van Algerije
Argentinië: Centrale Bank van Argentinië
Armenië: centrale bank van Armenië
Aruba: Centrale Bank van Aruba
Australië: Bank van Australia
Oostenrijk: Oostenrijkse nationale bank
Azerbeidzjan: Centrale Bank van de Republiek Azerbeidzjan
Bahamas: Centrale Bank van de Bahama’s
Bahrein: Centrale Bank van Bahrein
Bangladesh: Bangladesh Bank
Barbados: Centrale Bank van Barbados
Wit-Rusland: Nationale Bank van de Republiek Belarus
België: Nationale Bank van België
Belize: Centrale Bank van Belize
Benin: Centrale Bank van West-Afrikaanse Staten (BCEAO)
Bermuda: Monetary Authority
Bhutan: Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
Bolivia: Centrale Bank van Bolivia
Bosnië: Centrale Bank van Bosnië en Herzegovina
Botswana: Bank van Botswana
Brazilië: Centrale Bank van Brazilië
Bulgarije: Bulgaarse Nationale Bank
Burkina Faso: Centrale Bank van West-Afrikaanse Staten (BCEAO)
Burundi: Bank van de Republiek Burundi
Cambodja: Nationale Bank van Cambodja
Kwam Roon: Bank van Centraal-Afrikaanse staten
Canada: Bank van Canada – Banque du Canada
Caymaneilanden: Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Centraal-Afrikaanse Republiek: Bank van Centraal-Afrikaanse staten
Tsjaad: Bank van Centraal-Afrikaanse staten
Chili: Centrale Bank van Chili
China: The People’s Bank van China
Colombia: Bank van de Republiek
Comoren: Centrale Bank van de Comoren
Congo: Bank van Centraal-Afrikaanse staten
Costa Rica: Centrale Bank van Costa Rica
Ivoorkust: Centrale Bank van West-Afrikaanse Staten (BCEAO)
Kroatië: Kroatische Nationale Bank
Cuba: Centrale Bank van Cuba
Cyprus: Central Bank van Cyprus
Tsjechië: Nationale Bank van Tsjechië
Denemarken: Nationale Bank van Denemarken
Dominicaanse Republiek: Centrale Bank van de Dominicaanse Republiek
Oost-Caribische gebied: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Ecuador: Centrale Bank van Ecuador
Egypte: Central Bank of Egypt
El Salvador: Centrale Reserve Bank van El Salvador
Equatoriaal-Guinea: Bank van Centraal-Afrikaanse staten
Estland: Bank van Estland
Ethiopië: Nationale Bank van Ethiopië
Europese Unie: Europese Centrale Bank
Fiji: Reserve Bank van Fiji
Finland: Bank van Finland
Frankrijk: Banque de France
Gabon: Bank van Centraal-Afrikaanse staten
Gambia: Centrale Bank van Gambia
Georgië: Nationale Bank van Georgië
Duitsland: Deutsche Bundesbank
Ghana: Bank of Ghana
Griekenland: Bank of Greece
Guatemala: Bank van Guatemala
Guinee-Bissau: Centrale Bank van West-Afrikaanse Staten (BCEAO)
Guyana: Bank van Guyana
Haïti: Centrale Bank van Haïti
Honduras: Centrale Bank van Honduras
Hong Kong: Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Hongarije: Magyar Nemzeti Bank
IJsland: Centrale Bank van IJsland
India: Reserve Bank of India
Indonesië: Bank Indonesia
Irak: Centrale Bank van Irak
Ierland: Centrale Bank en de Financial Services Authority of Ireland
Israël: Bank of Israel
Italië: Bank van Italië
Jamaica: Bank of Jamaica
Japan: Bank of Japan
Jordan: Centrale Bank van Jordanië
Kazachstan: Nationale Bank van Kazachstan
Kenia: Centrale Bank van Kenia
Korea: Bank of Korea
Koeweit: Centrale Bank van Koeweit
Kirgizië: Nationale Bank van de Kirgizische Republiek
Letland: Bank van Letland
Libanon: Centrale Bank van Libanon
Lesotho: Centrale Bank van Lesotho
Libië: Centrale Bank van Libië (Hun meest recente verovering)
Uruguay: Centrale Bank van Uruguay
Litouwen: Bank van Litouwen
Luxemburg: Centrale Bank van Luxemburg
Macao: Monetary Authority of Macao
Macedonië: Nationale Bank van de Republiek Macedonië
Madagascar: Centrale Bank van Madagaskar
Malawi: Reserve Bank of Malawi
Maleisië: Centrale Bank van Maleisië
Mali: Centrale Bank van West-Afrikaanse Staten (BCEAO)
Malta: Central Bank of Malta
Mauritius: Bank of Mauritius
Mexico: Bank van Mexico
Moldavië: Nationale Bank van Moldavië
Mongolië: Bank of Mongolia
Montenegro: Centrale Bank van Montenegro
Marokko: Bank van Marokko
Mozambique: Bank van Mozambique
Namibië: Bank van Namibia
Nepal: Central Bank van Nepal
Nederland: Nederlandse Bank
Nederlandse Antillen: Bank van de Nederlandse Antillen
Nieuw-Zeeland: Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Nicaragua: Centrale Bank van Nicaragua
Niger: Centrale Bank van West-Afrikaanse Staten (BCEAO)
Nigeria: Centrale Bank van Nigeria
Noorwegen: Centrale Bank van Noorwegen
Oman: Centrale Bank van Oman
Pakistan: State Bank van Pakistan
Papoea-Nieuw-Guinea: Bank van Papoea-Nieuw-Guinea
Paraguay: Centrale Bank van Paraguay
Peru: Centrale Reserve Bank van Peru
Philip Pines: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Polen: Nationale Bank van Polen
Portugal: Bank van Portugal
Qatar: Qatar Centrale Bank
Roemenië: Nationale Bank van Roemenië
Rusland: Centrale Bank van Rusland
Rwanda: Nationale Bank van Rwanda
San Marino: Centrale Bank van de Republiek San Marino
Samoa: Centrale Bank van Samoa
Saudi-Arabië: Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
Senegal: Centrale Bank van West-Afrikaanse Staten (BCEAO)
Servië: Nationale Bank van Servië
Seychellen: Centrale Bank van de Seychellen
Sierra Leone: Bank of Sierra Leone
Singapore: Monetary Authority of Singapore
Slowakije: Nationale Bank van Slowakije
Slovenië: Bank van Sloveni
Zimbabwe: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

De FED en de IRS

Vrijwel onbekend bij het grote publiek is het feit dat de Amerikaanse Federal Reserve een particuliere onderneming is,

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Complete List Of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously Or Committed Suicide Before Testimony


12-08-19 07:50:00,

Authored by Jim Hoft via,

On Saturday multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, the highest profile prisoner in US custody, was found dead in his prison cell in Manhattan.

This occurred the day after two thousand previously sealed court documents involving the Jeffrey Epstein child sex abuse case were released to the public.

The documents described how Bill Clinton held a private party on Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island.

Clinton made at least 27 times trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane. Most of those flights were with underage girls.

Despite a previous attempt on his life just three weeks ago the prison guards skipped the 30 minute required checks on Epstein’s cell last night.

Early yesterday morning they found him dead.

Jeffrey Epstein is the latest in a long list of Clinton family associates and acquaintances who died mysteriously or committed suicide before their public testimony.

In 2016 CBS Las Vegas posted a list of Bill and Hillary Clinton associates alleged to have died under mysterious circumstances.

Here is that list.

1- James McDougal – Clintons convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation.

2 – Mary Mahoney – A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown .. The murder …happened just after she was to go public w:th her story of sexual harassment in the White House.

3 – Vince Foster – Former White House counselor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock’s Rose Law firm. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide.

4 – Ron Brown – Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown’s skull resembling a gunshot wound. At the time of his death Brown was being investigated, and spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors. The rest of the people on the plane also died.

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The Complete and Total Collapse of Truth in the West –


15-07-19 12:19:00,

Copyright .© Paul Craig Roberts 2019.- Please contact us for information on syndication rights.

This site offers factual information and viewpoints that might be useful in arriving at an understanding of the events of our time. We believe that the information comes from reliable sources, but cannot guarantee the information to be free of mistakes and incorrect interpretations. IPE has no official position on any issue and does not necessarily endorse the statements of any contributor.

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Complete internet blackout: Half of Russians wouldn’t panic without web – poll


06-05-19 10:42:00,

More than 51 percent of Russians are sure that there is life without internet and their lives won’t change significantly if it stops existing, a recent poll revealed.

If the internet completely shuts down, as many as 24 percent of Russians say it won’t affect them, while 27 per cent believe their lives would be affected just slightly, a new survey by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) showed.

However, 48 per cent are really worried about a possible global shutdown of the world wide web. Some 37 percent of Russians said their lives would change significantly, but they would be able to adapt to living offline. Meanwhile 11 percent can’t imagine functioning without the internet, most of them being residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other big Russian cities.

Also on
Russia ready for global internet shutdown, can sustain its own web – MPs

Currently, some 84 percent of Russians are internet users, while 69 per cent use it daily. Surveys show that most Russians use the internet for social media and reading news as well as for bank transactions and online shopping.

Though a complete shutdown of the internet sounds unlikely, the Russian government has already introduced measures to prevent this from happening. In April, President Vladimir Putin signed a bill designed to ensure the sustainable, autonomous operation of Runet – the Russian segment of internet – in case of a global shutdown or a deliberate cut-off by the US which could take place if the relations deteriorate further, according to the MPs who proposed the bill.

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