The Corrupt System Will Never Police Itself


13-07-19 07:24:00,

Authored by Brandon Smith via,

False hope breeds crippling apathy – This is what I have to think to myself when I see the news media fervor over the second arrest of billionaire Jefferey Epstein, or similar events which in most cases end up fading into the background and forgotten. The public’s favorite distraction has always been to watch high profile people kicked out of their castles in the clouds, but I would point out that even when the globalists sacrifice one of their own in the public eye it is usually only to satiate the masses and their hunger for justice for a very short time. The system is not designed to root out evil; it is designed to obscure and perpetuate evil.

Epstein is a perfect example of this. He was already prosecuted on pedophilia charges over 12 years ago and received a “sweetheart” plea deal which allowed him to serve a mere 13 month sentence. How many child rapists get that kind of treatment in our court system? And what about the vast array of people (including political leaders) that were close friends and associates with Epstein during his “Lolita Express” days? Are we really to believe they knew nothing about what was going on? That they visited his island and never saw any wrongdoing?

Why didn’t they come forward immediately? Why did they wait until Epstein was already being prosecuted before they publicly admonished him? Is it because they were involved in the same activities? And if so, why have they not been prosecuted as well?

My point is, people should lower their expectations that justice will be served or that the “dominoes will fall” in the Epstein case.  Also, keep in mind that James Comey’s daughter, Maureen Comey, will be on the prosecution team in the case, AND , Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, is the same man who brokered Epstein’s immunity deal.  Like strands of malignant cancer, these people are wrapped around every facet of government.

But this is not just about Epstein, and as much as I would also like to see the guy hang for his crimes, I have to admit that this latest event is probably nothing more than another piece of theater meant to give the public false hope that the system is changing and that elitist criminals will be treated the same as any other criminal.

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A Primer for Corrupt Governments: How to Implement 5G Wireless Technology Against the Wishes of Your Population – Global Research


03-06-19 02:46:00,

Spare a thought for all the governments wanting to cash in on the multi-trillion-dollar bonanza of the fifth generation of wireless technology or 5G while pacifying the half of their population who are anxious about its dire health and environmental consequences and keeping in ignorance the other half of the population who do not yet oppose its introduction because they are uninformed about its dangers.

Various governments have adopted different strategies to tackle this challenge, any of which may serve as a template for other governments to use. Let us take some instructive examples from Austria, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Governments that have been dilatory in availing themselves of the surveillance and control potential of 5G to quash dissent may wish to choose a strategy from the following list that they feel is most compatible with the national character and situation of their country and therefore most likely to meet their need for a smooth and rapid 5G rollout.

Austria: brute force and public ignorance

The most advisable strategy for any cautious government is to ensure that the population remains uninformed of the dangers of 5G. This is relatively simple to achieve by using brute force to rapidly sign into law legislation forcing the entire population to accept “smart” meters with no possibility of refusal, as the Austrian government did in 2018, and issuing a Gesteznovelle or amendment to a law allowing 5G antennas to be installed on all public buildings, including nurseries, kindergartens and schools. This results in a quick 5G rollout, which can then be portrayed as a triumph in the race to digitalization and its claimed benefits of more jobs, faster downloads, low latency, fourth industrial revolution, core cloud, cutting edge technology, or any other similarly hyperbolic promotional rhetoric designed to con the public (or, in PR language, “capture the public imagination”).

Complicity with the media conveniently ensures that no whisper of the dangers inherent in a new and untested technology penetrates the public sphere. The population remains in ignorance, is not given the option to refuse 5G infrastructure and is propagandized to believe that their country is at the forefront of the modern age. This strategy has much to recommend it and avoids all controversy,

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FLASHBACK: Corrupt FBI targeted Dr. Suzanne Humphries after she went public with death threats that tried to silence her vaccine truth lectures


13-05-19 09:06:00,

Image: FLASHBACK: Corrupt FBI targeted Dr. Suzanne Humphries after she went public with death threats that tried to silence her vaccine truth lectures

(Natural News) What would you do if someone sent you a death threat? If you’re like most people, you’d probably report the threat to law enforcement. You’d give them all the information about your case, and they’d investigate it to find out who was behind it so that person could be dealt with appropriately, right?

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Dr. Suzanne Humphries, a nephrologist known for speaking out against vaccines. Not only were authorities incredibly unhelpful in investigating gruesome death threats she received recently, but they actually turned it around and blamed her!

Speaking in the studio with Mike Adams on CounterThink, she shared the timeline of this outrageous case. On January 18, she received a letter that described how the author would like to take her somewhere and torture her. Because that would be difficult to pull off, however, the author says he’d like to kill her in a mass shooting in a crowd while she’s speaking in public and then watch her bleed. The expletive-laden letter says that this attack will happen in a few months, giving her plenty of time to be afraid.

On January 19, she reported this to the police department in person, who told her she needed to report it by phone. Upon doing so, she was told that a detective would call her back but that didn’t happen. She also made an FBI report online, which is the standard procedure.

She received a second email on January 23 that was worse than the first one. The hateful missive was sent with a deeply disturbing photo and a video that was so upsetting that others who saw it advised her not to watch it. It was followed by a drone in her backyard. She called the police again and asked them to come to her house. They came out and took a report, and a detective got in touch with her.

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Corrupt central banks ‘print money every time they make a mistake’ – RT’s Keiser Report


12-04-19 06:21:00,

The European Central Bank’s corporate bond buying program has led to extreme malinvestment and misallocation of capital, allowing companies to make questionable decisions.

RT’s Keiser Report discusses the issue, using as an example German pharmaceuticals company Bayer’s takeover of Monsanto.

According to Max Keiser, every central bank “willing to finance dodgy deals crowds out the good companies, so you end up with a lot of bad companies.”

He says central banks should not be allowed to do deals as they only print money to make those deals. “Every time they make mistake they just print more money. And that methodology is now working its way down to a corporate level,” Max explains.

“We’re living in meritocracy where everybody is free to compete; you just have to be better than the competition,” says Stacy Herbert.

In fact, they are “propping up dodgy competition maybe that’s why we have this ongoing crisis because these huge corporate behemoths just run out of ideas other than buying their own shares and taking free money from central banks.”

For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

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Democracy and the Corrupt Seven – Craig Murray


20-02-19 08:36:00,

I have heard it argued again and again on television this last 48 hours that it is deeply undemocratic for the electorate to be offered a choice that is any more complicated than between Red Tories and Blue Tories. It is apparently unthinkable and deeply wrong that Corbyn’s standard German style social democracy – which is routinely labeled “hard left” and “communist” – should be proffered to voters for them to support, or not.

The overwhelmingly Blairite MPs have put this case again and again to Labour Party members in repeated leadership elections, and have been roundly and repeatedly defeated. But now, according to no less a person than Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the party, the losers’ policies must be embraced by the Party and adopted by its leadership, as to do otherwise is an affront to democracy. I confess I find this argument impossible to follow.

Corbyn has compromised already to a huge extent, even accepting that a Labour government will retain massive WMDs, in deference both to the imperialist pretensions of the Blairites and the personal greed of the demented Strangeloves who comprise the membership of the GMB Union. Labour’s pro-Trident stance will persist, until such time as enough Blairites join this forced march, or rather chauffeur driven drive, across their personal caviar and champagne strewn desert to their promised land of media contracts, massively remunerated charity executive jobs, and non-executive directorships.

Democracy is a strange thing. This episode has revealed that it is apparently a democratic necessity that we have another referendum on Brexit, while being a democratic necessity not to have another referendum on Scottish Independence, while the notion that the MPs, who now have abandoned the party and manifesto on which they stood, might face their electorates again, is so disregarded that none of the fawning MSM journalists are asking about it. In rejecting this option, the Corrupt Seven are managing the incredible feat of being less honorable than Tory MPs defecting to UKIP, who did have the basic decency to resign and fight again on their new prospectus.

Dick Taverne is a more directly relevant precedent, particularly as he was deselected as sitting Labour MP precisely because of his support for the EU. Taverne resigned, and fought and won his seat in a by-election in 1973,

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Hoe corrupt is Nederland en wat doen we er aan? Willeke Slingerland en Syp Wynia – Café Weltschmerz


03-12-18 10:08:00,

Willeke Slingerland is lector aan Hogeschool Saxion en promoveerde dit jaar op het thema ‘netwerkcorruptie’. Syp Wynia is columnist van Elsevier Weekblad en publiceert veel over handel in politieke invloed, oftewel ‘lobbycratie’. Slingerland en Wynia komen tot de slotsom dat het de hoogste tijd is om de bezem door de Nederlandse lobbycratie te halen. Ze dringen aan op meer wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar corruptie in Nederland. Die corruptie ondermijnt de democratie en de rechtsstaat veel heftiger dan vaak wordt gedacht. Zo schoon is Nederland namelijk niet. En anders moet er maar een Staatscommissie Lobbycratie worden ingesteld, om orde op zaken te stellen.

We besloten bij de geboorte van Café Weltschmerz non-profit te zijn en dat willen we ook blijven. Wij willen onafhankelijk zijn van de overheidssubsidie’s en sponsoring, van politieke- en commerciële invloed, maar tegelijkertijd onze content wel voor iedereen beschikbaar houden. Om dat te kunnen blijven doen, vragen wij jullie hulp met een regelmatig klein of een eenmalig substantieel bedrag. Grotere bedragen kunnen via een ANBI-regeling. Met jullie bijdrage kunnen we Café Weltschmerz in de lucht houden, om in deze bizarre tijden vol desinformatie, tegenspraak blijvend te faciliteren.

Help Café Weltschmerz met een donatie of adopteer een aflevering: Coöperatie Weltschmerz NL23 TRIO 0390 4379 13.


Dit delen:

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Corrupt Nederlands Parlement Wordt Wakker

Corrupt Nederlands Parlement Wordt Wakker

11-09-18 09:42:00,

Hele Kamer wil debat 
over steun aan Syrische 

VANDAAG, 16:04

Alle partijen in de Tweede Kamer willen een debat over de onthullingen van Nieuwsuur en Trouwover de Nederlandse steun aan omstreden strijdgroepen in Syrië. De coalitie van VVD, CDA, D66 en ChristenUnie vroeg het debat aan. Alle andere fracties steunden dat.
Het kabinet zal eerst schriftelijk vragen beantwoorden over de kwestie. Het debat zal dan waarschijnlijk na Prinsjesdag en de Algemene Beschouwingen worden gehouden.
In de Kamer is geschokt gereageerd op het nieuws dat Nederland goederen zoals pick-uptrucks en uniformen heeft geleverd aan een groep die door het Nederlandse Openbaar Ministerie wordt gezien als terroristisch. Een Syriëganger die zich aansloot bij deze groep, Jabhat al-Shamiya, wordt door het OM vervolgd.
Rutte: eerst goed uitzoeken
Ook bij de steun aan andere rebellenorganisaties is Nederland in de fout gegaan, bleek vandaag.
Premier Rutte wil nog niet ingaan op de beschuldigingen. “We gaan het eerst goed uitzoeken en daarna pas conclusies trekken”, zei hij desgevraagd.

Video afspelen

Kabinet: eerst goed uitzoeken

Het steunprogramma aan de Syrische rebellen begon in 2015 en werd begin dit jaar stopgezet. 22 groeperingen kregen voor 25 miljoen euro aan steun. Niet in de vorm van wapens, maar van zaken als voertuigen, communicatieapparatuur, uniformen en tenten.
Het kabinet heeft steeds gezegd dat de hulp naar gematigde groepen ging, maar uit de verslagen van Nieuwsuur en Trouw blijkt dat veel van de ontvangende rebellen mensenrechtenschendingen op hun geweten hebben.


Meer fouten kabinet bij steun aan strijdgroepen Syrië

Kamer schrikt van Nederlandse steun aan jihadisten

Nederland steunde ‘terreurbeweging’ in Syrië

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How Corrupt America’s Dictators Are

How Corrupt America’s Dictators Are

28-08-18 07:43:00,

Eric Zuesse

Image source – here.

Yet another poll confirms that America’s dictatorial clique take advantage of the ignorance and gullibility of the average person so that the clique’s politicians can win votes no matter how much these politicians block passage and enforcement of any proposed laws that the dictators don’t want to pass or to be enforced.

In this latest case, the owners of the insurance companies refuse to allow single-payer (i.e., tax-financed, as opposed to for-profit) health insurance, though three-quarters of the American people, in the latest poll, want it, and though past polls (which likewise were hidden from the public) also overwhelmingly indicate that the public want it.

For decades now, the owners have blocked it, though the public have overwhelmingly wanted it.

This is an excellent example of the consistent finding in the empirical political-science literature, that the U.S. is a dictatorship by the richest against the public, and not actually a democracy at all.

This particular poll-finding was a poll taken by Ipsos for the Reuters ’news’-agency and was made public by Reuters on August 23rd; and what Ipsos found, regarding this matter, was effectively kept secret by the sponsoring ’news’-organization (Reuters), by their burying it within a bad article that Reuters issued under an almost unrelated headline, “Inside the progressive movement roiling the Democratic Party”, in which report, this finding didn’t even pertain to “the progressive movement roiling the Democratic Party” (the article’s alleged topic) but instead, pertained to the entire U.S. electorate, and was merely found to be more pronounced among Democrats than it was among Republicans — as it long has been, and so that’s not even news at all.

So, this important finding was buried by Reuters, under an inappropriate heading, and it was buried there, in that lengthy and unrelated story, despite the finding itself being probably of broader general interest to the American people than was that drab headline, about the Democratic Party’s particular segment of the U.S. electorate.

This important poll-finding was buried 70% down in that lengthy trashy Reuters article, in which it was being introduced. The finding was that Americans of all parties, and of no party,

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On Corrupt Narratives and Choices | New Eastern Outlook

On Corrupt Narratives and Choices | New Eastern Outlook

26-08-18 07:02:00,


On August 23 NATO announced that a Canadian officer, Major-General Fortin, will be the new commander of NATO forces in Iraq for the continuation of what the invading and occupation forces call a “training mission.” Previous objections to the presence of foreign forces in Iraq by the Iraqi government were more or less ignored by the United States and its jackboots, and by Canada, one of the little poodles always running along side the top bulldog with its tail up and tongue out, so any objections now will count for nothing.

These two nations, well, we can call the US a nation, Canada a shell of one, claim to act in the interests of peace and security in Iraq and the Middle East. But the Iraqis know what colonialism is. They have resisted it since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1921; against the British, the French, the Americans and now Canada, which continues its role in the American colonial system as part of the enforcement unit.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq was, the world knows, a war of aggression, a war crime, and this crime continues so long as the occupation continues. Everyone connected with that aggression and occupation are war criminals and this of course includes the members of the Canadian government and armed forces. In fact the entire NATO alliance is now a party to the crime and so every leader of every NATO country is a war criminal. This is the absurdity to which the world has descended, a world in which international law, the United Nations Charter, the Nuremberg Principles are regarded as only fit for confetti and every western leader is a criminal.

Last January an Iraqi general, working with the US forces, claimed the foreign forces were “necessary” to preserve a “fragile peace,” though it is more likely he wanted to fill the hole in his pocket, while Nayef al-Shamri, deputy chairman of the Iraqi parliament’s security committee, countered that, “Iraq does not need the presence of U.S. ground forces or military bases”. He said “U.S. forces had no actual presence in battles against the Islamic State, only stopping at air and logistical support.”

At the beginning of the year the Americans had stated that they were going to reduce or withdraw their forces in Iraq but by May it became clear that they were increasing them and,

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