The Daily — Provisional death counts and excess mortality, January to December 2020

14-03-21 09:11:00,

Released: 2021-03-10

COVID-19 continues to affect communities and families across the country and many have lost family members and friends. Beyond deaths attributed to the disease itself, the pandemic could also have indirect consequences that increase or decrease the number of deaths as a result of various factors, including delayed medical procedures or increased substance use. To understand both the direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic, it is important to measure excess mortality, which occurs when there are more deaths during a period of time than what would be expected for that period. It should be noted that, even without a pandemic, there is always some year-to-year variation in the number of people who die in a given week. This means that the number of expected deaths should fall within a certain range of values. Excess mortality occurs when the number of deaths exceeds that range.

From January to mid-December 2020, there were an estimated 296,373 deaths in Canada, representing an excess of 13,798 deaths above and beyond what would have been expected had there been no pandemic. This is about 5% more deaths than expected in that period, after accounting for changes in the population, such as aging, and about 7% more deaths than the 277,276 observed within the same time frame in 2019.

Today, as part of Statistics Canada’s commitment to provide timely and relevant information on COVID-19 and its impact on Canadians, an updated provisional dataset from the Canadian Vital Statistics Death Database covering the period from January to mid-December is now available.

Updates were also made to the provisional death estimates, which have been adjusted, where possible, to account for the incomplete nature of the counts. The provisional estimates will continue to be revised in future releases as more information is reported by provincial and territorial vital statistics agencies.

The direct impacts of COVID-19 cannot fully account for the excess deaths observed in Canada in 2020, particularly in the fall

In the early months of the pandemic, the weekly number of excess deaths and deaths caused by COVID-19 were closely aligned and mostly affected older populations, suggesting that COVID-19 itself was driving excess mortality in Canada. However, more recently, the number of excess deaths has been higher than the number of deaths due to COVID-19,

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Daily Mail wirft UK Regierung falsche Berichterstattung vor

21-11-20 09:40:00, Im Jahr 2020 wird mit Zahlen Politik gemacht. Und auch mit Vorhersagen. Mathematiker und Virologen bestimmen, was wir dürfen und was nicht. Wir sind einer täglichen Kakophonie von Zahlen ausgesetzt, denn zumindest in Europa beginnen Nachrichten damit, dass Zahlen genannt werden. Die Mainstream Medien verabsäumen aber, diese Zahlen zu hinterfragen, was eine der wichtigsten Aufgaben der Medien wäre.

Der Daily Mail in England tut dies als eines der wenigen Medien. Und fördert Erstaunliches zu Tage. Die erste Frage die gestellt wird lautet:

Wie genau waren die düsteren Vorhersagen der Regierung?

Die kurze Antwort lautet: nicht sehr. In einem im Juli im Auftrag des Leitenden Wissenschaftlichen Beraters Sir Patrick Vallance erstellten Bericht schätzten Wissenschaftler, dass es 119.000 Todesfälle geben könnte, wenn ein zweiter Anstieg mit dem Höhepunkt der Wintergrippe zusammenfiele. Diese Woche lag diese Zahl etwa bei 54.000 – weniger als die Hälfte davon.

Tatsächlich scheint im UK der zweite Höhepunkt überschritten zu sein – in der vergangenen Woche gab es durchschnittlich 22.287 Neuinfektionen pro Tag, gegenüber 24.430 in der Woche zuvor. Ähnlich trifft übrigens auf viele Länder in Europa zu, ohne dass dies in der offiziellen Kommunikation zu hören ist.

Mitte September machte Vallance die erschreckende Behauptung, dass in Großbritannien bis Mitte Oktober täglich 50.000 neue Fälle von Coronaviren auftreten könnten, wenn nicht noch drakonischere Beschränkungen eingeführt würden. Dennoch ist das Land nie an diese Zahl herangekommen.

Ähnliches scheint durchaus auch auf Österreich zuzutreffen und auch auf Deutschland. Die Schweiz kommt ja ohne Lockdown aus und da haben Virologinnen wie Isablla Eckerl die Cassandra Rolle übernommen. Gegen deren Falschinformationen hat sich die NZZ mit einem geharnischten Kommentar zur Wehr gesetzt .

Was ist mit den Prophezeiungen über die Todesfälle?

Das ist die nächste und wohl wichtigste Frage, die Daily Mail stellt. Und stellt fest, dass die Warnungen der Regierung einfach keinen Bezug zur Realität haben.

Während der „Halloween-Horrorshow“-Pressekonferenz, mit der Vallance und der Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty der Regierung Angst einjagten, um sie zu einer zweiten Abriegelung zu bewegen, deutete eine ihrer Folien an, dass die Zahl der täglichen Todesfälle bei Covid-19 bis Dezember 4.000 pro Tag erreichen könnte.

Einige Tage vor dem Beginn von Dezember liegt England immer noch bei weniger als 15 Prozent dieser Zahl. Tatsächlich liegt die aktuelle Sterblichkeitsrate deutlich unter fast jedem modellierten Winterszenario.

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Daily dose 25.10.2019 – Turning tides in the Middle East |

26-10-19 09:26:00,

A comment by Rainer Rupp.

Talk to everybody instead of shooting. To stick strictly to international law and, if necessary, with infinite patience, to seek diplomatic solutions that are acceptable to all concerned. This is what distinguishes Russian diplomacy under the leadership of Sergei Lavrov, the extraordinary Foreign Minister. Together with President Vladimir Putin, they form an unbeatable team. Due to their success, Russia has now won the highest recognition and respect in the crisis region of the Middle East from friends and above all from former opponents. The visit of the Russian President to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates at the beginning of last week (14.10.19) bears witness to this. Both countries are traditional US allies who have so far rejected Russia.

At the same time, the faction of warmongers from the Washington Club of would-be world rulers had to watch this development powerlessly but furiously from the sidelines. In view of the new geopolitical realities and new military technical capacities, whether in the Gulf of Persia or in Syria, the only „diplomatic“ instrument known to the American war hawk, namely threats with bombs and missiles, has largely lost its effect.

Although Russia talks to everyone, it does not pursue an unscrupulous opportunist policy that is always aimed solely at its own advantage.

Moscow, for example, despite its good relations with Israel, has always condemned its air attacks on Syrian territory and called for restraint. Russia has also strongly condemned Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf states for their war in Yemen and their threats against Iran. Ultimately, Russian foreign policy is principled and consistently adheres to international law. It remains true to its strategic obligations towards nations with which Russia has historical ties, such as Syria.

Russia’s pragmatic policy of „talking to all“ ensures good relations with a large number of states, although several of these states are either alienated from each other or bitterly hostile. Thus Putin was warmly welcomed by the Sunni potentates in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. This is despite the fact that Russia is expanding its close alliance with the Saudi „mortal enemy“, Shiite Iran, and despite the fact that Russia is a reliable ally of the Syrian government,

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China Daily investigation: Who is behind Hong Kong protests? | The Vineyard of the Saker

17-08-19 08:32:00,

It’s not hard to imagine the United States’ reaction if Chinese diplomats met leaders of Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter or Never Trump protesters.

On Aug 6, Hong Kong media reported two meetings between a US political counselor and separatist leaders. Julie Eadeh, who works at the US Consulate General in Hong Kong, was caught on camera meeting with opposition figures Martin Lee and Anson Chan.

Later that day, Eadeh also met Joshua Wong, one of the leaders of the illegal “Occupy Central” movement in 2014.

But long before those reports, there was growing evidence of a deliberate US hand in the worsening of the situation in Hong Kong. US politicians have met with Lee and other Hong Kong opposition leaders, including Jimmy Lai.

Those meetings have only added fuel to the criminal deeds jeopardizing Hong Kong.

Jimmy Lai meets US Vice President Mike Pence at the White House, July 8, 2019.

China has repeatedly asked US to stop interfering in other countries’ domestic affairs but it seems the latter has no intention of withdrawing its “meddling hand”.

The protest’s messaging, and the groups associated with it, raise a number of questions about just how organic the movement is.

MintPress News, a US news website, has reported that some groups involved in recent rioting in Hong Kong received significant funding from the National Endowment for Democracy, which it described as “a CIA soft-power cutout that has played a critical role in innumerable US regime-change operations”.

Although it promotes itself as a “non-governmental organization”, the NED’s website says it “receives an annual appropriation from the US Congress through the Department of State, to help the US government”.

“NED’s NGO status allows it to work where there are no government to government relations and in other environments where it would be too complicated for the US government to work.”


NED was founded in 1983, when the spotlight on the CIA was so intense that new methods — without a clear connection to the US state — had to be found to promote US interests in foreign political systems.

Presenting itself as an independent and private NGO,

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Daily Mail Loses Nearly 50% Of Daily Search Traffic After Latest Google Algorithm Change

07-06-19 07:11:00,

By Chris Menahan

Google is now screwing over even normie-tier right-wing news sites in their quest to purge all content from the internet which counters leftist narratives in advance of the 2020 election.

From Fast Company:

A few days ago, Google warned publishers that change was on the horizon. The search giant was tweaking its algorithm, and it wanted to let publishers know that they may notice a shift. The company said the change (dubbed the June 2019 core update) wasn’t huge–but any algorithm change will likely affect the websites that rely on accruing search results.

The new algorithm was launched this past Monday, and some publishers are already taking a big hit. Most notable among them is the Daily Mail, which reportedly complained about losing up to 50% of its daily search traffic as a result of this update. The SEO director of the website even seems to have taken to Google’s help forums to report the huge drop, as spotted by the blog Search Engine Roundtable. He added that they saw their “Discover traffic drop by 90%” and it “has not improved.”

External numbers confirm that some sites have seen big drops over the past few days. A new report from Search Engine Land cites data from the SEO tool provider Sistrix, which indicated that many sites saw big drops in search visibility once the algorithm change went into effect. The Daily Mail was indeed listed on Systrix’s list of losers, along with and Vimeo.

They also purged, which I’ve always found to be a solid health site:

Propaganda sites like HuffPost and the Mirror got a huge boost:

Yours truly was purged quite some time ago. You can search the title of any one of my articles and odds are it won’t even show up, whereas reposts of my articles on other sites — even just RSS feeds without any content — will.

I saw the other day searching for “Information Liberation” and “InformationLiberation” started bringing up as the number one search result the around 1-year-old,

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