The conspiracy theory that still won’t rest in peace

03-04-21 08:18:00,

Just imagine Geoff Campbell’s last terrified moments, trapped on the 106th floor of the North Tower of New York’s World Trade Centre.

Far below him, between the 93rd and 99th floors, an American Airlines Boeing 767 hijacked by Al-Qaeda terrorists and loaded with 20,000 gallons of aviation fuel had been flown into the building.

The South Tower had already collapsed in huge clouds of concrete dust after being hit by another passenger aircraft.

As they were engulfed in lethal fumes, Geoff and scores of other men and women in the North Tower began smashing windows in a desperate attempt to gulp some fresh air, and begged for help in mobile phone calls to rescue teams and loved ones.

Geoff had kissed Caroline and said goodbye at about 8am on that fateful day as she lay in their bed. She was never to hear his voice again

Some of those trapped with the young Briton on that morning of September 11, 2001, were later photographed hurling themselves to their deaths hundreds of feet below, rather than staying where they were to be burned alive or suffocated.

And then the North Tower collapsed, taking Geoff’s life and the lives of hundreds of others with it.

We are now in the 20th anniversary year of 9/11, the worst terror atrocity the world has witnessed, the day when more than 2,600 people were killed in the Twin Towers and the surrounding area of downtown Manhattan.

Geoff, 31 years old, had already made his mark as a brilliant risk analyst who, by chance, was at the World Trade Centre that morning for a conference.

He had an American fiancee, Caroline Burbank, who loved him dearly and today lives alone in the couple’s apartment, a 20-minute stroll from where the towers once stood, which is still full of memories of their life together.

Geoff had kissed Caroline and said goodbye at about 8am on that fateful day as she lay in their bed. She was never to hear his voice again.

At first, the Campbell family and Caroline were sure he was alive, perhaps in hospital terribly injured, his identity unknown.

But one year later, fragments of a shoulder blade containing Geoff’s DNA were found amid World Trade Centre rubble.

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Conspiracy Theories Are Caused By Government Secrecy

14-02-21 09:49:00,

The DC Circuit has ruled that the CIA is under no obligation to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests pertaining to its involvement with insurgent militias in Syria, overturning a lower court’s previous ruling in favor of a Buzzfeed News reporter seeking such documents.

As Sputnik‘s Morgan Artyukhina clearly outlines, this ruling comes despite the fact that mainstream news outlets have been reporting on the Central Intelligence Agency’s activities in Syria for years, and despite a US president having openly tweeted about those activities.

“In other words, the CIA will not be required to admit to actions it is widely reported as having done, much less divulge documents about them to the press for even greater scrutiny,” Artyukhina writes, calling to mind the Julian Assange quote “The overwhelming majority of information is classified to protect political security, not national security.”

My latest: Despite extensive reporting by the @WSJ & CIA-vetted @nytimes confirming it happened, a DC court has sided with the @CIA, finding that a Trump tweet doesn’t constitute proof that it funded al-Qaeda in #Syria.

— Morgan Artyukhina (@LavenderNRed) February 13, 2021

The CIA’s brazen collaboration with dangerous extremist factions seeking to topple Damascus, and its equally brazen refusal to provide the public with any information about the extent of its involvement in Syria from the earliest stages of the violence in that nation onwards, will necessarily provide fodder for conspiracy theories.

It is public knowledge that the CIA was involved in the Syrian war to some extent, it is public knowledge that the CIA has a well-documented history of doing extremely evil things, and it is public knowledge that the US government has long sought control over Syria. Due to the agency’s refusal to be transparent about the exact nature of its involvement in that nation, people are left to fill in the knowledge gaps with their own speculation.

Of course they will do this. Why wouldn’t they? Why would anyone give the lying, torturingpropagandizingdrug traffickingcoup-staging

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Conspiracy Theory & Great Reset | Armstrong Economics

05-02-21 08:09:00,

QUESTION: Do you say that the COVID pandemic is a hoax?


ANSWER: Look, there are people who are deliberately calling anyone who disagrees a conspiracy theorist so they never have to answer anything. There are people who have had COVID. I have had a cousin who got it and my neighbors got it. It exists. The problem is that we have a situation where it has been so blown out of proportion when the death rate is just 0.02% compared to nearly 3% for the Spanish Flu, and then you have all of a sudden world leaders using the COVID lockdowns to Build Back Better which was a marketing slogan that was used at Davos. This is like I rob you on the street at gunpoint, take everything you have, and then say here is $5 for a bus ride home because I care! It has been the politicians who imposed lockdowns that NEVER in 6,000 years of human history has ANY government locked down its entire population. The destruction has been political and Build Back Better is the $5 for the bus ride home. You have people in government actually talking about imposing lockdowns for Climate Change.

If you want to believe that COVID, Climate Change, and Lockdowns are all entirely separate from BUILD BACK BETTER, then that is your problem. A conspiracy theory is MAKING UP things from questionable data. Here we have outright hard data and statements made but world leaders all mouthing the same agenda. We have instantly Biden shutting down pipelines and John Kerry telling miners to learn how to make solar panels. The lockdowns and militarization of Washington are not worried Trump supporters will storm the capital to take selfies again. They are worried about a revolution when the people see how many jobs are being lost PERMANENTLY and how these people are conspiring against the people to create a different world that was NEVER explained to the people or allowed them to vote on something that would change their entire future. And you call this democracy?

Media shutting down free speech is to also to prevent any organization that would rise up into a revolution. They have been promised international backing and they will put traditional banks out of business. 

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The Conspiracy Against the People Will Fail | Armstrong Economics

01-02-21 06:17:00,

I have been warning that despite all their influence via the World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation, and Soros’ Open-Society calling for a one-world government, they will fail. We have even Governor Cuomo suddenly realizing that he may have destroyed New York City permanently. California is bleeding businesses so rapidly; the tax the rich policy that relied on the top 1% paying 48% of the state’s taxes is rapidly dwindling. All the people who have their hand out always expecting more will find there is not enough to go around. California Governor Newsom has suddenly lifted the stay-at-home order even in face of a new California strain of COVID, which is more contagious because there is a serious recall movement to remove him from office.

While many are interpreting this change is only because they used it to defeat Trump, behind the curtain, there has been this global effort being pushed for the Great Reset. Even in Italy, we are witnessing uprisings against these COVID lockdowns, which have utterly destroyed tourism, and hotels are closing, never to reopen again. This idea that they can lock down the world by using this virus to reduce CO2 is starting to reach the boiling point. Destroying small business is really their goal in addition to ending commuting. Biden’s Climate Czar claims the world was broken before, so there will never be a return to the way it was.

This idea that these people can destroy jobs and redesign the world economy, creating a “useless class” of people who cannot find employment in a new green world, is a recipe for violence. These people are totally insane.  They have no idea even how the economy works, no less how to regulate it from scratch. They will fail because what they have taken on is against human nature, just as Marxism failed.

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Hoax, conspiracy en complotdenkers, maar vooral kritische journalisten verenigen zich in de NVVJ – De Lange Mars Plus

14-11-20 02:21:00, Freedom of speech crisis concept and censorship in expression of ideas symbol as a human tongue wrapped in old barbed wire as a metaphor for political correctness pressure to restrain free talk or limit communication.

Als het aan mij ligt is het afgelopen met het complotdenkertje pesten, over met de verheerlijking van het overheidsbeleid, klaar met het demoniseren van andersdenkenden. De eerste stap is daarvoor gezet. De vrije en onafhankelijke journalisten, die wel taboedoorbrekend durven te schrijven en publiceren, hebben de koppen bij elkaar gestoken. Er is een vereniging opgericht die bedoeld is elkaar te ondersteunen en bij te staan met het roeien tegen de massa media stroom in van eenzijdige berichtgeving, maar ook om op te staan voor de vrijheid van publicatie.


Journalisten die durven te schrijven tegen de algemene opinie in, lees overheidsbeleid, hebben het niet gemakkelijk. Gelukkig sterkt de meesten van hen dit in hun streven de waarheid boven tafel te krijgen. Des te meer tegenwerking des te groter hun verbetenheid om de andere kant van de medaille te tonen. Naar schatting zijn er zo’n vijftig van overheid en multinationals onafhankelijke media. Denk aan nieuwssites, videoverslaggevers op YouTube en dergelijke.

Zij worden voorlopig nog zonder tegenwerking, weggezet als hoaxsites, complotdenkers of gelovers in UFO’s. Ook wel fakesites genoemd. Dit gebeurt zelfs door de vrijheid van meningsuiting en drukpers belovende overheid. Het Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken liet een rapport opstellen om het ‘fakenieuws’, zoals zij dat benoemen in kaart te brengen. (Ministerie voor schut met rapport over alternatieve media)

Recente voorbeelden van demoniseren zijn de oproepen van nota bene Tweede Kamerleden om het nieuwe blad ‘Gezond Verstand’ te weren uit de schappen van boekhandels, omdat er sprake zou zijn van ‘desinformatie’.(Geen Gezond Verstand bij Parlementsleden D66 en GL) Daarnaast beschuldigen de massa media de Ander Krant ervan banden met de Russen te onderhouden. Tja, ze vinden het natuurlijk niet leuk dat beide media even een miljoen exemplaren wegzetten.


Of denk aan Flavio Pasquino die eerst ‘gezocht’ wordt door de politie, en daarna aangesproken door de politie coördinator (SGBO) Oost Nederland omdat hij iemand heeft durven interviewen met een van het overheidsbeleid afwijkende mening,

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