Interview 1647 – James Corbett Presents to the Corona Investigative Committee : The Corbett Report

07-06-21 09:15:00,

Denis says:

I know virus sized transistors were mentioned merely as one option but learning more about our metabolism, intertwining and or avoiding exogenous instructions with our DNA/RNA is very important for them. Especially in the context of ageing reversal/prevention. They are presenting this as a solution and they probably do test if this mRNA, viral vectors etc can be successfully used as a vaccine, but in reality their ‘understanding’ is mostly based on bunch of hypothesis and guess work.

IMO one of the main motives of investors and scientist is opportunity to accelerate R&D and to test on as many subjects as possible. Who knows if everyone indeed gets the same vaccine. It’s not like we can check what’s happening behind the curtain.

One of crucial aspects of our metabolism that’s barely understood is protein folding. This for example enables them to test how well is 3D shape of a protein preserved when they synthetically introduce RNA code via lipid nano particles, modified viruses etc and check which factors (Eg vectors, type of infected cells, vacc ingredients, storage temperature etc) might influence/impact (mis)folding. OTOH maybe I’m overthinking this.

As James pointed out there are different groups of people and people among the elite. Some are maybe more interested in this for science and transhumanist dreams, others maybe just want to sterilize good chunk of population.

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Interview 1645 – James Corbett on The Delingpod : The Corbett Report

03-06-21 11:34:00,

bleak says:

“You just keep me hanging on…..”

Good of you to broach the SAI aka “chemtrails” subject even if at the very end (of this interview). That operation is real. Is it one of the blackest operations in history? Yes.

I recently watched/rewatched most of Kubrick’s movies including Spartacus. The scene with Dabra and Spartaphile (Douglas was a scumbag. They are all scumbags) was key.

Lesson: Don’t be like Dabra. Don’t miss the target.

There is no single aspect or facet of the insurrection on humanity that isn’t portrayed in one movie or tv show but sorcery and occult themes are the underlying, common thread. They are spells, rituals, incantations, psychological manipulations, tricks, all subconsciously instilled. “Holly wood” was named after the holly tree with Druidic symbolism so woohoo big surprise.

Watch the last season, last episode, last scene of True Blood. There isn’t a thing they won’t do for a seat at the table.

Prediction: sigil-creating apps will soon be available for download. Does everyone know what a sigil is? They are psychological memes used for manifesting the will of it’s creator. Logo’s (lit logos or word) like Nike, McDonald’s are sigils and/or talismans.

Lack of knowledge of the occult, it’s tools and they way they are used against the “innocent” are why their tricks are successful. Or seemingly successful; “it ain’t ovah until it’s ovah” bastards.

Good for James Delingpole who saw the Truth of Christ. No need for a middleman to tell anyone what Jesus aka Yeshua came here for, although not all clergy are the same.

“Jesus’ Line In The Sand – A Sermon On Matthew 10:24-39”

Yeshua said,
If your leaders tell you, “Look, the kingdom is in heaven,”
then the birds of heaven will precede you.
If they say to you, “It’s in the sea,”
then the fish will precede you.
But the kingdom is inside you and it is outside you.
When you know yourselves, then you will be known,
and you will understand that you are children of the living father.
But if you do not know yourselves,

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Interview 1632 – James Corbett on Unregistered : The Corbett Report

20-04-21 02:50:00,

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via The Unregistered Podcast: I was joined by James Corbett of The Corbett Report, which was just taken down from Youtube, to discuss open vs. closed conspiracies, the history of eugenics and other forms of social engineering, the ideology of scientism, and the world’s deadliest weapon—narrative.

*NOTE: The video of this podcast is only on the Unregistered YouTube channel at the moment. You can watch it here if you like, but I won’t embed any YouTube videos here. I understand it will be posted to Thaddeus Russell’s Minds channel shortly. The Odysee embed on the front page is a repost by an unrelated third party.


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Mission Accomplished: The Corbett Report Removed From YouTube : The Corbett Report

12-04-21 02:29:00,

by James Corbett
April 11, 2021

I posted Episode 398 of The Corbett Report podcast, “Science Says,” around 10 PM Japanese Standard Time on Friday, April 9th, 2021, and then went to bed. Sometime shortly after midnight, the main Corbett Report channel was removed from YouTube.

And, just like that, 14 years of work—some 1700+ videos, 569,000+ subscribers and 90 million+ video views—was erased from the digital ether. . . . Well, the GooTube portion of that digital ether, anyway.

Given that I’ve been promoting YouTube alternatives since at least 2009, and given that I have made video after video after video after video after video warning my audience that I would be banned from GooTube, and given that I even delivered a presentation last year noting that The Library of Alexandria is on Fire, it’s safe to say that this news did not catch me off guard. Learning about the banning after waking up on Saturday morning, my only thought was, “Well, that took longer than I expected.”

Indeed, it was not surprising in any sense that this was the report that led to GooTube purging my main channel. When you release a video on an account that already has two strikes for information that “contradicts the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health authorities’ medical information about COVID-19” and that video itself contains information calling those very authorities’ pronouncements into question, you better believe the thought that this might be your last YouTube upload crosses your mind when you push that publish button. Heck, the “offending” podcast even centers around an op-ed comparing COVID skeptics to terrorists and calling for the UN to mount a “counteroffensive” against them. Of course this video was going to be censored.

What’s more, this had been a particularly difficult report to post in the first place. After rendering and uploading to GooTube, the GooTube censorship copyright check flagged the 30-second clip of “Bill Nye Saves the World” embedded in my commentary on The Weaponization of Science and refused to post the video.

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Interview 1585 – James Corbett Encourages You To Do Your Own Research : The Corbett Report

14-10-20 01:21:00,

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Dan Williams of interviews James Corbett about the recent Forbes article warning the hoi polloi not to do their own research. They discuss the agenda behind this exhortation and why independent thinkers doing their own research is the bedrock of any truly free society.

Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube or Download the mp4

Transcript courtesy

Dan: So James, back in July I read an interesting article on, and it was an editor’s pick so it must have been good, and the title of the article was: “You must not do your own research when it comes to science.” And I kind of had a chuckle and it struck me right away. And of course the gist of the article was: Well look, all of us normal people, we have jobs, we’ve got families, wives, responsibilities, we couldn’t possibly have enough time to research the important issues especially concerning medicine, and therefore you need to defer to the experts. After all I´m not an epidemiologist, so, okay, sounds reasonable. Can you find any flaws in that logic?

Corbett: I can find a few and I will encourage people at this point to go watch the video that I did on this subject called: “Don´t Do Your Own Research – #PropagandaWatch!” were for my regular propaganda watch series I dealt into this article. And not to perform a performative contradiction here and tell you: ”Don´t look at his article!” Because of course, I think you should! You should research. You should study things for yourself. So I have a link in the show-notes for that video, not to forbes which clearly wants the clickbait, rage-click, “Hey, what is he talking about click”, and they get the advertising dollars. I will lead them to where it does not go to their servers, they do not get the money for it, so I would suggest people would check that link. But do read the article and look at the argument that is being made,

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